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2135 examples of  her hair  in sentences

2135 examples of her hair in sentences

She wore a thin light grey cotton dress, and a small grey hat; her hair looked rich, red, and fluffy as ever; her face white and rather thin.

She was clad in white satin, and in her hair and bosom spring flowers had been set.

When at last the sun arose, it glittered on a long broad blade, across which, upon the rough pavement, lay one very silent and very still, amid the tumbled glory of her hair.

Beautiful too she was, with the fair complexion of the border-races, slightly aquiline nose, large dark eyes and raven hair, the latter unadorned and drawn simply back in accordance with the custom of her mother's people which forbids the unmarried girl to part her hair or deck it with flowers.

Mrs. Cartwright touched her hair and smiled, for she felt comforted.

Then she would gather her hair up again and dress it with yellow flowers and glossy dark green leaves to make herself look more lovely than ever.

She examined whether the snow had so entirely melted from her hair that the venerable cap could be safely thrown aside.

Miss W., who was standing by, said, 'Miss Lyman will be an excellent spiritual adviser,' and we both looked very serious; when the mother wiped her weeping eyes and said, 'And, Miss Mitchell, will you ask Miss Lyman to insist that my daughter shall curl her hair?

" The girl was more or less in evidence during the rest of the trip and incurred the cordial enmity of every woman in the car by the coolness with which she appropriated the dressing room in the morning and curled her hair and made an elaborate toilet in perfect indifference to the other feminine travelers who were shut out till she had the last hairpin adjusted to her satisfaction.

" "Yes, but I wasn't meaning her eyes, or her hair, or her hearing.

She put her hair behind her ears.

The branching tendrils of her hair, all alive and fanlike now in the coolness of the night, made a nimbus of black and silver from which her shadowed face shone like a faint pure pearl.

She was very wrinkled and her hair under the bonnet was startlingly white in contrast with the crepe of her veil, but there were still traces of beauty in her face.

A long, luminous sunbeam fell across the landing, touching the edge of her hair till it glimmered like bronze afire.

Then she tossed back her hair with a shake of her head and cried gayly, "Let's go wandering ourselves, pets.

Rail'd upon her first, Then tare her hair, and rent her tender cheeks. KING.

She ended by begging their forgiveness, and wept so miserably that Uncle John found himself stroking her hair while Patsy came close and pressed the penitent girl's hand as if to comfort and reassure her.

Her teeth were white and even, and her hair was beautiful; but that was all.

What was there for a woman to do with an unrecognized soul but gird herself with ornaments, and curiously braid her hair, and ransack shops for new cosmetics, and hunt for new perfumes, and recline on luxurious couches, and issue orders to attendant slaves, and join in seductive dances, and indulge in frivolous gossip, and entice by the display of sensual charms?

The blood swept up her cheeks to lose itself In her hair's gold, then ebbed again to leave Her paler than before.

She gathered here and there a pretty sprig, sometimes placing them in her hair, sometimes in her little black silk apron, coquettishly decorated with cherry-colored ribbons.

Fair Gertrude lives at Farmington, Perhaps you've seen her there; Her eyes delight in laughing light, Let gods describe her hair; Her figurewell, grave Juno ne'er Had half the supple grace Of Gertrude fair of Farmington

If rather than pay the tax Mrs. Fitzgibbons Jones resolves to wear her hair as nature arranged that she should, life will be simplified for me.

" Now this was quite a large dose to swallow, but Miss Peckham swallowed it, and much delighted with the gallant youth, so much more appreciative of her than the others at camp, she sat listening attentively to his prattle of what he had seen and done, keeping her hat off the while to let her hair ripple in the breeze the way he said he liked it, regardless of the fact that the sun was rather hot.

And Felicite fell upon Clotilde as the latter was finishing her toilet, her arms bare, her hair loose, looking as fresh and smiling as a rose.

She forgot all about everything but the bare joy of life and the sea, when she had donned the pretty scarlet suit, and crept out into the surf,at the proper medicinal hour, for the Doctor was very particular with her,when the warm brown waves broke over her face, the long sea-weeds slipped through her fingers, the foam sprinkled her hair with crystals, and the strong wind was up.

Miss Dallas was a generously framed, well-proportioned woman, who carried long trains, and tied her hair with crimson velvet.

A plank snapped, a rod yielded; they drew out the Scotch girl; her hair was singed; then a man with blood upon his face and wrists held down his arms.

She wore a bright dress,blue, I think,and a white crocus in her hair; she had a dainty white apron tied on, "to cook in," she said, and her pink nails were powdered with flour.

She was different from her sister, and never helped with the work, but spent the day combing her hair and catching butterflies.

As for Larina, she sits at the bottom of the lake and combs her hair.

Isn't she handsome?" "Well, I couldn't judge of the length of her hair.

45, reports of a young maid, that was one Vincent a currier's daughter, some thirteen years of age, that would wash her hair in the heat of the day (in July) and so let it dry in the sun, "to make it yellow, but by that means tarrying too long in the heat, she inflamed her head, and made herself mad.

Homer so commends Helen, makes Patroclus and Achilles both yellow haired: Pulchricoma Venus, and Cupid himself was yellow haired, in aurum coruscante et crispante capillo, like that neat picture of Narcissus in Callistratus; for so [4920]Psyche spied him asleep, Briseis, Polixena, &c. flavicomae omnes, "and Hero the fair, Whom young Apollo courted for her hair.

Her hair rose in a black ruff round her head, her eyes were very black in the sharp whiteness of her face.

I watched her wandering about like an insane person, with her hair floating loosely in the wind: her hair appeared to annoy her much, for she again endeavoured to push it from off her face, and having divided it into two parts, threw it over her shoulders.

"See in the circle next, Eliza plac'd; Two babes of love close clinging to her waste; Fair as before her works she stands confess'd In flow'r'd brocade by bounteous Kirkall dress'd, Pearls on her neck, and roses in her hair, And her fore-buttocks to the navel bare.

" Miss Aitken had been a beauty, and liked to tell us of the balls she had danced at, when, dressed in white muslin with heelless slippers and a wreath in her hair, she had been called "a sylph," Why she had never married was a puzzle to many.

He would have liked a lock of her hair, but she refused with a modest, graceful dignity; she was glad she had done so later when a tress of hair dropped from his pocket-book, and his confusion showed her he was extremely interested about the person to whom it belonged.

Both had the same slender, graceful figure, but while Betty was of medium height, Pamela was distinctly taller than her sister, and her pretty head was covered with golden hair, while Betty's luxuriant locks were that peculiar shade which is neither auburn nor golden, but a combination of both, and her eyes were hazel-gray, with long lashes much darker than her hair.

[Sidenote: The Game of Bridge] Lady Doraine was looking so pretty; her hair has grown much fairer and nicer than it was at Nazeby.

With a great, glad cry he sprang toward Oachi and caught her in his arms, crushing her face to him, kissing her hair and her eyes and her mouth until at last with a strange, soft cry she put her arms up about his neck and sobbed like a little child upon his breast.

Her hair was shoulder length, a fresh mahogany brushed back from her face.

Flat, black, oblong earrings hung partially obscured by her hair.

Her hair was blonde, the color of freshly planed maple.

Her hair was gathered and held by a red scarf that hung to the nape of her neck.

What drew Jean's eyes above all was her hair, arranged in some fashion that struck him with a sense of mystery and beauty.

It may readily be seen that a woman with the square, heavy-jawed face pictured by No. 5, should not adopt a straight, or nearly straight, bang, nor wear her hair low on her forehead, nor adjust the greater portion of her hair so that the coil cannot be seen above the crown of her head.

The general style, however, she preserves intact, and wears her hair, and has for many years, as is shown in the pictureNo.

" So Tom flung his garland aside and prepared to assume a lofty presence with his hand on the painting-room door, while Nina, blushing to the roots of her hair, barricaded herself carefully into a small dressing-closet opening on the studio, in which retreat it was Simon's habit to wash his hands and smarten himself up when he had done work for the day.

" His hand wandered slowly across her hair, and he said: "Sally, how close can we ever be to him?"

To-night, stripped of its sparkling drops, she wore the same dress, and in her hair a wreath of fresh white roses.

She was brought up in the purple, a maid to brush her hair and tie her shoestrings, but for the last six years she has lived in a four-roomed cottage, and has done the family washing.

" She was standing in front of the dresser, fixing her hair over her ears.

I met a little cottage girl: She was eight years old, she said; Her hair was thick with many a curl That clustered round her head.

An Indian was engaged in cooking a piece of meat, while the missionary and his reclaimed jewel, sitting side by side, her head reclining upon his shoulder and his hand dallying with her hair, were holding delightful communion.

She therefore donned an old petticoat over her skirt, and tied an old silk handkerchief over her head to protect her hair from flying particles of dust; and thus arrayed she passed the time in a state of great excitement, frequently looking out of the window to see if her father and their guest were approaching.

She kept her hair short and crisp and wore spectacles.

Her hair, once so much like that which Madam Conway likens to her own, has bleached as white as snow, and her tall form is shriveled now, and bent.

Indeed, we know of more than one instance of a widow closely cutting off her hair.

In her short petticoat, with her ankles showing and her arms bare, she looked like a very young girl, and when she put up her hands and took the pins out of her hair, so that it fell over her shoulders, she might have been a child.

Her hair was of that light-brown shade in which plentiful gray made little change of shade; it was wound in a knot at the back of her head and gave her trouble.

At this moment his fair enemy appeared upon deck with a wreath of flowers in her hair.

Where is that child?" They had begun dinner, before she came down from brushing her hair and washing her hands.

Yet she rose and dressed with unusual care and tried to smile back the radiance of her face, and fixed her hair this way and that in a pitiful attempt to take away the sharpness of her expression, and when her little clock showed seven she put on hat and coat with trembling hands and went swiftly down and out at the front door.

She had been silent also, but presently she spoke, putting up her hand to pat the one that was stroking her hair.

Floss appeared when the meal was half eaten, her hair shiningly coiffed, the pink ribbons of her corset cover showing under her thin kimono.

The soft, morning light fell gently upon it, bringing out its springtime freshness and the elusive shades of gold in her hair.

Then, heedless of what he was saying, she began to paddle straight from the shore, weeping bitterly, her face upraised, her hair in her eyes, and the tears coursing unheeded down her cheeks.

In Comus (ver. 880) he makes the siren Ligea sleek her hair with a golden comb, as if she were a Scandinavian mermaid.

She had put a flower in her hair.

Whilom, in Lacedรฆmon, Tript many a maiden fair To gold-tressed Menelaus' halls, With hyacinths in her hair: Twelve to the Painted Chamber, The queenliest in the land, The clustered loveliness of Greece, Came dancing hand in hand.

She shrieked, and tore her hair, and rushed wildly about from room to room.

Here, with her hair knotted up and secured by a tiny dagger, her gauzy drapery gathered in her arm, Delphine floated down the green alley toward us, as if in a rosy cloud.

The indisputably artificial detail in her elegant appearance was her hair; its tinting, which had to be made stronger year by year as the gray grew more resolute, was reaching the stage of hard, rough-looking red.

Yes, it was the same woman who had attempted to beguile a weary audience from its impending repletion; at close range one could not escape the intense redness of her hair or the almost immoral whiteness of the shoulders and arms which she was at such little pains to conceal.

He was coming in some hours earlier than usual from his rounds when she delivered herself into his hands by appearing at the foot of the staircase with her hair extravagantly dressed, and wearing what he took, rightly, to be a new blue gown.

On his return she fulfilled her vow in the temple; but on the following day her hair could not be found.

Presently out of the egg came the bonga girl and cooked the food and combed her hair as usual.

Her lips are like carnations, red, Her face like new-born lilies, fair, Her eyes like ocean waters, blue, She moves with subtle grace and air, And all about her head there floats The golden glory of her hair.

To this lady, then, when the queen was sending her invitations, Miss Hamilton addressed a fac-simile note, commanding her attendance in the character of a Babylonian; and to another, a Miss Blague, who was extremely blonde with a most insipid tint, she sent several yards of the palest yellow ribbon, requesting her to wear it in her hair.

Shih-niang had but just risen from bed, and was not dressed; nor was her hair done.

Having put her hair into some sort of confinement, she picked up her reins and smiled at Josรฉ and then at Jack in a way to tie the tongues of them both; though their brows were black with the hatred which must, if they met again, bear fruit of violence.

Her arms are gracefully extended; her face is somewhat flushed with the heat; and a few flowers have escaped from her hair, which has become unfastened, and hangs in loose tresses about her neck.

Her hair was brown and blown all about her head, and her face was tanned to a rich browna very bad complexion then, but just the thing the society girl of to-day likes to show when she returns from the seashore.

There he saw a woman still young, tall, and too thin, in a suit of blue flannel faded and worn, with her hair bound tightly around her head and covered by a straw hat with a faded ribbon.

She talked about Albert to her mother till she wearied that worthy woman, to whom the arrival of any one was an excuse for dressing if possible in worse taste than usual, or at least for tying an extra ribbon in her hair, and the extra ribbon was sure to be of a hue entirely discordant with the mutually discordant ones that preceded it.

But hear me: in Japan, the very wave in her hair and the color of her eyes will prove a barrier to the highest and best in the land.

The rose in her hair was no pinker than her cheeks.

After that she was entrusted to a matron, who cut the girl's hair and enjoined her to abstain most strictly from eating flesh of any kind until her hair should be grown long enough to hide her ears.

The young girl loosened the braids of her hair; a thick, dark cloud fell over her bare shoulders and breasts.

And constantly the boat drew nearer, as I said; they were almost within hail; Dan saw her hair streaming on the wind; he waited only for the long wave.

Her hair hung in disarray over her well-developed shoulders, and recent tears had left their furrows on a painted but not uncomely face.

One of her amusements was to cut off her hair, lock by lock, and cut it short before she was well enough to walk about.

She had been restless, I thought, for her hair had fallen out of the comb and half covered her face, which was like marble in its whiteness and repose.

He gathered up the long plait of her hair and kissed it passionately.

Is her hair like mine?' 'No, not nearly so good.' 'Ah, if I could only do it as prettily as she does!'

The merry-hearted girl beside me was ever like a day of Junethe color of the rose in her cheek, its odor always in her hair and lace.

She was remembering like scenes in the days of Ladislaus, and how he used to grow wild with jealousy, in the beginning when he took her out, and once had dragged her back upstairs by her hair, and flung her into bed.

There she stood, her hair and pretty Parisian winter dress arranged to perfection, contemplating with approval the sitting-room that had been appropriated to her, the October sunshine lighting up the many- tinted trees around the smooth-shaven dewy lawn, and a bright fire on the hearth, shelves and chiffoniers awaiting her property, and piles of parcels, suggestive of wedding presents, awaiting her hand.