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1590 examples of  her smile  in sentences

1590 examples of her smile in sentences

And yet that poor little speck of light kept up the heart of another,which made her smile again in the middle of her tears.

This time Mary felt that her smile was not so plausible.

So she controlled her smile and looked with a sort of superior kindliness upon the red-headed little man.

" He went off with the girl, but Barbara turned her head and Lister saw her smile.

And sweet Hyzyya there, Tall as a flagstaff, bent her gaze on me, Her smile disclosing teeth of purest pearl.

Her complexion was brilliant, her smile charming, while her voice was so low and sweet that to hear it was like listening to sweet music.

There was the same frankness, the same heart in her glance, her smile, the warm pressure of her hand, but tempered by experience, reflection, and self-control.

" The bright searching eye of Mrs. Bloomfield was riveted on her young friend, as she advanced into the room; and her smile, usually so gay and sometimes ironical, was now thoughtful and kind.

" Her hand was questing his; he caught it and gripped it with all the strength in him; he hurt her, and at last, with the pain, her smile broke through.

"She had wanted me to know," and then a smile and a blush; Her smile was always just like a baby's smile, and the red Came to her cheek at a word or a glancethen there fell a hush.

" Her smile grew wistful, with a tenderness he had the grace not to recognise.

She was one of those whom no one can help liking, after seeing her smile once, or hearing her speak.

I had seen her smile before, but never before had she seen me at those times.

As she departed with alacrity to add a spoonful of starch and a pinch of whiting to her cake, Psyche, feeling better for her story and her smile, put on her bib and paper cap and fell to work on the deformed arm.

Her smile was like that which the imagination would bestow on the blessed, in their intercourse of love.

He seemed to still hear her voice in the house and about it, and when he closed his eyes in sleep, after being utterly exhausted, he saw her sweet face bending over him and felt the sunshine of her smile on him.

Her smile mocked him.

The first had a staid, and yet a cheerful look; but her cheeks were blooming, her eyes bright, and her smile sweet.

The fair artist's colour deepened a little; but her smile was quite as sweet as it was saucy, as she replied "Girlish caprice, I suppose.

When they came up to her she nodded to both men, but her smile was all for Racey Dawson.

Why can't the lazy hound do it himself?" Her smile passed.

She had returned at once to her mother's house, widowed at eighteen; "heart-broken," the young clergyman wrote, "but the most cheerful person in this town,the most cheerful person I ever knew; her smile is the sunniest and most pathetic thing I ever saw.

Meanwhile, however, it was the Englishman who kept himself constantly in mind with her by an unbroken chain of small attentions that often made her smile but sometimes really touched her.

Pale Luna's light, the dimpling sea, Are very taking, I'll agree; But to her smile all else is poor Her winsome smile.

She had changed greatly, having lost her merriment, and no one ever saw her smile again.

Another sound, as of a wing passing, the light touch of a kiss upon her hair, this time made her smile.

Often did he hear her calling him, and he would stay his steps as if he hoped to meet her smile.

He had been writing till past midnight, with her smile just above him, and when he had turned out the lamp and was moving to the door through the vague flickering light of the fire, he distinctly heard a voice very luxurious and tender say "Antony," just behind him.

Her eyes never looked at you long; her smile wandered, it was half for you and half for herself, for something she was thinking of that wasn't you.

And to-day, her smile and her attentive attitude told him that she expected him to be a fool, that she looked to his folly for her entertainment.

The gentle lady took us each by the hand, and when I saw her smile upon you so sweetly, I began to weep, and the lady took me in her arms, and wiped my tears away.

" There was both wonder and contempt in her smile.

" Her smile went out.

As fine a boy's ye ever see, and Mis' Kinney she's a smilin' into its face, as nobody's never seen her smile yet, I tell you.

"He expressed his intention of employing counseland defending a suit," returned the Colonel, affably basking in her smile.

Her smile dawned enchantingly.

Oh, but little Rebecca was a good one to have on a journey like that; she took Jensine's part and patted her and made her smile again.

The charm and pain and hint of wildness in her smile obliterated Patrick's defenses.

He was telling Owl about Kiersten, how she wouldn't take him seriously, her smile always for Garystar everything.

When Oliver could see her smile, he stood and smiled back.

He returned her smile.

In front of the one next her own, she saw two pairs which made her smile a little, for, though she could not be certain, she fancied that she recognized them.

But he thought also of the beauty of Maria, of the sweetness of her smile, and of the tears of voiceless gratitude which he had seen bedimming the lustre of her bright eyes.

She kept drawing in the others, giving each a turn, beating time for them with her smile, and somehow harmonizing and linking together what they said.

" The words made her smile, and moving nearer she bent her head and stood still while he undid her veil.

Her smile was faintly depreciatory.

There she met Andromeden and Persea, shaped like Immortals; Solemn and sweet was her smile, while their hearts beat loud at her coming; Solemn and sweet was her smile, as she spoke to the pair in her wisdom.

It lingered about her, it enveloped her ways; it gave a light to her eyes and made her smile exquisite.

" With her head on one side, and her smile and her bow, La Fleur left the kitchen by the outer door.

"Oh, of course," said La Fleur, with her head on one side, and her smile at its angle of humility, "I meant that I would come to her when she is settled here as Mrs. Haverley, and her dear mother is living with her, and when Miss Miriam has gone to finish her education at whatever seminary is decided on.

And like a waterfall that at one leap Plunges from pines to palms, shattered at once To wreaths of mist and broken spray-bows bright, He loved not less, nor wearied of her smile; But through the daytime held aloof and strange

Her smile repeated Ted Holiday's verdict that some gentlemen were rotters.

But if you've never been anything but 'safe'" Her smile finished that.

Her smile was smitten from her lips.

And we came nearer, till I could spy her face, her smile, and I shouted her to stop, and in a minute stopped myself, and by happy steering came with slowing headway to a slight crash by her side, and ran down the trellised steps to her, and led her up; and on the deck, without saying a word, I fell to my knees before her, and I bowed my brow to the floor, with obeisance, and I worshipped her there as Heaven.

Happy thoughts about nothing in particular made her smile and clap her hands.

Her smile came quickly as she read.

She did not make the mistake of trying to arrest her smile; she let it broaden.

The suspicion that he was avoiding her nerved her hand; but there was no hint of discipline in her smile, and she knew as well as if he had said it that he was thinking as he came to the side of the car how handsome and how creditable a daughter she was.

Her smile was very pleasant, and yet a sad smile.

To see her was to love her, and to prize her smile above the beauty of the world.

She had come to value her smile, her word; to value herself.

The chef d'orchestre, if he is charitable, starts her off with a contribution from his own lusty lungs, and then sheoh, her voice is always thinner and more osseous than her arms, and her smile no more graceful than her train!

" Her smile deepened though her eyes were grave.

To see her smile as she said this was more than I could bear.

You know I was afraid I never should make her smile, she looked so forlorn.

Not only was the pictured scene of welcome missing on the afternoon of her arrival, but an overpowering air of antipathy smote her in the face as she stepped from the lighterconquest in her smile of conciliation.

"In the dark ages," said he so ruefully that her smile grew.

Her smile grew warm and shy.

And it seemed to the girls, surrounding Many Eyes as she stood up against the wall to dry, that her smile widened in a promise of victory.

Leonora without losing her smile, seemed to grow impatient.

"Our love's not through all the fire, yet," he said, but her smile only showed more glow.

Under the pink shaded candles to my blind eyes it seemed that there was seated the coolest, quietest, whitest little thing, with eyes that were as indifferent as my velvety Liane's were kind, and mockery in her smile.

"Often would self-complacence spread Harmonious halos round my head; And all my being own'd awhile The warm diffusion of her smile.

Dwelling constantly on memories of his Briseiswhose name, by the way, was Juliahaving her shape and complexion, her gentle touch and her smile, always in his mind, while he was unable in the body to see so much as the hem of her gown, Achilles grew weaker in will as he grew stronger in body.

Trust not your prowess nor your strength, Your only safety lies in flight; For in her glance there is a snare, And in her smile there is a blight.

And yet she stretched her arms out to him, and welcomed him with her looks and her smile.

She looked still very pale and weak, as they saw her lying in her high white bed in the long wardhow they had mourned that they could not afford to give her a private room!But she was Sally herself once more, and looking so eagerly forward to being at home again that it was a joy to see her smile at the thought of it.

"Very soon," he answered; a radiant smile coming to his face, which made her smile as her eyes caught the glory of it.

She smiled up at me as I had never seen her smile before.

If the Signor's statements could be relied on, he was totally unworthy of an alliance with the beautiful Fidelia; in fact, was a "dog who would be proud only but to bask in the sunshine of her smile.

Janet had been waiting at the top of the stairs for her mistress; but her smile of welcome turned to one of disgust as she saw her appear with Lady Constance' arm about her.

She always smiled, and her smile was hopelessly out of keeping with the rest of her face.

I believe blessed Saint Agnes has adopted her; for I've seen her smile, plain as could be, when the little one brought her flowers.

Where hath her smile So stirred man's inmost nature?

" "Yes, I am glad," answered Emily, a tear that had gathered under her dark eyelashes falling, and making her eyes look brighter, and her smile more sweet.

Her smile was the most fascinating, irresistible thing imaginable.

Her fingers were like ice, and her head shook with fatigue; but her voice was sprightly and her smile bright.

In spite of her smile she looked unhappy, and I could see that during this last week experience had not been kind to her, because there was an air of shyness and uncertainty which had never been there before.

" Her smile turned to a laugh.

Emmeline tried to smile and answer him in his own strain, but her smile was sickly and faint, and her voice trembled audibly as she spoke.

Sweet was her smile,but not for me; Alas, when woman looks too kind, Just turn your foolish head and see, Some youth is walking close behind!

It was one of Juliet's, and she hoped to make her smile.

But thenwhen one's unhappy' Her smile and the pressure of her hand said the rest.

"But her smile," he went on, "was not only in wonder about the future.

She defied them with her smile.

It was the first time Tristram had ever seen her smile, and it thrilled him.

"There, did you see her smile?"

He glanced up again sharply, met her smile, and bowed with much ceremony.

'I should have died of terror,' said the little mouse, 'only that I saw a dear sweet graceful creature, with a lovely soft voice, and a smooth coat, and the most beautiful eyes, and the most exquisite pathetic expression in her smile; and she held out her velvet paw to me, and said, 'Dear little mousiekie- pousie, you're the loveliest creature I ever met, quite unappreciated in these parts.