302 examples of herdsman in sentences

You see him again and againas a cowboy in Texas, as a miner or herdsman all through the Far West; you see him cutting lumber along the Columbia, or throwing the diamond hitch as he goes from camp to camp for gold and freedom.

The herdsman's waving hand they all behold, And docile come, and pass into the fold.

The title, Gaucho, is applied to the descendants of the early Spanish colonists, whose homes are on the Pampa, instead of in the town,to the rich estanciero, or owner of square leagues of cattle, in common with the savage herdsman whom he employs,to Generals and Dictators, as well as to the most ragged Pampa- Cossack in their pay.

[Fr.]; equerry, groom; jockey, hostler, ostler^, tiger, orderly, messenger, cad, gillie^, herdsman, swineherd; barkeeper, bartender; bell boy, boots, boy, counterjumper^; khansamah^, khansaman^; khitmutgar^; yardman.

Then all women and children were driven in, as a herdsman might drive sheep, from the reeking villages round, and, for purposes of convenience, concentrated in Bitlis.

No wolf can hope to escape the trained eye of the Tartar near the horse where the strain of the line lifts it high off the ground, and no wolf will allow the line to pass near him, hence the herdsman gets both sport and profit out of his occupation.

The entrance was guarded all night by a number of dogs, and curled up in a special nook was the herdsman, with a gun of a kind long since discarded in Europe.

Watching the pulse of the oars die down, as her own died with them, Tearless, dumb with amaze she stood, as a storm-stunned nestling Fallen from bough or from eave lies dumb, which the home-going herdsman Fancies a stone, till he catches the light of its terrified eyeball.

High in the far-off glens rose thin blue curls from the homesteads; Softly the low of the herds, and the pipe of the outgoing herdsman, Slid to her ear on the water, and melted her heart into weeping.

Jacob, after being Laban's servant for twenty-one years, became thus an independent herdsman, and was the master of many servants.


A Herdsman was tending his cattle when he missed a young Bull, one of the finest of the herd.

(Pope tells the tale in his Pindaric poem, called Ode on St. Cecilia's Day, 1709.) EURYT'ION, the herdsman of Grer'yon.

"Face once more Diomed: tell him 'I have slain The herdsman Daphnis; now I challenge thee.

To whom thus spake the herdsman of the herd, Pausing a moment from his handiwork: "Friend, I will solve thy questions, for I fear The angry looks of Hermes of the roads.

Pacing from stall to stall, Augéas saw What revenue his herdsman brought him in.

But midday came, and nowhere could I see One footprint of the beast or hear his roar: And, trust me, none appeared of whom to ask, Herdsman or labourer, in the furrowed lea;

Graze, goats: I go to learn the herdsman's trade.

To Pan doth white-limbed Daphnis offer here (He once piped sweetly on his herdsman's flute)

The possessive case often drops the apostrophe; as in herdsman, kitesfoot.

Not only may the nominative before the verb be followed by an objective, but the nominative after it may be preceded by a possessive; as, "Amos, the herdsman of Tekoa, was not a prophet's son.""It is the king's chapel, and it is the king's court.

Steadily, uniformly, the unflinching poetasters grind out in their monotonous rime royal how "Thomas Wolsey fell into great disgrace," and how "Sir Anthony Woodville, Lord Rivers, was causeless imprisoned and cruelly wounded"; how "King Kimarus was devoured by wild beasts," and how "Sigeburt, for his wicked life, was thrust from his throne and miserably slain by a herdsman."

The Herdsman; a story of the prophet Amos.

You see now and then the silhouette of a herdsman on his stilts, inert and standing like a sick heron.

[Q] Smooth life had herdsman, and his snow-white herd To triumphs and to sacrificial rites Devoted, on the inviolable stream Of rich Clitumnus

302 examples of  herdsman  in sentences