63 examples of homecoming in sentences

I would make Mine ancient enemies laugh for joy, and bring On these Greek ships a bitter homecoming.

An homecoming that striveth ever more And cometh to no home.

Delafield looked better to the homecoming salesman than it had to the boy coming back from college.

A score or more of stout fellows had abided in the forest, with Friar Tuck, to make ready for the homecoming, but all the rest were gone either with Robin Hood or Little John.

Fra Giulio had been the victim taken in his stead; upon Fra Paolo's last homecoming to the convent the loving, fatherly greeting had failed him.

But I lost all delight in my homecoming when I went to the hill overlooking Glen Doone, and saw that the stone was covered with a mantle.

Now M. Zola (as I have already mentioned) did not wish for a homecoming of that kind.

It was dark news for a homecoming.

Alma and her child in a cornfield, listening to bells ringing for Cyril's homecoming with his bride.

Mother's room was right across the hall, and it looked so lonesome; and I couldn't help remembering how different this homecoming was from the one in Boston, six months ago.

Let me show you the homecoming of a Scottish soldier, back from the trenches on leave.

Ma at the homecoming.

Homecoming; an autobiography.

Me at the homecoming.

<pb id='424.png' n='1972h2/A/3847' /> Homecoming.

Homecoming for Henry.

Casanova's homecoming.

PAUL, EDEN, tr. Casanova's homecoming.

<pb id='357.png' /> SCHINNERER, OTTO P. Casanova's homecoming.

Casanova's homecoming.

Homecoming; an autobiography.


Tarzan's homecoming.

A great depression seized upon him and made him quite indifferent to the little pleasures of homecoming; of seeing the grass green and velvety and hearing the familiar notes of the meadow-larks and the curlews.

Though the cares of war prevented his watching their property interests, his eight years' absence could not make him forget them, and on his way to Annapolis, in 1783, to tender Congress his resignation, he spent sundry hours of his time in the purchase of gifts obviously intended to increase the joy of his homecoming to the family circle at Mount Vernon; set forth in his note-book as follows: "By Sundries bo't.

63 examples of  homecoming  in sentences