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4020 examples of  hollowest  in sentences

4020 examples of hollowest in sentences

Thus as to and fro they went, Over upland and through hollow, Giving their impatience vent, Perched upon the Emperor's tent, In her nest, they spied a swallow.

From the hollow reeds he fashioned Flutes so musical and mellow, That the brook, the Sebowisha, Ceased to murmur in the woodland, That the wood-birds ceased from singing, And the squirrel, Adjidaumo, Ceased his chatter in the oak-tree, And the rabbit, the Wabasso, Sat upright to look and listen, Yes, the brook, the Sebowisha, Pausing, said, "O Chibiabos, Teach my waves to flow in music, Softly as your words in singing!"

I will make a necklace of them, Make a girdle for my beauty, And two stars to deck her bosom!" From a hollow tree the Hedgehog With his sleepy eyes looked at him, Shot his shining quills, like arrows, Saying, with a drowsy murmur, Through the tangle of his whiskers, "Take my quills, O Hiawatha!

The sea was a steady swell, lifting my body on the crest of a wave, to submerge it an instant later in the deep hollow.

My eyes sought to pierce the gloom of the night, only to gain glimpses of black water heaving and tumbling on every side, the boat flung high on a whitened crest, and then hurled into the hollow beneath, as though it was a mere chip in the grasp of the sea.

They rode down into a long, shadowy hollow, out through a tiny verdant meadow fringed with the rusty brown of sunflower leaves, and on up to the crest of the second ridge.

Leaving Gloria where she lay inert in the snow, King put down rifle and pack and hurried down into the hollow where he had tethered his horse.

Thus, when the Sun, prepared for rest, Hath gained the precincts of the West, Though his departing radiance fail To illuminate the hollow Vale, 1815. Thus, from the precincts of the West, The Sun, when sinking down to rest, 1832. ... while sinking ... 1836.

In youth's keen eye the livelong day was bright, The sun at morning, and the stars at night, Alike, when first the bittern's hollow bill Was heard, or woodcocks [D] roamed the moonlight hill.

Alike, when heard the bittern's hollow bill, Or the first woodcocks roam'd the moonlight hill.

And I pluck'd a hollow reed, And I made a rural pen,

It was upon his return home that George Henry Harrison, well-to-do and content, learned something which for a time made him think this probably the hollowest of all the worlds which swing around the sun.

They have large ships made out of gourds, six cubits long; when the fruit is dry, they hollow and work it into this shape, using reeds for masts, and making their sails out of the leaves of the plant.

" We at length got over the wood, and, letting our ship down in the same manner, fell into smooth clear water, till we came to a horrid precipice, hollow and deep, resembling the cavity made by an earthquake.

Here he organised a class of young men, 800 strong, and whilst here he set the town on fire with anti-Popery denunciation; and of him it might, at that time, have been said He comes from Erin's peaceful shore Like fervid kettle bubbling o'er With hot effusionshot and weak; Sound Humbug all your hollowest drums, He comes of Erin's martyrdoms To Britain's well-fed Church to speak.

That his father had once seen them in their old Dutch dresses playing at ninepins in a hollow of the mountain; and that he himself had heard, one summer afternoon, the sound of their balls like distant peals of thunder.

This ledge projected about eighteen inches, and was not more than a foot wide, while a niche in the cliff just above it gave it a rude resemblance to one of the hollow-backed chairs used by our ancestors.

It was worse than useless to conclude a hollow convention with the stadtholderess of mock loyalty on his part and mock confidence on hers.

A dry, hollow laugh accompanied these words, while a choked voice responded, "No! Mercy!"

"The Three Fates!" went on Tadeo, watching the arrival of three withered, bony, hollow-eyed, wide-mouthed, and shabbily dressed women.

I think it is the hollowest and, I am sorry to say, the commonest, of all the fallacies in the history of the world in all stages of civilisation.

When Hero asks Beatrice, who complains that she is sick, what she is sick for,a hawk, a hound, or a husband,Beatrice replies, that she is sick foror ofthat which begins them all, an ache,an H. Indeed, much later than Shakspeare's day the word was so pronounced; for Dean Swift, in the "City Shower," has the line, "Old aches throb, your hollow tooth will rage.

This old chair we call our dreaming-chair,to borrow a name, our Sleepy-Hollow.

I stood on the brink in manhood, And it came to my weary heart, In my breast so dull and heavy, After the years of smart, That every hollowest bubble Which over my life had passed Still into its deeper current Some sky-sweet gleam had cast; That, however I mocked it gayly, And guessed at its hollowness, Still shone, with each bursting bubble, One star in my soul the less.

He imagines himself one of the most solid of men; he is essentially one of the hollowest.

Here where we are camped the snow is worse than I have ever seen it, but we are in a hollow.

We had to cross the waves in places 30 feet from crest to hollow, and we did it by sitting on the sledge and letting her go.

The asteroid had been drifting and uninhabited for who knows how many thousands of years when a solitary asteroid miner had found it and discovered that it was hollow.

It's hollow, and the base is inside.

From an adjoining room comes a frequent hollow cough, and the sunken eye and emaciated frame of the poor girl betray the secret foe, lurking in the hidden springs of life.

The storm and darkness increased, the wind blew with greater violence, and the tumultous sea hove up a hollow, bellowing sound, and seemed threatening swift destruction.

before my mental gaze, The hopes and joys of other days, Come gathering round, a mystic band, Like phantoms from the spirit land; And one by one they pass me by, "With bloodless cheek and hollow eye," And seem to mock me as they go, In tones of bitterness and woe.

husky, hollow, but impressive, the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

The chill wind blows with hollow moan, And sadness broodeth o'er my heart.

At first the symptoms were so slight that her friends felt little alarm, but soon the hollow cough, which sounds so much like a funeral knell, the unnatural brilliancy of the eye, the hectic glow upon the cheek, and the short, labored breathing, told but too plainly that death was not to be cheated of his prey.

Hollow Syria and Phoenicia which had lately ridden themselves of their rulers and had been made the prey of the Arabians and Tigranes were united.

"Then, me |-thought, I | heard a | hollow | sound, G=ath~er~ing | up from | all the lower | ground: N=arr~ow~ing | in to | where they | sat as |-sembled, Low vo |-l~upt~uo~us | music, | winding, | trembled.

Dreadful | gleams, Dismal | screams, Fires that | glow, Shrieks of | wo, Sullen | moans, Hollow | groans, And cries | of tor | -tur'd

The idea that literature is a mere matter of writing is seen to be the hollowest of misconceptions the moment you run over any list of enduring names.

It is said to be hollow, and has, indeed, somewhat the appearance of a narrow chimney flue.

I have an account before me of its being explored by a party in 1826, who penetrated into this gloomy, though spacious, hollow for fifteen miles, and were prevented from proceeding from extreme fatigue; they found the names of persons written at the farthest part.

The terrible cursing of Margaret in "Richard III.," for example, is not the remorseless, hollow monotony of it, while it so heightens the passion, as evident to Shakspeare as to us; or had he

and, if he had no knowledge of any means by which separate pieces of timber may be joined together, would form very wild notions concerning its construction, or, perhaps, suppose it to be a hollow trunk of a tree, from some country where trees grow to a much greater height and thickness than in his own.

The Starvel Hollow tragedy.

The Starvel Hollow tragedy.

Hardican's hollow.

The message in the hollow oak, by Carolyn Keene, pseud. of Harriet S. Adams & Edna C. Squier.

Tragedy in the hollow.

Tragedy in the hollow.

The Bobbsey twins at Indian Hollow, by Laura Lee Hope, pseud.

The hollow men.

The Hollow needle.

SEE Miller, Harry Augustus, Jr., ed. Rip Van Winkle and The legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The Bobbsey twins at Indian Hollow, by Laura Lee Hope, pseud.

The hollow men.

Dreadful hollow. SEE KARLOVA, IRINA.

For the first drive I was posted on a steep bank overlooking a most lovely little hollow, where the shafts of sunlight fell athwart the grey trunks and heavy green masses of the pines, lighting up the yellow leaves of the sumachs till they glowed like gold, and casting a flickering network of strong lights and shadows among the tangled mazes of undergrowth.

The real farmstead which it supplanted lies in a hollow at some distance, and is occupied by the head bailiff, for there are several employed.

Wages rise; he waxes fat and strong and masterful, thinking that he holds the farmer and the golden grain in the hollow of his hand.

Her head had sunk again and rested in the hollow of her arms.

They will also congregate in any hollow stems of plants that may be laid about.

Nest made of a few leaves or straws, in a bird-box when it is providedotherwise in a hollow tree.

If on the ground, it is against an old stump with a tuft of grass on each side, or in a little hollow between bushes.

It had not been a tiny hollow where muddy water gathered; he remembered an impregnable fortress full of men whose armour rattled as they came and went; so this could not be the Lair.

At a dark crossing he ran blindly into a moving horse; was pushed aside by its cloaked rider with a curse; stood dazed, while his senses slowly returnedfirst, hearingand his ears were filled with the hollow trample of many horses; then vision, and in the dark street before him he saw the column of shadowy horsemen riding slowly in fours, knee to knee, starlight sparkling on spur and bit and sabre guard.

Magnolia and laurel grew richer and glossier; azaleas were budding; dog-wood twigs swelled; and somewhere, in some sheltered hollow, a spray of jasmine must have been in bloom, because the faint and exquisite scent haunted all the woodlands.

Beside him, in the grass, lay a zouave watching everything with great hollow eyes.

So Jhore ran on and climbed up inside a hollow tree, where Bajun could not follow, Bajun got a long stick and poked at him with it and as he poked, Jhore let fall the sheep's stomach, and when Bajun saw it he concluded that he had killed his brother.

He wandered about, till he came to the place where the wild buffaloes used to sleep at night, and he swept up the place and made it clean and then took refuge in a hollow tree; he stayed there some days, sweeping up the place daily and supporting himself on the fruit of a fig-tree.

The cow pretended to be too ill to rise, and Ledha after watching for some time came out and swept the ground as usual, and then tried to pull the sick cow up by the tail; but she would not move so he went back to his hollow tree.

He lived out in the woods for many months with no food but meat, and no shelter whatever, unless he made a lean-to of brush or crawled into a hollow sycamore.

When hunting he made his home sometimes in a hollow tree, sometimes in a hut of buffalo hides; for the buffalo were so plenty that once when a lick was discovered by himself and a companion, the latter, though on horseback, was nearly trampled to death by the mad rush of a herd they surprised and stampeded.

Thus, and by such a series of acts of violence and of falsehoods, the Duke of Burgundy, all the while making war on the king, surrounded himself with hollow forms of royal and legal government.

Before the St. Bartholomew, the great religious and political parties, the Catholic and the Protestant, were formed and at grips; the house of Lorraine at the head of the Catholics, and the house of Bourbon, Conde, and Coligny at the head of the Protestants, with royalty trying feebly and vainly to maintain between them a hollow peace.

"It is not much, but about three hundred feet from the top of the cliff is a slight hollow that will give support for our bodies.

" The hollow was not so bad, an indentation in the stone, extending back perhaps three feet, and almost hidden by dwarfed evergreens and climbing vines.

" They crawled into the hollow, matted the vines carefully in front of them to guard against a slip or an incautious step, and then the three lay back against the wall, feeling an immense relief.

There was something about the thin neck, the half-open mouth and the gaunt, blinking, hollow eyes that suggested those of a helpless fledgling.

" That was near seventy years agone, and now Danny was a shrunken little white-haired old wastrel who haunted Mulqueen's Livery over on Twenty-fourth Street near Tenth Avenue, disappearing in and out of the cellar and loft and stalls like a leprechaun haunts a hollow tree.

This was about a hundred feet high, and the top was hollow, like a cup, with only one opening into it.

John and me had got married just a month before Evy died in October, and gone to live up the hollow a small piece from maw, and even then she were complaining of a leetle scum over her eyes.

"If you can prove to me," she said, in a hollow tone, "that Duroc loves me only through ambitious motives, I am ready to give him up, and marry whom you will.

That the fruits of a Christianity so hollow should be poor and sickly is not surprising.

The Visionary, whose Name was Marraton, after having travelled for a long Space under an hollow Mountain, arrived at length on the Confines of this World of Spirits; but could not enter it by reason of a thick Forest made up of Bushes, Brambles and pointed Thorns, so perplexed and interwoven with one another, that it was impossible to find a Passage through it.

When we started, it was in that clear crystal dark that looks as if you could see through it forever till you reached infinite things, and we seemed to be in a great hollow sphere, and the stars were like living beings who had the night to themselves.

The pipe was a hollow tube in the shape of a Y, the mystic letter of Pythagoras: the two branches were applied to the nose, and the stem was held over the burning leaves.

All that was needed was a hollow log, a raft, a primitive canoe.

Receives, where kindly she embraces it, Which with her genuine warmth diffused and spread, Sends forth betimes a green and tender head, Then gives it motion, life, and nourishment, Which from the root through nerves and veins are sent; Straight in a hollow sheath upright it grows, And, form receiving, doth itself disclose: Drawn up in ranks and files, the bearded spikes Guard it from birds as with a stand of pikes.

Those pallid sempstresses of HOOD'S great song Peopled the hollow dark, not now alone, And I heard sounds of insult, shame, and wrong, And grief's sad monotone, From hearts, like flints, beaten by tyrant hoofs; And I saw crowds in sombre sweating-dens, With reeking walls and dank and dripping roofs Fit scarce for styes or pens.

Man might show some grace, I think, Sir; do not you?" Turning I saw, ranging a flowery pile, One sitting in an entry dark and cold; A girl with hectic cheeks, and hollow smile; Wired roses there she sold, Or strove to sell; but often on her ear The harrying voice of stern policedom struck, And chased her from her vantage, till a tear Fell at her "wretched luck."

A soft, almost imperceptible haze concealed the line of the far horizon, and blended sky and water into one great hollow sphere of twinkling stars.

Hollow-chested as he was, he had a yell in him which was quite surprising.

The animals were trembling and covered with sweat; some of them uttered piteous whinnyings, or rather bleatings, like distressed sheep; five or six lay down with hollow moans and rumblings.

Three mules which could not rise were left where they lay, feebly struggling to regain their feet and follow their comrades, but falling back with hollow groanings and a kind of human despair in their faces.

The lethargic summer had given way to a boisterous autumn of cold, gray weather, driving rains, and hollow gales.

His misery showed itself in his strange, pathetic, gleaming eyes, that looked so often as though they held unshed tears (this gave him an unfortunate ridiculous aspect), in his hollow pale cheeks and the droop of his mouth, not petulant nor peevish, simply unhappy in the way that animals or very young children express unhappiness.

Fumaria cava Hollow-rooted Fumitory l. 170 - solida Solid-rooted ditto l. 171 - spectabilis Scarlet ditto l. DIADELPHIA DECANDRIA.

The Genius making me no Answer, I turned about to address myself to him a second time, but I found that he had left me; I then turned again to the Vision which I had been so long contemplating; but Instead of the rolling Tide, the arched Bridge, and the happy Islands, I saw nothing but the long hollow Valley of Bagdat, with Oxen, Sheep, and Camels grazing upon the Sides of it.

He took compassion on him, and kindly invited him home to a warm, comfortable cave he had in the hollow of a rock.

At the top is an aperture serving as a mouth, surrounded by a wreath of hollow tentacles, each one of which connects at its base with one of the chambers, so that all parts of the animal communicate freely with each other.