2135 examples of her hair in sentences

She put her hair behind her ears.

The branching tendrils of her hair, all alive and fanlike now in the coolness of the night, made a nimbus of black and silver from which her shadowed face shone like a faint pure pearl.

Then she tossed back her hair with a shake of her head and cried gayly, "Let's go wandering ourselves, pets.

Rail'd upon her first, Then tare her hair, and rent her tender cheeks. KING.

Her teeth were white and even, and her hair was beautiful; but that was all.

What was there for a woman to do with an unrecognized soul but gird herself with ornaments, and curiously braid her hair, and ransack shops for new cosmetics, and hunt for new perfumes, and recline on luxurious couches, and issue orders to attendant slaves, and join in seductive dances, and indulge in frivolous gossip, and entice by the display of sensual charms?

A plank snapped, a rod yielded; they drew out the Scotch girl; her hair was singed; then a man with blood upon his face and wrists held down his arms.

She wore a bright dress,blue, I think,and a white crocus in her hair; she had a dainty white apron tied on, "to cook in," she said, and her pink nails were powdered with flour.

45, reports of a young maid, that was one Vincent a currier's daughter, some thirteen years of age, that would wash her hair in the heat of the day (in July) and so let it dry in the sun, "to make it yellow, but by that means tarrying too long in the heat, she inflamed her head, and made herself mad.

Her hair rose in a black ruff round her head, her eyes were very black in the sharp whiteness of her face.

[Sidenote: The Game of Bridge] Lady Doraine was looking so pretty; her hair has grown much fairer and nicer than it was at Nazeby.

Flat, black, oblong earrings hung partially obscured by her hair.

" So Tom flung his garland aside and prepared to assume a lofty presence with his hand on the painting-room door, while Nina, blushing to the roots of her hair, barricaded herself carefully into a small dressing-closet opening on the studio, in which retreat it was Simon's habit to wash his hands and smarten himself up when he had done work for the day.

" His hand wandered slowly across her hair, and he said: "Sally, how close can we ever be to him?"

She had been silent also, but presently she spoke, putting up her hand to pat the one that was stroking her hair.

In Comus (ver. 880) he makes the siren Ligea sleek her hair with a golden comb, as if she were a Scandinavian mermaid.

Whilom, in Lacedæmon, Tript many a maiden fair To gold-tressed Menelaus' halls, With hyacinths in her hair: Twelve to the Painted Chamber, The queenliest in the land, The clustered loveliness of Greece, Came dancing hand in hand.

Yes, it was the same woman who had attempted to beguile a weary audience from its impending repletion; at close range one could not escape the intense redness of her hair or the almost immoral whiteness of the shoulders and arms which she was at such little pains to conceal.

Presently out of the egg came the bonga girl and cooked the food and combed her hair as usual.

To this lady, then, when the queen was sending her invitations, Miss Hamilton addressed a fac-simile note, commanding her attendance in the character of a Babylonian; and to another, a Miss Blague, who was extremely blonde with a most insipid tint, she sent several yards of the palest yellow ribbon, requesting her to wear it in her hair.

Her hair was brown and blown all about her head, and her face was tanned to a rich browna very bad complexion then, but just the thing the society girl of to-day likes to show when she returns from the seashore.

But hear me: in Japan, the very wave in her hair and the color of her eyes will prove a barrier to the highest and best in the land.

After that she was entrusted to a matron, who cut the girl's hair and enjoined her to abstain most strictly from eating flesh of any kind until her hair should be grown long enough to hide her ears.

Is her hair like mine?' 'No, not nearly so good.' 'Ah, if I could only do it as prettily as she does!'

The merry-hearted girl beside me was ever like a day of Junethe color of the rose in her cheek, its odor always in her hair and lace.

2135 examples of  her hair  in sentences