146 examples of hollers in sentences

"Out!" hollers the Umpire.

Every night when I hear from up-stairs how Mrs. Katz and all of them hollers down 'towels' and 'ice-water' to me like II was their slave, don't think, baby, I won't be happiest woman in this world the day what I can slam the door, bang, right on the words.

If I start to have some fun, Someone hollers, "Don't you run!"

The settin' room has a good nice floor; matched boards, no hummocks nor hollers,all as flat's one of my wife's pancakes,an' not a knot hole in it anywheres.

An' every cent of it hollers that Dan can do what I said.

One of the soldiers seed me and he hollers 'look at that rat run'.

HIMES, CHESTER B. If he hollers let him go.

And they believe that a child can digest everything from carpet tacks to fried steak, so whenever Willie hollers they think he's hungry, and try to plug his throat with a banana.

"'Hurry there!' hollers old Bob from the outside, where he was on watch; 'here comes uncle up the long coulee!'

"'Some other time; some other time!' he hollers, and he pranced out of the house like a hosstyle spider, the maddest little man in the Territory.

"'Lord Hellford;' hollers Smithy.

"'They can't make no "lord" of Shadder!' hollers Smithy.

"'Quit that!' says I. "'You let me beI ain't hurting you,' he hollers.

he hollers back, grinning.

he hollers, and there was a most joyful smile on his face.

At fifty yards, Ag hollers 'Halt!'

he hollers, jamming the end of Moral Suasion into the driver's trap.

he hollers, 'help me get 'em out of here!

I hollers loud and hearty, with more notion of creatin' a diversion, however, than any rank faith in my havin' a good time off what old man Davis overlooked.

he hollers, and raises it for a smash.

"'To think it was me brought this on,' he hollers.

I hollers, and we near met on the spot. 'Don't you say that agin!' "'Ah!' says he.

I hollers at him, an pow!

" He who finds he has something to sell, And goes and whispers it down a well, Is not so apt to collar the dollars, As he who climbs a tree and hollers.

Down in the hollers by the streams and ponds you have gone in the springtime, my brethren, and observed the little turtles, a-sleeping on the logs.

146 examples of  hollers  in sentences