39 examples of holsters in sentences

I drew an undischarged pistol from my holsters, and laying myself along my horse's neck, watched him, expecting to be the next victim; but something frightened him from his vulture-like business, and he fled in another direction.

" "Our horses had the bridle on their necks, and I put my hands to the holsters of my saddle to draw out my pistols.

In that house Peter Walker decided upon sojourning luxuriously for that night, at least, if he had to draw a check upon his holsters for it.

" Silent glanced at his weapons, cursed softly, and restored them to the holsters.

They led the eight horses back into the edge of the timber and tied them there, took their rifles from the leather holsters, and each was careful to put a sixth cartridge in the chamber of his weapon.

Each man has a saddle horse fully rigged with California saddle, cantinas, holsters, etc., and has furnished a pack horse for transportation of provisions, ammunition and blankets.

The silly boy had taken his pistols from his holsters when he had camped for the night.

Then I searched his holsters and his sabre-tasche.

Then I put them back in the holsters, and I examined my little mare, she jerking her head and cocking her ears the while, as if to tell me that an old soldier like herself did not make a fuss about a scratch or two.

' We dug the hole, and placing the papers in one of my pistol holsters to screen them from the damp, we laid them at the bottom and covered them up.

His sword had been removed, and his pistols were still in the holsters beside his unfortunate horse.

"The horseman evinced no disposition to comply with this arbitrary requisition, but deliberately drew pistol from his holsters and endeavored to urge his horse through the ranks of his opponents.

" The leader looked savagely at the young man; but seeing that his demeanor and that of his followers was resolute, that they carried pistols at their holsters and heavy swords, and deeming that nothing but hard knocks would come of an attack upon them, he surlily bade his company follow him, and rode on his way again.

Harry repressed his inclination to place his hand on his pistols, which he had on alighting from his horse taken from the holsters and placed in his belt.

Their new master rode in front of them, while behind rode his overseer, with pistols at his holsters, and a long whip in his hand.

The saddle was à la Hussarde with holsters, in which he always carried pistols.

The pistols flashed from José's holsters, and one of the churriones fell the next moment with a bullet in his brain.

Bad from the soles of his misshapen boots to the baggy chaperajos, to the bulging holsters at his hips, to the gleaming cartridge belt around his waist, to the soft green flannel shirt, to the red silk handkerchief about his throat, to the dark unshaven face, to the drink-reddened nose, to the mere slits of eyes, to the upturned sombrero that crowned the shock of wiry hair; bad in detail, in ensemble, was this inebriate cowman, bad.

To the fact that they were lying on their field-glasses, holsters, swords, and water- bottles they appeared indifferent.

Empty holsters.

Empty holsters.

June 6, "By Covering my Holsters," £0.7.6; "By a Cersingle," £0.7.6; "By 5 BooksMilitary," £1.12.0.

"Keep your revolvers loose in the holsters, men," the Master added, as Bara Miyan gestured toward the slowly opening entrance of the citadela massive door as all doors seemed in Jannati Shahr; a door of gold reinforced with huge teak beams.

" "I have two pistols in my holsters," said Lira, with a smile.

From his holsters Barry drew two revolvers.

39 examples of  holsters  in sentences