1605 examples of hare in sentences

Oh were my hare-crook in nay hand, I'd give it to her then!

The bear, which in Wales was regarded as a beast of the chase equal to the hare or the boar, only perished as a native of Scotland in the year 1057.

"It is very explicit," murmured Mr. Hare, for the third time.

" Mr. Bowen was eventually won over by Mr. Hare's enthusiasm.

WAITER Sir, Squire Level's man is below, with a hare and a brace of pheasants for Mr. H. MR.

The sound heard in care, hare.

In care and hare, we have the first sound of a, made as slender as the r will admit. OBS.

3. HE, hee, hie, se;His, hise, is, hys, ys, hyse, hus;HIM, hine, hiene, hion, hen, hyne, hym, im;THEY, thay, thei, the, tha, thai, thii, yai, hi, hie, heo, hig, hyg, hy;THEIR or THEIRS, ther, theyr, theyrs, thair, thare, theora, hare, here, her, hir, hire, hira, hiora, hiera, heora, hyra;THEM, thym, theym, thaym, thaim, thame, tham, em, hem, heom, hiom, eom, hom, him, hi, hig.

'He sprang up to look at his watch like a greyhound bounding at a hare,' ii. 460.

Saucy imps, stew'd down to jelly, Ye would make a sauce most rare; Or with pudding in each belly, Rival roasted pig or hare.

Tom, Dick and Harry tacitly agreed that it was a marvelous chance to make that snowbird joke a charming reality; there was a stirring of McMillan's fiery blood, for he still admitted but one source of control; a plump fluffy hare, scurrying by within range of Spot's young eyes inspired him with a desire to give chase, as once again he quite forgot the grave importance of filling a position in a racing team.

For there the hum o' insects fills the air, and there's the music o' a brook, and the wind rustling in the tops o' the trees, wi' maybe a hare starting in the heather.

Some have both an active and passive signification; as fearful, that which gives or which feels terrour; a fearful prodigy, a fearful hare.

I gave him also a cap which I made of a hare's skin, very convenient and fashionable.



"It is for the hare," she said, "when we catch him.

" "The hare?"

"What hare?" "You," said the lady of the house cheerfully, "are to be the hare.

"What hare?" "You," said the lady of the house cheerfully, "are to be the hare.

" "You can't do that," said Helen firmly, "because we've settled that you're to carry the bag and be the hare.

Half-way up there were gates to the right and the left, and here the blown but wary hare had laid his first false trail.

The Timeses and The Daily Newses had given out, and the hare, omitting nothing that might lead to his destruction, had torn up all his available correspondence.

In another hundred-and-fifty yards they ran into their hare, who, paperless and letterless, had taken refuge behind a tree and was ignominiously hauled out.

Projects involving the investment of £500,000,000 were set on foot in a very little while; the contagion of purchasing spread to all the provincial towns; the traditionally staid and sober Englishman got as mad as a March hare about them; Mr. Murdle reigned triumphant; and, in the end, the nation had to pay for its delirium with another season of panic, misery, and ruin.

1605 examples of  hare  in sentences