373 examples of have a chance to in sentences

Instead of being tied up to exercise-books and roll-books, in their home-hours, they should have a chance to spend their time on the golf-links, at afternoon teas, in visiting and in entertaining friends.

"I'll venture to say the Judge will never have a chance to follow such a brave man again.

Oh, I don't say that if somebody had an axe handy and chopped your arm off at the shoulder an instant after you were struck on the hand, you mightn't have a chance to live; but it would take mighty quick work, and even then, it would be nip and tuck.

I replied that I considered it as hard that I could not have a chance to work out when the season became advantageous, and that I must only be permitted to hire myself out in the poorest season of the year.

Mrs. Morris gave them a good breakfast and fitted them out with clothes, and they were sent off in the train to one of her brothers, who was a kind farmer in the country, and who had been telegraphed to that these boys were coming, and wished to be provided with situations where they would have a chance to make honest men of themselves.

"If any of you fellows catch me in the sulks hereafter," spoke up Jetson, though he winced as he said it, "I hope the man who catches me will do me the very great favor of passing me a few sound kicks before others have a chance to catch me to the bad.

" "I hope you'll have a chance to see 'em come out of the holster later on, Sinclair.

The boat won't even have a chance to lose headway before over plumps the big mudhook, and we'll just take a rest out in the river until repairs can be made again by Engineer McClintock and his assistants.

It occurred to him that perhaps he would have a chance to remain in the store after all, and for the present that would have suited him.

"Can you let her go this afternoon?" "Why," said the cooper's wife, hesitating, "I should like to have a chance to wash out some clothes for her.

" "And I have a chance to win?" questioned the determined young Northerner.

"Well, if you are set on buyin' furniture," he said, "I shouldn't wonder if you'd have a chance to buy all you'd want cheap down at Squire Williams's sale in Mill Creek.

But a woman has got to be something more than good-looking to have a chance to be intimate with them: she's got to know what's being said about things.

He 'd get short shrift; I don't think any Court would have a chance to try him.

" "Then you'll have a chance to teach him Western manners on the way, Steve.

In this I suppose Lewis and his confederates had two objects: first, to get rid of me; secondly, that they might have a chance to account for my continued hostility, by saying that it arose in consequence of a private quarrel, and not for any true interest I had in their collecting money deceptively.

The word stuck in my mind, and I broke away and took the train chiefly to have a chance to think out the new line.

It's just a question of whether I shall always stay on here teaching district school, or see a little of the world and have a chance to go on studying.

To be sure, the professional American rhapsodist points out that we are immune from natural law because we have a chance to vote for presidents once in every four years.

He will now have a fresh start in life, and will have a chance to become something better than a miserable old man living in a wretched hut with no friends or companions but buzzing bees.

And besides," he rushed on eagerly, "I'm glad to have a chance to tell Chev's brotherCaptain Sherwood's brother, I meanwhat I think of him.

This plan will give us an opportunity to introduce some of the features of the English fellowship and the German system of privat-docents; or in other words, to furnish positions where young men desirous of a university career may have a chance to begin, sure at least of a support while waiting for promotion.

Pretty soon the old lad with the nose will be around, and you'll have a chance to read about the 'parties of the first part,' and 'second parts of the party' and 'aforesaids' and 'behindsaids' and the rest of the yappi them lawyers swing so that honest men won't know what the devil they're up to.

"They may never amount to anything, but at least they shall have a chance to see what clean, honest, country living can do for them."

Mr. Burton has been hoping that he would have a chance to know you better.

373 examples of  have a chance to  in sentences