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991 example sentences with  hissed

991 example sentences with hissed

As the water hissed, boiled and bubbled while it flowed in Blake took moving pictures of it.

"Clear out, then," hissed the skipper.

A little flash of flaming hate from the dead ashes of things; a quick, darting glance of defiance; a hissed word from a seemingly subdued man or woman; a shrill, hostile whoop from a ragged youngster behind a hedgethings such as these showed us that the courage of the Belgians was not dead.

Nemo desperet meliora lapsus, a wicked liver may be reclaimed, and prove an honest man; he that is odious in present, hissed out, an exile, may be received again with all men's favours, and singular applause; so Tully was in Rome, Alcibiades in Athens.

This has been borne and the author despised, and indignantly hissed from the society of the respectable and virtuousbut the end is not gainednew themes of revilingnew subjects of abuse must be sought, and the party who wish to effect a revolution, are pledged to uphold and protect the agents however wicked.

Silence,' he cried, when he was hissed for what he said about his brother-in-law's death, 'you step-children of Italy!'

The cobbler Dereure was intently contemplating his boots; while Brilier, late coachman, hissed the singers by way of encouragement, as he would have done to his horses.

* * * * * All the angers of scorn in Hendrik were pointed at Miss Wimple; all the sharp tongues of Hendrik hissed at her; and her good name fell at once into the portion of the vilest weeds.

Yes, or no?" "I wrote that war is a crime, and that all countries are stained by it...." Without allowing Clerambault to explain himself farther, Camus sprang at him, as if he meant to shake him by the collar; but restraining himself, he hissed in his face that he was the criminal, and deserved to be tried by court-martial at once.

I told him his explanation was ingenious and kind; nevertheless I thought I might justly claim the honour of having been hissed for uttering an anti-slavery sentiment at the Tabernacle in New York!

When the door hissed behind you, with that little patent pneumatic device, you ceased to be a human being, and began to bethe human machine.

He hissed with rage, flew straight at Morten Goosey-Gander and tore out a few feathers.

Don't you see whom they bring with them?" Prettywing also caught sight of Dunfin and was so astounded that she stood for a long time with her bill wide open, and only hissed.

They were loath to be among the other beasts, and hissed and spat when one came near them.

He hissed in the manner which he had to convey that he understood an order, but I held him as gently as I could for a minute and tried to demonstrate to him that I meant him no harm, and spoke the peace-language of pidgin-English, common enough in the Orient.

All the weird peaks and slabs seemed pointing up at him: sharp-toothed jaws gaped upward tongues hissed upwardarms pointed upwardhounds leaped upward monstrous snake-heads peered upward out of cracks and caves.

The bullets hissed and split the water, and the rowers tried to get out of their reach, but all their efforts were in vain; the treacherous mud had caught the boat, and some one must peril life and limb to shove that boat into the water.

Beware, the sacred serpent has hissed."

Not only did the flames mount to a greater height, and appear singularly conspicuous from the situation of the houses, but every instant some blazing fragment fell with a tremendous splash into the water, where it hissed for a moment, and then was for ever quenched, floating a black mass upon the surface.

She's been hissed, howled at.

I have never been booed or hissed by an audience, since I have been on the stage.

The sea's voice hissed along the side of the boat, now,the voice of a monster ready to leap aboard,and he couldn't see to defend himself!

At the distance of twelve hundred yards the whole line of the enemy belched forth, from thirty iron mouths, a flood of smoke and flame through which hissed the deadly balls.

It was not her words only, but the bitterness with which she hissed them out.

But she had too much sense not to know that it was better to be hissed and cat-called by her Daddy than by a whole sea of heads in the pit of Drury-Lane Theatre; and she had too good a heart not to be grateful for so rare an act of friendship.

When He had just turned Egypt into a funeral pile; while his curse yet blazed upon her unburied dead, and his bolts still hissed amidst her slaughter, and the smoke of her torment went upwards because she had "ROBBED THE POOR," did He license the victims of robbery to rob the poor of ALL?

When He had just turned Egypt into a funeral pile; while his curse yet blazed upon her unburied dead, and his bolts still hissed amidst her slaughter, and the smoke of her torment went upwards because she had "ROBBED THE POOR," did He license the VICTIMS of robbery to rob the poor of ALL?

When he had just turned Egypt into a funeral pile; while his curse yet blazed upon her unburied dead, and his bolts still hissed amidst her slaughter, and the smoke of her torment went upwards because she had "ROBBED THE POOR," did He license the VICTIMS of robbery to rob the poor of ALL?

When He had just turned Egypt into a funeral pile; while his curse yet blazed upon her unburied dead, and his bolts still hissed amidst her slaughter, and the smoke of her torment went upwards because she had "ROBBED THE POOR," did He license the victims of robbery to rob the poor of ALL?

When He had just turned Egypt into a funeral pile; while his curse yet blazed upon her unburied dead, and his bolts still hissed amidst her slaughter, and the smoke of her torment went upwards because she had "ROBBED THE POOR," did He license the VICTIMS of robbery to rob the poor of ALL?

In the pit below, Ainsley had a momentary glimpse of half a dozen faces, gleaming white in the strong light, upturned, and staring at him; from somewhere down there a pistol snapped twice, and the bullets hissed past over their heads.

Light after light commenced to toss in an unbroken stream from their parapet in the direction of the working party, and a score of bullets, obviously aimed at them, hissed close overhead.

The fireworks flashed and hissed again before her eyes and ears; the more lonely she was, the more keenly her imagination brought it all before her.

It almost hissed, the way she uttered it.

hissed Floss, her tone venomous.

She no longer turned sick and faint when they hissed after her vile Italian epithets that her American or English clients quite failed to understand.

It circled them about, hissed in the water, and finally struck their mast repeatedly, so that the wise captain took it down.

The flames hissed and sputtered in the pouring rain, but, fed from below, they grew still higher and fiercer, flashing redly upon the great trees, and turning their trunks to burnished brass.

The evil face of the Bastard grew livid as he listened to the scornful words which were hissed at him by the captive.

The third act, and he was hissed off the stage, and flew home, only to find his wife dead.

" "I'll go down to the barn and wake some of the boys up," Mrs. Egg hissed.

From farther at the rear, steam, augmented by the vapours of melting snow and the far-blown gushes of spitting smoke, hissed upward toward the heights of the white-clad hill.

"Say," hissed Howard, bending down toward her and thrusting out his jaw, "lay off o' me, will yer?" "Lay off yourse'f!" retorted Florette under her breath.

"Do it," he hissed.

In this inferno, amongst the pungent odours, musty smells and 'acrid exhalations from the shops where fried fish and potatoes hissed in boiling grease,' blossomed a pure white lily, as radiant amid mean surroundings as Gemma in the poor Frankfort confectioner's shop of Turgenev's Eaux Printaniรจres.

And one conspirator leaped up Amid the clash of tinkling spoons And poured into a protose cup His helping of stewed prunes; And, blood-red presager of doom, Half a tomato hissed across the room.

Meekly he had promised never to return to the Blue House, never to call again on that "loose woman"doรฑa Bernarda actually hissed as she said the word.

Leonora hissed, pacing back and forth in the chamber.

Before the prow hissed the silken wings of flying fish, spreading out in swarms, like little squadrons of diminutive aeroplanes.

Here was a chance, therefore, to damn the latter writer, and accordingly the malcontents repaired to the theatre, hissed the performance roundly, and then went home with the comfortable reflection that they had gotten their revenge.

There was a succession of walls and fences and mad racing through fields when the horse plunged in his gait and frightened birds fluttered from the thicket and Gething hissed between his teeth as he always did when he felt a horse going strong beneath him.

An' you, you sacrรฉ cochon," hissed Raffin, "I'll make you wish you had nevaire been born!"

When the lurch came, however, and I toppled over on top of him, grabbed his shoulders in my hands to keep from sprawling in his lap, and hissed "villanous viper" in his face, he was inclined to resent it forcibly.

For the future, we shall rarely offend him by adopting any of his performances, being unwilling to prolong the life of such pieces as deserve no other fate than to be hissed, torn, and forgotten.

He is cut by the higher orders, and hissed by the lower.

Whether it had caught any beetles or spiders in the cellar, I cannot say; but it looked as fierce as a hawk, and hissed and shook its tongue, as in open defiance.

My shikari, writhing with extreme excitement, hissed, "Baloo, sahib, baloo!"

His command was just in time as a rifle cracked in the bushes ahead of them, and Grosvenor distinctly heard the bullet as it hissed over their heads.

If a man or boy hissed or made the slightest interruption, he was immediately ejected.

We have been once at the theatre since the King's death, and the stanza of the Reveil du Peuple, [The rousing of the people.] which contains a compliment to the Convention, was hissed pretty generally, while those expressing an abhorrence of Jacobinism were sung with enthusiasm.

It is asserted, that many of the inhabitants of this unfortunate city expiated under the Guillotine the crime of having formerly hissed Collot's successful attempts on the stage.

III.Under Shakespeare's Spell As recently as 1822 an English theatrical company, which had opened at the Porte-Sainte-Martin Theatre, had been hissed and pelted off the stage for offering the dramas of the barbaric Shakespeare.

I am sure to please nobody; I am satirised, criticised, libelled, hissed; yet I continue to do my best.

The whole room was full of a stirring, wakening life, of the crackling straw fire, of the steaming rice, all white and separate-kerneled in its great, shallow, black iron kettles lidded with those heavy hand-made wooden lids while the boiling tea water hissed, and spat out a snake of white steam.

The fire sparked and hissed.

The loop hissed and shot straight for Jack's head.

With that Jimmie stepped on the German's other foot, and they swore at each other in two languages and got hissed by the people around them.

He tried to drop the wire, as it hissed and sputtered at white heat, but it wouldn't let go.

Who is she?" hissed Banker.

Bog sat on a three-legged stool (the only seat except a backless chair) by the side of a miniature stove, on whose top hissed the kettle, from which Uncle Ith made his pot of coffee at midnight.

"Guests first!" hissed Dorothy, in a fierce whisper, as Ruyven crowded past me, and he slunk back, mortified, while Dorothy, in a languid voice and with the air of a duchess, drawled, "Your arm, cousin," and slipped her hand into my arm, tossing her head with a heavy-lidded, insolent glance at poor Ruyven.

And, as all looked, something did strike the groundsomething that coiled and hissed and rattleda snake, crouched in the form of a letter S; and the lynx turned its head, snarling, every hair erect.

The very people who had branded her "adventuress" and hissed her in the streets, now raised cheers to the future Empress of Russia; while the Duke, delighted at such a wonderful transformation in the woman he loved, was more eager than ever to hasten the day when he could call her his own.

The presiding spirit of this dark, infernal place of torture soon made his appearance in the shape of a long-haired, naked Kamchadal, and proceeded to throw water upon the pile of red-hot stones until they hissed like a locomotive, and the candle burned blue in the centre of a steamy halo.

can't you speak out?" hissed Coronado, losing his patience.

Its cry was not multitudinous like that of the sea, but one and incessant and invariable, a long scream that almost hissed.

Then Bob worked his way out of the crowd, and passing by me fairly hissed, "By heaven, Jim, I've got them cinched!"

The charred backlog still smoldered, its sap hissed and bubbled at each end.

As the tide rolled in I retreated, stepping back from rock to rock, round which the waves curled and hissed, baffled in their attempt to climb over me.

The samovar hissed at the end of the table.

Wilderling hissed at him, saying no words, just drawing in his breath.

Thy sickness waxes" Hissed the prince in scorn: "My curse upon thee, viper!

Half a dozen rifles cracked behind him and a yell of joyful defiance burst from his throat as the bullets hissed over his head.

In another breath his voice hissed through the gloom in a sharp, startled command: "Good God, Nat, come here!"

As the whipper bound Neil's hands behind his back he hissed in his ear.

" "Get down from there," hissed my brother so close to my ear that it made me bite my tongue.

Lance watched her earnestly, mollified by a single furtive glance from her significant eyes; the rain dashed against the windows, and occasionally spattered and hissed in the hearth of the broad chimney, and Mr. David Fairley, somewhat assuaged by the internal administration of whiskey, grew more loquacious.

The impulse carried him forward headlong into the fire, that hissed and spluttered with his blood, and Lance Harriott, with his smoking pistol, strode past him to the door.

"Say, McDonald," he hissed, "when did you make your getaway?"

"Mek fer yer hosses," he hissed.

"I'll make you squint, you young cub," he hissed, lunging at me.

But the last word had scarcely hissed past his lips before Mรผller dashed his coffee dregs full in the stranger's face.

"Coward," hissed the bootblack.

The crowd fancied my uniform French, and hooted and hissed me.

" "Oh, indeed!" hissed Bartley.

Then he drew near to Bartley's ear, and hissed into it these fearful words: "Send him down the mine, promise him five hundred poundsif William Hopenever comes up againand William Hope never will."

Then turning on him suddenly, and showing him the white of his eyes like a maniac, or a dangerous mastiff, he hissed out, "You think nothing of the lives of better men; perhaps you don't value your own?

The arrows hissed and the blows rained down, And hard pressed I was pushed to the sea By the North's fair Barbarians And, breathing freely, I greet the sea, The sea my deliverer, the sea my friend Thalatta!

they cried and hissed their hate Her hair unbound fell to her knee And made a glory where she sate.

I have seen a baby owlet who hissed at me as I stood some distance away!