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94524 example sentences with  homes

94524 example sentences with homes

In other words, the percentage of death and serious injury is said by statisticians to be lower among men habitually traveling than among people who are classed as stay-at-homes, and who seldom take a railroad journey.

It seems to be actuated by a spirit of unrest and a desire for change, so much so that the center of the river bed frequently moves to the right or left so rapidly as to wipe out of existence prosperous farms and homes.

Along its banks there are a number of little Southern homes, few of them boasting of the magnificence of which we often read, but all of them peaceful and attractive.

To-day the taste and labor of wealthy capitalists from East and from West, have lined its fair shores with elegant homes.

But the latter, leaving his fires alight, marched off by night, and returned to Carbo with only seven cohorts; for his troops had mutinied, one legion going off to Ariminum and many men dispersing to their homes.

In the meantime their homes have partly been destroyed and partly occupied by mouhadjirs from Thrace, and by the Kurds who were largely instrumental in butchering them.

He was so angry at them that he at once turned them into swallows, and said, 'From this time forward you will ever be wanderers and your homes will always be made of mud,' and so it has been."

'Birds must take care of their nests, and husbands must work for their homes,' argued Hammond. '

Then receiving the names of the states to which they belonged, he took an account of the captives, distinguishing the number belonging to each people, and sent messengers to their homes, to desire that they would come and take back their respective friends.

They then return to their homes and make their houses triumphant in the flowery spoils.

It seemed to have higher ideals and more definite purposes in life than homes now possess; moreover, it occupied most of the time of the child and taught him to be industrious and proficient, and to regard life with much more seriousness than does the home of to-day.

"Homes are wrecked because families refuse to take home life in religious terms, in social terms of sacrifice and service.

In such homes, organized and conducted to satisfy personal desires rather than to meet social responsibility, these desires become aims rather than agencies and opportunities.

What practical suggestion would you offer to parents to help them to bring control, calm and harmony into their daily livesto make their homes more places of rest and peace?

In what ways are homes often responsible for habits of lying, stealing, profaning the name of God, and other sins? 3.

By what effective means can parents co-operate to check the looseness and rudeness and sinful practice that blight our homes and communities?

Sometimes a crowd of a thousand or two drew one toward the Central Station where bedraggled refugee families, just arrived from Liege, Termonde, Aerschot, and Malines, stood on street corner or wagon top and thrilled the crowd with tales of atrocities and the story of their flight from their burning homes to the south.

We crawled across some temporary beams reconstructed by Belgian engineers, and entered the ruins with a handful of Termonde's citizens who had come back for the first time to see what was left of their homes.

"Isn't it strange," remarked Dick to Henri, as they passed among the tents towards the centre of the village"isn't it strange that them Injuns should be so fond o' fightin', when they've got all they can wanta fine country, lots o' buffalo, an', as far as I can see, happy homes?" "Oui, it is remarkaibel, vraiment.

Big workshops and factories lay below the mountain walls; and scattered over the valley-bottom were the workingmens' homes, encircled by little gardens; and in the centre of the valley lay the schoolhouse.

Then she happened to think that it was as good as settled that these thousands of swans and ducks and loons would lose their homes here by Takern.

If it happened to be winter and she saw many teams on the roads she hurriedly blew up a blizzard, piling the drifts so high that people could barely get back to their homes by evening.

A large barge which followed and was towed by the coche d'eau was filled with Austrian soldiers, and on the banks of the river were a number of soldiers of the Army of the Loire returning to their families and homes.

And the others Cared not any answer then; Sitting silent, dumb with sorrow, Sitting anguish-struck, like men Who have seen the roaring torrent Sweep their happy homes away,

I have likewise been assured that many of the Welsh gentry had actually left their homes, and were on the way to join Charles, when intelligence of his retreat at once sent them all back peaceably, convinced that it was now too late to contribute their assistance.

To all others in arms against the Government we hereby promise unconditional pardon, amnesty, and oblivion of all offences against ourselves, our crown and dignity, on their return to their homes and peaceful pursuits.

We talked to them and encouraged them to continue their struggle against the blight that had defiled their homes and their country.

As she repeated my word-picture of their untilled fields, destroyed homes, outraged women, and murdered children, not the ravages of an alien enemy, but the work of their own hands, Russian against Russian, tears trickled down their war-scarred faces.

The people knew that after an inspection of the better-class homes by officers of the Soviet if there was evidence of valuable loot; the whole family would quietly disappear, and the valuables were distributed by sale, or otherwise, amongst the Soviet authorities.

The causes of the accident were then explained; they wept and lamented the fallen chiefs, and finally retired satisfied to their several homes.

Swan writes (Mallery, 1882-83, 67) that "the tattoo marks of the Haidas are heraldic designs or the family totem, or crests of the wearers, and are similar to the carvings depicted in the pillars and monuments around the homes of the chiefs."

In all probability the origin of the custom of crippling women's feet must be traced to the jealousy of the men, who devised this procedure as an effective way of preventing their wives from leaving their homes and indulging in amorous intrigues; other practices with the same purpose being common in Oriental countries.

The other countries of Europe were forced to find their outlets for conquest and emigration beyond the ocean, and, until the colonists had taken firm root in their new homes the mastery of the seas thus became a matter of vital consequence.

In obedience to the instincts working half blindly within their breasts, spurred ever onwards by the fierce desires of their eager hearts, they made in the wilderness homes for their children, and by so doing wrought out the destinies of a continental nation.

" This "rebel commissioner" was in all probability Robertson.]; and the Holston men, both of Virginia and North Carolina, decided immediately to send an expedition against the homes of the war party.

The Indian fighters of the frontier, leaving unguarded their homes on the western waters, had crossed by wooded and precipitous defiles, and were pouring down to the help of their brethren of the plains.

When the Holston men learned that Ferguson had come to the other side of the mountains, and threatened their chiefs with the halter and their homes with the torch, a flame of passionate anger was kindled in all their hearts.

In a few towns there were lawyers and clergymen who had permanent homes; but as a rule both rode circuits.

All the inhabitants here haue very little homes couered with the leaues of the coco-trees.

They became before long as much feared and hated as the brigands; and all the inhabitants of the neighboring villages, leaving their homes and their labor, took refuge, with their children and what they had been able to carry off, in Paris, the only place where they could find a little security."

"In my young days," he said to the abbot, "I was nurtured at the homes of those good kings, who showed me much kindness; I do request you affectionately to make good prayer to God for them."

When the said barons heard the letters read they said to the prince, 'My lord, we will obey the command of the king our master and your father; it is but reason, and we will serve you on this journey and King Pedro also; but we would know who shall pay us and deliver us our wages, for one does not take men-at-arms away from their homes to go a warfare in a foreign land, without they be paid and delivered.

Having taken all this care for their own homes and their fatherland on the sea, the Venetian senate passed a decree by which the republic, releasing from their oath of fidelity the subjects it could not defend, authorized its continental provinces to treat with the enemy with a view to their own interests, and ordered its commandants to evacuate such places as they still held.

If it were permitted us all in one mass to set out for Padua, if we might, without neglecting the defence of our own homes and our urgent public affairs, leave our city for some days deserted, I would not await your deliberation; I would be the first on the road to Padua; for how could I better expend the last days of my old age than in going to be present at and take part in such a victory?

So much so that there are some who have gone by sea to seek, and have found, new homes.

But 'Maso, as has been said, remained after the rest had departed to their homes and their suppers, as did Ghita.

It founds the homes and decks the days, And every clamor bright Is but the gleam concomitant Of that waylaying light.

It will lead out to daylight, and on its banks are human homes, somewhere.

From this friction-fire they rekindled the fire on the hearth, from which all the men present carried away a kindling to their own homes.

After their closure at 4:00 pm, Sani urged shop owners to ensure that all shelves, aisles and stores are cleaned and disinfected and by 6:00 pm, staff are conveyed back to their respective homes.

Getting there would take major retrofits of buildings and homes, and a rethink of how they're heated and cooled.

He also said there is no shortage of food grains and vegetables in the country and yet people are seen venturing out of homes in big numbers to buy the essential commodities, fearing they will be out of stock.

He also said they want to focus on wealth building for African Americans and workers who do not have the opportunity to build homes.

He also says that amid a housing crisis, having investors own homes is actually beneficial, as the number of people that live in each owner-occupied home (say, if purchased by a first-home buyer) is lower.

However, approvals for homes other than houses, such as units, dropped 11 per cent in August.

However, as the virus started to spiral out of control in Wuhan city, the epicentre of the scourge and threatened rest of China, government moved in quickly and, as a preventive measure, quarantined millions of people in their homes.

However, he warned that the outbreak was far from over, as also revealed three new aged-care homes had reported Covid-19 infections: Bethlehem aged-care facility in Bendigo, Bill Crawford Lodge in Ballarat and Bupa in Edithvale.

However, in homes, people are apprehensive about the places or other houses that a testing personnel has visited, despite the measures being taken.

However, it is important to remember that these figures do not include deaths in care homes.

This is such an awesome and courageous decision that still ensures historic preservation of homes but in a way that is fair (and less time-consuming and less expensive) for homeowners.

ā€œThis law will help to discourage our youth from taking up this dangerous habit and reduce its prevalence in our homes and schools,ā€ Democratic Sen. Shirley Turner, one of the billā€™s backers, said in a statement.

This led to arcade games being created like, Pong, which later was brought to homes through the Atari.

This led to the Home Ministry directing the state governments not to allow the migrants to move, arrange shelter homes for them and provide them food.

"This weather is not unusual for this time of year but could damage homes and make travel dangerous," the bureau said.

This week, at least 445 homes were destroyed on the New South Wales southern coast and dozens were burned in Victoria.

This week, at least 448 homes have been destroyed on the New South Wales southern coast and dozens were burned in Victoria.

This year has been rough on everyone, but it's perhaps toughest for those who work on the front lines ā€” and not just those caring for others in hospitals and long-term care homes.

This year, however, most of the Orkney Pagans group will be commemorating the longest day of the year from their own homes, as Mark and Helen Woodsford-Dean, of Spriritual Orkney, broadcast celebrations online.

This year, Hubble is celebrating this new milestone with a portrait of two colourful nebulae that reveals how energetic, massive sculpt their homes of gas and dust.

This year it has marked 30 years of discovery with a portrait of two colourful nebulae showing how massive stars are able to sculpt their homes of gas and dust.

Those who deal in luxurious homes or condos would obviously want to market towards high-income customers.

Those willing to work full-time in long-term care homes, seniors homes and in the hot zones of Montreal's COVID-19 hospitals can earn up to $1,000 per month in bonuses.

Those willing to work full-time in long-term care homes, seniors homes and in the hot zones of Montreal's COVID-19 hospitals can earn up to $1,000 per month in bonuses.

Thousands have fled their homes in Oregon alone, including Lori Johnson, who was awakened in the middle of the night by law enforcement shortly before fire consumed her home in Mill City.

Thousands of Athenians have left the Greek capital for the countryside, their second homes in nearby resorts, villages and the Aegean islands as Greece shuts down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Thousands of people fled from their homes as wildfires raged on the last day of the warmest decade on record in Australia.

Thousands of people have been killed or injured in the fighting, and more than 150,000 civilians were forced to flee their homes from the violence.

Thousands of soldiers and civilians have been killed, hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and the economies of the three countries - already among the poorest in the world - have been grievously damaged.

Thy should know that we appreciate their efforts and I am glad that the camans and the books have found good homes.ā€

Tiago is loyal to his family as they struggle to keep their homes despite meeting overwhelming resistance from the LA government, but he also feels obligated to do his job and side with the police.

Today, she houses more than 75 vendors and has helped outfit many homes in the Capital Region.

Today, the head of care homes launched a stinging attack on the government over its handling of the crisis.

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS/AP) ā€” New Jersey families with loved ones in nursing homes can begin seeing one another again amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the state health commissioner said Friday.

Tropical Cyclone Yasa slammed into Fiji on Thursday with top sustained winds of 160 miles per hour, destroying scores of homes and killing at least two people.

Two days later, some 300,000 people ā€” more than 12% of Beirutā€™s population ā€” canā€™t return to their homes, officials estimate.

Two more Edmontonians have died from COVID-19, with both cases linked to outbreaks at care homes in the city.

A total of 2121 persons who were placed under quarantine upon arrival from overseas have been sent back to their homes while over 1500 are still undergoing quarantine at quarantine centers, stated Sri Lanka Army.

ā€œA total of 21,332 people are under observation at their homes while 388 others have been kept under observation at different hospitals across the state,ā€ said Vijayan.

A total of 213 cards were distributed to Persley Castle, Cowdray Club, Eastleigh Nursing Home, Angusfield House and Tor-Na-Dee care homes.

A total of 600 homes were affected.

A total of 937 homes and other structures are confirmed destroyed, mostly concentrated in Sonoma County west of Healdsburg, and in Solano County in the western part of Vacaville, but that number is expected to rise in the coming days.

A true icon of television, he spent more than 17,000 hours with us in our homes over the course of his stellar career.

At the height of the crisis in Oregon, some 500,000 residents ā€“ at least 10 percent of the stateā€™s population ā€“ were under some form of evacuation alert, many forced to flee their homes as swiftly advancing flames closed in on their neighbourhoods.

It could also serve the needs of a small community of 10-15 energy efficient homes such as remote first nations or work camps.

It could be in their homes or even allow them to continue to work.

It did not appear that they had a safe place to go on-reserve when it was needed and when they could not remain in their homes, they were often removed from their communities altogether.

It embraced the homes in the Headlands and GlenEagles, inspiring peace, hope and joy with its radiance and providing a special blessing for this yearā€™s class of high school graduates.

I took the trouble of sending a survey to 45,000 homes in my riding.

It operates over 180 residential homes across Ontario, In providing this care and support, it is funded almost exclusively by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Then they can plan their futures about what they invest in, if it is homes, what they invest in, if it is families down the road, if they invest in marriages and these types of things; if they want to invest in businesses.