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221 examples of  hashing  in sentences

221 examples of hashing in sentences

27.French Veal Hash. Cut veal round-steak into small pieces.

The host hastily remarked, that his own bill for those pork and beans was fifty cents; and upon being paid, coldly added that a Mrs. SMYTHE, wife of the sexton of Saint Cow's Ritualistic Church, took hash-eaters for the summer.

Before he could accomplish his design he had three separate quarrels on his hands, and was threatening with fury to "settle the hash" of several of his dearest new friends.

Take a leg of mutton half-roasted, when it is cold cut it in thin pieces as you would do any other meat for hashing, put it into a stew-pan with a little water or small gravy, two or three spoonfuls of claret, two or three shalots shred, or onions, and two or three spoonfuls of oyster pickle; thicken it up with a little flour, and so serve it up.

To hash a CALF'S HEAD white.

Two Side-dishes, a Pigeon Pie and Calf Head Hash.

"On love, hash, mutual trust, bread pudding: anything that's cheap.

Thinkin I was on the rong side of him, I undertook to pass into the middle of the road, when he vociferated in louder tones: "Pass!" "Well," says I, by this time considerably riled at sich skanderlous treatment at the hands of this goverment, "if you'l stop rammin your bagonet into my hash digester and let me pass, ile be hily tickled.

The Colonel himself was great at making hash mutton, hotpot, and curry.

RAGOUT.Stew or hash.

INGREDIENTS.Bones and trimmings of the cooked joint intended for hashing, 1/4 teaspoonful of salt, 1/4 teaspoonful of whole pepper, 1/4 teaspoonful of whole allspice, a small faggot of savoury herbs, 1/2 head of celery, 1 onion, 1 oz. of butter, thickening, sufficient boiling water to cover the bones.

The smaller pieces, that will not do for a fricassรฉe or hash, answer very well for this dish.

The remains of teal make excellent hash.

Take a piece of fresh tunny about the size of a hen's egg, to which add a small shalot already chopped; hash up together the roe and the tunny, so as to mix them well, and throw the whole into a saucepan, with a sufficient quantity of very good butter: whip it up until the butter is melted!

Gopher soup; rattlesnake hash; squirrel sautรฉ; fricasseed opossum; pumpkin pie.

One day a man cut his throat from ear to ear because his boarding-house-keeper would put ham into the hash.

Hopin these few lines will find you in apple-pie order, and able to indulge in numerous frugal meals of hash etc., Ile now say Adux, Ewers, Litterarily, HIRAM GREEN, ESQ., Lait Gustise of the Peece.

Dorn's makin' hash out of that fellow....

Dotty had not intended to eat a mouthful; but after her light supper of the night before, she was really hungry, and, in spite of her best resolves, the fish-hash and corncake gradually disappeared from her plate.

It has a resident governor of considerable power and consequence, the name of the present functionary being Hash-Hash, who has long held the appointment, and enjoys great influence near the Sultan.

It has a resident governor of considerable power and consequence, the name of the present functionary being Hash-Hash, who has long held the appointment, and enjoys great influence near the Sultan.

Romeo and Juliet had lain neglected near 80 years, when in 1748-9 Garrick brought it out, or rather a hash of it.

But ef one of you tetches the boy, He'll wrastle his hash to-night in hell.

To hash a Shoulder of Mutton.

To make a hash of Chickens.

To make taffaty tarts To make fresh Cheese To make Sugar Cakes or Jumballs To hash a shoulder of Mutton To dresse Flounders or Plaice with Garlick and Mustard A turkish dish To dresse a Pike To dresse Oysters To dresse Flounders To dresse Snailes To dresse pickle fish To fricate beef Pallats A Spanish Olio To make a Spanish Olio.

To pot Venison To make a Marchpan to ice him To make jelly the best manner To make poor Knights To make Shrewsberry Cakes To make Beefe like Red Deere to be eaten Cold To make Puffe To make a hash of Chicken To make an Almond Caudle To make scalding Cheese towards the latter end of May To pickle purslain FINIS.

But I claim the right to have a pop at these problems, as they arise, in person, without having everybody behave as if Jeeves was the only onion in the hash.

V. be unskillful &c adj.; not see an inch beyond one's nose; blunder, bungle, boggle, fumble, botch, bitch, flounder, stumble, trip; hobble &c 275; put one's foot in it; make a mess of, make hash of, make sad work of; overshoot the mark. play tricks with, play Puck, mismanage, misconduct, misdirect, misapply, missend.

Shells from the German guns and from the Belgian guns had made a most hideous hash of a cluster of small cottages flanking a small smelting plant which stood directly in the line of fire.

After dinner we said good-bye to our friends in what Boggley irreverently calls "the hash-house," and at nine o'clock departed to the station.

The Tagalog word is literally "hash.

"Was I hired to punch cattle," he said, "or make a blasted, roarin' fool out of myself?" "You was hired," answered Lawlor softly, as he filled his glass to the brim with the old rye whisky, "to be a cook, and you're the rottenest hash-slinger that ever served cold dough for biscuits; a blasted, roarin' fool you've already made out of yourself by singin' that song.

"Hash," said he; "there is a Bob-a-link.

However, the job was all right; not a bad plum to have picked out of the hash, on the whole.

Instead of deriving a sense of peace and serenity from picturesque country farms, old trees, setting suns, and singing birds, here was this wretched war business hashing up the whole thing.

" We quite agree with Dr. Johnson; but a boiled leg of mutton, its whiteness transparent through the verdant capers that decorate its candour, is not to be despised; nor is a hash, whether celebrated as an Irish stew, or a hachis de mouton, most relishing of rifacciamenti!

Unto my nephew, Robert Langdon, Of whom none says he e'er has wrong done, Though civil law he loves to hash, I give two hundred pounds in cash. One hundred pounds to my niece, Tuder, (With loving eyes one Brandon view'd her,)

"Make a sunstroke on the hash!" and other pleasing chants of the noon.

He was a thin, restless man with weak and shifting eyes; he said grace at dinner, giving thanks for the scanty rations of hash and brown beans over which his hungry workmen were poised like cormorants.

Put the men from English public schools to rule Ireland, and they make the greatest hash in human history.

'Settled her hash all right.

'The brute's got the legs of us, and it'll only take one o' those twelve-pounders to settle our hash.

We had a dainty little dinner, grape fruit, clear soup, smelts, wild duck, salad, fruit, and coffee, and it was daintily served, for Miss Lavinia always keeps a good cook and remembers our dislike of the various forms of hash known as entrรฉes.

On good security he was giving this out for usury, the same as condemned in the big Bible, out of which he took the text of the dry-hash sermons with which he bored his fashionable congregations in his cathedral on Sundays.

Meanwhile the fifteen or so experiments in contrapuntal prose were, in particular, uncharted passages from which I stayed unique in deriving pleasure where others found bewilderment and no tongue-tied irritation: but, in general, and above every misdemeanor else, the book exasperated everybody by not being a more successfully managed re-hashing of the then notorious "Jurgen.

Champagne and hash.

The Hash Knife outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

Ogden Hash (A); 29Aug57; R198113.

Champagne and hash.

Yesterday it was the cider-press, and I stood about, at Amรฉlie's, in the sun, half the afternoon, watching the motor hash the apples, and the press squeeze out the yellow juice, which rushed foaming into big vats.

" "The Bird of Time," said the Transient vociferously, "hash but a little way to flutter.

"I'll settle her hash for her, the hussy!" declared Mrs. Pumpelly to her husband at dinner the following evening.

"Dere's a hash-mill dere on der right.

It would have settled my hash in five minutes.'

The hash was chopped ready for breakfast, the coffee was prepared, and the kindlings were lying near the stove, where, too, were hanging to dry Andy's stockings, which he had that day wet through.

If such there breathe, go mark him well For him no portly paunch can swell; Large though his shop, his trade the same, Boundless his wealth as wish can claim, Despite his shop, his trade, his cash, The wretch who knows not ven'son hash, Living, shall forfeit civic fame, And dying, shall descend with shame, In double death, to Lethe's pools, Despis'd by epicures and fools.

That's his brandthe queer-looking thing on the left hip of that critter, over the vented hash-knife.

I censored the tender parts, spun out the padding and served it up like cold-hash.

Warmed-over potatoes Vegetable hash

Fresh Fruit Rolled Rye Apricot Toast Crusts Toasted Wafers Corn Puffs Granola Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Cream Pea Soup Mashed Potato Cabbage Hash Stewed Vegetable Oysters Graham Mush Graham Puffs Buns Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Cornstarch with

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Dry Toast with Hot Cream Whole-Wheat Bread Cream Crisps Graham Puffs Lemon Apples Macaroni with Cream Sauce Stewed Fruit DINNER Velvet Soup Mashed Potato Mashed Peas Vegetable Hash Graham Grits Graham Bread Sticks Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Cracked Wheat Pudding FOURTH DAY BREAKFAST

Lima Bean and Tapioca Soup Beet Hash Stewed Vegetable Oysters Mashed Peas with Tomato Sauce Rice with Raisins Raised Biscuit Cream Crisps Stewed Fruit Apple Rose Cream THIRD DAY BREAKFAST

Fresh Fruit Plum Porridge Prune Toast Toasted Rolls Whole-Wheat Bread Citron Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Tomato and Vermicelli Soup Beet Hash Mashed Peas Macaroni with Kornlet Orange Rice Whole-Wheat Bread Toasted Wafers Currant Puffs Stewed Fruit Apple Sago

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Snowflake Toast Whole-Wheat Puffs Toasted Wafers Fruit Bread Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Corn Soup Cabbage Hash Stewed Split Peas Scalloped Tomato Steamed Rice Graham Bread Cream Crisps Oatmeal Gems

DINNER Cream Barley Soup Cabbage Hash Asparagus Points Boiled Macaroni Browned Rice Graham Bread Sally Lunn Gems Mush Rolls Stewed Fruit Fig Pudding with Orange Sauce FIFTH DAY BREAKFAST

As the last twang of the fiddle died on the air, M. Bartin was heard by several persons to say, "Bah! a bad hash from Rossini and Auber."

She'd crushed her breastbone in on a sunken tramp of a derelicta dismasted water-logged lump, that maybe had been washin' about the Atlantic for twenty year' an' more before her app'inted time came to drift across our fair-way an' settle the hash o' the John S. Hancock.

That day we had chicken hash and batter cakes and dried venison.

But the patient may haply exclaim, "Don't be rash, Lest your new-fangled physic should settle my hash!" * *

Salmis, a hash, only a superior kind, being more delicately seasoned, and usually made of cold poultry.

Beef, stewed with French beans, 54. with white dried peas and beans, and celery, 56. collops, 57. cold roast, to warm, 57. steak, with chesnuts, 58. steak, stewed simply, 58. hash of, 57. brisket of, with vegetables, 59, 60. brisket, with onions and raisins, 59. tea, 171.

Hash a, to make, 57.

If he groans and turns over to the wall, I know that it is only hash, and I echo his groan and follow his example; but if he smiles, and gets up, I do likewise, with the full assurance of fresh mutton-chops or rice curry and chicken.

"This hash is Fanny's work, mother," said Verry.

BAKED HASH Mix together one cup of chopped meat, one cup of cold mashed potatoes, one-half an onion, minced, one well-beaten egg and one-half cup of soup stock.

VEGETABLE HASH Hash may be made with one or many vegetables and with or without the addition of meat and fish.

VEGETABLE HASH Hash may be made with one or many vegetables and with or without the addition of meat and fish.

Potato is the most useful vegetable for hash, because it combines well with meat or other vegetables.

The vegetables must be chopped fine, well seasoned with salt and pepper, and parsley, onion, chives or green pepper if desired, and moistened with stock, milk or water, using a quarter of a cup to a pint of hash.

Melt one-half tablespoon of butter or savory drippings in a pan; put in the hash, spreading it evenly and dropping small pieces of butter or drippings over the top.

Cover the pan; let the hash cook over a moderate fire for half an hour; fold over like an omelet and serve.

If properly cooked there will be a rich brown crust formed on the outside of the hash.

HASHED BROWN POTATOES, LYONNAISE Finely hash up six cold boiled potatoes and keep on a plate.

Meat of any kind used for salads should be cut into dice, but not smaller than one-half inch, or it will seem like hash.

acรฉ Sweetbread Sautรฉ with Mushrooms Sweet Potato Croquettes Tripe ร  la Creole Tripe, Family Style Veal Croquettes Veal Sweetbread MEATS An Easy Pot Roast Baked Hash Beef Loaf Beefsteak, Broiled Beefsteak, Fried Bitki (Russian Hamburger Steak)

An' wen he got back, you made him settle de oberseer's hash.

"No," sez I, "I don't dast to be too hash with him, your pa's health

hain't what it wuz, I dassent take too hash measures.

And I knowed too that "dear Mr. Allen" would be apt to say hash things that would bring him down in Jane Olive's estimation, he's so clost

These mothers whose boys and girls wuz like pieces of their own hearts, and these wives in the grief made recklessness of despair, made a hash vow that they would break up Perkinses saloons or die in the attempt, so they sot on him that night and gin him good drubbin'.

John Fiske said in those days the difficult problem of his life was to get enough corn-beef for dinner to have hash for breakfast the next day.

"Bring me a large plate of hash.

Stratton. HASH "George," said the Titian-haired school marm, "is there any connecting link between the animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom?" "Yeth, ma'am," answered George promptly.

"Hash." HASTE The ferry-dock was crowded with weary home-goers when through the crowd rushed a manhot, excited, laden to the chin with bundles of every shape and size.


[Footnote 1: A cold dish composed of cider and hash.