226 examples of highwaymen in sentences

I was offered instead a work in two volumes on the notorious highwaymen of history, and for a moment my plot swerved in that direction.

The Watling Street takes Shooters' Hill, so called, I suppose, from the highwaymen that infested the woods thereabouts, in true Roman fashion, and it is from its summit that we get the first really great view on our way, for that so famous from Greenwich Park does not properly belong to our journey.

Also they stopped frequently, King making an excuse of showing her points of interest; the tiny valley where one could be sure of a glimpse of a brown bear, the grazing-lands of mountain deer, the pass into the cliff-bound hiding-place of the picturesque highwaymen of an earlier day whence they drove stolen horses into Nevada, where they secreted other horses stolen in Nevada and to be disposed of down in the Sacramento Valley.

I shall expect, my lords, that villains of all denominations, who are now skulking in private retreats, who are eluding the officers of justice, or flying before the publick pursuit of the country, will secure themselves by this easy expedient; and that housebreakers, highwaymen, and pickpockets, will come up in crowds to the bar, charge the earl of ORFORD as their accomplice, and plead this bill as a security against all inquiry.

It has, indeed, been a method of detection, frequently employed against housebreakers and highwaymen, to proclaim a pardon for him that shall convict his accomplices; but surely, my lords, this practice will not, in the present question, be mentioned as a precedent.

Roger had moved in the best English society; this man amongst slaughtermen, bushrangers, thieves, and highwaymen.

She told us she had listened to the defendant when he solemnly swore that he had seduced her former pupil, that he had stood in the dock for horse-stealing, and had been the associate of highwaymen and bushrangers, and had made a will for the purpose of fraud; and yet this woman took him by the hand, and was not ashamed of his companionship.

Only slaves and highwaymen are crucified.

The two survivors were subsequently identified as Ramon Gomez, and Pietro Vaga, better known as "the Hunchback," two of the most notorious highwaymen and burglars, for whose apprehension a large reward had been offered.

These pillagers are in fact highwaymen or privateershaving no laws, and acting from the impulses of their own fierce hearts.

This was bad news to Leonard, who became apprehensive for the safety of the bag of gold given to Nizza by the enthusiast, and he would have taken another road if it had been practicable; but as there was no alternative except to proceed, he put all the money he had about him into a leathern purse, trusting that the highwaymen, if they attacked them, would be content with this booty.

By this time the highwaymen had come up.

and I may have hardship enough to undergo, among strangers, and being obliged to hide ourselves like housebreakers or highwaymen.

Archer hands the deeds and property taken from the highwaymen to sir Charles Freeman, who takes his sister, Mrs. Sullen, under his charge again.

Boni'face, landlord of the inn at Lichfield, in league with the highwaymen.

DIAN'A'S FORESTERS, "minions of the moon," "Diana's knights," etc., highwaymen.

First, that less than two hundred years ago, England had its highwaymen on all roads, and its smuggler dens and caravans, Scotland its caterans, and Ireland its moonlighters.

The roads were dangerous, and highwaymen lurked in the neighbourhood, but the actress put her faith in Providenceand a brace of pistols which she always carried.

243, n. 6; robbed by highwaymen, iii. 239, n. 1; 'understands what you say,' iv.

Highwaymen & } Grand-tobymen.

" [Footnote 1: Highwaymen.]

Some of these highwaymen demanded money and arms from the priest of Angadanan, but Father Marciano informed them 'that it could not be, as Leyba already knew what he had and would be angry.'

Among its people are toilers and idlers, laws and lawbreakers, thieves and highwaymen, grand folk and plain folk.

I wondered whether or not the business of outlawry was not specialized, so that some stole horses, others robbed banks, others were highwaymen, and the like.

Excellent and moral men had been selected upon every occasion of vacancy, but it unfortunately happened, that as these worthy divines crossed Hounslow Heath, on their way to Ireland, to take possession of their bishoprics, they have been regularly robbed and murdered by the highwaymen frequenting that common, who seize upon their robes and patents, come over to Ireland, and are consecrated bishops in their stead."

226 examples of  highwaymen  in sentences