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43 examples of  headpiece  in sentences

43 examples of headpiece in sentences

" And Eupolis, in his play of Demoi, asking questions about each of the great orators as they come up from the other world one after the other, when at last Pericles ascends, says: "The great headpiece of those below.

"I admit it's not half bad at times, but if this battered old headpiece of mine is to be of any further service to us, Liane, you must be careful not to turn it!" XIX SIX BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE

The nasal was of gold; circlets of gold adorned the headpiece, with many a clear stone, and a dragon was fashioned for its crest.

Racey carefully turned back the sweatband of the hat, placed the headpiece on top of the wagon-seat, and departed.

Enter AMINADAB with a bill and headpiece.

and, headpiece, sit thou close!

I mean your headpiece.

Patience is a good armour, humility a strong headpiece, would I had you all three, I know where.

And she ran then very speedy to the raft, and brought water from the river in my headpiece, and she dasht the water upon me; but I to have no power to come unto my senses.

brain, organ of thought, seat of thought; sensorium^, sensory; head, headpiece; pate, noddle^, noggin, skull, scull, pericranium [Med.], cerebrum, cranium, brainpan^, sconce, upper story.

She made these sorts of copies with extraordinary minuteness, an exactitude of design and of coloring so extreme that he marveled unceasingly at the conscientiousness of her work, and he often told her that she had a "good, round, strong, clear little headpiece.

"Why does monsieur say that?" "Because, my good girl, in very truth, I believe it is you who have stuffed this good little round, clear, strong headpiece full of notions of the other world, with all your devoutness.

And yet I had been quite tranquil about you, for you have a well-balanced mindyou have a good, little, round, clear, solid headpiece, as I have often told you.

And as he spoke, he buried his frank, good-natured countenance in an iron headpiece, and Rose hastened to help him adjust his corselet.

3. from a headpiece overheated, which caused head-melancholy.

It may be thou art not fit; but a child that puts on his father's shoes, hat, headpiece, breastplate, breeches, or holds his spear, but is neither able to wield the one, or wear the other; so wouldst thou do by such an office, place, or magistracy: thou art unfit: "And what is dignity to an unworthy man, but (as [3970] Salvianus holds) a gold ring in a swine's snout?"

" "A dove within a headpiece made her nest, 'Twixt Mars and Venus see an interest.

Suddenly Charlie, who was picketed a few hundred yards off in a grassy spot, broke his halter close by the headpiece, and with a snort of delight bounded away, prancing and kicking up his heels!

Passersby were puzzled to see the old man suddenly snatch his headpiece off and peer with an intent and awestruck air into its irregular caverns.

"They tell me you are to be a lawyer, Mr. O'Malley," said he; "and, if so, I must advise you to take better care of your headpiece.

Annie has a good headpiece, and would be able to take the shop off your hands, leaving you free to look after the mills.'

" The picture changed to a view of the grand opera house and at the same moment a point of light appeared in the headpiece back of the chair.

Among the stags' horns that decorate the walls will be seen two mighty headpieces that once belonged to Irish elks and were discovered in a peat bog.

Evans, a giant worker with a really remarkable headpiece.

From the crown down to the black helmet worn by the policeman who was occasionally to be seen on Folking causeway, he thought that all such headpieces were coverings for malpractices.

The connection was broken, and the editor removed the headpiece.

Headpieces by Frederick Springer.

With headpiece illus.

Headpieces by Frederick Springer.

With headpiece illus.

He rode, not a mule, like his companion, but a strong hackney for the road, to save his gallant war horse, which a squire led behind, fully accoutered for battle, with a chamfron or plaited headpiece upon his head, having a short spike projecting from the front.

On one side of the saddle hung a short battle-ax, richly inlaid with Damascene carving; on the other the rider's plumed headpiece and hood of mail, with a long two-handed sword, used by the chivalry of the period.

Cibber, who played the characters of the Man of Taste, and Squire Headpiece.

To the front of his headpiece was fastened a metal badge, resembling the three-pointed arrow head utilized on old maps to indicate the north.

But Chisholm, who was a sharp fellow, with a good headpiece on him, suddenly spoke.

" "Not if he's got your headpiece on him," he replied, giving me another clap on the shoulder.

But I will confess, my suspicions did not carry me so far as to conjecture that this venerable champion would be in such mighty haste to come into the field, and serve in the quality of an enfant perdu, armed only with a pocket pistol, before his great blunderbuss could be got ready, his old rusty breastplate scoured, and his cracked headpiece mended.

Hooded dials, brightly lighted push-buttons, a telephone headpiece and receiver combined, and switches all lay in easy reach.

The Master laid one hand easily on the rim of the big steering-wheel, flung his cap upon a locker, pulled down the telephone headpiece and snapped it on.

Over his ears a telephone headpiece, which he had slipped on, kept him in close touch with the men in the nacelle, via the steel cable.

Private M'A. deposited his upon the parapet, like a foundling on a doorstep, and departed stealthily round the nearest traverse, to report his new headpiece "lost through the exigencies of military service."

But at some of them small West India islands there's a fine opening, Joey says, for a man with a headpiece as can cultivate, and knows what crops require, and I ought to go.

[Illustration: Small Adze with bone headpiece] CHAPTER XVIII