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4478 examples of  historical  in sentences

4478 examples of historical in sentences

Now for a picture to be promoted to the Exhibition (Suffolk Street) as Historical, a subject is requisite.

I but christen it the 'Young Catechist,' and furbishd it with Dialogue following, which dubb'd it an Historical Painting.

Had the passage escaped the pruning knife, Lamb's historical research would no doubt have provided a proper battle and a proper uncle for his hero.

For if you lean to my way of thinking you will be quite satisfied to pick out a little estate on the coast and there carry on at the same time farming and some historical writing, like Xenophon, like Thucydides.

"There is express historical or traditional evidence, as ancient as history, of the system of religion being taught mankind by revelation.

Mr. S.'s wife and daughter are educated and agreeable women, who entertain us, during an hour's call, with intelligent conversation, which, turning for the most part on the events of the War of Independence, is characterized by ample historical knowledge, a logical habit of mind, and a remarkable readiness to welcome new ideas.

[Footnote 2: Historical infinitive.]

The alleged sinlessness of the Teacher, the internal evidence from adaptation to human nature, the historical argument of the development of Christendom, are, as Mr. Mozley points out, by themselves inadequate, without that further guarantee which is contained in miracles, to prove the Divine origin of a religion.

And now what is the historical root and basis from which this one great moral revolution in the world's history, so successful, so fruitful, so inexhaustible, has started?

This is what the present writer undertook to do for the satisfaction of his own mind, and because, after reading a good many books on Christ, he felt still constrained to confess that there was no historical character whose motives, objects, and feelings remained so incomprehensible to him.

They leave the historical Character which they pourtray still unsounded, its motives, objects, and feelings absolutely incomprehensible.

The answer here is, "Well, I will look at Him with whatever aid a trained historical imagination can look at Him.

It is a work in no sense of criticism; it is a work of what he calls the "trained historical imagination"; a work of broad and deep knowledge of human nature and the world it works in and creates about it; a work of steady and large insight into character, and practical judgment on moral likelihoods.

Waiving, then, for the present, the question whether miracles were actually wrought, we may state a fact which is fully capable of being established by ordinary evidence, and which is actually established by evidence as ample as any historical fact whateverthe fact, namely, that Christ professed to work miracles.

Now, if the character depicted in the Gospels is in the main real and historical, they must be generally trustworthy, and if so, the responsibility of miracles is fixed on Christ.

He was not satisfied to go back only to the historical origin of Christianity, but would found human virtue on the eternal antemundane will of God.

But what is the reason why Mr. Pattison attributes to the historical Calvin so much that does not belong to him, and, in spite of so much that repels, is yet induced to credit him with such great qualities?

The habit of ร  priori judgments as to historical facts is, as Mr. Pattison truly says, "fatal to truth and integrity."

From Latin to Italian; an historical outline of the phonology and morphology of the Italian language.

Julius Caesar, with its historical and literary background, edited by Max J. Herzberg.

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A dictionary of American English on historical principles.

A dictionary of American English on historical principles.

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The earliest historical notice we have of this mountain is by Thucydides, who states that there were three eruptions previous to the Peloponnesian war (431 B.C.), to one of which Pindar alludes in his first Pythian Ode.

" Strauss makes a division of myths into historical, philosophical, and poetical.

His poetical myth agrees with my first division, his philosophical with my second, and his historical with my third.

Historical Landmarks, i. 53.

[160] "The allegorical interpretation of the myths has been, by several learned investigators, especially by Creuzer, connected with the hypothesis of an ancient and highly instructed body of priests, having their origin either in Egypt or in the East, and communicating to the rude and barbarous Greeks religious, physical, and historical knowledge, under the veil of symbols.

"Thus, then, it appears that the historical reference of the legend of Speculative Freemasonry, in all ages of the world, wasto our death in Adam and life in Christ.

"OLIVER, Historical Landmarks of Freemasonry, vol.

"Descriptive Geography and Historical Sketch of Palestine, p. 308, Leeser's translation.

"Historical Landmarks, lect.

These are all in the library of the Tennessee Historical Society.

For original matter connected with Kentucky, I am greatly indebted to Col. Reuben T. Durrett, of Louisville, the founder of the "Filson Club," which has done such admirable historical work of late years.

The Gates MSS., from which I drew some important facts not hitherto known concerning the King's Mountain campaign, are in the library of the New York Historical Society.

Historical Soc.


At one period her time and energies were closely occupied for some months in the formation of very elaborate charts, by which she endeavored to impress historical and scientific subjects on her mind.

An historical view of their points of contact with the professing Christian world, has long been on my mind; and I think it needs to be drawn by an independent hand,in short, by a Friend.

"This ridiculous opinion, the absurdity of which is demonstrated by historical dates, had not been without its partizans in France.

Dr. Turner, fellow of St. John's College, wrote Animadversions upon this book; Mr. Marvel's answer to these Animadversions, was entitled Mr. Smirk, or The Divine in Mode; being certain Annotations upon the Animadversions on The Naked Truth, together with a Short Historical Essay concerning General Councils, Creeds, and Impositions in Matters of Religion, printed 1676.

Query I.Is there any historical record of the first discovery of Mauritius and Bourbon by the Portuguese?

Mr. Rodd's collection comprises many letters of great historical and literary interest.

It is a page of world-renowned history that this charming picture of Gavarni's conjures up before usan historical pageant that sweeps by us in wondrous fantastic forms of light and shadow, when we scan the life of Queen Hortense with searching gaze, and meditate upon her destiny.

Perhaps, then, an emigration from Florida, which may be called, for want of any historical data, that of the Ygneris, covered all the West Indian Islands at a very early period, to be overlapped, in part, by a succeeding emigration of Caribs who were pressed out of Florida by the Appalachians.[H]

How little he foresaw that other campaigns were impending, which would give more historical interest to the valley than even Cornwallis's marchings and countermarchings!

And it is to that act of insubordination, that, until this eventful April, 1862, the valley of James River has owed its historical interest.

Each cycle of civilization has had its peculiarities, determined by the geographical and historical factors surrounding its origin and development.

Historical and contemporary experiments with this lifestyle supply a fund of valuable information, some of which has been covered in the earlier chapters of this book.

ResultBush gets only one small piece of pie, and I get two, which of course is highly gratifying to my feelings, as well as advantageous to the dispersion of sound historical learning!

They have more than a descriptive and historical significance; they retain practical vitality because the unchangeable element in the universe and in man's nature is in the main their subject-matter.

Epics at first are historical; but, sharing with the tendency of all art toward inwardness of meaning, they become purely spiritual.

In the Jerusalem Delivered the social conflict between Crusader and infidel is clear, the historical crisis in the wars of Palestine is rightly chosen, but the machinery of the heavenly plot is weakened by the presence of magic, and is by itself ineffectual in inspiring a true belief.

We may safely leave dogma and historical criticism and scientific discovery on one side; it is not in them that man finds this inward wisdom, but in the religious emotions as they naturally arise under the influence of life.

So far as its authority is of the heart only, so far as it has organized the religious life itself without regard to other ends and free from intellectual, historical, and governmental entanglements that are supplementary at most, he needs no formal act to be one with its spirit; and, however much he may deny himself by his self-limitation, he remains a Christian.

ADOLPHUS, JOHN, an able London barrister in criminal cases, and a voluminous historical writer (1766-1845).

AINSWORTH, W. H., a popular English novelist, the author of "Rookwood" and "Jack Sheppard," as well as novels of an antiquarian and historical character (1805-1882).

It is a curious and interesting collection of short narratives, anecdotes, and other historical, biographical, and antiquarian matter, selected from the Greek authors whom he said he loved to study.

This is the only historical Greek tragedy which we now possess: the subjects of all the rest are drawn from mythology.