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61331 examples of  hearts  in sentences

61331 examples of hearts in sentences

While he was preaching, and enforcing upon the hearts of his hearers the doctrine of the Cross, a police officer came into the room and forbade him to go on.

For my father's sake, the hearts of hundreds waited the issue, and prayed for me!

But should these men's hearts fail them, or for any other cause the attempt be laid aside, I shall be none the less indebted to you.

The morning was perfectly lovely; and never had the hearts of our married couple expanded more in love to their fellows, or been more profoundly filled with gratitude to God for all his goodness to them, than at that moment.

Tell her that hearts for hearts were made, And love with love is only paid.

Tell her that hearts for hearts were made, And love with love is only paid.

cease thy mourning, Happy days appear, Godlike Albion is returning, Loyal hearts to cheer!

He burns; now all true hearts your triumphs ring:

Men without hearts, and women without hose: 30 Each bring his love a Bogland captive home; Such proper pages will long trains become; With copper collars, and with brawny backs, Quite to put down the fashion of our blacks.

God Almighty has endued you with a softness, a beneficence, an attractive behaviour winning on the hearts of others; and so sensible of their misery, that the wounds of fortune seem not inflicted on them, but on yourself.

Prayer is our strength, our safety; and when we ask the aid of God with all our hearts, we shall never ask in vain, you may be sure.

The servant left them in the drawing-room, which, though not shabby, looked dusty and uncomfortable, and seemed to want the care and presence of a mistress, and to prove, besides, that those who served had not the fear of God within their hearts, or they would have done their duty faithfully, and kept it in far better order, though their poor lady was laid aside by illness.

At the end of the year James came home, more quiet and manly than he had ever been known before,so handsome with his sunburnt face, and his keen, dark eyes, and glossy curls, that half the girls in the front gallery lost their hearts the first Sunday he appeared in church.

The hearts that met in Palestine, And mingled 'neath the Norland pine.

Vernon Grove; or Hearts as they are. 12mo.

"And, going to prayers, they said, '0 Lord, you who know the hearts of all men, show which of these two you have chosen.

On the scheme of this barbarous philosophy, which is the offspring of cold hearts and muddy understandings, and which is as void of solid wisdom as it is destitute of all taste and elegance, laws are to be supported only by their own terms, and by the concern which each individual may find in them from his own private speculations, or can spare to them from his own private interests.

The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers: Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!

More, that is to say, of their hearts, their understandings, their idiosyncrasies, and their ultimate weight in the balance-pan of eternity.

Youth is a season of suffering, we cannot surrender our desire, and it lies heavy and burning on our hearts.

The low sweet breath of the May time breathed within them, and their hearts were light; hers was conscious only of the May time, but his was awake with unconscious love, and he yielded to her, to the perfume of the garden, to the absorbing sweetness of the moment.

" From that moment they seemed perfectly to understand each other, and sat without speaking, their hearts full of happiness.

Not even in youth were the men of his race handicapped by excessively tender hearts; yesterday in the shrubbery the boy had kissed this daughter of Count William, in part because she was a healthy and handsome person, and partly because great benefit might come of an alliance with her father.

It was a cloudless day when, with heavy hearts, we carried her out to the last resting-place.

And as hour after hour passed and "Scotty" had not yet started, there was exasperation in the hearts of his backers in Nome.

If every Member of Parliament, under the most severe penaltyand more particularly the ministers of the daywere compelled to study them accurately, and then undergo a competitive examination, I am satisfied that great good would accrue to themselves and benefit to their country; their enlarged notions, and probably improved hearts, would be felt in the legislation of the country.

May the Lord bless the seed sown in their hearts.

'Tis his main hope: For where there is advantage to be given, Both more and less have given him the revolt; And none serve with him but constrained things, Whose hearts are absent too.

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Our hearts were young and gay.

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The ancient highway, a novel of high hearts and open roads.

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He had one of those light hearts, too, which enable their possessors to acquire accomplishments with facility: he had a sweet voice, a quick ear, a rapid eye.

"They have no hearts.

Some perhaps in their hearts thought that another day they might want a tenant, and this man would serve their turn.

While the harvests were large and the markets inflated; while cattle fetched good money; while men's hearts were full of mirthall went well.

MURTAGH COSGAR Put it down on a piece of paper that oul' men should have light hearts when their care is gone from them.

Besides, in your heart of hearts, you don't want to turn back, you know!"

" "They'll invade it, nevertheless," said the hunter, "unless stout arms and brave hearts stop them.

And with hearts filled with joy, the princess of Vidarbha and Nala began to pass their days in the palace of king Bhima, intent upon making each other happy.

And the Pandavas with cheerless hearts very much resembled pearls unstrung from a wreath, or birds shorn of their wings.

And it was thus, O king, that those bulls among men afflicted with sorrow lived there with cheerless hearts after Dhananjaya's departure.

Dear, forgive me for saying that; it may be all wrong; but I think it is what nearly all women feel in their hearts, though they keep it locked up till they die.

"Read the cards for us!" Berkley very gracefully caught a handful, and sorting them, began impromptu: "Diamonds for you, Little Miss Carew, Strung in a row, Tied in a bow What would you do If they came true? "What can it be? Hearts!

This artless address won both their hearts, and now all three live in one hut which I enabled them to make comfortable within half a mile of my own house.

SUICIDES AND BACHELORS Hearts are not likely to be broken by a refusal under such circumstances, which bears out Williams's remark (148) that no distinctive preference is apparent among these men and women.

It must be remembered that, as Roosevelt remarks (97) these Indians, under the influence of the Moravian missionaries, had been "transformed in one generation from a restless, idle, blood-thirsty people of hunters arid fishers into an orderly, thrifty, industrious folk; believing with all their hearts the Christian religion.

Even the dread of the Indians could not overcome in these men's hearts the keen and selfish greed for gain.

There was no one who had not lost some close and dear friend, and the heads of all the people were bowed and their hearts sore stricken.

However, these hearts would do better to take care to remember what Hamlet put down in his tabletsthat one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.

Marriage is not regarded as a means for intellectual entertainment, but for the generation of children; it is a union of hearts and not of minds.

For several days our hearts were high.

I could well imagine such a fellow spreading terror in the hearts of simple folk by merely pressing both temples with his thumbs and drawing his long bony fore-finger under his throatthe so-called Black Hand sign that has shut up many a witness in the middle of his testimony even in open court.

Evil, moral and material, abounds in human communities, but it never has the sole dominion there; force never drives justice into utter banishment, and the ruffianly violence of the strong never stifles in all hearts every sympathy for the weak.

One night, about ten P. M., six hundred men sallied out by one of the breaches, all men of stout hearts and well armed.

"Little birds of heaven," cries the Flemish chronicler Molinet, "ye who are wont to haunt our fields and rejoice our hearts with your amorous notes, now seek out other countries; get ye hence from our tillages, for the king of the mowers of France hath done worse to us than do the tempests.

There was no fierce struggle, either, between the aristocracy and the democracy of the day, between the ecclesiastical body and the secular body; although widely differing and widely separated, the clergy, the nobility, and the third estate were not at war, even in their hearts, between themselves.

"Brigandage is more prevalent in the hearts of the superior officers than in the conduct of the private soldier, who is full of good will to go and get shot, but not at all to submit to discipline.

Good men had themselves sometimes lent a hand to the work, beyond what they had intended or foreseen, perhaps; Montesquieu, despite the wise moderation of his great and strong mind, had been the first to awaken that yearning for novelty and reforms which had been silently brooding at the bottom of men's hearts.

" There was nothing in common between themno sympathynone of those mystical cords that, once touched, set two human hearts throbbing, and never rest until they are one.


After four years of minority and Regency, when he was able to take the reins of government into his own hands, his empire over the hearts of his subjects was more firmly based than ever.

"In gardens where the languid roses keep Perpetual sweetness for the hearts that smile, Perpetual sadness for the hearts that weep, Lonely, unseen, I wander, to beguile The day that only shines to show thee bright, The night whose stars burn wan beside thy light, Adelaรฏda! "Adelaรฏda!

"In gardens where the languid roses keep Perpetual sweetness for the hearts that smile, Perpetual sadness for the hearts that weep, Lonely, unseen, I wander, to beguile The day that only shines to show thee bright, The night whose stars burn wan beside thy light, Adelaรฏda! "Adelaรฏda!

And this many times affecteth the hearts of God's children and causeth them to faint.

This sure will affect them deeply, and cause their hearts sometimes to faint.

They go to pray, but their tongue cleaveth to the roof of their mouth: they are straitened and cannot get their hearts vented.

our hearts would not fail us so much as they do.

They would fix their eye by faith on Jesus, as only able to do their business, to bear up their head, to carry them through discouragements, to apply cordials to their fainting hearts, and remain fixed in that posture and resolution, looking for strengthening and encouraging life from him, and from him alone; and thus declare, that, (1.)

They believe he is only able to bear them up, and carry them through, and make them despise all those discouragements which the devil and their own evil hearts muster up against them.

Let truth shine into our hearts; let us likewise acknowledge the cloister's share of God's influence.

The betrothed pair separated with heavy hearts, but with a promise of mutual inviolable troth.

"Young hearts soon forget their sorrows," thought the King.

Everything on the table is to be cut in heart shape,the bread and butter and sandwiches and cheese; and the ice-cream will be moulded in hearts, and the two big frosted cakes are hearts, one pink and one white, with candy arrows sticking in them.

Everything on the table is to be cut in heart shape,the bread and butter and sandwiches and cheese; and the ice-cream will be moulded in hearts, and the two big frosted cakes are hearts, one pink and one white, with candy arrows sticking in them.

Then there will be peppermint candy hearts with mottoes printed on them, and lace-paper napkins with verses on them, so that the table itself will look like a lovely big valentine.

On its shelves used to lie bundles of sweet-marjoram and pennyroyal and lavender and mint and catnip; there apples were stored until their seeds should grow black, which happy period there were sharp little milk-teeth always ready to anticipate; there peaches lay in the dark, thinking of the sunshine they had lost, until, like the hearts of saints that dream of heaven in their sorrow, they grew fragrant as the breath of angels.

The pasty looks to me as if it were tender, but I know that the hearts of women are so.

There are not a few who, even in this life, seem to be preparing themselves for that smileless eternity to which they look forward, by banishing all gayety from their hearts and all joyousness from their countenances.

Love makes so many hearts the prize Of the bright Carlisle's conqu'ring eyes, Which she regards no more than they The tears of lesser beauties weigh.

Then, Phyllis, since our passions are Govern'd by chance, and not the care, But sport of heaven, which takes delight To look upon this Parthian fight Of love, still flying, or in chase, Never encount'ring face to face; No more to Love we'll sacrifice, But to the best of deities; 30 And let our hearts, which Love disjoin'd, By his kind mother be combin'd.

The ladies, too, the brightest of that time (Ambitious all his lofty bed to climb), Their doubtful hopes with expectation feed, 9 Who shall the fair Eurydice succeed: Eurydice! for whom his numerous moan Makes list'ning trees and savage mountains groan; Through all the air his sounding strings dilate Sorrow, like that which touch'd our hearts of late.

No other nymphs have title to men's hearts, But as their meanness larger hope imparts; Your beauty more the fondest lover moves With admiration than his private loves; With admiration!

Famine and death, confined to certain parts, Extended are by barrenness of hearts.

He with true joy their hearts does only fill, That thirst and hunger to perform His will.

Time furrows our brows with wrinkles, and streaks our hair with silver; our hearts grow colder; our minds lose their elasticity and freshness; our friends pass away from our side.

All nationalities, classes and creeds were represented in this cosmopolitan corner of the world, but the lions and the lambs agreed tacitly to tolerate each other for the sake of hearing the familiar tunes, warming as good old wine to the hearts of exiles, and for the sake of seeing the mysterious man whose advice, given, as it were, under his breath, shaped the course of events in China.

I knew what they could do, have seen them scores of times, as you have, at their slaughter; seen them crush out the hearts of other men just as good as you or I; seen them take them out and skin and quarter-slice them, unmindful of the agony of those who were dear to and dependent on their owners, but it never seemed to strike me home.

They were never bad, and never can be; in fact, they doubt, in their dear innocent hearts, whether they know what a real sin is.

He is a great genius, your boy, and has won all hearts.