283 examples of heere in sentences

And much offence too, touching this Vision heere; [Sidenote: 136] It is an honest Ghost, that let me tell you: For your desire to know what is betweene vs, O'remaster't as you may.

Marry Sir, heere's my drift, And I belieue it is a fetch of warrant: [Sidenote: of wit,] You laying these slight sulleyes on my Sonne, [Sidenote: sallies] As 'twere a thing a little soil'd i'th'working: [Sidenote: soiled with working,]

[Sidenote: And sith | and hauior,] That you vouchsafe your rest heere in our Court Some little time: so by your Companies To draw him on to pleasures, and to gather [Sidenote: 116] So much as from Occasions you may gleane, [Sidenote: occasion] [A] That open'd lies within our remedie.

[Page 82] When I had seene this hot loue on the wing, As I perceiued it, I must tell you that Before my Daughter told me, what might you Or my deere Maiestie your Queene heere, think, If I had playd the Deske or Table-booke, Or giuen my heart a winking, mute and dumbe, [Sidenote: working] Or look'd vpon this Loue, with idle sight, What might you thinke?

You know sometimes He walkes foure houres together, heere In the Lobby.

Thus much concerning those things which I beheld most certainely with mine eyes, I frier Odoricus haue heere written: many strange things also I haue of purpose omitted, because men will not beleeue them vnlesse they should see them.

Madam, it joyes me I have met you heere

My bloud beginnes to boyle; I could be pleasd To have this fellow by the eares but that Theres many of my betters heere in place.

Thou sonne of Chivalrie, let me now intreate To know his name for whome thou reapst this honor, Or what he was whose bodie's heere interde? Pem.

Injurious king, it was base Ferdinand, On whom just heavens have shown just vengeance heere, Ravisht my Katharine and convayed her hence Where I shall never more behold her face.

There liv'd a Knight exceld his petty fame As far as costly Pearle the coursest Pebble, An English Knight cald Pembroke: were his bones Interred heere, I would confesse of him Much more than thou requir'st, and be content To hang both shield and sword upon his Hearse.

Stay your speach; Heere comes King Lewis.

heere's some of us knowes how to runne away

Heere's the Traytor, strike him downe.

Heere Pembrooke takes his stand: Come Fraunce and all the world, I will not start Till Philips knightly sword pierce Rodoricks hart.

Heere is a poore kinswoman of mine would desire some private conference with you, or so.

And heere I have brought him?"

In fact, the lion-hearted lady had not heart to look herself in the face for the last twenty years of her life; but we nowhere learn that she quarrelled with Holbein's portraitures of her youth, or those of her stately prime of viraginity by De Heere and Zucchero.

"Compell the hawke to sit, that is unmanned, Or make the hound, untaught, to draw the deere, Or bring the free, against his will, in band, Or move the sad, a pleasant tale to heere, Your time is lost, and you no whit the neere!

Hither many shippes come from all partes of India, Ormus, and many from Mecca: heere be manie Moores and Gentiles.

Heere are many wilde buffes and elephants.

Heere in all these countreys they haue no wheat.

The Portugals heere haue often times warres with the king of Achem which standeth in the Iland of Sumatra: from whence commeth great store of pepper and other spices euery yeere to Pegu and Mecca within the Red sea, and other places.

Heere groweth the pepper; and it springeth vp by a tree or a pole, and is like our iuy berry, but something longer like the wheat eare: and at the first the bunches are greene, and as they waxe ripe they cut them off and dry them.

Come, heere's agood.

283 examples of  heere  in sentences