117 examples of heartedly in sentences

Please hurry," she added, and the driver clucked half-heartedly to his team.

For answer Beltane slipped the basket on his arm and they went on together talking whole-heartedly of many things.

" And sighinglyyet light-heartedly, for with Laurella Consadine and Johnnie there was always the quaint suggestion of a little girl with a doll quite too big for herthe mother let her go.

" It is tempting to linger over such a delectable morsel as this, for even if it is only the absurd and irresponsible output of one poor, foolish man, it does express more or less what industrial civilization holds to be true, though few would avow their faith so whole-heartedly.

Through Nina, Lecoq had arranged a meeting between Bertomy and Madeline, and satisfied himself that the girl was whole-heartedly and devotedly attached to her uncle's cashier.

She had always thought herself a coward, she feared death with a terrible repugnance; but now she found, to her surprise, that she would have light-heartedly changed places with her husband.

" Mathilde laughed, but not whole-heartedly.

She gave him an uneasy glance, but still kind-heartedly she persevered in her effort to lift him out of his depression.

Twenty-five years of such allegiance, preceded by a youth in which the same gospel of obedience was bred into his marrowthis was not to be thrown off by a mere heartache; not to be more than striven against, half-heartedly, in the first moment of anguish.

You yourselves have profited most by Caesar's virtues and you demand his praises not half-heartedly, as if he were no relation, but out of deep affection as one of your very own.

That Russia could do anything else than whole-heartedly welcome the formation of the Balkan League was absolutely impossible.

Prince Eugen no longer led them, and though the Serbs were again persuaded by their Patriarch, Arsen IV, to rise against the Turks, they only did so half-heartedly.

Rotten luck for him, you might say, but how lucky for me!" Had he been the brother who was shot in both legs he would have treated the matter just as light-heartedly.

But to you comes Alain the harper, not as a conqueror but as a suppliant,Alain who has loved you whole-heartedly these two years past, and who now kneels before you entreating grace.

He sat there with it in his hand, nodding his head over it so broken-heartedly you could not have believed that he had forgotten it for several days.

"You need not think it is of you we are proud," she assured him light-heartedly; "it is really of ourselves.

"I have been doing very little since I last saw youit is not sheer idleness, but somehow one cannot go light-heartedly to dinners and concerts and theatres in times like these, when traitors are trampling the nag under foot, and when thousands and thousands of young men are leaving the city every day to go to the defence of our distracted country.

Perhaps there are personalities whom the young and ardent as whole-heartedly desire to see and hear as I did the gods of my youth.

" "Do they look as if they needed cheering?" Josephine glanced from Janet, laughing whole-heartedly at something Max was apparently describing with great eloquence, to Constance Carew, leaning back in her chair and looking up at Jarvis, who stood beside her, with the smile which made her face a picture to study.

In that peaceful summer I finished my first novel, knocked Garibaldi on the head with a closing rhapsody, saw the York spring and summer races in hopelessly wet weather, learnt to love the Yorkshire people, and left Yorkshire almost broken-heartedly on a dull gray October morning, to travel Londonwards through a landscape that was mostly under water.

"I never thought," he said to me at last, "to go light-heartedly awayand yet I can do even that!

" Naumann repudiates, rather regretfully, the counsels of Jesus about economic and civil affairs, but Herrmann says that he does it light-heartedly, because he has found out that these counsels are not applicable to existing conditions.

And it will not try to win men by offering them ease and safety and comfort, but rather by showing them how tremendous are the tasks before them; what a mighty work there is to do in delivering this world from the bondage of corruption and selfishness; what hardship and toil and sacrifice are needed; but how sure the victory is for those who are able to believe the word of Jesus Christ and follow, whole-heartedly, his leadership.

" Such was the husband Princess Caroline came so light-heartedly, with laughter on her lips, from Brunswick to wed, little dreaming of the disillusion and tears that were to await her on the very threshold of the life to which she had looked forward with such high hopes.

Casey affected not to notice, and busied himself with the fire while the woman reproved Junior half-heartedly in an undertone, and laughed stagily and remarked upon the number of hours since they had breakfasted.

117 examples of  heartedly  in sentences