540 examples of hearkened in sentences

" They believed they had hearkened well to the counsel that bade them "travel light."

" Now as she hearkened, the Duchess Helen grew angry, yet straightway, she dissembled, looking upon him 'neath drooping lashes.

"Alas!" cried the friar, wringing his hands, "what news is this?" "O good friar," sobbed the woman, "my lord's hand hath been so heavy upon us of lateso heavy: and there came messengers from Thrasfordham in Bourne bidding us thither with fair promises:and my father, being head of our village, hearkened to them and we made ready to cross into Bourne.

And ever Beltane hearkened to these fell sounds, staring blindly into the gloom, and ever the new Beltane grew the stronger within him.

A modest and friendly style doth suit truth; it, like its author, doth usually reside (not in the rumbling wind, nor in the shaking earthquake, nor in the raging fire, but) in the small still voice; sounding in this, it is most audible, most penetrant, and most effectual; thus propounded, it is willingly hearkened to: for men have no aversion from hearing those who seem to love them, and wish them well.

She hearkened also to his deep discourse, and gave good heed, when he illustrated the meaning of the tunes he loved to play.

So when the barons hearkened to his words they went their way to Vortimer.

The warders on the towers hearkened to his speech, so that they drew him up by cords upon the wall.

Indeed, if anything shall be thought revelation which is contrary to the plain principles of reason, and the evident knowledge the mind has of its own clear and distinct ideas; there reason must be hearkened to, as to a matter within its province.

Revelation in Matters where Reason cannot judge, or but probably, ought to be hearkened to.

In Matters where Reason can afford certain Knowledge, that is to be hearkened to.

For, Lady, thou dost know I ne'er did tire Of thy sweet sacraments and ritual; In morning meadows I have knelt to thee, In noontide woodlands hearkened hushedly Thy heart's warm beat in sacred slumbering, And in the spaces of the night heard ring Thy voice in answer to the spheral lay: Now 'neath thy throne my suppliant life I fling Send me a maiden meet for love, I pray!

And unto Adam He said, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife"yes, and because thou wilt hearken"thy sorrow shall be in the labor of the earth; the ground shall be cursed;" in all material things shall be cross and trouble, not against you, but "for your sake."

He was condemned and punished because he hearkened to the voice of his wife, rather than to the command of his Maker; and we will assuredly be condemned and punished for obeying Man rather than God, if we do not speedily repent and bring forth fruits meet for repentance.

She had not hearkened to me, to leave mebut she hearkened now; and though I had bidden her to do this, yet to see her do it bewildered me, made my heart stand still.

She had not hearkened to me, to leave mebut she hearkened now; and though I had bidden her to do this, yet to see her do it bewildered me, made my heart stand still.

But they neither hearkened nor inclined their ear to turn from their wickedness, to offer no sacrifice to other gods.

If it be supposed that the enmity of their fathers proves the justness of the charge, it must be considered how often experience shows us, that men who are angry on one ground will accuse on another; with how little kindness, in a town of low trade, a man who lives by learning is regarded; and how implicitly, where the inhabitants are not very rich, a rich man is hearkened to and followed.

Of all the Objections I have hearkened after in publick Coffee-houses there is but one that seems to carry any Weight with it, viz.

"In this emergency," Angelina writes, "I called upon Him who has ever hearkened unto my cry.

Dan lifted the blanket, hearkened a moment, then"pst!" another bit of iron fell into the pail.

This little Child, while in the school he sate 65 His Primer conning with an earnest cheer, [E] The whilst the rest their anthem-book repeat The Alma Redemptoris did he hear; And as he durst he drew him near and near, And hearkened to the words and to the note, 70 Till the first verse he learned it all by rote.

During the night he hearkened in the passages for outcries of sudden illness.

We have followed for the most part the counsels of flesh and blood, and walked more by the rules of policy than piety, and have hearkened more unto men than unto God.

They hearkened to the call that had already conquered a vast army of other boys, sons of those who till the soil and labor out-of-doors earning a fair competence, which although it demands hard toil, gives in exchange pure air, healthy food and every comfort and luxury that willing hands backed by intelligence can produce.

540 examples of  hearkened  in sentences