Do we say hoard or horde

hoard 286 occurrences

But now the supper crowns their simple hoard: The healsome parritch, chief o' Scotia's food: The soupe their only hawkie does afford, That 'yont the hallan snugly chows her cood.

Well too if he like Love would filch our hoard With pleasure to ourselves, sluicing our vein And vigour to perpetuate the strain Of life by spilth of life within us stored!

' On the subject of the right employment of wealth, Johnson observed, 'A man cannot make a bad use of his money, so far as regards Society, if he does not hoard it; for if he either spends it or lends it out, Society has the benefit.

This was the only man in the valley who did not trust his little hoard in the iron chest at the Hut; even the miller reposing that much confidence in the proprietor of the estate; but Joel was too conscious of dishonest intentions himself to put any unnecessary faith in others.

Her father was the traditional guardian of beauty, surly as the mastiff that watched his sacks of flour and his hoard of thalers; and though he doted on his darling Katrine, his heart to all the world beside seemed to be only a chip from one of his old mill-stones.

A good idea, perhapsthe presumption being that, sooner or later, if the man was in any way mixed up with the cunning thieves, he would either rejoin his comrades or even lead the police to where the remnant of his hoard lay hidden; needless to say, his footsteps were to be literally dogged.

The cunning rogues guessed that the usual plan would be acted upon, and the suspected thief allowed to visit the scene where his hoard lay hidden.

I do not give you money to hoard in a bank, but I give it to you that you may keep up a fitting appearance with it.

An honest pismire, warm with zeal, In justice to the public weal, Thus spoke: 'The nation's hoard is low, From whence doth this profusion flow?

At last this secret is explored; 'Tis our corruption thins the hoard.

They vote the account shall be inspected; The cunning plunderer is detected; The fraud is sentenced; and his hoard, As due, to public use restored.

110 The hog with warmth expressed his zeal, And was for hanging those that steal; But hoped, though low, the public hoard Might half a turnip still afford.

It is like the pain of the miser at the loss of his hoard.

The Sulus, although they are ready to do any thing for the sake of plunder, even to the taking of life, yet are not disposed to hoard their ill-gotten wealth, and, with all their faults, cannot be termed avaricious.

This man had helped to secrete the hoard, and on the promise of a small reward was willing to help us in unearthing the booty.

why at last he finds his treasure isle, And he the pirate of its hidden hoard; Life! 'twas the ship he sailed to seek it in,

Only, my dear madam, how shall I get the laudanum-bottle refilled without the doctor'syou understand?" The wretched old woman hurried upstairs, and brought him down a half-sovereign out of her private hoard, trembling like an aspen leaf, and departed.

In this cave it was said that a treasure of a fabulous amount was concealed, and the tale of this hoard fired a boy named Walter to seek it out, when he heard the tale from his mother.

then I shall have money; I'll hoard it up, and box and all I'll give it to my honey.

They were ordered to get their things ready to go on hoard the Speedy, and I was coolly directed to pay them any wages that might be due.

The golden hoard, by Edwin Balmer & Philip Wylie.

The golden hoard.

The golden hoard.

The golden hoard.

Still I hoard some of the negroes express their thoughts.

horde 285 occurrences

And though the vulgar, vain, malignant horde Attribute what their grosser wills obey, Yet shall this fervent homage that I pay, This love, this faith, pure joys for us afford.

The snarling and yelping drowned all other sounds until the gaunt horde of sharp-muzzled; stiff-haired brutes had been beaten back by savage blows from the whip and by quick thrusts of a rifle butt.

" The horde of natives did, at last, request it in a rather forceful and threatening way.

Within a few yards of him he saw again the white-fanged horde that had chased Thor and had driven him into the rock-crevice.

At one moment they were in the shed, they said, fascinated like moths in the glare of the torch, and the next thing they knew they were in the midst of a horde of underclothed Tommiestrapped.

"Why should folk be glum," said Keezar, "When Nature herself is glad, And the painted woods are laughing At the faces so sour and sad?" Small heed had the careless cobbler What sorrow of heart was theirs Who travailed in pain with the births of God, And planted a state with prayers, Hunting of witches and warlocks, Smiting the heathen horde, One hand on the mason's trowel, And one on the soldier's sword!

Their neighbor, St. Domingo, might pour down a horde of pirates on her borders, and desolate her plantations.

Three hundred years later, a great horde of Moors and Arabs from Africa crossed over into Europe by way of the Straits of Gibraltar, and at one time threatened to sweep before them all the Christian nations.

Finally, one day there would come to several tribes which had treaties with each other a common danger, such as an invasion by some horde of another race or nation.

It was 1898 before the English were able to defeat this horde.

Be thou unsheath'd in Naples' cause, I'll meet again the battle horde, And beard the bravest of my foes!

William Fion (i.e., the Fair) Barrett landed somewhere on the west coast, and no doubt came up through the great gaps between Slieve Cairn and Slieve Louanit was not likely that he la nded on the east coast; he could hardly have marched his horde across Irelandand Father Oliver imagined the Welshmen standing on the very hill on which his house now stood, and Fion telling his followers to build a castle on each island.

A horrible story it was, for when their eyes were thrust out with needles they were led to a causeway, and those who crossed the stepping-stones without stumbling were taken back; and the priest thought of the assembled horde laughing as the poor blind men fell into the water.

If we went down the slope we'd go squarely into the horde, and then it would be a painful and lingering end for us." "I don't mean the slope.

It set his heart beating swiftlythe fact that she was trying to hide from all eyes but his own a beauty so pure and wonderful that it made her uncomfortable when under the staring gaze of the Horde.

On one side you have a horde of half-naked savages, a shrewd master holding them in leash till the moment be auspicious; on the other, a housewife at the head of a tiny force lieutenanted by perjurers, by men already purchased.

The naturalist, Kummer, and Mr. Rogery, having separated from the troops, were forced to wander from one horde to another, and were at last conducted to Senegal.

For an instant there rises the delirium of that fateful day with Braddock beside the ford of the Monongahela when "Down the long trail from the Fort to the ford, Naked and streaked, plunge a moccasined horde: Huron and Wyandot, hot for the bout; Shawnee and Ottawa, barring him out.

And with a hostile horde profane our sod!"

Humboldt observed (P.E., 141) that "in barbarous nations there is a physiognomy peculiar to the tribe or horde rather than to any individual."

And then the touch of death that steals Down, down from head to heart he feels Under yon pine he hastes away On the green turf his head to lay Placing beneath him horn and sword, He turns towards the Paynim horde, And, there, beneath the pine, he sees A vision of old memories A thought of realms he helped to win, Of his sweet France, of kith and kin, And Charles, his lord, who nurtured him.

One gets the impression not of a government administering a country, but of a horde of nomads exploiting it.

Fought to bloody death The Lithuanian horde, The defiant Pole Scattered with a sword.

He tried to reason it out in his old-fashioned way even as the trembling horde filed past, cordoned by grim, silent cowboys.

Daylight refuses to follow you into the blackened basement; and the shouts of Montgomery's sacking horde seem to linger in the mighty hollows overhead.

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