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Do we say   hoard   or  horde

Do we say hoard or horde

hoard 286 occurrences

To give the Big Cabin an aspect of solid luxury, they had spread the Boy's old buffalo "robe" on the floor, and as the morning wore on Potts and O'Flynn made one or two expeditions to the Little Cabin, bringing back selections out of Mac's hoard "to decorate the banquet-hall," as they said.

Everyone longed to touch and feel about in the glittering pile, but no one as yet had dared to lay a finger on the smallest grain in the hoard.

Gather, accumulate, amass, collect, levy, muster, hoard.

Prodigious stories were told of his hoard of gold, and some of the less enlightened thought that even the outlandish ornaments of the balustrade over the portico were carven silver.

If we neither waste nor hoard, we will not suffer as did Europe from wide-spread unemployment.

But don't you dare to will your selfish hoard to me.

But now the supper crowns their simple hoard: The healsome parritch, chief o' Scotia's food: The soupe their only hawkie does afford, That 'yont the hallan snugly chows her cood.

"It will mean much if we can recover this pirate hoard," I whispered, "freedom, and a full pardon, I hope.

Thro' Nature's vale his homely pleasures glide Unstain'd by envy, discontent, and pride, The bound of all his vanity to deck With one bright bell a favourite heifer's neck; 585 Content upon some simple annual feast, Remember'd half the year, and hop'd the rest, If dairy produce, from his inner hoard, Of thrice ten summers consecrate the board.

735 By clearer taper lit a cleanlier board Receives at supper hour her tempting hoard; The chamber hearth with fresher boughs is spread, And whiter is the hospitable bed.

Well too if he like Love would filch our hoard With pleasure to ourselves, sluicing our vein And vigour to perpetuate the strain Of life by spilth of life within us stored!

One day, when his mother had no money in the place and began to weep, he talked of ripping up the mattress, where, said he, she probably kept her hoard.

There are eighteen girls in the house to bed and hoard; it has been established about six years.

Now, the magician knew by his magic of a vast hoard of wealth, together with a wonderful lamp, which lay in the earth buried in Aladdin's name.

For seventy years three Norman kings had held England in subjection William the Conqueror, using his double position as conqueror and king, had established a royal authority unknown in any other feudal country William Rufus, poorer than his father when the hoard captured at Winchester and the plunder of the Conquest were spent, and urged alike by his necessities and his greed, laid the foundation of an organized system of finance.

Jews were robbed and banished; the bishopric of Lincoln was added to the half-dozen sees already vacant, and its treasure swept into the royal Hoard; an "aid" was raised for the marriage of his daughter, and a terrible list of fines levied under the Assize of Clarendon.

That was her chief anxiety; for the unexpected, the outside sources of income were growing fewer, and in a year's time the little hoard would be woefully small.

A good idea, perhapsthe presumption being that, sooner or later, if the man was in any way mixed up with the cunning thieves, he would either rejoin his comrades or even lead the police to where the remnant of his hoard lay hidden; needless to say, his footsteps were to be literally dogged.

The cunning rogues guessed that the usual plan would be acted upon, and the suspected thief allowed to visit the scene where his hoard lay hidden.

Bring forth your riches,let them go, Nor mourn the lost control; For if ye hoard them, surely so Their rust will reach your soul.

Her little hoard, so slowly grown, In one full act she spends.

I do not give you money to hoard in a bank, but I give it to you that you may keep up a fitting appearance with it.

Each lock and every bolt he tries, In every creek and corner prys, Then opes the chest with treasure stored, And stands in rapture o'er his hoard;

An honest pismire, warm with zeal, In justice to the public weal, Thus spoke: 'The nation's hoard is low, From whence doth this profusion flow?

At last this secret is explored; 'Tis our corruption thins the hoard.

They vote the account shall be inspected; The cunning plunderer is detected; The fraud is sentenced; and his hoard, As due, to public use restored.

110 The hog with warmth expressed his zeal, And was for hanging those that steal; But hoped, though low, the public hoard Might half a turnip still afford.

The kings of the Indies wear ear-rings of gold, set with precious stones, and they wear collars of great value, adorned with gems of various colours, chiefly green and red; yet pearls are most esteemed, and their value surpasses that of all other jewels, and these they hoard up in their treasuries, with their most precious things.

And no hoard is like any other hoard that ever was or ever will be.

And no hoard is like any other hoard that ever was or ever will be.

In no other way can I explain his conduct at the latter end of his life, when he chose to grow very avaricious, and to hoard up large sums of gold, which he kept in his own house.

He began to hoard, his pennies, and one day Uncle Carey found a pile of seventeen under a corner of the carpet.

And there all worked with a will, not each one for his own hand, but all to make a common hoard which should be divided afterwards.

Not for that I mean to hoard you, Keep you close and lodge and board you As I would my sisters, brothers, Cousins, aunts, and old grandmothers, But that you shan't bother others With your sniffling, snuffling folly, Howling, Yowling, Melancholy.

The Sulus, although they are ready to do any thing for the sake of plunder, even to the taking of life, yet are not disposed to hoard their ill-gotten wealth, and, with all their faults, cannot be termed avaricious.

To counteract that, as we have seen, a law was passed making it criminal to hoard gold, and, to complete the ruin, the silver piastre was called in, and a nickel token was substituted....

And though he gave her money in the end, it was nothing to speak of; but he took no notice when she packed away an enormous hoard of food to take with her, and he drove her down himself, with her box, to the village to meet the steamer.

There was still another committee raised by the House on the 6th March last, on motion of Mr. Hoard, to which I had not the slightest objection.

"Has our hoard been discovered?" "Ay, and been carried offby youyou!" screamed Judith, with a look worthy of a fury.

" "Liar!" returned Judith, "the whole hoard is gone;the plunder I obtained in Newgate,the Earl of Rochester's plate,all the rings, trinkets, and rich apparel I have picked up since,everything is gone;and who but you can be the robber?"

you have purloined our hoard!"

The whole of Chowles's hoard, except the plate, which he managed, with Judith's aid, to carry off and conceal in certain hiding-places in the vaults of Saint Faith's, was taken from the house in Nicholas-lane, and cast into the fire.

Old Jack told me this morning, that, when we came on hoard, he thought Clarendon was such a good-for-nothing that his life was scarcely worth saving; but there was not a man on board who showed more presence of mind and energetic courage.

The exhibition over, each would scrape his hoard back into its receptacle, blow the remaining yellow particles on to the floor so that the table should not show stain, and then settle himself to take his part in relating amusing and thrilling incidents of life in the mining camps.

They were ordered to get their things ready to go on hoard the Speedy, and I was coolly directed to pay them any wages that might be due.

In his own hall, they've pledg'd to him 'Mid mirth, and minstrelsy divine; When, at the crystal goblet's brim Hath flash'd, the od'rous rosy wine; When viands from all lands afar Have grac'd the shining, sumptuous board, And now, they'd prove their vaunted star, The Cobbold, of his priceless hoard.

" THE MISER A Miser sold everything he had, and melted down his hoard of gold into a single lump, which he buried secretly in a field.

Even later in China, and almost down to recent times, it was never possible to hoard large quantities of money.

No one dared to hoard to any extent for fear of attracting bandits and creating lasting insecurity.

And when they spoke of the murdered man, And the El Dorado hoard, They all surmised he had walked in dreams, And had fallen overboard.

What a hoard of personal reminiscences and heart to heart confessions the simpering old thing must have stored away behind her placid countenance.

We say of most, since Dido and Juno went along, in order to cook, and to wash all the clothes of the whole colony, a part of which were sent in the pinnace, but most of which were on hoard the ship.

As for the canoes, they were soon out of sight in the south-western hoard, running off, under their sails, before the wind.

The disposition was to hoard; but this fresh arrival of specie gave a certain degree of confidence, and the silver circulated a great deal more freely after it was known that so considerable an amount had been brought in.

Yet I think I have just occasion to complain of them, who, because they understand Chaucer, would deprive the greater part of their countrymen of the same advantage, and hoard him up, as misers do their grandam, gold, only to look on it themselves, and hinder others from making use of it.

The sum they had earned for the ragoยžt had filled her with pride and cupidity, had developed a niggardly desire to hoard their sous against a rainy day.

And swept it overboard With the precious little hoard Of pipe an' tin an' baccy in the pocket

The wretch had murdered him for the supposed hoard of a few shillings.

It is suspected that this was intended as the nucleus of a hoard.

It seemed to be acknowledged between them that anything namable would be done to obtain a share of this hoard.

"I can take care of my own money for me," added the speeding capitalist, seeming to wish that any possible misconception as to the ownership of the hoard might be definitely removed.

And I that hoard, and save, And lay by all I have from year to year, To build my monument when I am gone, A fine new tomb there, in Saint Boniface!

Alas, for the day when it is borne in upon us with a tragic suddenness, like a miser who awakens to find that he has been robbed of his hoard, that unaccountably the best part of the cake has been eaten, that perhaps indeed only a few desperate crumbs remain.

She had begun well, had taken her new duties upon herself in a manner that gladdened his sordid soul; and although they had been married nearly a fortnight, she had given no hint of a desire to know the extent of his wealth, or where he kept any little hoard of ready money that he might have by him in the house.

The image of the nursery-tale had now recurred to Sir Bale after so long a reach of years; and the only imaginable way, in his mind, of accounting for penniless Philip Feltram having all that gold in his possession was that, in some of his lonely wanderings, chance had led him to the undiscovered hoard of the two Feltrams who had died in the great civil wars.

What good, what true, what fit we justly call, Let this be all our carefor this is all; To lay this treasure up, and hoard with haste What ev'ry day will want, and most the last.

The golden hoard.

WILLIAM S. The golden hoard.

TURNER, GEORGE KIBBE. Hagar's hoard.

The golden hoard.

JOSEPH S. The golden hoard.

The golden hoard.

The golden hoard.

Our friends round about here [with a wave of the hand, indicating the country side]our old folkswhenever they got a guinea put it out of sight, made a hoard, hid it in a stocking, or behind a brick in the chimney.

I'll get that share, and I'll hoard it up myself.

I'll hoard it up.

And the fifty pounds of my pension, I'll hoard that up, too.

Why then being Master Of such and so good parts do you destroy them, With self opinion, or like a rich miser, Hoard up the treasures you possess, imparting Nor to your self nor others, the use of them?

Under the pretense that America belonged, in fee simple, and by special divine right, to that particular hoard of savages, who, by killing off some other hoard of savages, were in possession when Columbus first saw the Great West, the Eastern States, which had already secured their land by conquest, have become more implacable foes to civilization than the savages themselves.

Under the pretense that America belonged, in fee simple, and by special divine right, to that particular hoard of savages, who, by killing off some other hoard of savages, were in possession when Columbus first saw the Great West, the Eastern States, which had already secured their land by conquest, have become more implacable foes to civilization than the savages themselves.

Never had Mukoki or Wabigoon been in a better trapping ground, and every visit to their lines added to their hoard of furs.

They had probably accumulated a hoard of gold, and before they left they murdered Ball.

Her own hoard of savings offer her less and less to spend on food, and when finally the play is producedlet us face the worstit not infrequently occurs that the run of the piece may end in three weeks.

One night she was alone in the cottage, almost beside herself under the pressure of one or two claims she could not meetone claim especially, that of a little jeweller, from whom she had bought a gold ring and a brooch at Framptonwhen the thought of John's hoard swept upon her clutched her like something living and tyrannical, not to be shaken off.

And dipping his hands into the box he began deliberately shovelling the whole hoard into his trousers and waistcoat pocket.

He had planned not to touch his hoard till he had done with the Frampton job, and returned to Clinton for good.

His peasant obstinacy could not endure to be beaten; nor, indeed, could he bring himself to part with his keys, to trust the opening of the hoard even to Isaac.

We stingily hoard up within our breasts the last remnants of feelinga treasure concealed by avarice, and which remains utterly unprofitable.

A hoard of twenty dollar gold pieces could now stand before us the whole day long with no temptation to touch a single coin, for its very weight would drag us nearer death.

1.00 Hoard's Dairyman, Fort Atkinson, Wis.....w Dairy .90 .50 Holiday Magazine, N.Y.(For child'n) ..... m Juv.

You are avariciouswell, hoard your money, and then yield on occasions to a generous impulse.

Uneasily he prowled among the booths trying as a matter of duty to find something so cheap that his scant hoard would buy it.

KING NIBELUNG, king of the NIBELUNGEN (q. v.), who left his two sons an inexhaustible hoard of wealth, so large that 12 waggons in 12 days at the rate of 3 journeys a day could not carry it off.

NIBELUNG, king of the Nibelungen, a mythical Burgundian tribe, the fabulous possessor of a hoard of wealth so inexhaustible that "twelve waggons in twelve days, at the rate of three journeys a day, could not carry it off," and which he bequeathed to his two sons on his deathbed, by the vanquishing of whom the hoard fell into the hands of the redoubtable hero Siegfried.

NIBELUNG, king of the Nibelungen, a mythical Burgundian tribe, the fabulous possessor of a hoard of wealth so inexhaustible that "twelve waggons in twelve days, at the rate of three journeys a day, could not carry it off," and which he bequeathed to his two sons on his deathbed, by the vanquishing of whom the hoard fell into the hands of the redoubtable hero Siegfried.

Passed from his dying hand to the cold virtuoso, who let it slumber in its case for a generation, till, when his hoard was broken up, it came forth once more and rode the stormy symphonies of royal orchestras, beneath the rushing bow of their lord and leader.

The hoard she has just countedher savingsdestined to dower her niece Enrica, in whose marriage lies the sole remaining hope of the preservation of the name (and that depending on the will of a husband, who may, or may not, add the name of Guinigi to his own) is most slender.

Dwarf guardian of treasure, 61; delivers hoard, 70; meets Ortnit under tree, 96; the father of Ortnit, 97; helps Ortnit, 97; warns Ortnit against dragons, 98; receives magic ring, 98; Wolfdietrich warned by, 107; meets Dietrich, 111.

As for M. de Firmin-Latour, that worker of iniquity who, in order to save a paltry hundred thousand francs from the hoard which I had helped him to acquire, did not hesitate to commit such an abominable crime, he did not long remain in the enjoyment of his wealth or of his peace of mind.

The Dragon's hoard of royal gems You'll win, with none to share it.

horde 285 occurrences

" Die he did, when the yelling horde in the sudden outrush grazed the edge of the Union besom sweeping over the plain in a rush of death.

In one great rush the horde of wild revelers crowded in with bared knives, and a snarling mass of dogs closed in behind them.

The first mails had taken the news to the outside world, and by midwinter the earliest members of a treasure-hunting horde were rushing into the country by snow-shoe and dog-sledge.

He went hemmed in by soldiers and a horde Of horsemen, glad to follow where he led.

The wagons in the rear, and the horde of savages which had closed in upon us, prevented any save those who had first fled, from retreating, and by the time a full third of the command had been killed or disabled, the remainder understood that it would be well to turn to the man they had so lately reviled, for possible safety.

At the beginning of the action no more than forty men had been stationed in the "horn-works," and it seemed to me as if the entire stockaded portion was surrounded by a dancing horde of howling, maddened Indians, who, bringing with them tree-trunks or stout branches, were throwing up such a heap of odds and ends as admitted of their gaining the top of the logs despite the fire which our people were pouring upon them.

The settlement of his power in Novgorod had scarcely been concluded when intelligence was received that the Tartars of the Golden Horde were preparing for a third invasion.

While he hung behind the Lugra, seeking a base and humiliating compromise at the hands of the enemy, his lieutenant of Svenigorod, and his ally the Khan of the Crimea, advanced upon the Golden Horde, and pushed their victorious arms into the very den of the Tartars, at the time that the Tartar forces were drawn off in the invasion of Russia.

The Golden Horde was annihilated, and the scourge of Russia and her princes was no more.

The world knows well how he tore his way out of the fetichism of his time; how, despite ignorance and unreason, he dragged his nation after him; how he dowered the nation with things and thoughts that transformed it from a petty Asiatic horde to a great European Power.

He was the very incarnation of reaction against revolution, and he became the demigod of that horde of petty despots who infest Central Europe.

In 926 they plundered St. Gall, but were routed near Seckingen by the peasantry, headed by the country people of Hirminger, who had been roused by alarm fires; and again in Alsace, by Count Liutfried: another horde was cut to pieces near Bleiburg, in Carinthia, by Eberhard and the Count of Meran.

But an immense activity and a horde of soldiers back of the lines brought strange leaden oppression to Kurt Dorn's heart.

Wheatthat was to say food, strength, fighting life for the armies opposed to the black, hideous, medieval horde of Huns!

"I saw him in the street ... staggering like a sot..." At that moment Lanyard could not have mustered a show of interest had he been told Dupont was returning at the head of a horde.

What impending visitation of a common enemy, what sudden descent of a fierce horde of strange, wild, long-forgotten creatures, first moved him to ally himself with barbarians number two and three for their mutual protection?

When General Huerta at last took the field against Orozco, early in May, his federal army, now swelled to more than six thousand men and twenty pieces of field artillery, moved to the front in a column of eleven long railway trains, each numbering from forty to sixty cars, loaded down with army supplies and munitions of all kinds, besides a horde of several thousand camp followers, women, sutlers, and other non-combatants.

Great Britain across the ocean and the horde of Tories still in America had not abandoned all hope of yet making the United States a dependency of the country from which she had fought seven long years to free herself.

The snarling and yelping drowned all other sounds until the gaunt horde of sharp-muzzled; stiff-haired brutes had been beaten back by savage blows from the whip and by quick thrusts of a rifle butt.

This is a country of surprises, and if the alder tree towers on high, the dwarf chestnut or chinkapin here delegates to the mountains the pains of struggling toward the heavens, and, contented with its lowly estate, freely offers to the various "small deer" of the forest its horde of sweet, three-cornered nuts.

This besides the enormous horde of the peaceably disposed who also seek diversion here, and who naturally disturb the deer to a certain extent.

One of a stump fence particularly delighted himthose stump fences made out of the roots of pine trees set side by side, which had been a feature of the country some miles back, and which make such a weird impression on the landscape, like rows of gigantic black antlers, or many-armed Hindoo idols, or a horde of Zulus in fantastic war-gear drawn up in battle-array, or the blackened stumps of giants' teethColin

"They are like a horde of painted monkeys.

And we've stood for your carpet-bag horde Who have grabbed off the jobs in Alaska As a sort of political reward.

We don't want a horde of fools interfering with us on the journey.

" The horde of natives did, at last, request it in a rather forceful and threatening way.

Another of the sons of Tuli, Shaibani-khan, led a horde of 15,000 Tartar families into the wilds of Siberia; and his descendants reigned above three centuries at Tobolsk, in that secluded region, and even reduced the miserable Samoyedes in the neighbourhood of the polar circle.

After various fortunes, he in 1370, rendered himself absolute sovereign of Transoxiana, then called Zagatai, after its first Mogul ruler; but for some time, he affected to govern as prime minister, or general, to a nominal khan of the house of Zingis, who served as a private officer at the head of his family horde in the army of his servant.

We did not see that place, although within half a day's journey, when we were at the horde of Syra, the court of their great emperor.

In one of these, when near the Syra Horde, by which name they signify the station of the emperor, or of any of their princes, we had to throw ourselves prostrate on the ground, and could not see by reason of the prodigious dust.

The great central plain of Tangut, then traversed by the imperial horde of the Mongals, and now by the Eluts and Kalkas, must be prodigiously elevated above the level of the ocean.

The husband, in order to persuade his wife to return, steals into the horde of the Satyrs, by mixing with their flock of goats,as Norandino does in a passage imitated from Homer by Ariosto.

But so vast a fund for distribution attracted the inevitable horde of small lawyers and pension agents, who swelled the lists with multitudes of sham veterans and able-bodied "cripples," until many eminent ex-soldiers cried out for a purgation of that which should be a list of honor.

The plan, however, was thwarted by the desperate resistance of the Dardani and of the adjoining tribes concerned; the Bastarnae were obliged to retreat, and the whole horde were drowned in returning home by the giving way of the ice on the Danube.

No combat with a Ligurian or Corsican horde was too insignificant to be made a pretext for demanding a triumph.

That night, with the memory of their dead in their hearts, and in their hands stones and spears and knives, the horde of women and children collected about the known mouth of the cave.

Every State looks upon its neighbours as at bottom a horde of robbers, who will fall upon it as soon as they have the opportunity.

As I trudged, half frightened, into the road, and the fog closed about me, it seemed to my childish superstition like a horde of long-imprisoned ghosts let loose, and angry.

" But swift and fair As the Primeval word that smote the night "Let there be light!" Courage shall leap from me, a gallant sword To rout the enemy and all his horde, Cleaving a kingly pathway through despair.

We fell in one day with a small horde of Tartars, having twenty waggons, but I was not able to learn where they were going.

Like all previous Turkish immigrations, they came not in any overwhelming horde, with sword in one hand and Koran in the other, but as a small compact body with a genius for military organisation, and the gift, which they retain to this day, of stalwart fighting.

I remember a tale, in which it is said that a horde of infidel Corsairs from the Mediterranean penetrated by this road, and seized upon the bridge of St. Maurice with a view to plunder.

It may be objected to this that it was not Christianity, but its accompaniments, the greedy horde of adventurers, the profligate traders, the selfish priests, and the unscrupulous officials, that wrought the degradation of the native race.

My exhaustion was so great that, although alone in this dark night on the terrible desert, I began to doze upon the horse, and did not wake up till the soldier returned with a cry of joy, and told us that we had not fallen in with a horde of robbers, but with a sheikh, who, in company with his followers, were going to Baghdad.

At the same time, it attacked Saint Bride's; thinned the ranks of the thievish horde haunting Whitefriars, and proceeding in a westerly course, decimated Saint Clement Danes.

"Why should folk be glum," said Keezar, "When Nature herself is glad, And the painted woods are laughing At the faces so sour and sad?" Small heed had the careless cobbler What sorrow of heart was theirs Who travailed in pain with the births of God, And planted a state with prayers, Hunting of witches and warlocks, Smiting the heathen horde, One hand on the mason's trowel, And one on the soldier's sword!

His blood had not reached the ground, nor the last curse died on his lips, before the whole horde was upon us, but with a dozen bounds and as many slashes we were all safely out of the glade, and galloping down the winding track which led to the valley.

These wretched fellows are Mahometans and belong either to the Grand Horde wandering on the frontier between China and Siberia, or to the Little Horde between the Ural Mountains and the Aral Sea.

These wretched fellows are Mahometans and belong either to the Grand Horde wandering on the frontier between China and Siberia, or to the Little Horde between the Ural Mountains and the Aral Sea.

The French and Indian horde from the lake landed and drove against the rangers on the eastern flank with great violence, firing their rifles and muskets, and then coming on with the tomahawk.

They formed a barrier of living fire, facing in three directions and holding back the shouting horde until the main body of the surviving rangers could gather for retreat.

" Now, in very truth, Robert did notice the fierce triumphant shout of Tandakora, over and above the yelling of the horde, and it made him shudder again and again.

It set his heart beating swiftlythe fact that she was trying to hide from all eyes but his own a beauty so pure and wonderful that it made her uncomfortable when under the staring gaze of the Horde.

And behold, this horde was becoming self-conscious, was beginning to organize, was finding a voice.

Shall the ashes of heroes enshrouded in glory, Be spurn'd in contempt by a barbarous horde, While their sons idly tremble like boys at a story, And shudder to gaze on the point of a sword?

This, if accomplished, would have lowered the cost of labor, but its increase of the crops would have depressed staple prices in still greater degree; its unsettling of the slave market would have hurt vested interests; and its infusion of a horde of savage Africans would have set back the progress of the negroes already on hand and have magnified permanently the problems of racial adjustment.

Think of an army following a horde of Indians through one of the roughest countries imaginable!

He burst out again with his volcanic fury at the green and purple horde.

At the same time the schooner which could not possibly have excited any suspicion, would run alongside and her horde of cutthroats would pour on to the doomed vessel's deck and massacre the helpless crew, after which they would hurriedly transfer that part of the cargo that was worth taking to the Ebba.

Horrible cries of joy, salvos of hurrahshowls of wild beasts I might more appropriately sayarise from the pirate horde.

We were spared long suspense; for, on hearing the noise, and going to the little tea-room extension where I keep my winter plants, I saw a horde of men rapidly demolishing the shop, under directions of a superintendent, who was absolutely sitting on top of my honeysuckle trellis.

A minute more, and the gates would have been opened to this merciless horde.

The birds warbled their matin songs in sweet melody; the honey bees with drowsy hum, were sipping sweets to horde their winter's store; and every thing seemed rejoicing in the light of that glad morning.

In the foundation of some of the nations of antiquity, men were frequently gathered, from almost every quarter of the then known globe, to the particular spot that seemed best suited for the purposes of self-aggrandizement; and, in the rude horde thus congregated together, there was necessarily an undue preponderance of the male element.

"Instead of the wise ministers prevailing at Paris, a horde of mad, insensate creatures are ruling the Assembly, the city, the whole country!

Greek cities, settled by his veterans and the horde of migratory Greeks that followed in his wake, were founded at strategic points throughout the vast empire.

Christianity had of course penetrated into Bulgaria (or Moesia, as it was then) long before the arrival of the Slavs and Bulgars, but the influx of one horde of barbarians after another was naturally not propitious to its growth.

In 1285 the Tartars of the Golden Horde swept over Hungary and Bulgaria, but it was from the south that the clouds were rolling up which not much later were to burst over the peninsula.

As she opened it a new horde of fog-wraiths blew in.

SEE Buchanan, Madeleine Sharps. LAMB, HAROLD. Durandal, a crusader in the horde.

The destroying horde.

SEE Buchanan, Madeleine Sharps. LAMB, HAROLD. Durandal, a crusader in the horde.

For an instant there rises the delirium of that fateful day with Braddock beside the ford of the Monongahela when "Down the long trail from the Fort to the ford, Naked and streaked, plunge a moccasined horde: Huron and Wyandot, hot for the bout; Shawnee and Ottawa, barring him out.

No locust horde of personally-conducted "trippers" pollutes its ways and byways, nor has the khansamah of the dรขk bungalow as yet felt constrained to add sauerkraut and German sausage to his bill of farefor which Allah be praised!

As the retreat began, Robert, Tayoga and Willet, whom some miracle seemed to preserve from harm, joined the Virginians who covered the rear, and, as fast as they could reload their rifles, they fired at the demon horde that pressed closer and closer, and that never ceased to cut down the fleeing army.

Humboldt observed (P.E., 141) that "in barbarous nations there is a physiognomy peculiar to the tribe or horde rather than to any individual."

In Thurn says (305) that each of the Guiana tribes makes its feather head-dresses of special colors; and Martins has the following regarding the Brazilian Indians: "Commonly all the members of a tribe, or a horde, or a family, agree to wear certain ornaments or signs as characteristic marks."

Thus we see that an immense number of mutilations of the body and alleged "decorations" of it are not intended by these races as things of beauty, but have special meanings or uses in connection with protection, war, superstition, mourning, or the desire to mark distinctions between the tribes, or degrees of rank within one tribe or horde.

Clark took upon himself the greater task of dealing with a huge horde of savages, representing every tribe between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi, who had come to the Illinois, some from a distance of five hundred miles, to learn accurately all that had happened, and to hear for themselves what the Long Knives had to say.

He called on them to grasp their arms on the moment and run to his standard, if they desired to live and bear the name of men; to rally without delay, unless they wished to be eaten up by the incoming horde of cruel barbarians, to be themselves robbed and murdered, and to see their daughters and wives abused by the dregs of mankind.

* I do not imply that the French Revolution was the work of enthusiasts, but that the enthusiasm of Rousseau produced a horde of Brissots, Marats, Robespierres, &c. who speculated on the affectation of it.

Those who have most boasted their contempt for religious superstition have been degraded by an idolatry as gross as any ever practiced on the Nile; and the most enthusiastic republicans have, without daring to murmur, submitted for two years successively to a horde of cruel and immoral tyrants.

His sovereignty, however, was of a very precarious tenure, for he was surrounded on all sides by a horde of rapacious, intriguing relatives, scrambling for the fragments of Timur's empire.

The Germans had a horde of prisoners to care for; vast armies to maintain; and a new volunteer force of a million or moretwo millions was the official reportto train.

The book is a masterpiece far in advance of that study of the common life which Ibaรฑez calls La Horda; dealing with the horde of common poor and those accidents of beauty and talent as native to them as to the classes called the better.

A horde of men, however, I sent forth To seek him on the battle-plains of death.

Buencamino had warned General Augustรญn what the fate of Manila would be if taken by a horde of Indians drunk with victory.

The Frenchman that I went to spoke with a certain knowledge of finance and politics and the natural malice of a logical race against an illogical horde.

He tried to reason it out in his old-fashioned way even as the trembling horde filed past, cordoned by grim, silent cowboys.

I had such horrible fears and ideas when I was sitting trembling in those dismal vaults, expecting a horde of human devils to burst in upon us at any moment, that the whole place is horrible to me.

Williams, it appeared, had, in his absent-mindedness, unlocked the jail instead of the wall gates, and let out upon him this horde of ruffians who had been put in there for safe-keeping.

One was saying: "It's gone, the damn knaves have secreted it; we must have a light, Anson, or the horde above stair will be upon us, and all the fires of hell could hardly show us out of this dungeon."

As he had expected, the Apaches discovered him almost as soon as he left the cover of his butte, and all the outlying members of the horde swarmed toward him with a yell, brandishing their spears and getting ready their bows as they rode.

CIMBRI, a barbarian horde who, with the Teutons, invaded Gaul in the 2nd century B.C.; gave the Romans no small trouble, and were all but exterminated by Marius in 101 B.C.; believed to have been a Celtic race, who descended on Southern Europe from the N. CIMERIANS, an ancient people N. of the shores of the Black Sea, fabled to inhabit a region unvi

GALATIA, a high-lying Roman province in Asia Minor that had been invaded and taken possession of by a horde of Gauls in the 3rd century B.C., whence the name.

To the scientific mind, anthropologists or ethnologists were a horde who darkly muttered of serpent worship, phallus worship, Arkite doctrines, and the Ten Lost Tribes that kept turning up in the most unexpected places.

But not quite unavenged these fell; Our ranks once out of range, a blast Of shrapnel and quick shell Burst on the rebel horde, still massed, Scattering them pell-mell.

What between the active horde of land-sharks in New Zealand itselfwhat between the menace of French interference, and the pressure at home of the New Zealand Company, the official mind could hold out no longer.

In the summer of 1209 a great army of crusaders assembled at Lyons, and Southern France was invaded by a horde composed partly of religious fanatics, of men who were anxious to gain the indulgences awarded to crusaders without the danger of a journey overseas, and of men who were simply bent on plunder.

Now the group competition has as its end the continuance and efficiency of the group, be it horde or tribe or nation, or be it one of those subsidiary groups which enter into national life.