1972 examples of hold her in sentences

Miss Ellie was twisting her fingers nervously in and outshe unwound them to clutch at Angy's arm as if to hold her.

My remark caused her to hold her breath for an instant.

She calls the servant Sir; and insists on not troubling him to hold her plate.

The eye of the Carmelite kindled as he proceeded with the office, however; and long ere he had done, he had obtained such a command over the feelings of even Annina as to hold her mercenary spirit in awe.

How could she feel otherwise and hold her self-respect.

Of a quick understanding and yet quicker sympathy, she had learned to hold her emotions in check, and the natural gaiety of her hid much that was too sacred to be carelessly displayed.

And afterward she did need and allow herself to come unto mine arms, that I hold her from the trembling of heart which did come to her, after that there did be no need for courage; for surely we had both seen a very dreadful thing, and there was a great horror upon us.

She had accepted his lovehad allowed him to kiss her, to hold her in his armswhile beneath that hypocrisy she had plotted his downfall a second time.

Clotilde, who amused herself like a child, listening to this dust crackling under her little feet, wished to hold her parasol over Pascal.

He wanted to kiss her close, pressing down on her mouth, deep into her sweet flesh; to hold her body tight, tight, crushed in his arms.

No love can hold her back.

She was safe, and her aunt intended to hold her fast, and do with her as she would, when the time and Junius came.

He stepped close, eager, prepared for any wild burst of temper; but she let him take her hands, let him draw her close, bend back her head; hold her closer still, till the warmth and softness of her body reached him, but when his lips came close she said quietly: "Are you a rotter, Bard?" He stiffened and the smile went out on his lips.

Hold her with care; for as long as thy household is under her keeping, Thou shalt not want for a sister, nor yet for a daughter thy parents.

I had their assurance that they would like to let me hold her if her little bones were not so soft that I might break them.

" Aloud he promised to telephone Larry the moment the owner of the pearls crossed the threshold of Larrabee and Fitch and to hold her by main force if necessary until Larry could get there.

I smoothed her rich brown hair and whispered such consolations as I could think of in her ear, with one arm round her, it is true, but that was to hold her lest she should faint.

When the Dawn she come, she come; not with his hand can he hold her back.

He hesitated whether to hold her hand.

We didn't fetch you along to hold her.

Oh, yes, he would stop her from going down there; he would hold her, just where she was on the dark stair nerveless, breathless, as long as he liked, if he liked he would bring her back, cringing, begging.

Never, no, never, so long as bolts and bars have the power to hold her.

Too late, Helene wept and besought her to hold her hand.

When she did so, he saw that her fingers were clasped tightly to hold her from shivering, and he raved inwardly at his shiftlessness

" "Is he alive?" whispered Jenny, so much overcome that Julius had to hold her up for a moment as he led her into the other room.

1972 examples of  hold her  in sentences
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