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1605 examples of  hare  in sentences

1605 examples of hare in sentences

Rabbits scurry from thicket to thicket among the ceanothus bushes, and occasionally a long-eared hare is seen cantering gracefully across the wider openings.

Fletcher senior, a mean, double-faced fellow, continued, as the saying goes, "to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

As a Mother's Manual, it will hare a large sale, and as a | | book of special and reliable information on very important | | topics, it will be heartily welcomed.

And ideals, like a hare-lip or a mission in life, should be pitied rather than condemned, when our friends possess them; especially," she continued, buttering her waffle, "as so many women have them sandwiched between their last attack of measles and their first imported complexion.

Oh! how the squires swore and the farmers chuckled, when the 'Parvenu' sold the Minchampstead hounds, and celebrated his 1st of September by exterminating every hare and pheasant on the estate!

'She watched a long tuft of clover, Where rabbit or hare never ran; For its black sour haulm covered over The blood of a murdered man.

Hare-lip - 199 7.

Hare-lip, how the infant may be nourished with this defect, 199.

; swelling of the breasts after birth, 195. ; discharge from the eyes, 196. ; hare-lip, 199. ; bleeding from the navel string, 201. ; ulceration, or imperfect healing of the navel, 202.

He then became merry, and observed how little we had either heard or said at Aberdeen: that the Aberdonians had not started a single mawkin (the Scottish word for hare) for us to pursue.

Caesar raced behind them like a hare.

So the two went down the dismal stairs of the house in Hare Court together.

She unconsciously used the very words with which she had thanked him in Hare Court the last time he had given her money.

And so the simple man of learning, in the strict sense of the wordthe ordinary professor, for instancelooks upon the genius much as we look upon a hare, which is good to eat after it has been killed and dressed up.

She spilt the beer all down the place where 'er bodice ought to ha' been, and then she dropped the pot and went arter 'im like a hare.

As it was growing dusk he saw a hare coming cautiously through the hedge.

He fired instantly, the hare rolled over, dead, and almost as quickly the butter came.

That same night they heard that the old woman, whom they had long suspected of bewitching them, had suddenly died at the same time as the hare, and henceforward the farmer and his family prospered.

The Egyptians therefore in their hieroglyphics expressed a melancholy man by a hare sitting in her form, as being a most timorous and solitary creature, Pierius Hieroglyph.

And this resolution was seconded by an insulting protest, in which they drew an offensive comparison between the state of crime in the island and that which prevailed in Great Britain, taunting the British Parliament with the murders and acts of incendiarism which terrified Ireland night and day, with the murders of Burke and Hare in Scotland, with the law of divorce and crim.

At the entrance to the Villa the Duke met her, holding in a leash two splendid hare-hounds, which he begged her to accept and use on the morrow.

On this day a little hare might wander over to the foxes' hill, without losing as much as one of his long ears.

In some of the figures, one single hare came; in others, they ran three and four abreast.

Times without number he had gone into the forest and helped himself to a hare or a grouse-chick.

There goes Grayskin, who has destroyed the forest!" Karr thought that he had not heard correctly, but the next moment a hare came darting across the path.

When the hare saw them, he stopped, flapped his ears, and screamed: "Here comes Grayskin, who has destroyed the forest!"

" Passing up-stairs to her boudoir, she opened it as she entered the room, and sank into a chair, with a faint passionate cry, like that of a hare, or other weak animal, struck to the death.

It was but a hare lolloping through the underwood, and wondering at the disappointment he felt, he asked if he were disappointed that Moran had not come again to stop him.

He must have looked like a god to her; but, for that matter, he was a sight to turn any untamed female heart, whether the owner et Belgian hare off of silver service or boiled jack-rabbit out of a coal-oil can.

I gave no opinion upon that mission itself, or how far he was right in obeying the advice of a hare-brained enthusiast like Lecamus.

Oh were my hare-crook in nay hand, I'd give it to her then!

The bear, which in Wales was regarded as a beast of the chase equal to the hare or the boar, only perished as a native of Scotland in the year 1057.

"It is very explicit," murmured Mr. Hare, for the third time.

" Mr. Bowen was eventually won over by Mr. Hare's enthusiasm.

WAITER Sir, Squire Level's man is below, with a hare and a brace of pheasants for Mr. H. MR.

A pair of fierce black eyes were just visible under the edge of his hat; and his mouth seemed divided, beneath the moustache, by the deep scar of a hare-lip.

The sound heard in care, hare.

In care and hare, we have the first sound of a, made as slender as the r will admit. OBS.

3. HE, hee, hie, se;His, hise, is, hys, ys, hyse, hus;HIM, hine, hiene, hion, hen, hyne, hym, im;THEY, thay, thei, the, tha, thai, thii, yai, hi, hie, heo, hig, hyg, hy;THEIR or THEIRS, ther, theyr, theyrs, thair, thare, theora, hare, here, her, hir, hire, hira, hiora, hiera, heora, hyra;THEM, thym, theym, thaym, thaim, thame, tham, em, hem, heom, hiom, eom, hom, him, hi, hig.

'He sprang up to look at his watch like a greyhound bounding at a hare,' ii. 460.

'My compliments, and I'll dine with him, hare or rabbit,' iii. 207.

Saucy imps, stew'd down to jelly, Ye would make a sauce most rare; Or with pudding in each belly, Rival roasted pig or hare.

There was very little driving for the dogs, but they were allowed to chase every big beautiful white hare they could find, pursue a red fox if they were so lucky as to start one, and watch the flocks of ptarmigan that fluttered near enough to be a constant lure.

Tom, Dick and Harry tacitly agreed that it was a marvelous chance to make that snowbird joke a charming reality; there was a stirring of McMillan's fiery blood, for he still admitted but one source of control; a plump fluffy hare, scurrying by within range of Spot's young eyes inspired him with a desire to give chase, as once again he quite forgot the grave importance of filling a position in a racing team.

For there the hum o' insects fills the air, and there's the music o' a brook, and the wind rustling in the tops o' the trees, wi' maybe a hare starting in the heather.

Some have both an active and passive signification; as fearful, that which gives or which feels terrour; a fearful prodigy, a fearful hare.

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SEE Kimball, Edward A. Antwoorden op vragen over Christian Science en hare mededoogende roepstem.

Mothers hare mercy upon your unborn children.

I gave him also a cap which I made of a hare's skin, very convenient and fashionable.



He finds it hard, without a pair Of spectacles, to shoot the hare.

The hare sits snug in leaves and grass, And laughs to see the green man pass.

And, while he slept like any top, The little hare came, hop, hop, hop, Took gun and spectacles, and then On her hind legs went off again.

He cries and screams and runs away; The hare runs after him all day And hears him call out everywhere: "Help!

The Hare!" At last he stumbled at the well, Head over ears, and in he fell.

The hare stopped short, took aim and, hark!

cried she; "what shall I do?" There lived close by the cottage there The hare's own child, the little hare; And while she stood upon her toes, The coffee fell and burned her nose.

cried she; "what shall I do?" There lived close by the cottage there The hare's own child, the little hare; And while she stood upon her toes, The coffee fell and burned her nose.

Be careful not to buy a sheep dog from a professional hunter or a butcher, because the one is apt to be lazy about following the flock, while the other is more likely to make after a hare or a deer which it might see, than to tend the sheep.

The rennet taken from the stomachs of the hare and the kid is better than that from lambs, but some use as a ferment the milk of the fig tree mixed with vinegar, and some times sprinkled with other vegetable products.

Often a mother who has just had her litter is found to be big with another: indeed, Archelaus says that if you want to know how old a hare is you have only to count the number of openings in her belly, for without doubt there is one for every year of her life.

Some say that our hare conceives a second time while it is still big.

The third kind is native in Spain and is like our hare in every way except that it is smaller and is called rabbit (cuniculus).

L. Aelius thinks that the hare (lepus) gets his name from his swiftness, as it were that he is light of foot (levipes), but I think the name is derived from the ancient Greek, because the Aeolians of Boeotia call him [Greek: leporis].

All shod with steel We hissed along the polished ice, in games Confederate, imitative of the chase 35 And woodland pleasures,the resounding horn, The pack loud-chiming, and the hunted hare.

The image of the hare I then observed on the ridge of the Fell.

10 The hare is running races in her mirth; And with her feet she from the plashy earth Raises a mist; that, glittering in the sun, Runs with her all the way, wherever she doth run.

III I was a Traveller then upon the moor; 15 I saw the hare that raced about with joy; I heard the woods and distant waters roar; Or heard them not, as happy as a boy: The pleasant season did my heart employ:

V I heard the sky-lark warbling in the sky; And I bethought me of the playful hare: 30 Even such a happy Child of earth am I; Even as these blissful creatures do I fare;

Seriously?I know not that; if he did, perhaps I should not love him: But we sit and talk, and wrangle, and are friends; when we are together, we never hold our tongues; and then we have always a noise of fiddles at our heels; he hunts me merrily, as the hound does the hare; and either this is love, or I know it not.

"You hare, Yake?"

You hare, Yake?

" "Yes, sir," said I. "Ay hare," said Magnus.

A good many people and two other gendarmes joined in the chase after the man in the slouch-hat, who had disappeared like a mouse or a hare around some shrubbery.

This man could run like a wild hare, and policemen's legs were so stiff.

And was presently almost out of sight, stretching his horse's gray belly to the earth, like a coursing dog after a hare.

The odd thing was that men who'd never taken a hare or a pheasant in their lives could 'ardly meet 'is eye, while Bob Pretty stared at 'im as if 'e was a wax-works.

"] Bob Pretty just gave one look and then 'e dropped 'is pipe and set off like a hare.

Well jested, daughter; and you lead not faire, The hindmost hound though old may catch the hare.

We feel the whole is an escape into a world of masquerade; we feel that if we could pierce their disguises, we might discover that Humpty Dumpty and the March Hare were Professors and Doctors of Divinity enjoying a mental holiday.

"It is for the hare," she said, "when we catch him.

" "The hare?"

"What hare?" "You," said the lady of the house cheerfully, "are to be the hare.

"What hare?" "You," said the lady of the house cheerfully, "are to be the hare.

" "You can't do that," said Helen firmly, "because we've settled that you're to carry the bag and be the hare.

Half-way up there were gates to the right and the left, and here the blown but wary hare had laid his first false trail.

The Timeses and The Daily Newses had given out, and the hare, omitting nothing that might lead to his destruction, had torn up all his available correspondence.

In another hundred-and-fifty yards they ran into their hare, who, paperless and letterless, had taken refuge behind a tree and was ignominiously hauled out.

"Now I am at a loss to know whether it be my hare's foot that is my preservation; for I never had a fit of the collique since I wore it; or whether it be my taking of a pill of turpentine every morning.

Projects involving the investment of ยฃ500,000,000 were set on foot in a very little while; the contagion of purchasing spread to all the provincial towns; the traditionally staid and sober Englishman got as mad as a March hare about them; Mr. Murdle reigned triumphant; and, in the end, the nation had to pay for its delirium with another season of panic, misery, and ruin.

J.C. and A.W. Hare.

He added that he too had had much to suffer from Reynard, and was supported by the panther, who described how he had once found the miscreant cruelly beating poor Lampe the hare.

Then, encouraged by the favorable impression he had produced, Grimbart airily disposed of the cases of Wackerlos and Hintze by proving that they had both stolen the disputed sausage, after which he went on to say that Reynard had undertaken to instruct Lampe the hare in psalmody, and that the ill treatment which the panther had described was only a little wholesome castigation inflicted by the teacher upon a lazy and refractory pupil.

#liรจvre#, m., hare.

LOKE Confess that it was a Fable to give Horses to Pharaoh and an uncloven hoof to the Hare.