302 examples of have faith in sentences

Have faith in him.

<Fide> (trust, believe, have faith): (1) fidelity, confide, confident, diffident, infidel, perfidious, bona fide, defiance, affiance; (2) fiduciary, affidavit, fiancé, auto da , Santa . Sentences:

No; we will have faith in Christ, faith in our creeds, faith in catholic doctrine; and will say to that man or that woman, even as they wallow still in the darkness and the mire, "Behold your God!

"But, Leonore, you must have faith in me!"

"I thank you, eccellenza, but I have faith in what has been done, and, more than all, in the mercy of God.

"' 'How can I have faith in myself, when I am playing traitor to myself every hour in the day?

When the people have faith in the government, when it represents the popular will, the judges and the executive officials possibly serve the country.

She kissed them all, but she kissed oftenest the end: "You will forgive me for forgetting myselfGod knows I didn't intend toand you will wait; have faith?

I have faith in Ivor.

If there be near me now a man of the Achaians who dwelleth far up the Ionian sea, he shall not upbraid me: I have faith in my proxeny: and among the folk of my own land I look forth with clear gaze, having done naught immoderate, and having put away all violence from before my feet.

'Verily, verily, I say unto thee; except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God',that is, he cannot have faith in me.

"I have faith more than ever in your lucky star, and I hope that you will form the consolation and the pride of my declining years.

"I promise nothing; if you have faith in my ceremonies, you must pay me my own price; if notI leave you to Fate.

" "Well, Josiah, I have faith enough in the ultimate triumph of our principles to believe that slavery will bite the dust before long.

" "It is a great thing to have faith in one's self," he replied.

Men who hold to their principles in the midst of revolutions, who for the sake of honor resist the temptations of power, who have faith in liberty and in progress even when their hopes are overthrown, are rare at all times and in all lands.

"Remember you must have faith," she admonished him, "if you are to win your inheritance; and not question or doubt or find fault, oror make fun of anything.

It is hard to have faith in mere talk.

But you will say, may not a man have faith, and not that fruit you speak of?

Feeble and uncertain it may itself appearwavering as it directs usand therefore by many may be depreciated and despisedyet it will surely lead us right if we have faith in its indications.

It is natural for a man to have faith in what he wishes, and to have faith in it because he wishes it.

Can we not have faith in our principles?

How few men in all the pride of culture can emulate the easy grace of a bright woman's letter! Have faith enough in your own individuality to keep it resolutely down for a year or two.

"Well, Rhody,"mother's father, he was a queer kind,called his girls all after the thirteen States, and there being none left for Uncle Mat, he called him after the state of matrimony,"Well, Rhody," she replied, rather dismally, and knocking the ashes out of the bowl, "I don't know; but I'll have faith to believe that the Lord won't send me no ill without distincter warning.

They have faith.

302 examples of  have faith  in sentences