56658 examples of high in sentences

Practically all high grade spruce comes from this district also.

The whole sorry proceeding was disgraceful, high-handed and treacherous, and only made possible by reason of the blindness of the generous American people, drugged with the vanishing hope of "success" and too confident of the continued possession of its blood-bought liberties.

It would build a fence eleven miles high along our entire coast line.

One of those interestsa grant of only three holdersmonopolized at one time two hundred and thirty-seven billion, five hundred million (237,500,000,000) feet which would make a column one foot square and three million miles high.

The jewels of this Virgin, presents for the most part from crowned heads and high church dignitaries, are in fact of immense value.

I informed him that I had been dispatched by the Sultan of my country to obtain information of the countries of Africa; that I wrote in a book accounts of everything I saw, and on my return, would present this book to the Sultan, who would reward me with a high rankperhaps even that of Grand Vizier.

The other, an old Mahommedan, with a green turban and white robe, seated at the foot of a majestic sycamore, over the high bank of a stream that tumbled down its bed of white marble rock to the sea.

In one place I counted fifty-eight, and in another one hundred and three of these arches, some of which were fifty feet high.

In the centre, on a foundation platform about eight feet high, stands a beautiful Ionic temple, one hundred feet in length.

We rode up the artificial valley, between high, grassy hills, completely covered with what at a distance resembled loose boards, but which were actually the long marble seats of the stadium.

The houses are all of stone, two stories high, with tiled roofs and chimneys, so that, but for the clapboarded and shingled minarets, it would answer for a North-German village.

But Dick wanted to do the thing well, which the Indians are not careful to do; besides, it must be borne in remembrance that this was his first attempt, and that his horse was one of the best and most high-spirited, while those caught by the Indians, as we have said, are generally the poorest of a drove.

However, in a little Charlie stopped, and raised his nose high in the air, as if to look for his old equine companions.

He trotted to the brow of a slope, with his head and tail very high up indeed, and looked after them; then he looked at the fire, and neighed; then he trotted quickly up to it, and seeing that everything was gone he began to neigh violently, and at last started off at full speed, and overtook his friends, passing within a few feet of them, and, wheeling round a few yards off, stood trembling like an aspen leaf.

When he had completed this task, he took his rifle, and leaving Charlie picketed in the centre of a dell, where the long, rich grass rose high above the snow, went off to hunt.

There were many brave, strong, stalwart men there, in the prime of life, and flushed with the blood of high health and courage.

On the right was a sheer precipice one hundred feet high; on the left was an impenetrable thicket.

He imagined he could demand a high price, and now Alvarez was dead, there was perhaps no reason for refusing to bargain; but he did not mean to let Galdar have the goods.

When he rode down a rough track into open country he rocked in the saddle and would have fallen but for the high peak and big stirrups.

" At high-water he stood on the bridge, watching the mangroves fade into the mist.

You steal in through the mist at the top of a high tide, much as the old pirates did, and when you land, find hints of a vanished civilization and the Spaniards' broken power.

Only his head showed over the water, but the ears were pricking straight and high, and it never once swerved back toward the nearer shore.

In the deep tenderness which swelled through him he caught a sense of the drift of life through many generations of the past and projecting into the future, men and women strong and fair and each with a high and passionate love.

Fichte, however, does not derive the material for his system from the Critique of Judgment, though he also had a high appreciation of it, but from the two earlier Critiques, the fundamental conceptions of which hefollowing the hint that practical and theoretical reason are only different applications of one and the same reasonbrings into the closest connection.

In May, 1805, however, the British High Court of Admiralty decided that goods which started from the French colonies in American ships and were on their way to France could be captured even if they had been landed and reshipped in the United States.

56658 examples of  high  in sentences