221 examples of hashing in sentences

The host hastily remarked, that his own bill for those pork and beans was fifty cents; and upon being paid, coldly added that a Mrs. SMYTHE, wife of the sexton of Saint Cow's Ritualistic Church, took hash-eaters for the summer.

Take a leg of mutton half-roasted, when it is cold cut it in thin pieces as you would do any other meat for hashing, put it into a stew-pan with a little water or small gravy, two or three spoonfuls of claret, two or three shalots shred, or onions, and two or three spoonfuls of oyster pickle; thicken it up with a little flour, and so serve it up.

"On love, hash, mutual trust, bread pudding: anything that's cheap.

The Colonel himself was great at making hash mutton, hotpot, and curry.

INGREDIENTS.Bones and trimmings of the cooked joint intended for hashing, 1/4 teaspoonful of salt, 1/4 teaspoonful of whole pepper, 1/4 teaspoonful of whole allspice, a small faggot of savoury herbs, 1/2 head of celery, 1 onion, 1 oz. of butter, thickening, sufficient boiling water to cover the bones.

Gopher soup; rattlesnake hash; squirrel sauté; fricasseed opossum; pumpkin pie.

One day a man cut his throat from ear to ear because his boarding-house-keeper would put ham into the hash.

Romeo and Juliet had lain neglected near 80 years, when in 1748-9 Garrick brought it out, or rather a hash of it.

To hash a Shoulder of Mutton.

But I claim the right to have a pop at these problems, as they arise, in person, without having everybody behave as if Jeeves was the only onion in the hash.

V. be unskillful &c adj.; not see an inch beyond one's nose; blunder, bungle, boggle, fumble, botch, bitch, flounder, stumble, trip; hobble &c 275; put one's foot in it; make a mess of, make hash of, make sad work of; overshoot the mark. play tricks with, play Puck, mismanage, misconduct, misdirect, misapply, missend.

Shells from the German guns and from the Belgian guns had made a most hideous hash of a cluster of small cottages flanking a small smelting plant which stood directly in the line of fire.

Instead of deriving a sense of peace and serenity from picturesque country farms, old trees, setting suns, and singing birds, here was this wretched war business hashing up the whole thing.

Put the men from English public schools to rule Ireland, and they make the greatest hash in human history.

Meanwhile the fifteen or so experiments in contrapuntal prose were, in particular, uncharted passages from which I stayed unique in deriving pleasure where others found bewilderment and no tongue-tied irritation: but, in general, and above every misdemeanor else, the book exasperated everybody by not being a more successfully managed re-hashing of the then notorious "Jurgen.

That's his brandthe queer-looking thing on the left hip of that critter, over the vented hash-knife.

Fresh Fruit Rolled Rye Apricot Toast Crusts Toasted Wafers Corn Puffs Granola Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Cream Pea Soup Mashed Potato Cabbage Hash Stewed Vegetable Oysters Graham Mush Graham Puffs Buns Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Cornstarch with

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Dry Toast with Hot Cream Whole-Wheat Bread Cream Crisps Graham Puffs Lemon Apples Macaroni with Cream Sauce Stewed Fruit DINNER Velvet Soup Mashed Potato Mashed Peas Vegetable Hash Graham Grits Graham Bread Sticks Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Cracked Wheat Pudding FOURTH DAY BREAKFAST

Lima Bean and Tapioca Soup Beet Hash Stewed Vegetable Oysters Mashed Peas with Tomato Sauce Rice with Raisins Raised Biscuit Cream Crisps Stewed Fruit Apple Rose Cream THIRD DAY BREAKFAST

Fresh Fruit Plum Porridge Prune Toast Toasted Rolls Whole-Wheat Bread Citron Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Tomato and Vermicelli Soup Beet Hash Mashed Peas Macaroni with Kornlet Orange Rice Whole-Wheat Bread Toasted Wafers Currant Puffs Stewed Fruit Apple Sago

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Snowflake Toast Whole-Wheat Puffs Toasted Wafers Fruit Bread Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Corn Soup Cabbage Hash Stewed Split Peas Scalloped Tomato Steamed Rice Graham Bread Cream Crisps Oatmeal Gems

DINNER Cream Barley Soup Cabbage Hash Asparagus Points Boiled Macaroni Browned Rice Graham Bread Sally Lunn Gems Mush Rolls Stewed Fruit Fig Pudding with Orange Sauce FIFTH DAY BREAKFAST

But the patient may haply exclaim, "Don't be rash, Lest your new-fangled physic should settle my hash!" * *


[Footnote 1: A cold dish composed of cider and hash.

221 examples of  hashing  in sentences