1072 examples of helmets in sentences

" "Very well, sir," and the men touched their helmets, and one of them went around to the back of the house, while the other remained in front.

Mother, it is true, did create the goods for immediate consumption, and so the sons of Adam, in a spirit of admiration, doffing their helmets, so to speak, to the primitive woman, turn in this time of stress and call confidently upon Eve's daughters to create and save.

These were followed by the Swiss vanguard, resplendent and party-colored, bearing halberds of burnished steel, and with rich waving plumes on their officers' helmets.

Once clear of the camp they halted, and the slant rays of the sun struck flashes from bayonet and from gun-barrel as the ranks closed up until the big pith helmets joined into a single long white ribbon.

Chickens as large as sheep, and the rarest spices were served; for the entertainment of the guests, a dwarf crept out of a pie; and when the bowls were too few, for the crowd swelled continuously, the wine was drunk from helmets and hunting-horns.

His men were naked to their adversaries, having neither helmets nor coats of leather nor shields.

They mounted on their fairest destriers, vested in hauberks of steel, with laced helmets, and shields hung round their necks.

It Was formed of mighty men, chosen from amongst his vassals, with laced helmets, riding on their destriers.

Mordup rode from his hiding with a company of six thousand six hundred and sixty-six riders, clad in gleaming helmets and coats of mail, and carrying sharp lances and swords.

The German helmets stood the exposure better.

They were a tall, fierce race, who fought with great swords and narrow shields, and wore copper helmets and mail.

the sovereign lifts her jewelled hand, The music ceases at the Queen's command; And lo! two chiefs in warrior's array, With golden helmets plumed with colors gay, And golden shields, and silver coats of mail, Obeisance make to her with faces pale, Prostrate themselves before their sovereign's throne

And the proof is that they have protected themselves with helmets and breastplates and greaves and furthermore have equipped their camps with palisades and walls and ditches to make sure that they shall suffer no harm by any hostile assault.

" A second later the fire bell was loudly clanging and several of the crowd melted away to don their helmets and coats.

A few hundred yards away they pulled down to a walk, and slowly, peering sharply out from under their helmets, entered the silent street.

Piles of grain in the fields were like plumed, golden helmets, laid down in rows to await the heads of resting warriors.

The rest of us were glad to have thick Balaclavas and wind helmets.

The great original of this school of fiction was Horace Walpole's Castle of Otranto, 1765; an absurd tale of secret trap-doors, subterranean vaults, apparitions of monstrous mailed figures and colossal helmets, pictures that descend from their frames, and hollow voices that proclaim the ruin of ancient families.

Monsignor Masterman gave scarcely a glance even to the monstrous figures of the Chinese imperial guard, who went by presently in black armour and vizarded helmets, like old Oriental gods.

There were a dozen Hussars behind, and in front five men, three with helmets, one with a long straight red feather in his hat, and the last with a low cap.

HURLEY, G. V. Men in sun helmets.

"Please furnish a return of all cooks, smoke-helmets, bombs, mules, Yukon-packs, tin bowlers, grease-traps and Plymouth Brothers you have in the field!

We still heard the cannonthey are booming this minutebut we had not seen the spiked helmets dashing up my hill, nor watched the walls of our little hamlet fall.

Sure enoughthere they werecuirassiersthe sun glinting on their helmets, riding slowly towards Paris, as gaily as if returning from a fête, with all sorts of trophies hanging to their saddles.

Suddenly he saw a small group of horsemen riding down from the canal, and by their spiked helmets he knew them for Germans.

1072 examples of  helmets  in sentences