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Do we say   homely   or  homey

Do we say homely or homey

homely 1091 occurrences

Let men laugh, if they will, at his overalls and plough, his wide-brimmed hat, his simple manners, and his homely, racy speech.

She was a homely little woman with nothing of the ordinary Musgrave comeliness.

And Miss Musgrave, you may be sure, forgave him promptly; and afterwardwith a bit of pride and an infinity of love in her kind, homely face,her eyes followed him out of the garden on his way to open the Library.

"The idea of calling a homely girl a gold brick!

It is to those who seek only peace and a quiet life that adventures fall; the homely merchant, jogging with his pack train, finds the enchanted forest and the sleeping princess; and Saul, busily searching for his father's asses, stumbles upon a kingdom.

That day I was not ashamed of my plain clothes or my homely face, for they suited well with the road.

There was not a homely way he had of showing his unutterable pride and love for his little girl that did not wring her very soul.

A million of them is not worth one of those sober flowers of homely growth where use has by chance, as it were, blossomed into beauty.

One would have said that he was interested personally in each and every one of us, from the questions he asked concerning our having organized a company of Minute Boys, how we had been drilled, and such like homely matters.

The dignity, the essential refinement and intelligencefor all their homely speechof these solidly built, strong-faced women, in the central districts of France, is still what it was when George Sand drew her Berri peasants, nearly a hundred years ago.

Rough and homely as his words are, there is a strength, a majesty, and a terrible earnestness in them, which it is good to listen to; and specially good now that Advent draws near, and we have to think of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and what His coming means.

[Illustration: A CORNER OF ROMNEY MARSH] Take Appledore, for instance, with its fine old church, with its air of the fourteenth century and its beautiful old ivy grown tower, once a port they say, on the verge of the Marsh; what could be more nobly simple and homely?

And from within she seems not less complete, a thing wholly ancient, delightful, with a picturesque and yet homely beauty that is the child of ancientness.

Only those who have stood as Patricia Doyle stood that morning and viewed the sublime masterpiece of Nature can realize what those homely words, "The Grand Canyon" mean.

I have a little cabin there, small and homely; but you shall be welcome to it.

His style is everywhere beautiful, but plain and homely.

So far from poetry tiring me because religious, I can read, and I say it seriously, the homely old version of the Psalms in our Prayer-books for an hour or two together sometimes, without sense of weariness.

Plays, too, we'll see,perhaps our own; Urbani Sylvani and Sylvan Urbanuses in turns; courtiers for a sport, then philosophers; old, homely tell-truths and learn-truths in the virtuous shades of Enfield, liars again and mocking gibers in the coffee-houses and resorts of London.

When Helena heard this unkind command, she replied, "Sir, I can nothing say to this, but that I am your most obedient servant, and shall ever with true observance seek to eke out that desert, wherein my homely stars have failed to equal my great fortunes."

He concludes this entry with an allusion to the homely and even hard manner of life to which many of these were accustomed.

The opposite, or western half of the edifice, was devoted to more homely uses.

I think I have a photo somewhere, not a very good one, but enough to show how homely he was....

But my heart smites me with ingratitude toward some kindly memories as I write thatmemories of homely welcome, simple and touching and dignified.

She had above everything the rare art of writing about homely and familiar matters unboringly.

The delicate purple bells of the vine upon the trellis stirred in the evening breeze, making a shimmer of perfume and color about her, like a suggestion of an aureole; and in the arbor, as in one of those homely shrines which everywhere make part of the Venetian life, she seemed aloof as some ideal of an earlier Christian age from the restless, voluble group upon the tiny quay.

But what the heavens assign, that do I still think best: My fame was never yet by Fortune's frown opprest: Here, therefore, will I rest in this my homely bower, With patience to abide the storms of every shower.

Well, though my singing be but homely, Chill sing and spring[390] too, ere chud loose money.

When his friends returned they were amazed by his tale, but the one who had as yet given nothing now gave Hassan a lump of lead picked up in the street, saying: "Good luck shall come of homely lead, where gold profits nothing.

Thus with simple, homely music, and conversation always cheerful and sometimes brilliant, slipped away one of the pleasantest evenings of my life, and slipped away all too soon.

Those few days of companionable labour in the reading-room, with the homely hospitalities of the milk-shop and the pleasant walks homeward through the friendly London streets, had called into existence a new worlda world in which the gracious personality of Ruth Bellingham was the one dominating reality.

He was always talking with such as the skin-dressers and leather-dealers, using homely language for his illustrations, and uttering plain truths.

Though plain, practical, and even homely in his conversation, he was not utilitarian.

This was in 1848, and about this time a plain, homely, broad-hearted "Lancashire chap," named Thomas Haworth, a block printer by trade, and living in the neighbourhood of Accrington, who had taken to preaching in his spare time, was "invited" to supply the Vauxhall-road pulpit.

Her brain gave way, and then came that terrible spectacle, The intellectual power, through words and things, Went sounding on its dim and perilous way, she sang bits of old songs and Psalms, stopping suddenly, mingling the Psalms of David and the diviner words of his Son and Lord, with homely odds and ends and scraps of ballads.

Mr. Harmon says she's too homely to live; now what do you think?" "I think nobody pretending to be a mother could turn her back on another mother like that," said Mrs. Carey promptly.

He was now seated in a homely armchair, and was able to converse.

The "Hous of Fame" is one of Chaucer's unfinished poems, having the rare combination of lofty thought and simple, homely language, showing the influence of the great Italian master.

The uneducated Lincoln speaks in simple, homely words, draws his illustrations from the farm, and often adds a humorous story, so apt and "telling" that his hearers can never forget the point of his argument.

In his second period, however, Cowper uses blank verse freely; and his delight in nature and in homely characters, like the teamster and the mail carrier of The Task, shows that his classicism is being rapidly thawed out by romantic feeling.

I like to go to operas and concerts, but there are queer little old homely sounds that are better than music to me.

It contains strongly-drawn characters, dramatic incidents, a most interesting story, and some homely native humor.

And what pleased me as much as anything was to find all mighty civil to Mollnearly all offering her a Christmas box of fresh eggs, honey, and such homely produce, which she received with the most pretty, winning grace, that went home to every heart, so that the hardest faces were softened with a glow of contentment and admiration.

My Lord, I feare I trouble you too long: Wilt please your Lordships taste th[e]is homely cates? Corn.

what I pleased, if comely; But something scriptural and homely: A sober Piece, not gay or wanton, For winter fire-sides to descant on; The theme so scrupulously handled, A Quaker might look on unscandal'd; Such as might satisfy Ann Knight, And classic Mitford just not fright.

Old homely tell-truths and learn-truths in the virtuous shades of Enfield, Liars again and mocking gibers in the coffee houses & resorts of London.

My sister's verses are homely, but just what they should be; I send them, not for the poetry, but the good sense and good-will of them.

Nothing can be done for B. but to reprint the old cuts in as homely but good a style as possible.

But, to my eye, the finest woman of the three is the dishevelled young person embracing the bed-post; for she stays at home herself, and gives her time and taste to making homely people fine,which is a waste of good material, and an imposition on the public.

She flew to Port Louis, careless on this occasion of appearing in her homely garment.

On the contrary, Defoe portrayed in terse and homely phrases the follies and affectations of the dumb man's fair clients.

You wouldn't have me refuse his mother anything we've got, would you?" Jane Miller walked back to the house with tears in her eyes, but her homely sallow face was transfigured by love as she went about her work, thinking to herself, "There never was such a man's Reuben, anyhow.

His bony, homely, good old face seemed singularly peaceful, as if satisfied with the reward at his journey's end.

The dress of the female peasantry, however, is unpleasing to the eye and so uncouth, that it would make the most beautiful women appear homely.

The Pastrokoffs, coupled with the vivacious Madame Barbara Pastokova and her husband, were among the most homely and interesting people it was my pleasure to meet in the Urals.

"If the palace be so homely, what can the poor folks' houses be like?" MR.

Captain Ben had retired during the depression to that rocky hillside and made a homely paradise of gardens and fruit trees.

There was a run on pickled pork, on brawn canned in Cincinnati, on soap, molasses, and lard; while at least four customers demanded rock brimstone, flour of sulphur, or some other variety of that valuable but homely remedy common to every back-country store.

How would men look forward to it, and old men, who had beheld its wonders, tell the story to their children, how once all the homely trees became beautiful, and earth was covered with freshness and new growth!

"Rather a forbidding exterior," remarked Thorndyke, as he inserted the latchkey, "but it is homely enough inside.

We got two new gingham dresses, very plain and homely, and a pair of horrid, thick low shoes.

He did not even stir until I said how at the last she bought me the homely shoes and the plain dark suit so I could go as Mary, and be Mary when Aunt Jane first saw me get off the train.

He is a great deal older than I, and I never thought that anybody so homely and awkward as he could suppose" "Jingle, jingle, jingle," and that was all I heard.

Eleanor's words in the sleigh still rang in my ears: "I never thought that anybody so homely and awkward could suppose"No, I must not "suppose."

He provided me with abundant store of the homely food already alluded to.

We do not fear either skeptical demur or direct contradiction, when we assert that the imagination is as much the medium of the homely Ostade, as of the refined Raffaelle.

The subject itself we may venture to hope, though a little homely, is not without interest, and certainly not unimportant.

When Luke describes his rabbits as nesh things, and Mrs. Jerome says little gells should be seen and not heard, and Tommy Trounsom mentions his readiness to pick up a chanch penny, we are brought closer to the homely life of these people.

She accepts Dante as a genuine realist, for "he is at once the most precise and homely in his reproduction of actual objects, and the most soaringly at large in his imaginative combinations."

Adventure was necessary to Scott; he could not have transfigured the plain and homely with beauty as George Eliot has done.

Thus have I dragged on for some weeks, postponing, as it were, my existence, without any resource, save the homely philosophy of "nous verrons demain.

I looked very attentively upon this kind homely Benefactor, and forgive me, Mr. SPECTATOR, if I own to you I took him for your self.

It is as if I, being accustomed to the homely stew, were taken to-day to His Eminence's table.

She was skilled in domestic matters and accustomed to rise at dawn to attend to her household affairs, not permitting her art to interfere with the more homely duties of her life.

If he had drifted from any shock of pain into a sleep like death, some of the stillness hung about him yet; but the outer life was homely and fresh and natural.

So the homely live charity of these women, their work, which, no other hands were ready to take, jarred against his abstract theory, and irritated him, as an obstinate fact always does run into the hand of a man who is determined to clutch the very heart of a matter.

how homely, yet how refined!

Worthy, homely old folksjust in your line.' To Bessie's relief, she perceived that this was wholly unheard by her father and mother.

Susan Merrifield's influence has done more for our young women than the best class teaching could do.' 'Oh, but the Merrifields are all so BORNES and homely; they stand in the way of all culture.'

The rhymes so homely in attire With learned ears may ill agree, 30 But chanted by your Orphan Quire Will make a touching melody.

15 To Jane, his wife, Thus spake the homely Priest of Ennerdale.

The Vicar did not hear the words: and now, He pointed towards his dwelling-place, entreating That Leonard would partake his homely fare: 435 The other thanked him with an earnest voice; But added, that, the evening being calm, He would pursue his journey.

An air of homely jollity and comfort seemed to pervade the place; the ruddy afternoon sun lit up the small-paned windows with as cheerful a glow as that which in winter was reflected from the roaring fire piled by old Jack half up the wide chimney; the very Thornleigh lion of the imposing sign seemed to lean confidentially on his toe and to grin affably, as though to assure the passers-by of the good cheer within.

" "Tis wonderful to hear you takin' up wi' that homely talk," said Mrs. Whiteside, with a laugh, as she set a crusty loaf upon the table.

"It'd seem real homely in here," he remarked.

On arriving at the cabin where Arthur and Mรขtรข had been lodged, a fire was, with some difficulty, kindled, and our trunks having been brought up from the boat, we were at length able to exchange our drenched garments, and those of the children, for others more comfortable, after which we laid ourselves upon the clean but homely bed, and slept until daylight.

I'm as homely as a hedge fence, and my record is dotted with marriages worse than a 'Pache outbreak with corpses and burning homes.

Iron mining, glass-making, even the homely art of brick-making, and many of the operations of the farm and the dairy, have been advantageously modified by the results of the fruitful labors of modern scientific investigators.

If it was, never before or since has that world-wide and homely emotion been so concealed.

With wholesome poppy-flow'rs, to mend his homely board: For, late returning home, he supp'd at ease, And wisely deem'd the wealth of monarchs less: The little of his own, because his own, did please.

And you do not need to fear him; he's intelligent and fair; Hidden 'neath his homely garments, knife nor dagger does he wear.

The homely enjoyment of that evening was very welcome to her after the trying scenes through which she had passed.

She feared the noisy people in the streets; and, turning timidly towards an old citizen who stood by his garden-gate, chatting to his housekeeper, and watching the passers-bythere was a kindness in his look which gave her confidenceso, with a homely courtesy, she ventured to inquire of him where she might find a decent resting-place.

" "Fear not, my beloved," replied the knight, "Richard is homely enough, and all good nature.

I had expected (the more shame for me, having no other ground of such expectation than that she was a literary woman) to see a very homely, uncouth, elderly personage, and was quite agreeably disappointed by her aspect.

Amongst the more than a score of prisoners were several women, all of whom were old hags with the exception of one, who was really good looking considering that she wore the same homely, gray homespun dress and black shawl that did service for headwear, worn by all the women of her sect.

They were homely folk, thrust up suddenly into high position, but it did not turn their heads.

Shoulder to shoulder with him rose the queer, raw-boned, ramshackle frame of the Illinoisan, draped in the artless handiwork of a prairie tailor, surmounted by the rugged, homely face.

* * Home-made by the homely daughters.

This popular poetry with its simple themes and homely treatment of them is to be found in many countries, and diversity of race is often no bar to strange coincidence in the matter of this poetry.

It was a pleasant, homely scene: and Bernardine, who, felt quite at her ease amongst these people, chatted away with them as though she had known them all her life.

homey 12 occurrences

It was with a sense of relief that she heard the door close, shutting her in with familiar, homey objects and faces, opposing its barrier against the wilderness and a man who was a part of the wilderness.

For the hungry to get to, that old cookie jar. Let the house be a mansion, I care not at all! Let the finest of pictures be hung on each wall, Let the carpets be made of the richest velour, And the chairs only those which great wealth can procure, I'd still want to keep for the joy of my flock That homey, old-fashioned, well-filled cookie crock.

Do you need reminding to eat out?" "Homey Joe," he said.

Not much space left, Oliver thought, but much more homey.

I told her how hard I tried to be Mary all the way up to Andersonville and after I got there; and how then I found out, all of a sudden one day, that father had got ready for Marie, and he didn't want me to be Mary, and that was why he had got Cousin Grace and the automobile and the geraniums in the window, and, oh, everything that made it nice and comfy and homey.

A homey looking place

He turned again and again, pleased by the orderly rows of red-brick-with-white-trim houses, homey-looking places in spite of their smallness and close setting.

In spite of the rich furnishings it had a cozy, homey atmosphere of being used from one end to the other, and no guest, however humble, ever felt awkward or out of place there.

If the houseboat is built with the accent on the first syllable, as it ought to be, the homey feeling comes quickly to the family group aboard.

" It was good, regular soldier talk, very "homey" to me.

It's a nice, rich name, just as my Turkey-red curtains make a warm, homey-looking room.

"I must have it look homey, Katefor reasons.