54 examples of hobson's in sentences

Newcome had a nurse for the child, and a cottage at Clapham, hard by Mr. Hobson's house, and being held in good esteem by his former employers, was sometimes invited by them to tea.

[Lat.]; club law, lynch law, mob law, arguementum baculinum^, le droit du plus fort [Fr.], martial law. restraint &c 751; necessity &c 601; force majeure [Fr.]; Hobson's choice.

But we're up against it good and hard, you see, and it's what you might call Hobson's choice.

Steele, in No. 509 of the "Spectator" ascribed to him the origin of the proverbial phrase, Hobson's Choice.

Character-writing being in fashion many a character of the University Carrier was written, no doubt, by Cambridge men after Hobson's death at the beginning of the year 1631 (new style).

[Footnote 16: See Mr. Hobson's Imperialism and The Psychology of Jingoism; Norman Angell's The Great Illusion.]

The fellow who enters the train later in the day must be satisfied with Mr. Hobson's choice, and take what is left, even if it doesn't fit him.

X. The "world was all before us where to choose", but circumstances narrowed the choice down to Hobson's.

Chapter VIII Reaching Melbourne Things went on in the same way till the night before the morning on which they were to enter Hobson's Bay.

At break of day on the following morning the Goldfinder rode over the Rip into Hobson's Bay.

The matter was finally settled by permanently attaching Pickering to the State Department, while the vacancy thus created at the head of the War Department was filled by James McHenry, an appointment which Washington himself described as "Hobson's choice.

On the other hand, were he to refuse he has the fear hanging over him that the petitioner might get a death-bone pointed at himand so, after all, his apparent courtesy may be only Hobson's choice.

William Town, the seaport town of Australia Felix, named after his Majesty King William IV., stands on a very low piece of land forming the southern shore of Hobson's Bay, called Point Gellibrand, after a gentleman from Hobart, one of the first who brought stock to Port Phillip.

The point that bears his name scarcely projects sufficiently to afford large ships shelter from south winds in Hobson's Bay.

A single tall bushy-topped tree, about a mile inland, rose over the schooner as she left the waters of Hobson's Bay.

We returned to the ships by a short route leading direct from Melbourne to the northern shore of Hobson's Bay.

On the morning of January 5, we left Geelong, touched at Hobson's Bay for a chronometric departure, and proceeded to sea by the south channel.

The next day towards evening we again anchored in Hobson's Bay, where we stayed till the 23rd.

Vessels intending to anchor in Hobson's Bay should keep the light bearing North-West by North until the water shoals to 6 fathoms; then steer North by West.

Pass on the north side of the buoy and then haul up South-East until the water shoals to five fathoms, or until Whale Head bears South-West by West; then steer North-East by East for Mount Martha, the next hill north of Arthur's Seat, until the latter bears South-East, when a course may be shaped for Hobson's Bay.) (***Footnote.

Upon them at the very outset came the thunderbolt of Governor Hobson's proclamation refusing recognition to their land purchases.

Hobson's advisers, in choosing it as his seat of Government, are said to have been the missionary, Henry Williams, and Captain Symonds, a surveyor.

But time has vindicated Hobson's honesty and courage, and in some important respects even his discernment.

Now had come the result of Hobson's error in fixing the seat of government in Auckland, and in keeping the leading officials there.

In 1841 Hobson's expenditure had been £81,000 against a revenue of £37,000, most of which was the product of land sales.

54 examples of  hobson's  in sentences