728 examples of hoed in sentences

In the course of our ride, we saw a turnip-field, which he had hoed with his own hands.

I betrayed no vulgar astonishment, but, as I say, what-hoed with civil nonchalance.

Shortly after the conclusion of this afternoon's binge at Market Snodsbury Grammar School he asked her to marry him, and she appears to have right-hoed without a murmur.

His highland rice, which was equal to any in Carolina, so ripe and heavy as some of it to be couched or leaned down, and no bird had ever troubled it, nor had any of his fields ever been hoed, or required hoeing, there being as yet no appearance of grass.

But when he saw that she had hoed the potatoes after all he was not pleased.

Monsieur Leclerc's soul was perturbed within him by these suggestions; he pulled up two young cauliflowers and reset their places with pigweeds; he hoed the nicely sloped border of the bed flat to the path, and then flung the hoe across the walk, and went off to his daily occupation with a new idea in his head.

As my family lived in the neighborhood where the President had been reared, my little girl made him a satchel of corn shucks from the field where he had hoed corn barefooted in the briars, thinking he might appreciate a souvenir from his old home.

I ploughed, hoed, split wood to raise my babies.

Plowed and hoed and made cotton and cornwhat else was he goin' to do.

My father drove a wagon and hoed cotton.

Then a week of "point flow" was followed by a fortnight of dry culture in which the spaces between the rows were lightly hoed and the weeds amidst the rice pulled up.

Mama plowed and hoed too.

They hoed cotton and crops.

Occupational Experiences "When I got old enough, I worked a farmpicked cotton, hoed, plowed, pulled cornall such things.

Later they must be repeatedly plowed, hoed and otherwise cultivated and looked after and finally the leaves must be cut or gathered and carried to the dry house to be dried.

It requires little or no attention beyond pinching out the tops when running to seed and keeping the ground hoed.

Now, an American farmer, in order to form an approximate idea of the amount of labor given to the growth of these crops, must remember that all these great fields of wheat, oats, barley, turnips, beans, and peas, containing in all over 2,000 acres, are hoed by hand once or twice.

The latter are horse-hoed three or four times; and as they are drilled on the flat, or without ridging the surface of the ground, they are crossed with a horse-hoe with eight V shaped blades.

These are the things to be done during the first of the seasons so enumerated: All kinds of nurseries should be set out, the vines should be first pruned, then dug, and the roots which have protruded from the ground should be cut out, the meadows should be cleaned, willows planted and the corn hoed.

We nailed up the honeysuckle and hoed the scarlet beans.

"To be sure, I didn't plant itI owe the owner of the place for thatbut I hoed it, and I cut it, and I'm reaping the credit.

Henri cooked and washed and mended, and hoed in the garden.

There were the wide acres of cotton that must be planted, hoed and gathered by hand.

Very devoted to his mother, he would follow her into the cotton field as she picked or hoed cotton, urged by the thrashing of the overseer's lash.

I used to plow and hoed a lot and everything else and then did'nt do enough.

728 examples of  hoed  in sentences
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