82 examples of hartshorn in sentences

It was better than forty gallons of hartshorn.

You may make hartshorn jelly the same way.

To make Stock for HARTSHORN JELLY.

Take five or six ounces of hartshorn, put it into a gallon of water, hang it over a slow fire, cover it close, and let it boil three or four hours, so strain it; make it the day before you use it, and then you may have it ready for your jellies.

Lemon-Juice and Vinegar-and-Water Hartshorn...................... / Sal-Volatile.................../ Arsenic........................\ Fly-Powder, or................. Emetics, Lime-Water, Soap-and-Water, White Arsenic..................

ALKALIS: Potash, Soda, and Ammonia, or common Smelling-Salts, with their principal preparationsPearlash, Soap Lees, Liquor Potassae, Nitre, Sal Prunella, Hartshorn, and SalVolatile.

Hold smelling-salts or hartshorn to the nose.

He passed his boyhood near Charing Crosshaving been born in Hartshorn Lane, now Northumberland Street; he attended the parish school of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields; and persons who roam about Lincoln's Inn will call to mind that he helped to build ita trowel in one hand and a volume of Horace in the other.

" When the current slackened, drooped the mystic stranger, Faded, faded, faded, as the shocks grew weaker, Wasted to a shadow, with a hartshorn odor Of disintegration.

They, likewise, give me salt of hartshorn, which I take with no great confidence, but I am satisfied that what can be done, is done for me.

Secondly, an electuary of bole-armoniac, hartshorn-shavings, saffron, and syrup of wood-sorrel.

And the visible embodiment of my adoration was the head master, Mr. Harold Hartshorn, a handsome, clean-shaven, well-set-up man of (I should judge) thirty-five years of age, rather grave, a little stern, and very dignified.

And then On the night before commencement Mr. Harold Hartshorn ascended our front steps, rang the bell, and called for my father.

Father and Mr. Harold Hartshorn stood on the front steps below, talking.

In another minute Mr. Harold Hartshorn had walked away, and Father had turned back on to the piazza.

"Was that Mr. Hartshorn?"

"Yes." "Mr. H-Hartshorn," I repeated stupidly.

I was in love with love, you see; not with Mr. Harold Hartshorn.

To think that I ever thought those silly little episodes with Paul Mayhew and Freddy Small and Mr. Harold Hartshorn were love!

Give me the hartshorn, Maggie.

The hartshorn was handed her, but it could not quiet her distress.

Instead of isinglass, some use hartshorn shavings, in rather larger quantities; red wines are fined with eggs, twelve to the pipe, beaten up to a froth, mixed with the wine, and well stirred in.

When I came to myself, I was lying on the couch before the fire, with my face and the front of my gown dripping with water, the strong smell of hartshorn in the room, and Dicky with stern, white face, and Katie in tears, hovering over me.

The debate on Mr. HARTSHORN'S motion regarding the state of Ireland was unique of its kind in that not a single Member representing an Irish constituency took the floor; but in spite of that it produced more heat than light.

To clear Wine:Take half a pound of hartshorn, and dissolve it in cyder, if it be for cyder, or Rhenish-wine for any liquor: this is enough for a hogshead.

82 examples of  hartshorn  in sentences