Do we say holly or holy

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All Warchester poured out to the Holly Hills, and when at five o'clock the companies filed out on the shining green there was such a cheer that the men felt repaid for the tiresome wait of months.

We who still hang on our walls at Christmas the mystic holly, are unconsciously perpetuating an old-world custom connected with belief in the efficacy of the magical circle to protect us against evil spirits.

Then, turning the horse's head away from the direction of Fazarah, he struck him on the flank with a holly-stick, and the horse took the road towards the pastures, and finally entered his stable, all covered with blood.

The Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn Drelincourt Book on Death Fenton, Geoffrey Tragical Discourses Fuller, Thomas Garnett, Richard The Poison Maid Gesta Romanorum, The Hardy, Thomas (1840)

TO FROST HOLLY-LEAVES, for garnishing and decorating Dessert and Supper Dishes.

1545.INGREDIENTS.Sprigs of holly, oiled butter, coarsely-powdered sugar.

Procure some nice sprigs of holly; pick the leaves from the stalks, and wipe them with a clean cloth free from all moisture; then place them on a dish near the fire, to get thoroughly dry, but not too near to shrivel the leaves; dip them into oiled butter, sprinkle over them some coarsely-powdered sugar, and dry them before the fire.

The leaves of the laurel, bay, holly, or any shrub green in winter, are suitable for garnishing dessert dishes.

We gave them names according as they was like men we had known in IndiaBilly Fish, Holly Dilworth, Pikky Kergan, that was Bazar-master when I was at Mhow, and so on, and so on.

The plate which Captain Renfrew had set before his guest was a delicate dawn pink ringed with a wreath of holly.

When the Scottish Muse proudly placed on his brow the holly wreath, she happily emphasized two of his conspicuous qualities,his love and mirth, when she said: "I saw thee eye the gen'ral mirth With boundless love.

Two or three great oaks, pines, walnut, beech, ash, birch, hazel, holly, and sassafras in abundance, and vines everywhere, with cherry- trees, plum-trees, and others which we know not.

There is nothing sentimental or lachrymose in it; but it is warm and seasonable, and done up in a holly-green binding, it is all over old Christmas.

For several hours, our path led up and down stony ridges, covered with thickets of oak and holly, and with wild cherry, pear, and olive-trees.

Bragg's Raid into Kentucky.%The Confederate line which in January, 1862, had passed across Kentucky had thus by June been driven southward to Chattanooga, Iuka, and Holly Springs.

Iuka and Corinth.%While Bragg was raiding Kentucky, Generals Price at Iuka and Van Dorn at Holly Springs, knowing that Grant's army had been greatly weakened by sending troops to Buell, prepared to attack Corinth.

Without noticing this penetration of his disguise, the rustler turned and spoke to the nearest of his companions: "Spark Holly, how was it?" "I seen 'em both and heard 'em talking," was the prompt response of the individual appealed to.

But there was one among the four with the cunning of a fox; he was Spark Holly, who had located the inspector when in front of the house.

At the moment Cadmus was brought up all standing, as may be said, Holly stood so far to one side that he was not in the young man's field of vision.

The instant, however, Fred Whitney turned his back on the rustlers, Holly saw his opportunity.

Shrewd enough to do this clever thing, Spark Holly was too cautious to spoil it by allowing his movement to be observed.

Holly lost no time in dodging behind the structure, moving with the stealth of an Indian in the stillness of the night.

He noticed the guarded movement of Spark Holly at the moment Whitney entered his home, and he needed no one to tell him what it meant.

The foxy Holly, at a whispered word from Inman, darted around the end of the building and entered the stables.

Spark Holly returned to the party in front and made his report.

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As if that candle-lit tableau, somehow holy and somehow abominable, were not for the eyes of one of them, the face of Daniel, the wedded husband, had been turned to the wall.

And you believe it's a holy war, Editha?"

Yes, we've had a meeting at the town-hall, and everybody has volunteered; and they selected me for captain, and I'm going to the war, the big war, the glorious war, the holy war ordained by the pocket Providence that blesses butchery.

Cast our Caps and cares away: this is Beggars Holy-day, At the Crowning of our King, thus we ever dance and sing.

Go get some victuals, and some drink, some good drink; For this day we'll keep holy to good fortune, Come, and be frolick with us.

As that thou holdst most holy.

Her mind is ten times sweeter, ten times nobler, And but to hear her speak, a Paradise, And such a love she bears to me, a chaste love, A vertuous, fair, and fruitful love: 'tis now too I am ready to enjoy it; the Priest ready, Clause, To say the holy words shall make us happy, This is a cruelty beyond mans study, All these are ready, all our joyes are ready, And all the expectation of our friends, 'Twill be her death to do it.

Enter Clorin a shepherdess, having buried her Love in an Arbour. Hail, holy Earth, whose cold Arms do imbrace The truest man that ever fed his flocks By the fat plains of fruitful Thessaly, Thus I salute thy Grave, thus do I pay My early vows, and tribute of mine eyes To thy still loved ashes; thus I free

Now we have done this holy Festival In honour of our great God, and his rites Perform'd, prepare your selves for chaste

O do not wrong my honest simple truth, My self and my affections are as pure As those chaste flames that burn before the shrine Of the great Dian: only my intent To draw you thither, was to plight our troths, With enterchange of mutual chaste embraces, And ceremonious tying of our selves: For to that holy wood is consecrate

Alexis, when the sun shall kiss the Sea, Taking his rest by the white Thetis side, Meet in the holy wood, where I'le abide Thy coming, Shepherd. Alex.

Oh the choice Of dear embraces, chast and holy strains Our hands shall give!

Daphnis, I do desire, since we are met So happily, our lives and fortunes set Upon one stake, to give assurance now, By interchange of hands and holy vow, Never to break again: walk you that way Whilest I in zealous meditation stray

Well, Thrice with powerful Magick spell, Fill'd with many a baleful word, Thou hast been dipt; thus with my cord Of blasted Hemp, by Moon-light twin'd, I do thy sleepy body bind; I turn thy head into the East, And thy feet into the West, Thy left arm to the South put forth, And thy right unto the North: I take thy body from the ground, In this deep and deadly swound, And into this holy spring I let thee slide down by my string.

Take this Maid thou holy pit, To thy bottom, nearer yet, In thy water pure and sweet, By thy leave I dip her feet; Thus I let her lower yet, That her ankles may be wet; Yet down lower, let her knee

Snakes that cast your coats for new, Camelions that alter hue, Hares that yearly Sexes change, Proteus alt'ring oft and strange, Hecate with shapes three, Let this Maiden changed be, With this holy water wet, To the shape of Amoret: Cynthia work thou with my charm, Thus I draw thee free from harm Up out of this blessed Lake, Rise both like her and awake.

Well, Which they have blest with many a powerful Spell; For never Traveller in dead of Night, Nor strayed Beasts have faln in, but when sight Hath fail'd them, then their right way they have found By help of them, so holy is the ground:

Forbear to touch my Love, or by yon flame, The greatest power that Shepherds dare to name, Here where thou sit'st under this holy tree Her to dishonour, thou shalt buried be.

From my banks I pluck this flower With holy hand, whose vertuous power Is at once to heal and draw.

Immortal power, that rul'st this holy flood, I know my self unworthy to be woo'd By thee a god: for e're this, but for thee I should have shown my weak Mortalitie: Besides, by holy Oath betwixt us twain, I am betroath'd unto a Shepherd swain, Whose comely face, I know the gods above May make me leave to see, but not to love.

Thanks Virgin, I must down again, Thy wound will put thee to no pain: Wonder not so soon 'tis gone: A holy hand was laid upon.

the holy well Flung her, for ever with the waves to dwell.

"We will not dwell on the ordinary topics,on the progress of civilization, on the advance of freedom everywhere, on the rights and requirements of the nineteenth century; but we appeal to you very seriously to reflect and to ask counsel of God how far such a state of things is in accordance with His Holy Word, the inalienable rights of immortal souls, and the pure and merciful spirit of the Christian religion.

And there were others who had wandered by that sea of Galilee, and fished in the waters of the Holy Land, and with them Fishin' Jimmy dearly loved to talk.

It was there, too, that holy Paul came to land, when journeying a prisoner to Rome.

Do we say   holly   or  holy