47 examples of hobnobbed in sentences

Noaks, however, who would have paid any price for the privilege of being able to hobnob with those who were in any higher position than himself, was ready to follow his two Sixth Form cronies to any extreme they might suggest.

"In New York," she said, as they started on, "I've sometimes hobnobbed with editors; but this is somewhat different.

His spirit groaned within him at the thought that old Ben Gaynor had been lured into paths along which he should come to hobnob with men like Gratton.

You see, we never have the chance, at home, to hobnob with Highnesses.

He called at the Torriani Hotel six days after the murder, whilst Mr. Smethurst, the millionaire, hobnobbed in the park with duchesses!

A Northern pinewood once we knew, My dear, when younger by some lustres, Where little painted crossbills flew And pecked among the fir-cone clusters; They hobnobbed and sidled In coats all aflame, While young Autumn idled,

I've hobnobbed in Honolulu with the Zouave and the Zulu, I have fought against the Turks at Spion Kop; In a spirit of bravado I've accosted the MIKADO And familiarly addressed him as "Old Top." I've been captured by banditti, kissed a squaw in Salt Lake City, Carved my name upon the tomb of LI HUNG CHANG, And been overcome by toddy where the turbid Irrawaddy Winds its way from Cincinnati to Penang.

What is to become of class distinctions if you are just going to hobnob with anyone who may happen along?"

When he learned that Mahogany, with whom he had so often drank and "hobnobbed," was only the hunter disguised, who was thus plotting his crime, the Irishman's astonishment can hardly be described.

Society flocked to Acre Hill and hobnobbed with Acre Hillians.

"Tulsi, in this world hobnob with everybody: for you never know in what guise the deity may present himself.

She's hobnobbed with kings an' queens.

She told about the cities an' the folks an' the weather in that queer, English way she had o' talking'> "'Tell how ye hobnobbed with the Queen o' Italy,' Sam says.

Hobnobbed!' says she.

Lurella says you hobnob some with the Bluff folks, and I wanted to make sure before we break it to pa.

To hobnob, receive a few shillings, and do next to nothing on the stage does not seem a glorious beginning for our heroine, but think of the inestimable luxury of brushing up against Colley Cibber.

As a class, the players had no social position of any kind, although the great ones of the earth, the men of rank, never hesitated to hobnob with them when, like Mrs. Gamp, they felt "so dispoged."

He was not content merely to be a "looker on in Vienna," or in Utica; he pottered around unceasingly, hobnobbed with Oldfield (who now began to take the liveliest interest in the play), and suggested several alterations in the text.

hobnob with my armed enemies, and cajoling that red lecher Robert Stewart?"

A restless confusion of dragons from Leh, lotus from the Dal Lake, and the ever-present chenar leaf, hobnob together with Britishvery Britishcrests and monograms on the tops of tables and the seats of chairsportions of the furniture that should be left severely plain.

The saloons, stores and theatres are open seven days and nights in the week, and multitudes of all nationalities, clad in their peculiar costumes, hobnob with each other in the most free and easy manner imaginable, without waiting for introductions, in this the most cosmopolitan city on earth.

Each was ready at any moment to turn from the obsequious homage of nobles to hobnob with a peasant friend or relative.

In the theater she gave herself great airs and graces, and outside it hobnobbed with duchesses and princesses.

He had, to use his own words, "hobnobbed with every kind of queer folk, and found myself in extremely queer predicaments."

MARTIN, ST., bishop of Tours, was in early life a soldier, and meeting with a naked beggar one cold day in winter divided his military cloak in two, and gave him the half of it; was conspicuous both as a monk and bishop for his compassion on the poor; seated at a banquet on one occasion between the king and queen, hobnobbed with a poor beggar looking on, and extended his goblet of wine to him; he is the patron saint of topers; d. 397.

47 examples of  hobnobbed  in sentences