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90 examples of  heartrending  in sentences

90 examples of heartrending in sentences

He sighs in the most heartrending manner, and seems to be in a state of extreme nervous tension.

It was simply a season of anxiety and heartrending inactivity."

It was broken but by one sound, a heartrending sigh from the prisoner.

We dare not; it is so awful, so heartrending, so plain spoken, that God, the master and tutor of our hearts must wish us to face it and endure it.

Shelley wrote thus: 'I have received the heartrending account of the closing scene of the great genius whom envy and ingratitude scourged out of the world.

There is nothing so heartrending as the sight of dumb suffering.

last proof of affection which we can give to those left behind, is to leave their worldly affairs in such a state as to excite neither jealousy, nor anger, nor heartrendings of any kind, at least for the immediate future.

"Many heartrending scenes were witnessed along the route, as the torrential rain and the vast zone of mud increased the misery of the moving multitude.

"I made a quick trip through this building and the memory of it is one of the most heartrending pictures I have of the war.

He could not conceal from her that he had something heartrending on his mind.

And all during that heartrending first half Dora had not noticed him at all!

But then she remembered, paused, and changed her words: "Yes, how heartrending it is when one has to forsake such little angels.

Oh! it is heartrending.

Down below, after raising a loud cry of heartrending distress, he had said nothing.

Indeed it was some hours before this poor silly gentleman began to suspect the truth, which was that his vixen had practised a deception upon him, and all the time he was bemoaning his loss in such heartrending terms, she was only shamming death to run away directly she was able.

The long-suppressed anxiety of the people has changed into a heartrending sigh of anguish.

The superficial and interested vices of Egerton vanished before these awful and deeply seated offences of Denbigh, and the correct widow saw at a glance, that he was the last man to be intrusted with the happiness of her niece; but how to break this heartrending discovery to Emily was a new source of uneasiness to her, and the carriage stopped at the door of the lodge, ere she had determined on the first step required of her by duty.

The taking leave of our dear friends here was almost heartrending.

For hours the uncanny comedy would drag itself on into the tense midnight silence, the wailing cry growing more demented and heartrending as the spell of ancient days fell again upon the degenerate huskies.

The parting was heartrending, for we knew the dangers were great, and the chances were almost even that we should not meet again.

And then it was heartrending to witness their brief partings.

They met all protests by pleading their fears of another heartrending separation, and no one ventured to oppose their desire.

How this old Colonel had been paralyzed for fourteen years, but on hearing the victim's heartrending screams, received such a shock that all at once, as if by a miracle, had recovered the use of his legs; and it was he who had started out in pursuit of the murderer and had him arrested.

At that moment a heartrending cry was uttered a few steps away from me; I saw a soldier suddenly rise, with the muscles of his face contracted; he extended his arms in agony, and fell to the ground, where he writhed in frightful convulsions; then he ceased moving.

And, while I was there, she gave utterance to a heartrending scream that struck me right in the breast like a bullet.

How many pullets to-day, Borel?' 'Ah, Monsieur de Meneval, it is heartrending,' cried the cook.

First, as a child, poor and lonely, longing for love and for society, he laid the foundation for those heartrending pictures of children, which have moved so many readers to unaccustomed tears.

He shows the real meaning and end of education, the value of labor and of a purpose in life; he treats of nature, science, art, literature, religion; he defines the purpose of government, showing that soul-life, not money or trade, is the measure of national greatness; and he criticises the general injustice of his age, quoting a heartrending story of toil and suffering from the newspapers to show how close his theory is to daily needs.

It was indeed a heartrending story, to come so late, so bootless now, to the poor boy who had slept all these years in the nameless grave, even its place forgotten.

As soon as he recognized me, he fell upon his knees, and, crossing himself, besought me, in heartrending tones; to "protict him, for the Blissed Vargin's sake.

angustioso, -a, full of anguish, heartrending, desperate, terrible, agonizing.

desgarrador, piercing, heartrending. desgarrar, to rend, tear; refl., to tear, be torn.

After the violent and heartrending rupture between the lovers in the third act, we feel that, though this paroxysm of pain is justified by the circumstances, it will not last for ever, and Philippe and Hรฉlรจne will come together again.

Certainly, there is no more heartrending incident in fiction; and certainly it is a thing that only consummate genius can justify.

The Mother of Jesus knew that her Son was suffering dreadfully, but never could she have conceived the deplorable, the heartrending condition to which he was reduced by the brutality of his enemies.

could describe this terriblethis heartrending scene!

Terrible and heartrending, indeed, was the spectacle he presented, and an exclamation of horror burst from the multitude, followed by a dead silence, when he with difficulty raised his wounded head, crowned as it was with thorns, and cast his exhausted glance on the excited throng.

A friend who entered the room a short time after, found her thus kneeling, with the child weeping by her side, and saw, to his astonishment, the bloody countenance of our Lord imprinted upon the veil, a perfect likeness, although heartrending and painful to look upon.

It was heartrending to hear him.

It was praised by Carlyle and Landor, but some critics attacked it fiercely as a slander on the Manchester manufacturers, and there were admirers who complained that it was too heartrending.

There is nothing in history more majestic than the battle of this giant soul against his doom; nothing more heartrending than his bitter outcries; nothing loftier than his high determination to serve his turn on earth in spite of all.

Quasimodo cast a despairing look upon the crowd, and repeated in a heartrending voice, "Water!" Everyone laughed.

Oh it was heartrending to see Loraine's wife when they brought him home a corpse.

Instantly a heartrending cry reached their ears, and, running quickly to the place, they saw, with horror, that the eagle had seized their former acquaintance, the dwarf, and was just about to carry him off.

Reason tottered on its throne, and he became a raving maniac; in his moments of delirium he would imagine that he was escaping from slavery; that the pursuers were upon his back; that they had caught him, and were rebinding him about to take him back to slavery, and then it was heartrending to hear him beg, and plead to be carried to Thomas Carpenter's.

Then a wild burst of grief from the prisoner's wife, to which his two children, not understanding it all, but vaguely conscious of some calamity, added their voices in two long, discordant wails, which would have been ludicrous had they not been heartrending.

What a vivid and heartrending picture of cottage life under the landlord's tax is given in one old man's memory of his childish hunger and his mother's pitiful self-denial!

But it soon became evident that the sacred structure would be destroyed, and their screams and cries on quitting it were truly heartrending.

" Punch Swallows groaned in a heartrending way.

It was heartrending work, oftentimes.

This consists in uttering the most heartrending, almost hideous wails and lamentations, in which all join until exhausted.

Though perhaps these relics of a former splendour, when they consist of more than a few bits of broken masonry, should rather be said to be heartrending in their reminder of what we have lost.

" The Hall filled with women wailing for children, furnished heartrending sights, but no victim bore such physical marks as the most vivid imagination could construe into an atrocity.

But if it is so hard for us to bear, to whom in no sense she belonged, what a heartrending event this is to you, her mother!

From this advancing machine of millions, the slighter array of the Allies, and especially the British at their ultimate outpost, saved themselves by a succession of hair's-breadth escapes and what must have seemed to the soldiers the heartrending luck of a mouse before a cat.

Scenes of heartrending despair are hardly ever witnessed among prisoners; their sleep is broken by no uneasy dreamson the contrary, it is easy and sound; they have also excellent appetites.

To camp outside and feel that all the old comfort and cheer had departed, was dreadfully heartrending.

I dread this necessity of choosingnothing could be more heartrending.

Not only was their living taken from them by the drought, but there is nothing more heartrending than to have poor beasts, especially dairy cows, so familiar, valued, and loved, pleading for food day after day in their piteous dumb way when one has it not to give.

It was heartrending.

The forlornness of these trenches was heartrending.

He wrote heartrending letters to Folking, in spite of the hard words which had been said to him there.

Before he had resolved on making his second visit to Chesterton, he received a most heartrending epistle from Aunt Polly in which he was assured that he was quite as dear to her as ever, quite as dear as her own children, and in which he was implored to return to the haunts of his childhood where everybody loved him and admired him.

But in this dismal, merciless abyss lay the shadow of death, and his heartrending cries might well have called Heaven to his help.

It is heartrending to see poor beasts stumbling forward at every step at the very last gasp of their strength until they fall never to rise again.

They were less quiet than the others we had, and groaned in a heartrending way.

The experiences of Judge Richard William Irwin, of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, and his party, as related in the Paris Herald, were heartrending.

Friend Hopper's feelings were deeply affected at witnessing such a heartrending scene, and he exerted his utmost eloquence to turn the master from his cruel purpose.

He had never seen anything so pretty as Ally herself, in the rough gray tweed that exaggerated her fineness and fragility; never anything so distracting and at the same time so heartrending as the gray muff and collar of squirrel fur, and the little gray fur hat with the bit of blue peacock's breast laid on one side of it like a folded wing.

Their narrations of all the trials of the long journey were indeed heartrending.

The English critics are unanimous in their praise of the truth and uniform consistency of his characters, of his heartrending pathos, and his comic wit.

The blackest hues, the most heartrending accents, the most vigorous language and the most fulminating anathemas would be a pale image of the truth, and our pen cannot express with true ardour the terrifying scenes and cruel torments brought about by such fierce chieftains on such indefensive religious.

The heartrending moans of this martyr to his duty still resound in that convento converted into the scene of an orgy of blood.

The day of parting came, and most bitter and heartrending it was.

Terrified, they picked up the fallen paper; it told briefly, in a few heartrending words, that, after writing the letter, Mrs. Williams had been taken ill; that her life was absolutely despaired of, and that, before the letter reached England, she would, in all human probability, be dead.

At sound of her name thus spoken by him she had looked down from the stairs and seen his pallid face turned up to her in such heartrending appeal for sympathy, that all her womanly instincts of tenderness and pity were aroused, all her old feeling of trustful friendship for him.

Two long, heartrending weeks they waited just outside Tower, held there within easy reachand upon mighty short feed for the herdby the promises of the railroad management and the daily assurance of the agent that the cars might be along at any time within four hours.

His pathos was heartrending.

But the great cry which is sounding in our ears now is no cry of terror or of disappointment, and the men who join in it are all of one mind; yet the cry is none the less bitter or heartrending.

Listen to his heartrending cry 'For it is not an open enemy, that hath done me this dishonour; for then I could have borne it.

There came such a heartrending sigh from her cavalier she spoke in a most tender tone, "And why such sighing?" "Is it not enough, sweet lady?" "I am at a loss?" "Nay, rather 'tis I that am at loss; for I had sought to gain thy favour undivided, and I meet with thee only to give into thy hands a trysting billet that lifts thy glorious orbs above me."

An hour later, in the picture house a heartrending, soul thrilling melodrama was at its last gasp.

No scenes of stock-jobbing, of gambling, of frenzied speculation, of reckless excitement and licentiousness ever surpassed the scenes daily enacted in the Rue Quincampoix; and when the bubble burst, the distress was universal, heartrending, and frightful.

I began screaming in a frantic, heartrending manner, and continued screaming, each cry surpassing the last in intensity and agony.

He got the woolly-head by the middle, and away he went, the poor devil, head, shoulders, and arms out of water all the time, screeching in a heartrending way.

It was at once majestic, heartrending, and terrible.

For some time they saw the heartrending spectacle of the sinking vessel, and the sea strewn with mattresses, seats, planks, &c, to which people were clinging, floating, and shrieking for succour, in the dark water all round them.

After a heartrending parting scene, Frithiof embarked upon Ellida, and sorrowfully sailed out of the harbor, while Ingeborg wept at his departure.

When the body was removed from Neuilly to Notre Dame, the scene at Neuilly was truly heartrending.

It is difficult to believe that a man who has painted with so frightful an honesty the heartrending emptiness of the life of the poor can really grudge them every one of their pitiful pleasures, from courtship to tobacco.