1972 examples of hold her in sentences

] "It took four men and a policeman to hold her, and get her locked up in her room, she was that set on tearing the Dwarf into small pieces, and she'd have done it too, if she could have got at him.

" "It took Martha and Eda and Gessler's hired girl to hold her in bed with the pain.

The hulk steered wildly, and if the sea got worse, he doubted if they could hold her.

The work of doing it gave solace to her heart, and when the words were set in placeit seemed to her that she had declared her independence, and besides, they reminded her of something very sweet and reassuringsomething which helped her to hold her head up against the current of ill thoughts her neighbors were directing toward her.

" "Well, then, it's me," he said; "hold her steady, my leg is stiff.

"Prythee, hold her hands, lest she make good her threat!"

Of a quick understanding and yet quicker sympathy, she had learned to hold her emotions in check, and the natural gaiety of her hid much that was too sacred to be carelessly displayed.

Better yet, if you were a Christian, and the damsel your wife, you might hold her in Biskra against the world.

And afterward she did need and allow herself to come unto mine arms, that I hold her from the trembling of heart which did come to her, after that there did be no need for courage; for surely we had both seen a very dreadful thing, and there was a great horror upon us.

And I to hold her gentle to me, and let her cry very natural, until that she was something unpent.

If any in the interim chance to come within her reach, twenty to one she scratcheth him by the face; or do but offer to hold her hands, she'll presently begin to cry out murder.

[6097]So did Lucretia, a lady of Senae, after she had but seen Euryalus, in Eurialum tota ferebatur, domum reversa, &c., she would not hold her eyes off him in his presence, [6098]tantum egregio decus enitet ore, and in his absence could think of none but him, odit virum, she loathed her husband forthwith, might not abide him:

He wanted to touch her, to hold her back from the swallowing darkness.

She had been built to hold her own with the hardest slamming seas that ever chased a shattered hull, and it was lucky for us that she was.

And when Moppet was safely lodged in bed Betty sat down beside her to hold her hand until she dropped asleep.

" Thus to the list'ning band she calls, Nor fruitless her desire, They lead her, panting, to the walls That hold her captive sire.

I'll hold her.' 'Ah, there she goes!'

He would protect her from a possible intercourse, where she could not be expected, at her age, to hold her own, at no matter what cost to himself.

"How that poor little Anglo-Indian widow loves him, without any effort to win or hold her affection on his side!"

Once, when his kinswoman made some feeble remonstrance with him about this change in his habits, he told her savagely to hold her tonguehe could afford to drink as much as he pleasedhe wasn't likely to come upon her to pay for what he took.

At other times, when the fever was on, no arm availed to hold her as she tossed from side to side, talking of things at which a stranger would have marveled, and which made Richard's heart ache to its very core.

"She couldn't hold her own for half an hour against Venia.

Am I one to hold her, to chain her down, to keep her when she has already escaped?

He was going to leave her so soon, and she would not know itshe was asleephe must just hold her to him a little; she would be more comfortable like that.

"Then hold her Strictly confined in sombre banishment, And doubt not

1972 examples of  hold her  in sentences