Do we say homely or homey

homely 1091 occurrences

He concludes this entry with an allusion to the homely and even hard manner of life to which many of these were accustomed.

Thus have I dragged on for some weeks, postponing, as it were, my existence, without any resource, save the homely philosophy of "nous verrons demain.

I looked very attentively upon this kind homely Benefactor, and forgive me, Mr. SPECTATOR, if I own to you I took him for your self.

It is as if I, being accustomed to the homely stew, were taken to-day to His Eminence's table.

She was skilled in domestic matters and accustomed to rise at dawn to attend to her household affairs, not permitting her art to interfere with the more homely duties of her life.

If he had drifted from any shock of pain into a sleep like death, some of the stillness hung about him yet; but the outer life was homely and fresh and natural.

So the homely live charity of these women, their work, which, no other hands were ready to take, jarred against his abstract theory, and irritated him, as an obstinate fact always does run into the hand of a man who is determined to clutch the very heart of a matter.

how homely, yet how refined!

Worthy, homely old folksjust in your line.' To Bessie's relief, she perceived that this was wholly unheard by her father and mother.

Susan Merrifield's influence has done more for our young women than the best class teaching could do.' 'Oh, but the Merrifields are all so BORNES and homely; they stand in the way of all culture.'

The rhymes so homely in attire With learned ears may ill agree, 30 But chanted by your Orphan Quire Will make a touching melody.

15 To Jane, his wife, Thus spake the homely Priest of Ennerdale.

The Vicar did not hear the words: and now, He pointed towards his dwelling-place, entreating That Leonard would partake his homely fare: 435 The other thanked him with an earnest voice; But added, that, the evening being calm, He would pursue his journey.

An air of homely jollity and comfort seemed to pervade the place; the ruddy afternoon sun lit up the small-paned windows with as cheerful a glow as that which in winter was reflected from the roaring fire piled by old Jack half up the wide chimney; the very Thornleigh lion of the imposing sign seemed to lean confidentially on his toe and to grin affably, as though to assure the passers-by of the good cheer within.

" "Tis wonderful to hear you takin' up wi' that homely talk," said Mrs. Whiteside, with a laugh, as she set a crusty loaf upon the table.

"It'd seem real homely in here," he remarked.

I'm as homely as a hedge fence, and my record is dotted with marriages worse than a 'Pache outbreak with corpses and burning homes.

And you do not need to fear him; he's intelligent and fair; Hidden 'neath his homely garments, knife nor dagger does he wear.

The homely enjoyment of that evening was very welcome to her after the trying scenes through which she had passed.

She feared the noisy people in the streets; and, turning timidly towards an old citizen who stood by his garden-gate, chatting to his housekeeper, and watching the passers-bythere was a kindness in his look which gave her confidenceso, with a homely courtesy, she ventured to inquire of him where she might find a decent resting-place.

" "Fear not, my beloved," replied the knight, "Richard is homely enough, and all good nature.

I had expected (the more shame for me, having no other ground of such expectation than that she was a literary woman) to see a very homely, uncouth, elderly personage, and was quite agreeably disappointed by her aspect.

Amongst the more than a score of prisoners were several women, all of whom were old hags with the exception of one, who was really good looking considering that she wore the same homely, gray homespun dress and black shawl that did service for headwear, worn by all the women of her sect.

Shoulder to shoulder with him rose the queer, raw-boned, ramshackle frame of the Illinoisan, draped in the artless handiwork of a prairie tailor, surmounted by the rugged, homely face.

* * Home-made by the homely daughters.

homey 12 occurrences

It was with a sense of relief that she heard the door close, shutting her in with familiar, homey objects and faces, opposing its barrier against the wilderness and a man who was a part of the wilderness.

For the hungry to get to, that old cookie jar. Let the house be a mansion, I care not at all! Let the finest of pictures be hung on each wall, Let the carpets be made of the richest velour, And the chairs only those which great wealth can procure, I'd still want to keep for the joy of my flock That homey, old-fashioned, well-filled cookie crock.

Do you need reminding to eat out?" "Homey Joe," he said.

Not much space left, Oliver thought, but much more homey.

I told her how hard I tried to be Mary all the way up to Andersonville and after I got there; and how then I found out, all of a sudden one day, that father had got ready for Marie, and he didn't want me to be Mary, and that was why he had got Cousin Grace and the automobile and the geraniums in the window, and, oh, everything that made it nice and comfy and homey.

A homey looking place

He turned again and again, pleased by the orderly rows of red-brick-with-white-trim houses, homey-looking places in spite of their smallness and close setting.

In spite of the rich furnishings it had a cozy, homey atmosphere of being used from one end to the other, and no guest, however humble, ever felt awkward or out of place there.

If the houseboat is built with the accent on the first syllable, as it ought to be, the homey feeling comes quickly to the family group aboard.

" It was good, regular soldier talk, very "homey" to me.

It's a nice, rich name, just as my Turkey-red curtains make a warm, homey-looking room.

"I must have it look homey, Katefor reasons.

Do we say   homely   or  homey