90 examples of heartrending in sentences

He could not conceal from her that he had something heartrending on his mind.

But then she remembered, paused, and changed her words: "Yes, how heartrending it is when one has to forsake such little angels.

The parting was heartrending, for we knew the dangers were great, and the chances were almost even that we should not meet again.

They met all protests by pleading their fears of another heartrending separation, and no one ventured to oppose their desire.

How this old Colonel had been paralyzed for fourteen years, but on hearing the victim's heartrending screams, received such a shock that all at once, as if by a miracle, had recovered the use of his legs; and it was he who had started out in pursuit of the murderer and had him arrested.

At that moment a heartrending cry was uttered a few steps away from me; I saw a soldier suddenly rise, with the muscles of his face contracted; he extended his arms in agony, and fell to the ground, where he writhed in frightful convulsions; then he ceased moving.

And, while I was there, she gave utterance to a heartrending scream that struck me right in the breast like a bullet.

How many pullets to-day, Borel?' 'Ah, Monsieur de Meneval, it is heartrending,' cried the cook.

First, as a child, poor and lonely, longing for love and for society, he laid the foundation for those heartrending pictures of children, which have moved so many readers to unaccustomed tears.

Certainly, there is no more heartrending incident in fiction; and certainly it is a thing that only consummate genius can justify.

It was heartrending work, oftentimes.

This consists in uttering the most heartrending, almost hideous wails and lamentations, in which all join until exhausted.

But if it is so hard for us to bear, to whom in no sense she belonged, what a heartrending event this is to you, her mother!

Not only was their living taken from them by the drought, but there is nothing more heartrending than to have poor beasts, especially dairy cows, so familiar, valued, and loved, pleading for food day after day in their piteous dumb way when one has it not to give.

They were less quiet than the others we had, and groaned in a heartrending way.

The blackest hues, the most heartrending accents, the most vigorous language and the most fulminating anathemas would be a pale image of the truth, and our pen cannot express with true ardour the terrifying scenes and cruel torments brought about by such fierce chieftains on such indefensive religious.

The heartrending moans of this martyr to his duty still resound in that convento converted into the scene of an orgy of blood.

Terrified, they picked up the fallen paper; it told briefly, in a few heartrending words, that, after writing the letter, Mrs. Williams had been taken ill; that her life was absolutely despaired of, and that, before the letter reached England, she would, in all human probability, be dead.

At sound of her name thus spoken by him she had looked down from the stairs and seen his pallid face turned up to her in such heartrending appeal for sympathy, that all her womanly instincts of tenderness and pity were aroused, all her old feeling of trustful friendship for him.

Two long, heartrending weeks they waited just outside Tower, held there within easy reachand upon mighty short feed for the herdby the promises of the railroad management and the daily assurance of the agent that the cars might be along at any time within four hours.

His pathos was heartrending.

Listen to his heartrending cry 'For it is not an open enemy, that hath done me this dishonour; for then I could have borne it.

An hour later, in the picture house a heartrending, soul thrilling melodrama was at its last gasp.

For some time they saw the heartrending spectacle of the sinking vessel, and the sea strewn with mattresses, seats, planks, &c, to which people were clinging, floating, and shrieking for succour, in the dark water all round them.

When the body was removed from Neuilly to Notre Dame, the scene at Neuilly was truly heartrending.

90 examples of  heartrending  in sentences