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32 examples of  heavy duty  in sentences

32 examples of heavy duty in sentences

Germany may not charge heavier duties on imports from allied countries than on those from any other country.

The corn laws protected the English producers by imposing heavy duties on imported grain.

Sandy has a boat with a heavy duty motor in it, and he said he'd do the job for ten dollars, because, anyway, he'd go to Princess Bay fishing.

The immediate consequence of a heavy duty would be the ruin of our distillery, which is now a very extensive and profitable trade, in which great multitudes are employed, who must instantly, upon the cessation of it, sink into poverty.

At the custom-house of Havre-de-Grace, I paid a heavy duty on it.

The invention of machinery at first threw thousands of skilled hand workers out of employment; in order to protect a few agriculturists, heavy duties were imposed on corn and wheat, and bread rose to famine prices just when laboring men had the least money to pay for it.

The linen manufactures of Brittany were destroyed by the heavy duties; Touraine lost one-fourth of her population; the silk trade of Tours was ruined; the population of Troyes fell from sixty thousand to twenty thousand; Lyons lost twenty thousand souls since the beginning of the war.

Thus they were enabled to import naval stores on the same terms, while before, on account of the heavy duties, they bought them at second hand of the Dutch.

It has perhaps learned them too well; never were concision, and the loading of each word with heavy duties, so thoroughly practised.

[Footnote 126: Such a system actually had existed in France, where articles of ordinary trade could not be transported from one province to another without payment of a heavy duty; but Colbert had abolished that system in France above one hundred years before the time of which we are speaking.]

John sent the tea from o'er the sea, with heavy duties rated; But whether hyson or bohea, I never heard it stated.

What does "with heavy duties rated" mean?

These measures, not of retaliation, but of necessary self-defense, were soon succeeded by an act of Parliament opening certain colonial ports to the vessels of the United States coming directly from them, and to the importation from them of certain articles of our produce burdened with heavy duties, and excluding some of the most valuable articles of our exports.

As yet little addition of cost has even been experienced upon the articles burdened with heavier duties by the last tariff.

There is a heavy duty payable on foreign saddles in Russia, and they are not one whit better, or indeed so well suited to the purpose, as those made in the Caucasus.

Another measure should then be adopted, I would saydestroy the facility of spirit-drinking, by laying on a heavy duty.

Whilst this is the case, a heavy duty has been levied until very recently upon the importation of American flour into Brazil.

During the entire period that we lived on board the ship, and were continually going and coming to and from the town, we never were subjected to any search; it was only when we took chests and boxes with us that we were obliged to proceed to the Custom-house, where all effects are strictly examined, and a heavy duty levied upon merchandise, books, etc., etc.

Her products, manufactures, and tonnage may be subjected to heavy duties in our ports, or all commercial intercourse with her may be suspended.

Many powerful interests are continually at work to procure heavy duties on commerce and to swell the revenue beyond the real necessities of the public service, and the country has already felt the injurious effects of their combined influence.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island passed acts imposing heavy duties on articles unless they came in American vessels.

GENERAL TIRE & RUBBER CO. General Jumbo, Jr. heavy duty pneumatic tires with removable inner tubes for industrial equipment.

SEE BARKER, EUGENE C. HARRINGTON, R. H. General Jumbo, Jr. heavy duty pneumatic tires with removable inner tubes for industrial equipment.

GENERAL TIRE & RUBBER CO. General Jumbo, Jr. heavy duty pneumatic tires with removable inner tubes for industrial equipment.

SEE BARKER, EUGENE C. HARRINGTON, R. H. General Jumbo, Jr. heavy duty pneumatic tires with removable inner tubes for industrial equipment.

You cannot think that my heavy duties can be fulfilled without hard work; the Cardinal trusts me, the Chapter distinguish me with their regard, and the Obrero has no other hope but in my assistance.

If I may be allowed to make one more quotation on this subject, I will cite from the speech of the German Emperor at Coblenz, in which he spoke of "Kingship, by the grace of God, with its heavy duties, its tremendous responsibility to the Creator alone, from which no man, no minister, no parliament, can release the monarch.

Whilst we were in the Derwent, a ship was loading with corn for England; and I could not help regretting that, although grain from these colonies, on account of its dry nature, is well adapted for a long voyage, the heavy duty almost shut it out from the English market.

Our valuation of the direct imports from Spain being L.1,732,000 The Spanish valuation, 1,674,000 The public writers and statesmen of Spain have long held, and still maintain the opinion, that the illicit introduction into that country of British manufactures whose legal import is prohibited, or greatly restricted by heavy duties, is carried on upon a much more extensive scale than what is, or can be, the case.

About a week after the Custom House was opened certain parties came to me representing that Consul General Wildman, of Hongkong, had informed them that United States goods would be admitted free of duty in Manila, that acting on this they had purchased a cargo of American illuminating oil in Hongkong, and that the payment of the heavy duty on it ($30 per ton, or about 8c per gallon) would ruin them.

Though in the present day no lady would be permitted to perform the heavier duties of carving for a large company unassisted, yet it is by no means inconsistent with the character of a well-bred woman to understand, and occasionally to practise, the duty.

It was not a case of paying heavy duty on English goods, or a still heavier fine if you smuggled; it was total prohibition, and hanging if you were caught bringing so much as a metre of Bradford cloth or half a dozen Sheffield files into the country.