1590 examples of her smile in sentences

This time Mary felt that her smile was not so plausible.

So she controlled her smile and looked with a sort of superior kindliness upon the red-headed little man.

There was the same frankness, the same heart in her glance, her smile, the warm pressure of her hand, but tempered by experience, reflection, and self-control.

She was one of those whom no one can help liking, after seeing her smile once, or hearing her speak.

When they came up to her she nodded to both men, but her smile was all for Racey Dawson.

Meanwhile, however, it was the Englishman who kept himself constantly in mind with her by an unbroken chain of small attentions that often made her smile but sometimes really touched her.

Pale Luna's light, the dimpling sea, Are very taking, I'll agree; But to her smile all else is poor Her winsome smile.

Another sound, as of a wing passing, the light touch of a kiss upon her hair, this time made her smile.

Her eyes never looked at you long; her smile wandered, it was half for you and half for herself, for something she was thinking of that wasn't you.

Oh, but little Rebecca was a good one to have on a journey like that; she took Jensine's part and patted her and made her smile again.

Her smile was faintly depreciatory.

Her smile was smitten from her lips.

Her smile came quickly as she read.

She did not make the mistake of trying to arrest her smile; she let it broaden.

To see her was to love her, and to prize her smile above the beauty of the world.

Not only was the pictured scene of welcome missing on the afternoon of her arrival, but an overpowering air of antipathy smote her in the face as she stepped from the lighterconquest in her smile of conciliation.

And yet she stretched her arms out to him, and welcomed him with her looks and her smile.

She looked still very pale and weak, as they saw her lying in her high white bed in the long wardhow they had mourned that they could not afford to give her a private room!But she was Sally herself once more, and looking so eagerly forward to being at home again that it was a joy to see her smile at the thought of it.

"Very soon," he answered; a radiant smile coming to his face, which made her smile as her eyes caught the glory of it.

She smiled up at me as I had never seen her smile before.

I believe blessed Saint Agnes has adopted her; for I've seen her smile, plain as could be, when the little one brought her flowers.

" "Yes, I am glad," answered Emily, a tear that had gathered under her dark eyelashes falling, and making her eyes look brighter, and her smile more sweet.

In spite of her smile she looked unhappy, and I could see that during this last week experience had not been kind to her, because there was an air of shyness and uncertainty which had never been there before.

"There, did you see her smile?"

'I should have died of terror,' said the little mouse, 'only that I saw a dear sweet graceful creature, with a lovely soft voice, and a smooth coat, and the most beautiful eyes, and the most exquisite pathetic expression in her smile; and she held out her velvet paw to me, and said, 'Dear little mousiekie- pousie, you're the loveliest creature I ever met, quite unappreciated in these parts.

1590 examples of  her smile  in sentences