283 examples of heere in sentences

And in this place, thus as he lyeth heere, Present his mistres to his inward eies In as true manner as thou canst deuise.

Morpheus, come forth in perfect likenes heere Ofhow call ye the Gentlewoman? Iris.

And heere thy feete did blesse the happie land?

Eurymine, what heauen affoords thee heere?

I sawe them lately, but they are not heere.

"But, as the mother of the gods, that sought For faire Euridyce, her daughter dere, Throughout the world, with wofull heavie thought, So will I travell whilest I tarrie heere, 466 Ne will I lodge, ne will I ever lin*, Ne, when as drouping Titan draweth nere To loose his teeme, will I take up my inne**.

And eke, ye lightfoot mayds which keepe the dere That on the hoary mountayne use to towre, And the wylde wolves, which seeke them to devoure, With your steele darts doe chace from coming neer, Be also present heere, 71 To helpe to decke her, and to help to sing, That all the woods may answer, and your eccho ring.

Will. See heere comes the Ladies; make an Aprill day on't, deare love, and bee sodainly cheerefull.

Since then the doubt I put thee of my Neece, Checks not thy doubtlesse love, forth my deare friend, And to add force to those impressions, That now have caru'd her phantasie with love, I have invited her to supper heere.

Heere ile take out your eye, and you wil Mistris.

Han. Zacharee is not heere, sir, but Ile do it for you.

Be silent, heere's the Duke. Alp.

Heere, maister Doctor.

art thou heere?

Garzowne, what a pox do you stand heere for, de grand poltrone pezant, and see de Doctor be dus? Alb.

heere are such newes As never could have entred our free ears

Heere stay your wandering steps; chime silver strings, Chime, hollow caves, and chime you whistling reedes, For musick is the sweetest chime for love.

O heere comes more; pray God I have better lucke with these two.

heere's some of us knowes how to runne away

Heere Pembrooke takes his stand: Come Fraunce and all the world, I will not start Till Philips knightly sword pierce Rodoricks hart.

The Catholic party composed songs in opposition to the Reformers; and we have psalms and songs by Utenhove, the painters Luc de Heere and Van Mander, by Van Haecht and Fruytiers.

But by your Honor's favour How can that bee when Richard heere confest Hee slewe him in our cloyster? Av.

The earlier passage runs as follows:'The Players heere', writes Locke in London on August 14th, 1619, 'were bringing of Barnevelt vpon the stage, and had bestowed a great deale of mony to prepare all things for the purpose, but at th'instant were prohibited by my Lo: of London' (Domestic State Papers, James I., vol.

"Compell the hawke to sit, that is unmanned, Or make the hound, untaught, to draw the deere, Or bring the free, against his will, in band, Or move the sad, a pleasant tale to heere, Your time is lost, and you no whit the neere!

"I am yet heere, and have the States of Holland ingaged in a more than ordnary maner, to procure me audience of the States Generall.

283 examples of  heere  in sentences