977 examples of he watched in sentences

He watched with malignant attentiveness the imperceptible change of tone and manner that marked the family's treatment of the Spragues.

He watched Philip's approach and lowered his head a little, like a bull about to charge.

And he sang as he watched and waited 'til his billy boiled, "Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me?" Along came a jumbuck to drink at the billabong, Up jumped the swagman and grabbed him with glee,

He watched with sympathy the country life about him and caught its spirit in many lyrics, a few of which, like "Corinna's Maying," "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may," and "To Daffodils," are among the best known in our language.

The surprised professor bit his lips and shook his head threateningly as he watched him depart.

So, with his dark suspicions roused, he watched intently every word and every tone of Elsley's to his wife; and here he came to a more unpleasant conclusion still.

He watched by sick-beds, helped to carry dead bodies to the burning-ghát, in short did everything in his power for others, refusing remuneration in any shape.

He watched the man put some bread and milk in a tin pan, and set it down on the floor of the basket.

"Pity it isn't nesting season for the birds," he said, as he watched it float away.

Believing Dick Stanmore the great obstacle in his way, he watched that preoccupied gentleman as a cat watches a mouse.

He watched the knight enter the chapel, and heard the cry and lamentation that he made.

But as he watched her, Aja said to himself in wonder: What has happened to her, since I saw her first, and what is the matter with her, now?

So as he watched her, she turned paler and ever paler, like the east at the break of dawn.

" He watched the rope creep into the hole, and it seemed as though it had become animated by a serpentine intelligencefor the darkness made the twine invisible.

As he watched them, the rugged, world-worn features of the famous novelist were lighted with an expression that transformed them.

Then, as he watched the younger man's face, he asked, "What's the matter, don't you like the flavor of these first fruits of your shame?

a gazer might say, As he watched their eccentric career from the banks.

" He watched her going, saw the smiles of the two men, as they greeted her again and closed in beside her, and watched the light flash on her shoulders, as she shrugged away some shadow from her mindperhaps the small care she had given about him.

" As he watched her, there seemed to him no trace of anything but light-hearted mirth and happiness about her.

" The bandit's eyes glistened as he watched Waring depart.

Through the entire night he watched and waited almost without moving; it was not until the dawn of a gray, dirty day began to somewhat lighten the room that he aroused Pendleton.

She did not ask him to help her, and so he did nothing; but he watched her efforts, the letters that she wrote, the eagerness with which she ravished the post, her fruitless visits to Grogoff's flat, her dejected misery over her failure.

The wind it wailed, the wind it moaned, And the white caps flecked the sea; "An' I would to God," the skipper groaned, "I had not my boy with me!" Snug in the stern-sheets, little John Laughed as the scud swept by; But the skipper's sunburnt cheek grew wan As he watched the wicked sky.

"A fine, generous fellow, a proper husband for any lady in Italy, whoever she may be," was Guglielmi's reflection, as he watched him.

He watched their wings curiously with lonely, following eyes.

977 examples of  he watched  in sentences