226 examples of highwayman in sentences

The terrified traveller sees a highwayman in what is really a sign-post in the twilight; and in the twilight of knowledge, the terrified philosopher sees a Pestilence foreshadowed by an eclipse.

" "They call any one a highwayman who is a fugitive from what our 'Roman Hercules' calls justice," Norbanus answered with a gesture of irritation.

[660] See ante, iii. 239, where he discusses the question of shooting a highwayman.

Face to face with a highwayman who has every temptation and opportunity for violence and plunder, can you bring yourself off safe by your wit, exercised through speech?a problem easy enough to Caesar, or Napoleon.

Whenever a man of that stamp arrives, the highwayman has found a master.

He is but a tame highwayman, that does the same things by stratagem and design which the other does by force, makes men deliver their understandings first, and after their purses.

What is the mighty difference?" "Would you call Dick Turpin a good man, because he was a good highwayman?"

" Meanwhile, Blaize exhibited the contents of his pockets to the other highwayman, who having opened the box of rufuses and smelt at the phial of plague-water, returned them to him with a look of disgust, and bade him follow his companions.

Nowhere in the whole of Morocco was a highwayman or a robber to be found.

With reluctant hand the colonel drew out his pocketbook, and was about to hand it with its contents to the highwayman, when there was a sudden crash in the bushes behind Fairfax, his pistol was dashed from his hand, and our young hero, Andy Burke, with resolute face, stood with his gun leveled at him.

" This suggestion was by no means pleasant for the highwayman, particularly as he reflected that Andy had shown himself a resolute boy, and doubly armed as he now was, it was quite within his power to carry out his threat.

Andy laughed as the highwayman disappeared in the distance.

Andy got down at the Misses Grant's gate, and was soon astonishing the simple ladies by a narrative of his encounter with the highwayman.

" Thereupon he told the story of his adventure with the highwayman and how he had saved Colonel Preston from being robbed.

Yesterday, in riding home from Melville, with eight hundred dollars in his pocketbook, he says he was stopped by a highwayman, who demanded his money or his life.

He did not venture to give the name of Fairfax, as that might be recognized by Andy as that of the highwayman, with whose little plans he had interfered.

Sir Hamilton Seymour (1797-1880) was in his father's carriage when it was "stopped" by a highwayman in Upper Brook Street.

"The devil they do!" responded Mrs. B., and that night the bearer of the precious burden was stopped by a highwayman on the Great North Road, and the ten thousand guineas were used to procure the return of the Whig candidate.

A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth, "Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you, and then you will be a murderer!"

'It would be as wild in him to come into company without merriment, as for a highwayman to take the road without his pistols,' iii. 389.

Then let ush eshcort thish highwayman to the gatesh of the city and cash him forth to outer darknesh!

who bade me help them, instead of like a highwayman falling upon and plundering them, when they were defenceless?

Once establish your reputation as an interviewer who is not a highwayman in disguise, and you will achieve tenfold the success your less reputable confrères gain in the long run.

It was amusing to hear the excuses, threats, and the like; but the fact remained the same, that a dozen of us had been robbed by a lone highwayman.

The highwayman ed their purses.

226 examples of  highwayman  in sentences