143 examples of harbingered in sentences

He is, therefore, the true harbinger of spring, and, though not the sweetest songster of the woods, has the merit of bearing to man the earliest tidings of the opening year, and of declaring the first vernal promises of Nature.

In my imagination, 'tis excellent; for in this kind the hand, you know, is harbinger to the tongue, and provides the words a lodging in the ears of the auditors.

[Fr.], pioneer, prodrome^, prodromos^, prodromus^, outrider; leader, bellwether; herald, harbinger; foreboding; dawn; avant-courier, avant-garde, bellmare^, forelooper^, foreloper^, stalking-horse, voorlooper [Afrik.], voortrekker

Andy declared that this was a harbinger of good luck, and his cousin chose to readily agree with all he said, for it pleased him to see Andy look more like his old self than he had been for many a day.

Strength is always the harbinger of mercy.

O vis superba formae, a goddess beauty is, whom the very gods adore, nam pulchros dii amant; she is Amoris domina, love's harbinger, love's loadstone, a witch, a charm, &c. Beauty is a dower of itself, a sufficient patrimony, an ample commendation, an accurate epistle, as Lucian, [4830]Apuleius, Tiraquellus, and some others conclude.

When publick villany, too strong for justice, Shows his bold front, the harbinger of ruin, Can brave Leontius call for airy wonders, Which cheats interpret, and which fools regard?

This horror of one's neighbours is neither good Christianity, nor surely any very good omen of that Italian union, of which "Young Italy" wishes to think Dante such a harbinger.

For the first time Mary Ewold was in the presence of the wonder of daybreak on the desert without watching for the harbinger of gold in the V of the pass, with its revelation of a dome of blue where unfathomable space had been.

There was the token of his first artistic success appearing to him out of the gloom as the harbinger of another success which he hoped would also soon emerge from behind the lowering clouds.

It was harbingered also by the terrible comet of January, which appeared in a cadent and obscure house, denoting sickness and death: and another and yet more terrible comet, which will be found in the fiery triplicity of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, will be seen before the conflagration.

But, wanderer, how didst win thy way From caverns of the sea? Did not thy sisters say thee nay, Sweet harbinger of glee? With his far-darting flame, The Day-king came, And bore me away in a cloudy frame; And I sailed in the air, Till the zephyrs bare Me hither to hear thy minstrel-prayer.

Moved by the strikingly contrasting associations of the time and the place, we turn to General Jn, saying, "Behold around us the symbols of the death of Italy, and there the harbinger of its resurrection."

Think you, it would be the harbinger of millenial peace and blessedness?

But the temptation is too strong for him; like the victims of the Lorelei, he looks, like them beholds a maiden of unearthly beauty, to him the harbinger of earthly wo.

"Lady Helen," he cried, "has God sent you hither to be His harbinger of consolation?" "Will you not abhor me for this act of madness?" said Helen, in deep agitation.

No harbinger was needful for the night, For every house was proud to lodge a knight.

Gaston seldom entered her apartments, nor was his presence ever the harbinger of anything but discord; while Puylaurens and Chanteloupe openly braved and defied each other, and the two little Courts were a scene of constant broils and violence.

"The evening star love's harbinger appears."

I am certain that they regarded me as the harbinger of others.

The first idea which, as it were, inspired each of us made us consider this little animal as the harbinger, which brought us the news of a speedy approach to land, and we snatched at this hope with a kind of delirium of joy.

I have no hope of being the harbinger of any thing but circumstances of a very different tendency.

In other countries, at every change of party, the people are flattered with the prospect of advantage, or conciliated by indulgences; but here they gain nothing by change, except an accumulation of oppressionand the success of a new party is always the harbinger of some new tyranny.

I am myself so far from crediting it, that I dread lest it should be the harbinger of some new evil, for I know not whether it be from the effect of chance, or a refinement in atrocity, but I have generally found every measure which tended to make our situation more miserable preceded by these flattering rumours.

Without intending to be presumptuous, we may be permitted to believe that we were spared partly on account of the service in which we were engagedso beneficial to humanity, so calculated to promote the spread of civilization, which must ever be the harbinger of Christianity.

143 examples of  harbingered  in sentences