102 examples of helmsman in sentences

Sometimes I float along a-standing in a boat, Before the ships becalmed, where dusky sailors stand, And the helmsman drops his oar, and the lookout leaves his glass, So I beckon them, and lure them, with the whiteness of my hand;

The hot glow of the saloon skylights became a dim refulgence, aside from which, and its glimmer in the mouth of the companionway, no lights were visible in the whole length of the ship except the shuttered window of Mr. Swain's room, which presently was darkened, and odd glimpses of the binnacle light to be had when the helmsman shifted his stand.

By putting out a hand he could have touched the helmsman, but his body made not even the shadow of a silhouette against the sky.

Then Swain came charging down the steps to find out what all the row was about, and to reportwhich he did as soon as Monk was sufficiently recovered to understandthose outrageous and darkly mysterious assaults upon the helmsman and Mr. Collison.

It was distressingly dark, from a helmsman's point of view, but Tommy, who had gone up into the bows, handed me back instructions, and by dint of infinite care we succeeded in making the opening with surprising accuracy.

Come, when you are in a ship, do you trust to yourself or to the helmsman?

" One of the not least interesting facts connected with the catastrophe, was that the helmsman was found burnt to a cinder at his post.

Crossing the Grand Canal the helmsman made for the Guidecca, and on past the Punta di Santa Maria, and on still, away across the wide and silent lagune, right on to Fusina, on the mainland.

Not until the danger was past did he open his batteries on the unlucky helmsman, and then the explosion of Arabic oaths was equal to a broadside of twenty-four pounders.

This is all very well on paper, but I assure you it was a time of intense excitement to us; if in the moment of deadly struggle the tiller ropes had broken, or the helmsman had made one false turn of the wheel, we might have got across the boiling rapids, and then good-bye to sublunary friends; our bones might have been floating past Quebec before the news of our destruction had reached it.

The stern, fancifully ornamented, rises two or three stages above the deck, and is the seat of the helmsman.

A shell, bursting close to the wheel, had killed the helmsman, and a fragment had buried itself in the captain's breast.

Oftentimes the helmsman would suddenly have to turn his course and demand slackened speed behind, seeing the silhouette of the boat ahead looming up in the darkness.

Toni said nothing, but shoving aside the helmsman with a stroke of his paw, he grasped the wheel, making the boat swerve in another direction.

" The mate, skillful helmsman that he was, obeyed the captain.

JASTROW, JOSEPH. Piloting your life: the psychologist as helmsman.

Piloting your life: the psychologist as helmsman.

" He walked aft and, placing himself in a deckchair, gazed listlessly at the stolid figure of the helmsman.

He tried the helmsman, and made that unfortunate thirsty for a week by discussing the rival merits of bitter ale in a pewter and stout in a china mug.

The helmsman, a man of liberal ideas, said, with some emotion, that he could drink either of them out of a flower-pot.

" Mr. Chalk said "Certainly not," and, seeing no way for escape, led the reluctant man as far from the helmsman as possible and whispered the information.

" If little Jack was proud of being assistant helmsman on the "Pilgrim," it is superfluous to say so.

The novice was indeed satisfied when, returning to the wheel, he again took his post, after thanking Master Jack, assistant helmsman of the "Pilgrim."

'Ta'n't safe," said the helmsman.

They were staggering to the boat's edge: only this I saw, that Mr. Gabriel was inside: suddenly the helmsman interposed with an oar, and broke their grasps.

102 examples of  helmsman  in sentences