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Historical degrees, by C. C. Zain, pseud.

(The Appleton-Century historical essays)

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A dictionary of American English on historical principles.

A dictionary of American English on historical principles.

A dictionary of American English on historical principles.

LORD, CLIFFORD L. Historical atlas of the United States, by Clifford L. Lord & Elisabeth H. Lord.

LORD, ELIZABETH H. Historical atlas of the United States.

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(The Appleton-Century historical essays)

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"This ridiculous opinion, the absurdity of which is demonstrated by historical dates, had not been without its partizans in France.

Dr. Turner, fellow of St. John's College, wrote Animadversions upon this book; Mr. Marvel's answer to these Animadversions, was entitled Mr. Smirk, or The Divine in Mode; being certain Annotations upon the Animadversions on The Naked Truth, together with a Short Historical Essay concerning General Councils, Creeds, and Impositions in Matters of Religion, printed 1676.

Query I.Is there any historical record of the first discovery of Mauritius and Bourbon by the Portuguese?

Mr. Rodd's collection comprises many letters of great historical and literary interest.

It is a page of world-renowned history that this charming picture of Gavarni's conjures up before usan historical pageant that sweeps by us in wondrous fantastic forms of light and shadow, when we scan the life of Queen Hortense with searching gaze, and meditate upon her destiny.

Perhaps, then, an emigration from Florida, which may be called, for want of any historical data, that of the Ygneris, covered all the West Indian Islands at a very early period, to be overlapped, in part, by a succeeding emigration of Caribs who were pressed out of Florida by the Appalachians.[H]

How little he foresaw that other campaigns were impending, which would give more historical interest to the valley than even Cornwallis's marchings and countermarchings!

And it is to that act of insubordination, that, until this eventful April, 1862, the valley of James River has owed its historical interest.

ResultBush gets only one small piece of pie, and I get two, which of course is highly gratifying to my feelings, as well as advantageous to the dispersion of sound historical learning!

ADOLPHUS, JOHN, an able London barrister in criminal cases, and a voluminous historical writer (1766-1845).

AINSWORTH, W. H., a popular English novelist, the author of "Rookwood" and "Jack Sheppard," as well as novels of an antiquarian and historical character (1805-1882).

4478 examples of  historical  in sentences