1551 examples of his attention in sentences

Then he put it down and again gave his attention to the handkerchief, bending his head over it so that Crewe should not see his face.

Furthermore, as a courtier himself writing for courtiers, Puttenham does not lay down rules for the drama or the epic, but devotes most of his attention to occasional verse: lyrics, elegies, epigrams, and satires.

The breaker boys, who had gone into the tent in a body some minutes earlier, had attracted his attention and aroused his interest.

After the review something else will probably take up his attention, and then something else, until suddenly in the evening it will occur to him that he has had no dinner.

Reports were sometime ago industriously propagated that Dr. Robertson had turned his attention to a very different subject, and even when it was generally known that the present work was upon the eve of publication, it was still questioned by many, whether a writer, so celebrated for prudence, had not declined the more recent part of the North American history.

Cabral now turned his attention to the forlorn nayres, who had been five days on board without eating, and by dint of much and kind entreaty, he at length prevailed on them to take food.

what dream is this?" exclaimed the officer who had been so assiduous in his attention to the unfortunate man; "my sister here!let me intreat, let me beg" "No, Albert Fitzalleynno, brother, no," uttered Mrs. St. Clair, "remove me notI am calm, resigned, very, very calmI expected thisif I cannot live I can die with him.

Although Sigismund narrowly watched the workings of his countenance, giving a little of his attention also, from time to time, to the movements of Pippo and the pilgrim, he preserved himself a perfectly calm exterior.

At the other end were piles of new-looking boxes, containing groceries of various kinds, rolls of cotton cloth and other dry goods, and, what attracted his attention more than anything else, a vast number of bright tin cans, bearing on their sides brilliant pictures of tomatoes, peaches, green corn, and other preservable eatables.

His insatiate inquisitiveness induces him to poke his nose into everything; every strange object excites his curiosity, and he will, if possible, look behind it; the slightest noise arouses his attention, and he wants to investigate its cause.

While a vigorously developing religious sentiment turned his speculation to the relation of the individual ego to the primal source of spiritual life, empirical reality also acquired greater significance for him, and the intellectual, moral, and political situation of the time especially attracted his attention.

" The doctor, his attention called to the envelope, read, inscribed in large, distinct characters: "Not to be opened till six months after my death.

It was entitled "Marrying for Money" ("Les Mariages d'Argent") and on its rejection he laid it aside and directed his attention to the novel, "Serge Panine."

The modern traveller of to-day arriving at Rome by rail drives to his hotel through the uninteresting streets of a modern town, and thence finds his way to the Forum and the Palatine, where his attention is speedily absorbed by excavations which he finds it difficult to understand.

If she had no concern in what was being said, she looked round, displaying an irritating curiosity in every passer-by, and true to herself she had drawn his attention to the ducks on the river while he was telling her of the great change that had come over him.

Then shaking his shoulders he bent his attention to the old man in the shadow of the chair.

"The etymology, as well as the syntax, of the more difficult parts of speech, is reserved for his attention at a later period.

Ignoring the reference to their neighbors, the novelist replied suavely that they felt they must return to civilization as some matters in connection with the new edition of his last novel demanded his attention, and the artist wished to get back to his studio and to his work.

Mr. CHURCHILL has promised searching inquiry into the case of the officer who sent a hundred-word telegramat Government expenseabout a dog; and Mr. CHAMBERLAIN, on his attention being called to the forty-three motorcars still in use by the War Office, gave an answer which implied an impending slump in joy-rides.

Then his attention was distracted by the sound of hoof beats and, turning, he beheld the two horses racing toward the hills, having taken fright at the flames leaping over the plains.

Her beauty attracted his attention while he was still Prince Salîm, but Akbar, disapproving of her as a daughter-in-law, gave her in marriage to Sher Afsan, "the lion killer," a nobleman of Burdwan.

He offered me a dollar for her passage; but I called his attention to the fact that it would cost only two shillings more for me to cross with her than if I went alone, and refused to take more.

He was not, could not be deceived in the belief that Caroline accepted, nay, demanded, encouraged his attention.

" "Hours of slavery?" asked Edward, for those words had alone riveted his attention.

The prophet says first, that it is "another beast;" secondly, that when his attention was turned to it it was "coming up;" thirdly, that it came up "out of the earth;" fourthly, that it had "two horns;" fifthly, that these horns were like those of "a lamb;" and sixthly, that it spoke, and by speaking revealed its true character; for the voice was that of "a dragon.

1551 examples of  his attention  in sentences