13580 examples of he has been in sentences

"He has been at my house two weeks.

He had been twenty-two years in the Survey Department, and had done good service, particularly during the Afghan war of 1878-79, when his work lay along the valley of the Kabul river, and during the last two years, in which he has been extending a series of triangles from the British frontier at Dera, Ghazi Khan, by the direct route across the Suliman Mountains to Quetta and the Khojak Amran.

In his district Mr. Alker has been an energetic worker, and in connection with the schools particularly he has been most useful.

The grave upon whose brink he has been bandying words with the sexton, is for her!

No member of the ship's companyexcept a domesticis now allowed to set foot on board a sea-going ship till he has been put through a training course which is exactly like that through which every other member of his class passes.

[Footnote 15: An English reader is surprised to find here a sovereign for whom he has been taught to entertain little respect.

Thurnall that he is competently acquainted with the weapon; as indeed he ought to be; for having never seen one before, he has been talking and thinking of nothing else since they left Bertrich.

His thought, in the moment of terror, is for himself: first, suicide; then, what he shall do,not to save his household,not to fulfil his duty to his office,not to repair the outrage he has been committing,but to secure his own personal safety.

"Doctor Burdett," was the reply; "he has been our physician for years, and is a very kind friend of our family.

Two centuries have passed away since his deaththe mind almost sinks under the reflection that he has been all that while exhibited to us so "transmographied" by the joint ignorance and malice of printers, critics, etc., as to be wholly unlike himself.

If he does not despise a glass of vodka, opportunity offered, he may have a good deal to say to me; for ten years he has been on the Transcaspian between Uzun Ada and the Pamirs, and during the last month he has been all along the line to Pekin.

But when, in the kind providence of God, one of these butchers of their fellow beings is brought to pause and consider his ways, and to resolve his enormous and compound sin into its elements of wickedness,into the lies, theft, covetousness, adultery, murder, and what not of crime, which enter into it,he is amazed that he has been so "slow of heart to believe," and abandon the iniquity of his deeds.

The description we are about to give of this territory is mainly derived from Captain Stirling, the intelligent officer who explored the country, and of which he has been appointed the Lieutenant Governor, and from Mr. Fraser, an excellent botanist, who accompanied him, and who was well acquainted with the soil and products of New South Wales, on the opposite side of Australia.

" "He has been doing what is very wrong," said Maggie.

" "But why should he do it?" "Ah, he has been set on to it.

He has been up to see me several times, and he spoke rather oddly, rather rudely.

"He has been in Siberia," said Yump as she poured water into the great iron pot to make soup for the week after the next.

Between times he has been Intelligence Officer, Divisional Burial Officer, Divisional Disbursing Officer, Salvage Officer, Claims, Baths, Soda-water and Canteens Officer.

His property is down in Equatoria, where he has been for some months.

He has been a brother to her, and after that he can be no more.

I am corroborated in this opinion by his having said much more sensible things in his lunacy than he did when he was reckoned sane, which I do not believe he has been for some years.

"The fact is that up to yesterday he has been almost unconscious.

He didn't say that he was going to enlist, but he has been talking about it so much.

He has been poorly for a week.

But, by Jove, he met his match in his biographer; he has been accounted for all right.

13580 examples of  he has been  in sentences