970 examples of hissed in sentences

Eager for any chance I hissed under my breath; "Danger!

Poor Cooke could not plead in excuse what an actor did on being hissed for too sober a representation of a drunken part, "Ladies and gentlemen, I beg your pardon: but it is really the first time I ever was intoxicated.

"Don't whisper in my earyou tickle," hissed Billie, and again they laughed hysterically.

" "Just try it," Laura hissed at them dramatically from the head of the stairs.

The snow still drifted hard against the windows, and sometimes, as the blaze of the logs had gradually sunk, came down the spacious chimney and hissed upon the hearth.

Through his teeth he hissed: "If I am made a savage let all the world beware.

hissed Tutt, grabbing him by the leg.

the Owl hissed at this folly, arguing from his particular knowledge that the animal which produced honey must be the Musk-rat, the wondrous nature of whose secretions required no proof; and, in the power

'Thanks, yes,' he said, taking the cup and saucer, and looking at the door by which he momently expected Lady Lesbia's entrance, and then, as the door did not open, he looked down at Mary, very busy with china teapots and a brass kettle which hissed and throbbed over a spirit lamp.

Here am I." He understood that Akka and the others had gone out to search for him; but before he could answer them the big crow who appeared to be the leader of the band hissed in his ear: "Think of your eyes!"

When Jarro heard this talk he was so furious that he hissed like a snake.

George Grenville's ignorance and blunders were displayed to his face and to the whole world; he was hissed through the Court of Requests, where Mr. Conway was huzza'd.

When the Athenian audience hissed a public speaker for a mispronunciation, it did not follow that any one of the malcontents could pronounce as well as the orator.

"Hark!" hissed George, just as we were dropping off to sleep.

he hissed suddenly.

"Guests first!" hissed Dorothy, in a fierce whisper, as Ruyven crowded past me, and he slunk back, mortified, while Dorothy, in a languid voice and with the air of a duchess, drawled, "Your arm, cousin," and slipped her hand into my arm, tossing her head with a heavy-lidded, insolent glance at poor Ruyven.

And, as all looked, something did strike the groundsomething that coiled and hissed and rattleda snake, crouched in the form of a letter S; and the lynx turned its head, snarling, every hair erect.

" "Liar!" hissed the hag.

" "Get down from there," hissed my brother so close to my ear that it made me bite my tongue.

Lance watched her earnestly, mollified by a single furtive glance from her significant eyes; the rain dashed against the windows, and occasionally spattered and hissed in the hearth of the broad chimney, and Mr. David Fairley, somewhat assuaged by the internal administration of whiskey, grew more loquacious.

The impulse carried him forward headlong into the fire, that hissed and spluttered with his blood, and Lance Harriott, with his smoking pistol, strode past him to the door.

The poker hissed through the air with the vigour of a strong man's arms behind it and it would have cracked the head of Mac Strann like an empty egg-shell if it had hit its mark.

"No, I tell you!" "Coward," hissed the bootblack.

The crowd fancied my uniform French, and hooted and hissed me.

" "Oh, indeed!" hissed Bartley.

970 examples of  hissed  in sentences