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970 examples of hissed in sentences

"Don't whisper in my earyou tickle," hissed Billie, and again they laughed hysterically.

" "Just try it," Laura hissed at them dramatically from the head of the stairs.

Then from an hundred brawny throats a roar went up to heaven, a cry that hissed through clenched teeth and rang from eager lips, wilder, fiercer than before.

He opened the gate for me and I said 'Good night, Hill,' but instead of his replying 'Good night, Miss Fanning,' as he usually did, he hissed out like a serpent, 'You tell Birchill I want to see him to-morrow, and I'll come to the flat about 9 o'clock.

he hissed, 'and you shall die also!'

But of a sudden, as he thus stooped, drinking, something hissed past his ear, and struck with a splash into the gravel and water beside him.

Quick as a wink Robin sprang to his feet, and, at one bound, crossed the stream and the roadside, and plunged headlong into the thicket, without looking around, for he knew right well that that which had hissed so venomously beside his ear was a gray goose shaft, and that to tarry so much as a moment meant death.

"And that for me!" hissed a third, thrusting at him with something bright.

They appeared with the countenances of furies, and the snakes hissed around their temples.

To one of the threats hissed out by the congress, I have put nothing similar into the Cornish proclamation; because it is too wild for folly, and too foolish for madness.

I always hissed away the charge, supposing him a man of honour; but I shall now defend him with less confidence.'

The clock in the corner ticked on with melancholy regularity, the logs hissed and spluttered viciously; but the two men sat in utter stillness, both bowed as if beneath a pressing burden.

" I tied up the dinghy and followed her inside, where the table was decorated with bread and butter and the remnants of the cold pheasant, while a kettle hissed away cheerfully on the Primus.

Not a sound from Jig, not a sound from the cowpuncher, while the meat hissed, blackened, and at length was done to a turn.

'Silence,' he cried, when he was hissed for what he said about his brother-in-law's death, 'you step-children of Italy!'

'Thanks, yes,' he said, taking the cup and saucer, and looking at the door by which he momently expected Lady Lesbia's entrance, and then, as the door did not open, he looked down at Mary, very busy with china teapots and a brass kettle which hissed and throbbed over a spirit lamp.

When the cat had kittens, it was he who brought her milk, because she hissed too much for Eleseus.

He hissed to me and swiftly cut me free, and I rushed to the boats, with a tangle of rope still clinging to my feet.

there were three cheers, and so through the whole, whenever anything was said concerning conspiracy and in favor of it, the audience applauded, and when anything was said against it they hissed.

The bullets hissed and split the water, and the rowers tried to get out of their reach, but all their efforts were in vain; the treacherous mud had caught the boat, and some one must peril life and limb to shove that boat into the water.

Beware, the sacred serpent has hissed.

Neither do we wonder when we hear that he fought a six-foot carter in the street and beat him, or that, when nearly eighty years of age, he jumped off his horse and put up his hands to a farm-laborer who had insulted him, or that, when he ran as candidate for Parliament, for Nottingham, and was hissed and groaned in that radical city, he stepped down from the hustings and proposed a set-to with any voter in the crowd.

With that Jimmie stepped on the German's other foot, and they swore at each other in two languages and got hissed by the people around them.

he hissed suddenly.

"Guests first!" hissed Dorothy, in a fierce whisper, as Ruyven crowded past me, and he slunk back, mortified, while Dorothy, in a languid voice and with the air of a duchess, drawled, "Your arm, cousin," and slipped her hand into my arm, tossing her head with a heavy-lidded, insolent glance at poor Ruyven.

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