4020 examples of hollowest in sentences

It was upon his return home that George Henry Harrison, well-to-do and content, learned something which for a time made him think this probably the hollowest of all the worlds which swing around the sun.

Here he organised a class of young men, 800 strong, and whilst here he set the town on fire with anti-Popery denunciation; and of him it might, at that time, have been said He comes from Erin's peaceful shore Like fervid kettle bubbling o'er With hot effusionshot and weak; Sound Humbug all your hollowest drums, He comes of Erin's martyrdoms To Britain's well-fed Church to speak.

I think it is the hollowest and, I am sorry to say, the commonest, of all the fallacies in the history of the world in all stages of civilisation.

I stood on the brink in manhood, And it came to my weary heart, In my breast so dull and heavy, After the years of smart, That every hollowest bubble Which over my life had passed Still into its deeper current Some sky-sweet gleam had cast; That, however I mocked it gayly, And guessed at its hollowness, Still shone, with each bursting bubble, One star in my soul the less.

He imagines himself one of the most solid of men; he is essentially one of the hollowest.

Here where we are camped the snow is worse than I have ever seen it, but we are in a hollow.

We had to cross the waves in places 30 feet from crest to hollow, and we did it by sitting on the sledge and letting her go.

At first the symptoms were so slight that her friends felt little alarm, but soon the hollow cough, which sounds so much like a funeral knell, the unnatural brilliancy of the eye, the hectic glow upon the cheek, and the short, labored breathing, told but too plainly that death was not to be cheated of his prey.

The idea that literature is a mere matter of writing is seen to be the hollowest of misconceptions the moment you run over any list of enduring names.

The Starvel Hollow tragedy.

The Starvel Hollow tragedy.

Hardican's hollow.

Tragedy in the hollow.

Tragedy in the hollow.

SEE Miller, Harry Augustus, Jr., ed. Rip Van Winkle and The legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The Bobbsey twins at Indian Hollow, by Laura Lee Hope, pseud.

The hollow men.

Nest made of a few leaves or straws, in a bird-box when it is providedotherwise in a hollow tree.

If on the ground, it is against an old stump with a tuft of grass on each side, or in a little hollow between bushes.

Before the St. Bartholomew, the great religious and political parties, the Catholic and the Protestant, were formed and at grips; the house of Lorraine at the head of the Catholics, and the house of Bourbon, Conde, and Coligny at the head of the Protestants, with royalty trying feebly and vainly to maintain between them a hollow peace.

There was something about the thin neck, the half-open mouth and the gaunt, blinking, hollow eyes that suggested those of a helpless fledgling.

" That was near seventy years agone, and now Danny was a shrunken little white-haired old wastrel who haunted Mulqueen's Livery over on Twenty-fourth Street near Tenth Avenue, disappearing in and out of the cellar and loft and stalls like a leprechaun haunts a hollow tree.

When we started, it was in that clear crystal dark that looks as if you could see through it forever till you reached infinite things, and we seemed to be in a great hollow sphere, and the stars were like living beings who had the night to themselves.

All that was needed was a hollow log, a raft, a primitive canoe.

The lethargic summer had given way to a boisterous autumn of cold, gray weather, driving rains, and hollow gales.

4020 examples of  hollowest  in sentences