93356 example sentences with  high

93356 example sentences with high

Her dark hair was less orderly than Winona's, andfrom her kitchen worktwo spots of colour burned high on her cheeks.

As a high priest of the most liberal of all arts, Dave scanned the noisy pages with a cynical and professional eye, knowing that none of the stuff had acquired any dignity or power to coerce human belief until mere typesetters like himself had crystallized it.

Speech was brief and low-toned among the elders, as befitted the high moment.

They reached the white house of worship, impressive under its heaven-pointing steeple, and passed within its portals, stepping softly to the accompaniment of those silken whisperings, with now and again the high squeak of new boots whose wearers, profaning the stillness, would appear self-conscious and annoyed, though as if silently protesting that they were blameless.

It was shapely, and from its high bridge jutted forward with rather a noble sweep of line to the thin, curved nostrils.

The high bridge was perhaps the detail that distinguished it from most good noses.

He knew only that a frowning old gentleman stood in a high place and scolded about something.

One might have gathered that she was beholding the Merle twin in some high new light.

When he had begun business some dozen years before, and it was known that Minna came downstairs from their living rooms above the saloon and helped to serve his patrons, the scandal was high.

That's where the bulk of our money goes: bonnets and high-heeled slippers and fancy cloaks.

Gideon sat erect in his chair or stood before the fireplace, now banked with ferns; black-clad, tall and thin and straight in the comely pleasance of his sixty years, his face smoothly shaven, his cheekbones jutting above depressed cheeks that fell to his narrow, pointed chin, his blue eyes crackling far under the brow, high and narrow and shaded with ruffling gray hair, still plenteous.

There were hurried steppings to and fro by Winona and her mother, the heavy tread of the judge, a murmur of high voices.

When the horses were hitched to it, and Starling Tucker from the high seat with whip and reins directed its swift progress, with rattles and rumbles like a real circus wagon, it was thrilling indeed.

This summer marked the first admission of Wilbur to an intimacy with the privileged driver which entitled him to mount dizzily to the high seat and rattle off to trains.

He had patiently courted Starling Tucker in the office of the Mansion House livery stable, sitting by him in silent admiration while he discoursed learnedly of men and horses, helping to hitch up the dappled grays to the bus, fetching his whip, holding his gloves, until it became a matter of course that he should mount to the high seat with him.

Not only was it delectable to ride in the high place, to watch trains come and go, to carry your load of travellers back to the Mansion House, but there were interludes of relaxation when you could sit about in the office of the stables and listen to agreeable

Wilbur staunchly held the roan, listened to the high-keyed drone of a reaper in a neighbouring field, and watched the old man make more figures in his black notebook.

Moreover, the boy became in high repute for his knowledge of the inner mysteries of these new mechanisms.

High in the centre would be the motor truck of Trimble Cushman, loaded with cases and nursed through the muddle by a cool, clear-eyed youth, who sat with delicate, sure hands on a potent wheel.

Then by insensible gradations, by standing on the truck bed as it moved, by edging forward toward the high seat, by silently helping with a weighty box, it seemed he had acquired the right to mount to the high seat of honour itself.

Then by insensible gradations, by standing on the truck bed as it moved, by edging forward toward the high seat, by silently helping with a weighty box, it seemed he had acquired the right to mount to the high seat of honour itself.

He heard, too, the pleased laughter in the background, high, musical peals of tactless women and the full-throated roars of brutal men.

He had graduated from the Newbern High School, respectably if not with distinguished honour, and the superintendent had said, in conferring his rolled and neatly tied diploma, that he was facing the battle of life and must acquit himself with credit to Newbern.

He thought that after this high moment he might be able to plan his life at least a littlenot too minutely.

I know that even the meanest person has still at his disposition high-sounding words wherewith to mask his real character.

He was a black-haired, blue-eyed Irishman with a heart as black as his hair, and language as blue as his eyea handsome, plausible, selfish, wicked devil with scarcely a virtue but pride and high courage.

Now the horse I had was a high-spirited, powerful animal, and he possessed the trait, very common among horses, of hating to be pressed behind the saddle.

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To give to them a regularly organized government and the protection of our laws, which, as citizens of the United States, they claim, is a high duty on our part, and one which we are bound to perform, unless there be controlling reasons to prevent it.

This is the first occasion, so far as the government of a State and its people are concerned, on which it has become necessary to consider of the propriety of exercising those high and most important of constitutional and legal functions.

I tender to your excellency assurances of my high respect and consideration.

With high consideration and respect, your obedient and very humble servant, SAM.

Accept assurances of my high respect.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montanes, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, rivers, and freshwater springs.

Cabot Corporation has a 1-year low of $39.52 and a 1-year high of $60.72.

Calm, balanced with a high stimulus threshold.

Calm winds and no cloud coverage are due to a persistent sub-tropical high-pressure system that will begin to dominate the weather for much of January, causing dry air at mid and upper levels of the atmosphere, inhibiting cloud formation.

Cambridge University Press will bring new expertise and added international exposure to both of the Society's high quality and recognized mathematics journals.

Daxsonics makes therapeutic high-frequency ultrasound devices.

D., co-director of the University of New Hampshire's Family Research Lab, told us that women have equally high assault rates with their partners.

Departmental Colloquium - "The influence of high energy irradiation on structural materials"

For more than 35 years, Franklin Bissett has been managing money for institutional, high net worth and individual investors.

Formulated with extra protection for gears and bearings subject to high torque loads of today's powerful 4-stroke Thumper engines.