57 examples of hartwick in sentences

Hartwick growled, but we both went to sleep.

Hartwick said several things.

I dressed and went out for my walk, leaving Hartwick in bed, sleeping sweetly.

When I came back I found him, about half dressed, jumping wildly up and down in the middle of the bed, upon which was heaped all the bedclothes, all of Hartwick's clothes except those he had on, all of mine, except those I was wearing, and as I appeared he shrieked for me to tear down the window shades and pass them to him quick.

Hartwick offered me three times what it was worth if I'd let him use his baseball bat on it.

Since then I have learned how to stop it so it will stay stopped, but it barely commences to rattle at daybreak when I feel Hartwick's feet strike me in the small of the back, and I land sprawling on the floor.

" "Better keep away from him this afternoon," cautioned Hartwick.

" Hartwick tried to talk to Bruce, but the latter would say very little, and it was not long before he left the room.

So it came about that Hartwick carried the challenge just as Browning desired, and it was promptly accepted.

" "Do himdo him, Bruce!" fiercely whispered Hartwick in the ear of his principal.

One evening a jolly party gathered in Browning and Hartwick's rooms.

" "Drop this persiflage and come down to business," said Browning, winking at the others and nodding toward Hartwick, who did not seem to be taking any interest in what was going on.

Browning enjoyed seeing the gang get Hartwick on a string, and he was ever ready to aid anything of the kind along.

" "That's rightthat's right," nodded Hartwick, and the boys winked at each other.

" "Now, see here, Hartwick," said Parker; "you are the only soph who does not think we have a soft thing with the freshmen.

"Now, see here, man," said Parker once more; "are you stuck on Merriwell?" Hartwick showed still greater disgust, his eyes flashing.

" Hartwick smiled wearily.

" "Not if the men are worked right and put in proper form," declared Hartwick.

I heard Emery ask Hartwick how he knew so much about us.

" "Rot!" exclaimed Evan Hartwick, sharply.

Even Hartwick, a sophomore who had disliked Frank from the first, more than hinted that the freshman pitcher was being made sport of, and that he would not be allowed to go into the box when Yale was playing a team of any consequence.

Jack Diamond overheard the remark, and he promptly offered to bet Hartwick any sum that Merriwell would pitch the next game against Harvard.

Diamond was a freshman, and so he received a calling down from Hartwick, who told him he was altogether too new.

But as Hartwick strolled away, Diamond quietly said: "I may be new, sir, but I back up any talk I make.

" Hartwick made no reply.

57 examples of  hartwick  in sentences