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1548 example sentences with  helmets

1548 example sentences with helmets

I saw Rose on her way to church in a strange bridal costume, a 14th-century cap, three feet high, on her head, but looking prettier than ever; then suddenly the scene changed to moonlight, in which innumerable helmets and pieces of old china were dancing a wild farandola, while my uncle, clad in complete armour and with a formidable halberd in his hand, conducted the bewildering whirl.

Where, while a Hymeneal Song is sung, the Priest joins their Hands: The Song ended, and they marry'd, they come forth; but before they come forward, two Chariots descend one on one side above, and the other on the other side; in which is Harlequin dress'd like a Mock Hero, with others; and Scaramouch in the other, dress'd so in Helmets.

"Very well, sir," and the men touched their helmets, and one of them went around to the back of the house, while the other remained in front.

Sparkling bubbles from his and the diver's helmets floated straight up to the skylights, along which they glided and vanished through a hole in the glass.

Their sleazy lives had wanted color and substance, and they found it in a cant of patriotism, in illuminating their windows after slaughter, in dressing their tables with helmets of sugar, (after the fashion of the White House,)delicate souvenirs de la guerre!

Nowthey wear shrapnel helmets while working during the Zeppelin raids.

Nowthey wear shrapnel helmets while working during the Zeppelin raids.]

Mother, it is true, did create the goods for immediate consumption, and so the sons of Adam, in a spirit of admiration, doffing their helmets, so to speak, to the primitive woman, turn in this time of stress and call confidently upon Eve's daughters to create and save.

The soldiers flung away their guns and accoutrements, their helmets, even their coats, that they might flee the faster, and I saw one strike down a young subaltern who tried to stay them.

"'Or helmets?' exclaimed one who made armour for the head.

The Training Camp has been practically doubled, or, rather, another training camp has been added to the one that existed last year, and both are equipped with an increased number of special schoolsan Artillery Training School, an Engineer Training School, a Lewis Gun School, a Gas School, with an actual gas chamber for the training of men in the use of their gas helmets,and others, of which it is not possible to speak.

These were followed by the Swiss vanguard, resplendent and party-colored, bearing halberds of burnished steel, and with rich waving plumes on their officers' helmets.

And our men were very short of steel helmets and box respirators, and the boots and clothing of many were in a pitiful condition.

They had also greaves and helmets, and at their girdles a short falchion, as large as a Spartan crooked dagger, with which they cut the throats of all whom they could master, and then, cutting off their heads, carried them away with them.

His veteran Spanish infantry, armed with helmets and shields, and short cut-and-thrust swords, were the best part of his army.

Immediately there was the flash of armor, of coats of mail, and swords and helmets appeared amid the tents; the champions mounted their steeds, shook their spears, and marched forth against the tribe of Byah.

In the lowest story there is a huge old hall, and the walls are covered with weapons and things like armour and helmets.

The derelict helmets and lances that covered the fields show that the charge pressed well up to the guns and to the trenches in the turnip fields where the Belgian soldiers lay.

Everywhere were broken lances of German and Belgian, side by side; scabbards and helmets, saddles and guns.

A broken-down motor-car, kit-bags, helmets, rifles and knapsacks were littered in heaps.

After the archers had thus gone forth, the knights landed all armed, with their hauberks on, their shields slung at their necks, and their helmets laced.

The knights had hauberks and swords, boots of steel, and shining helmets; shields at their necks, and in their hands lances.

"They wore short and close hauberks, and helmets that hung over their garments.

Then the battle raged terribly round this circle; helmets and swords gleamed as they clashed, and the fearful cries and shouts reรซchoed from the neighboring hills and city walls.

Some threw away their shields and seizing hold of those arrayed opposite them either strangled them in their helmets and struck them from the rear, or snatched away their defence in front and delivered a stroke on their breasts.

A regiment of artillery was just leaving, while a band was in the centre of the station; the rhythm of the kettle-drums rolled mightily, and the music clashed in the huge central hall; thousands of voices joined in, then helmets, hats, caps, rifles and swords were waved and the train moved off amid shouts: 'Go for them!

"Just before me are the graves of some German officers adorned with wooden crosses and helmets, and a little farther on a Massengrab (large common grave) containing several hundred German soldiers.

Faint, gray-colored squads of soldiers passed in sight with helmets flashing in the sun; guns were being hauled forward; mounted horsemen dashed here and there, vanishing and reappearing; and all through that wide area of color and action shot up live black spouts of earth crowned in white smoke that hung in the air after the earth fell back.

Helmets and swords, with curious art they made, Guided by Jemshรญd's skill; and silks and linen And robes of fur and ermine.

Nor are the helmets different in any way, save that a soldier's bears the coloured button in the front; but as this also unscrews, the recognition is still more difficult.

Arms and necks and knees burnt black by many weeks of tropic sun, carrying rifle and cartridge belts and with their helmets reversed to shade their eyes from the westering sun, this little body of Rhodesians, Royal Fusiliers and South Africans covered the road in the very loose formation these details of many regiments affect.

At the inn at Nieuweschans [on the borders of Germany and Holland], the cook had one of these golden helmets which had cost about 150 florins.

Remember ye of Moses, the servant of God, which overthrew Amalek trusting in his strength, and in his power, in his host, in his helmets, in his chariots, and in his horsemen; not fighting with iron, but with praying of holy prayers.

Those nearest to me turned their heads towards me and looked at me with a tipsy air; the others did not stir, and remained at "shoulder arms," the peaks of their helmets over their eyes, their eyes fixed upon the ears of their horses.

She found him another sheet to play with and told him to take it to Pertinax who was a soldier and knew more about helmets.

Such were the forces of Endymion; their arms were all alike; their helmets were made of beans, for they have beans there of a prodigious size and strength, and their scaly breast-plates of lupines sewed together, for the skins of their lupines are like a horn, and impenetrable; their shields and swords the same as our own.

"Bang!" went Babson's gavel just as Mr. Tutt was leading Mr. Walsh, Mr. Tompkins and the others through the winding paths of the Argonne forests with tin helmets on their heads in the struggle for liberty.

Once clear of the camp they halted, and the slant rays of the sun struck flashes from bayonet and from gun-barrel as the ranks closed up until the big pith helmets joined into a single long white ribbon.

Through the dust-clouds round him Montgomery saw the gleaming brass helmets, the bright coats, and the tossing heads of the chargers, the delighted brown faces of the troopers.

In that dense mass of humanity, one could hardly pick out individuals, but Montgomery's eyes caught the brazen gleam of the helmets held upon the knees of the ten yeomen of his escort.

Chickens as large as sheep, and the rarest spices were served; for the entertainment of the guests, a dwarf crept out of a pie; and when the bowls were too few, for the crowd swelled continuously, the wine was drunk from helmets and hunting-horns.

They mounted on their fairest destriers, vested in hauberks of steel, with laced helmets, and shields hung round their necks.

It Was formed of mighty men, chosen from amongst his vassals, with laced helmets, riding on their destriers.

Mordup rode from his hiding with a company of six thousand six hundred and sixty-six riders, clad in gleaming helmets and coats of mail, and carrying sharp lances and swords.

Rameses the Great, the Sesostris of the Greeks, had a fleet of four hundred vessels in the Arabian Gulf, and the rowers wore quilted helmets.

One of the earliest descriptions of war is to be found in the Iliad of Homer, where individual heroes fought with one another, armed with the sword, the lance, and the javelin, protected by shields, helmets, and coats of mail.

The Equites (cavalry) wore helmets and cuirasses, like the infantry, having a broadsword at the right side, and in the hand a long pole.

We became aware of faces under helmets peering through the window- officers of Feisul's army on the watch for unwelcome visitors.

The plumes of their helmets, the studs of their bracelets, the rings of their armor, are driven to a great distance by the violence of a thousand furious blows.

As a fitting punishment for the Prussian soldiers, he commanded his dragoons to give each of them fifty blows, to turn their uniforms wrongside out, to decorate their helmets with straw cockades, and to drive them thus attired across the frontier.

Well, Wilson?" "Please, sir, may we have helmets?" "Very useful as a protection against falling timbers, sir," said Robinson.

The whole strength of the company: "Please, sir, may we have helmets?" "Those in favor ..." began Stone.

Helmets are, of course, perfectly preposterous."

Heroic warmth, and kindle martial fire, Whom burnished arms and crested helmets grace, Not flowery garlands and a painted face

On the pinnacles of the stalls are affixt the helmets and crests of the knights, with their scarfs and swords; and above them are suspended their banners, emblazoned with armorial bearings, and contrasting the splendor of gold and purple and crimson with the cold gray fretwork of the roof.

The sides of the wall are ornamented with lances, corselets, shields, helmets, and complete suits of armor, regularly arranged as in an armory.

There was a muttered counting of the spoils: 'Six helmets for D Company.

They wear helmets, coats of mail, and cuisses, and their horses even are armed.

The upper parts of their helmets are of iron or steel, but the hood which protects their neck and throat is of leather.

Our men ought likewise to have good swords, and lances with hooks to drag them from their saddles, which is an easy matter; and ought to have good helmets and armour of proof for themselves and horses: And those who are not so armed ought to keep in the rear of those who are, to discharge their arrows and quarrels over the heads of their companions.

Hence, when a number of these ladies are seen together on horseback, they appear at a distance like soldiers armed with helmets and lances.

In each corner of this second wall, and in the middle of each side, there are very large and magnificent buildings, eight in all, which are appropriated as storehouses or arsenals for keeping the warlike weapons and furniture belonging to the khan: as horse trappings of all kinds in one; bows and arrows and cross-bows in a second; helmets, cuirasses, and leather armour in a third; and so on in the rest.

Here we had the satisfaction of seeing the barrel of gunpowder lowered (there was more than a ton of gunpowder), and seeing the divers go down to fix it, dressed in their diving helmets and supplied with air from the great air-pump above.

This legion, from the fashion of their crested helmets, which resembled the heads of a small aspiring bird, received the popular name of the Alauda (or Lark) legion.

Such was the shortness of the time, and so determined was the mind of the enemy on fighting, that time was wanting not only for affixing the military insignia, but even for putting on the helmets and drawing off the covers from the shields.

At dawn he orders a large quantity of baggage to be drawn out of the camp, and the muleteers with helmets, in the appearance and guise of horsemen, to ride round the hills.

LXII.Upon receiving this intelligence, Pompey, who had already formed the design of attempting a sally, as before mentioned, ordered the soldiers to make ozier coverings for their helmets, and to provide fascines.

Besides, the coverings of oziers, which they had laid over their helmets, were a great security to them against the blows of stones which were the only weapons that our soldiers had.

Wide yawns the cliff!amid the thirsty throng 410 Rush the redundant waves, and shine along; With gourds and shells and helmets press the bands, Ope their parch'd lips, and spread their eager hands, Snatch their pale infants to the exuberant shower, Kneel on the shatter'd rock, and bless the Almighty Power.

They have put their helmets aside and are wearing top-hats!

They take off their helmets.

But each knight recovered his horse from the fall and each leaped to earth and drew his sword, and each rushed against the other with such fury that it was as though sparks of pure fire flew out from the oculariums of the helmets.

THE GUINEA-HEN [Gone quite mad among the multitude of COCKS now filling the kitchen-garden with their extraordinary head-gear aigrettes, and plumes and helmets, double and triple combs.]

They were dressed very much like the Roman soldiers, had morions (crested metal helmets) like them, and wore hanging straps round their thighs, but their beards were long, whereas the Roman soldiers at Jerusalem had whiskers only, and shaved their chins and upper lips.

My eyes had hardly rested on the bearded faces under the brass helmets before my rowels had touched Violette, and she was off with a rattle like a pas-de-charge.

Round whisked my two dragoons and galloped for their lives, with the moon gleaming on their brass helmets, while I trotted up to my friends with no undue haste, for I would have them understand that though a hussar may fly, it is not in his nature to fly very fast.

On their heads they had crested helmets, on their arms as it were wings, and around their bodies light orange-colored tunics; thus clad as for expedition, they rose in their seats, and gave their horses the reins, which thus ran as if they had had wings to their feet.

"Tell me," she said, "what do they call those officers with the long pale-blue capes and the silver helmets and the swords?

And because on their brazen shields and helmets the sun was reflected more brightly than from yonder peak, the Fool turned to gaze at them as they wound past.

A Gothic Hall, decorated with escutcheons and helmets.

The Austrian knights were in the habit of wearing a plum of peacocks' feathers in their helmets.

Then they distributed the beasts among the phalanxes and stationed by each elephant a thousand men armed with coats of mail and helmets, with brass on their heads; and to each beast five hundred chosen horsemen were appointed.

Sun helmets are best in the open; slouch-hats are infinitely preferable in the woods.

These helmets can be secured in Rio and Buenos Aires.

Really becoming pith helmets seem very scarce in the East!

May 4.Armed cap-ร -pie so to speak, with pith helmets and grass shoes, we again set forth at dawn of day to hunt the bear.

We still heard the cannonthey are booming this minutebut we had not seen the spiked helmets dashing up my hill, nor watched the walls of our little hamlet fall.

Sure enoughthere they werecuirassiersthe sun glinting on their helmets, riding slowly towards Paris, as gaily as if returning from a fรชte, with all sorts of trophies hanging to their saddles.

Suddenly he saw a small group of horsemen riding down from the canal, and by their spiked helmets he knew them for Germans.

Who will sing the arrival of General Moussy, and of the French corps on the last day of that first battle of Ypres, when a motley gathering of cooks and laborers with staff officers and dismounted cavalry, in shining helmets, flung themselves pellmell into a bayonet charge with no bayonets, to relieve the hard-pressed English division under General Bulfin?

Not infrequently a marching soldier might be seen to halt, take his writing utensils from his belt, and compose an ode,and such papers were found afterward in the helmets or the breast-plates, when these were removed from their lifeless wearers.

Such swagger policemen, all tall and handsome, with beautiful helmets and lovely coats.

It was encouraging to see many people wearing helmets while riding, but some needed to be reminded that itโ€™s required for everyone under 18. Goose hunters saw some action during the early goose season.

Lime will give out more than 1,000 free helmets to riders.

Come in and see Ski Worksโ€™ selection of helmets from the likes of Smith, Giro and Bern.

CSA Approved helmets for skating or hockey are mandatory for this program.

CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all CanSkaters.

During her tenure with the hospital, Ms. Alison also had the opportunity to design and sculpt the first head forms for testing childrenโ€™s hockey helmets.

I notice some of the photographers had helmets on.

Kids have started to take out their bikes for rides around the neighbourhood, so it's a great time to remimd everyyone how important helmets are.