977 examples of he watched in sentences

He watched her closely when he could do so unobserved, but her face gave no sign of trouble or embarrassment.

He watched the door until he saw Midshipman Jetson enter.

He watched the proceeding in infantile wonder and especially remembered how the water dropped in sparkling crystals from the oar blades.

" As he watched her, old memories stirred in him.

The hand continued to tremble, and holding it out before him he watched it, interestedly, until a powerful will brought the quivering nerves into subjection.

He examined every charter that came before him; if any was imperfect he was ready to draw one up with his own hand; he watched every difficult point of law, noted every technical detail, laid down his own position with brief decision.

He asked few questions but he watched him narrowly.

He watched them to a certain corner, but, before he could get around it, they were nowhere to be seen.

He watched with sympathy the country life about him and caught its spirit in many lyrics, a few of which, like "Corinna's Maying," "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may," and "To Daffodils," are among the best known in our language.

He watched her until she vanished behind a wing of the shrubbery in the Renfrew yard.

He watched the countenance of the clergyman, but he knew not that he was preaching the doctrine of a universal religion.

"I s'pose," said that gentleman as he watched the other's retreating figure and dubiously smelt the cigar; "I s'pose it's all right; but he's a larky sort, and I 'ave heard of 'em exploding.

Believing Dick Stanmore the great obstacle in his way, he watched that preoccupied gentleman as a cat watches a mouse.

Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride, And e'en his failings leaned to virtue's side; But in his duty prompt at every call, He watched and wept, he prayed and felt for all;

" Wilder evidently withdrew with reluctance; and, had suspicion been active in the breasts of either of his companions, they would not have failed to note the glance of distrust with which he watched the manner that his Commander assumed in paying the salutations of the morning.

The lad struck so heavily, he thrust home so shrewdly, that Milon's hatred changed to envy as he watched.

He watched the posts with far more eagerness for the address to which he might write to her than for any reply to those reiterated letters of application, the writing of which now ousted Horace and the higher mathematics (Lewisham's term for conics) from his attention.

St Cuthman was rather fatigued by his walk, And caring but little for brimstone talk, He watched the pick crash through layers of chalk.

" He watched her down the hall and then turned and went through room after room to the rear of the house.

Sent to England by his fellow-countrymen to support their petitions by his persuasive and dexterous eloquence, he watched with intelligent interest the disposition of the Continent towards his country.

So, while they slept, he watched with a vigilance that nobody save Tayoga could surpass.

* "Mr. Tutt," said Tutt with a depressed manner as he watched Willie remove the screen and drag out the old gate-leg table for the firm's daily five o'clock tea and conference in the senior partner's office, "if a man called you a shyster what would you do about it?"

And then I spied in the lush green below Its tortured belly, One, like silver, pale, With fingers closed upon a rope of straw, That bound the Beast, squat neck to hoary tail; Lonely in all that verdure faint and deep, He watched the monster as a shepherd sheep.

He watched every motion of the good Saint, who had come to that chair that held the little stockings.

" He watched her draw her dressing gown closer about her, as though the cold bit more keenly then.

977 examples of  he watched  in sentences