2137 examples of hebrew in sentences

There is a majority, I trust, of such honest, decorous mourners as my kinswoman: yet are Widows, like the Hebrew, a proverb and a byeword amongst nations.

It is not for you (for us I should say) to go poring into Greek contractions, and star-gazing upon slim Hebrew points.

REBECCA sweetens on a Hebrew's ear; Quakers for pure PRISCILLA are more clear; And the light Gaul by amorous NINON swears.

Her daughter, a girl of fifteen, who bore the genuine Hebrew name of Rachel, had even bigger and blacker eyes than her mother; but her forehead was low, her mouth large, and the expression of her face exceedingly stupid.

Before 1912 there existed in Morocco only a few small schools supported by the French Legation at Tangier and by the Alliance Française, and a group of Hebrew schools in the Mellahs, maintained by the Universal Israelite Alliance. 1912.

The interior resembles, I believe, rather a Homeric, than an Assyrian or Egyptian houseexcept for the 'galleries,' which are purely Babylonish and Old Hebrew.

low bone; but in the houses of Phanar and noisy old Galata, and in the Jew quarter of Pri-pacha, the black shoe and head-dress of the Greek is still distinguishable from the Hebrew blue.

5."The souls that they had gotten," &c. Social equality of Servants and Masters, Condition of the Gibeonites as subjects of the Hebrew Commonwealth, Egyptian Bondage analyzed, OBJECTIONS CONSIDERED.


" This use of the word buy, is not peculiar to the Hebrew.

Finally, to buy is a secondary meaning of the Hebrew word Kana.

Every Hebrew servant could COMPEL his master to keep him after the six years contract had expired.

All the Strangers that dwelt in the land were tributaries, required to pay an annual tax to the government, either in money, or in public service, (called a "tribute of bond-service;") in other words, all the Strangers were national servants, to the Israelites, and the same Hebrew word used to designate individual servants, equally designates national servants or tributaries.

[Footnote D: Jarchi's comment on "Thou shalt not compel him to serve as a bond-servant" is, "The Hebrew servant is not to be required to do any thing which is accounted degradingsuch as all offices of personal attendance, as loosing his master's shoe-latchet, bringing him water to wash his hands and feet, waiting on him at table, dressing him, carrying things to and from the bath.

The Hebrew servant is to work with his master as a son or brother, in the business of his farm, or other labor, until his legal release."

As soon as the grant was obtained, John Endicott came out with a company of sixty persons, and took up his abode at Naumkeag, which, being an Indian and therefore a pagan name, he changed to Salem, the Hebrew word for "peace.

Piggy is brought in from the cart, and laid on the solid block; one blow of the scimitar-shaped cleaver severs his head, which is thrown aside and sold in the town, chiefly, I believe, to Germans, though of course a Hebrew might purchase if he had a fancy therefor.

What touching statistics the foregoing would be for a Hebrew or a Mussulman!

"The Hebrew, with which the Canaanitish and Phoenician stand in connection."CONANT: Fowler's E. Gram., 8vo, 1850, p. 28.

"Wilson's Hebrew Gram., p. 47.

"Wilson's Hebrew Gram., p. 93.

For whom the Hebrew poet has a special word (dodi) different from that used when Solomon is referred to.

" Renan says justly that it is the most obscure of all Hebrew poems.

According to the old Hebrew exegesis, every passage in the Bible has seventy different meanings, all of them equally true; but of this Song a great many more than seventy interpretations have been given: the titles of treatises on the Canticles fill four columns of fine print in McClintock and Strong's Cyclopaedia.

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2137 examples of  hebrew  in sentences