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270 example sentences with  holsters

270 example sentences with holsters

Before I could do anything at all, they had seized my revolvers from the holsters, and I received a blow on the head from a tomahawk which nearly rendered me senseless.

There was a tin cup in the holster under the invalid's head.

"You have a gun there in your holster.

At this Donnegan's protector shifted his belt so that the holster came a little more forward on his thigh.

It was near the holster, as Donnegan noticed.

And as he spoke he slipped on a belt at which a heavy holster tugged down on one side, and buckled it around him.

Gents that handle their guns like they was born with a holster on the hip."

At that the blackness cleared slowly on the face of the big man; he thrust his revolver into the holster.

"The gun in that holster ain't loaded," he said.

He touched the holster that held his empty gunand waited!

But in the crisis, automatically Donnegan flipped his useless revolver out of its holster and into his hand.

It was in his holster in the tent.

The pistol from the holster, if you please, Mademoiselle."

Anderson arrived with his best pair of guns in his holsters, for the sheriff was a two-gun man of the best variety.

He emerged strapping a belt about him, the holster tugging far down, so that the muzzle of the gun was almost at his knee.

They were armed with loaded pistols, while Robert, though he had weapons in his holsters, was out of powder.

Racey let his gun and holster fall up-and-down, but he did not remove his hand from the gunbutt.

All my life had been spent in these peaceful surroundings, and now, here I was with a spirited horse between my knees, two pistols peeping out of my holsters, and a commission upon which my whole future might depend, to arrest the most redoubtable conspirator in France.

That last came out with a snap, and the revolver of Quade flicked out of its holster with a convulsive jerk of the big man's wrist.

Suddenly he turned back to the lounge and belted on his revolver and holster.

There was a silence as Howland slipped his weapon back into its holster.

He had thrust his revolver into its holster and now again for an instant he held Meleese close in his arms.

I drew an undischarged pistol from my holsters, and laying myself along my horse's neck, watched him, expecting to be the next victim; but something frightened him from his vulture-like business, and he fled in another direction.

" "Our horses had the bridle on their necks, and I put my hands to the holsters of my saddle to draw out my pistols."

In that house Peter Walker decided upon sojourning luxuriously for that night, at least, if he had to draw a check upon his holsters for it.

Silent glanced at his weapons, cursed softly, and restored them to the holsters.

The pistol is not carried in the hand but in the holster, therefore when armed with the pistol salute with the hand.

1 pistol holster.

Our Greek jerked both pistols from his holsters, and fired them into the air, as we reined up on the steep.

Both drew their guns from their holsters and lowered them till the barrels lay even with the trousers seams.

They led the eight horses back into the edge of the timber and tied them there, took their rifles from the leather holsters, and each was careful to put a sixth cartridge in the chamber of his weapon.

And he loosened the revolver in its holster.

Each gun in turn he placed in the holster and then jerked it out, spinning it on the trigger guard around his second finger, while his left hand shot diagonally across his body and "fanned" the hammer.

This he slipped into the holster and carried the rest of his apparatus back to the closet from which he had taken it.

"Western manners," she said, "mean first not to doubt a man till he tries to double-cross you, and not to trust him till he saves your life; to keep your gun inside the leather till you're backed up against the wall, and then to start shootin' as soon as the muzzle is past the holster.

The girl was no more excited than one of her Eastern cousins would have been over a game of bridge, and the man in the most matter-of-fact manner, was slipping another cartridge into the cylinder of the revolver, which he then restored to the holster.

But when Nash stepped across the room behind Bard, the latter turned and was busy with the folding of his blankets at the foot of his bunk, his face toward the cowpuncher and when Bard, slipping off his belt, fumbled at his holster, Nash was instantly busy with the cleaning of his own gun.

An instant more Bard swam with the revolver poised above the water, but he caught no glimpse of Nash; so he restored it with some difficulty to the holster, and gave all his attention and strength to helping the horse through the water, swimming with one hand and kicking vigorously with his feet.

Lawlor stretched both arms wide, shifted his belt, loosened his gun in the holster for the fiftieth time, and exhaled a long breath.

So the meal went on, and the only sign, to the most experienced eye, was that the chairs were placed a little far back from the edge of the table, a most necessary condition when men may have to rise rapidly or get at their holsters for a quick draw.

Holster seems pretty small to me."

She restored the gun to her holster and looked steadily at him; he felt a certain shock in countering her glance.

Each man has a saddle horse fully rigged with California saddle, cantinas, holsters, etc., and has furnished a pack horse for transportation of provisions, ammunition and blankets.

The silly boy had taken his pistols from his holsters when he had camped for the night.

Then I searched his holsters and his sabre-tasche.

Then I put them back in the holsters, and I examined my little mare, she jerking her head and cocking her ears the while, as if to tell me that an old soldier like herself did not make a fuss about a scratch or two.

We dug the hole, and placing the papers in one of my pistol holsters to screen them from the damp, we laid them at the bottom and covered them up.

And this pistol belongs in a leather holster that I found in Mr. Kittredge's room.

With this he produced the holster and the pistol and laid them before the judge.

He always kept it in a certain drawer, she noticed it there a few days ago, but yesterday it was gone and the holster was empty."

Upon this, the black rider said no more; but dismounted quietly, although he had pistols in his holsters; and Conrad, immediately taking the portmanteau from the horse's back, was so eager to be sure of the contents, that he drew his knife, and cut the fastenings on the spot.

At each holster was a large dangling black bag, and a gaily coloured red-slashed blanket was rolled up at the back of his saddle.

His sword had been removed, and his pistols were still in the holsters beside his unfortunate horse.

"The horseman evinced no disposition to comply with this arbitrary requisition, but deliberately drew pistol from his holsters and endeavored to urge his horse through the ranks of his opponents.

Even Henkel, Hartmann, and Von Steegman hauled out their pistols from their belt holsters and fired for all they were worth.

The leader looked savagely at the young man; but seeing that his demeanor and that of his followers was resolute, that they carried pistols at their holsters and heavy swords, and deeming that nothing but hard knocks would come of an attack upon them, he surlily bade his company follow him, and rode on his way again.

Harry repressed his inclination to place his hand on his pistols, which he had on alighting from his horse taken from the holsters and placed in his belt.

Their new master rode in front of them, while behind rode his overseer, with pistols at his holsters, and a long whip in his hand.

The saddle was à la Hussarde with holsters, in which he always carried pistols.

The pistols flashed from José's holsters, and one of the churriones fell the next moment with a bullet in his brain.

I took the saddle, holsters, and bridle from poor Voltigeur, and I concealed them among some bushes, so that no one finding him could know that he was a French horse.

Out into the open, away from the others, rode Scotchman McPherson; halted, his hand on the holster at his hip.

Again it was Landor who roused them, Landor with his hand on the holster at his hip, Landor who sat staring as one who doubts his own sight.

Bad from the soles of his misshapen boots to the baggy chaperajos, to the bulging holsters at his hips, to the gleaming cartridge belt around his waist, to the soft green flannel shirt, to the red silk handkerchief about his throat, to the dark unshaven face, to the drink-reddened nose, to the mere slits of eyes, to the upturned sombrero that crowned the shock of wiry hair; bad in detail, in ensemble, was this inebriate cowman, bad.

"Make a move, damn you,"one of the revolvers had returned to its holster, the free hand was upon the bolt,"and I'll drop you, every cursed one of you, in your tracks.

With a jerk, the door opened wide, and like a flash the hand returned to the holster.

Every savage instinct in his brain was clamouring for freedom, clamouring until his free hand was clenched tight to keep it from the bulging holster behind his right hip.

At his hip, a heavy Colt revolver hung in its worn holster from a full, loosely buckled, cartridge belt.

But, never-the-less, as she spoke, she went back to the porch; where Myra Willard handed her a belt of cartridges, with a serviceable Colt revolver in the holster.

There was no hint of awkwardness when the girl buckled the belt about her waist and settled the holster in its place at her hip.

"I see," returned Sibyl, slipping her gun in its holster and stepping forward beside her companion.

He arose, facing her, and throwing open his coat, touched the butt of a Colt forty-five that hung in a shoulder holster under his left armpit.

Without an instant's hesitation, Aaron King unbuckled the belt that held his weapon and, turning, tossed it behind him, with the gun still in its holster.

With it was a belt and holster, the former filled with cartridges.

His crazy fingers tried to unbutton the clasp of the belt and holster.

To the fact that they were lying on their field-glasses, holsters, swords, and water- bottles they appeared indifferent.

<pb id='443.png' /> Empty holsters.

The Law's in your holster.

<pb id='443.png' /> Empty holsters.

The Law's in your holster.

in condensed form in Double action western, July 1949 as The Law's in your holster, by Cliff Campbell, pseud.

June 6, "By Covering my Holsters," £0.7.6; "By a Cersingle," £0.7.6; "By 5 BooksMilitary," £1.12.0.

Both master and groom wore their pistols in their holsters.

The horse he bought, and the outfit, from the silver-trimmed saddle and bridle to the rawhide riata hanging coiled upon one side of the narrow fork and the ivory-handled Colt's revolver tucked snugly in its holster upon the other side.

Jack and the boy he moved farther from the entrance, and took up his own position where his sharp eyes commanded every inch of the interior and where the gun which he drew from its holster and rested upon his knee could speak its deadly rebuke to any man there if, in the upholding of justice, the Captain deemed it necessary.

Jack leaned againthis time to snatch the ivory-handled revolver from the holster on Dade's saddle.

At his saddle hung a carbine, and his holsters were not empty.

The Master loosened his revolver in its holster.

"Keep your revolvers loose in the holsters, men," the Master added, as Bara Miyan gestured toward the slowly opening entrance of the citadela massive door as all doors seemed in Jannati Shahr; a door of gold reinforced with huge teak beams.

"Captain Alden" whipped her pistol from its holster, not a fraction of a second before the Master's leaped into his hand.

Cecile and Sammy hastened up, bearing in their arms the slim war-hatchets, cased in holsters of bright-beaded hide, and we took our weapons and started, piloted by Harry through the door, and across the shady, unkempt lawn to the stockade gate.

Coronado made a sign to show that his pistols were in his holsters; and the Apache responded by dropping his lance and slinging his bow over his shoulder.

" "I have two pistols in my holsters," said Lira, with a smile.

It is astonishing enough, to one who has bought even one Russian belt set with turquoise enamel, to think of all the trappings of a horsebit, bridle, saddle-girth, saddlecloth, and all, made of cloth of gold and set in solid turquoise enamel; with the sword hilt, scabbard, belts, pistol handle and holster made of the same.

From his holsters Barry drew two revolvers.

I have never braided leather, but I have made a few of my own holsters over the years, all hand stitched with waxed linen thread.

It said the items included two different types of pistols; a Walther PPS pistol serial numbered AK5810 with 15 rounds and a Springfield Armory XD-9 pistol serial numbered XD883001) and two pistol holsters.

We never know where to look first, but we often head straight for the apparel section, where fun woven totes sit alongside embroidered clothing, leather holsters, striped blankets, and gorgeous hand-tooled purses.

HP was the only vendor to supply a screen protector (a clear plastic flip cover); others relied on holsters, which aren’t much use in a purse.

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