4 examples of homotaxis in sentences

In anatomy, where such correspondence of position has constantly to be spoken of, it is denoted by the word "homology" and its derivatives; and for Geology (which after all is only the anatomy and physiology of the earth) it might be well to invent some single word, such as "homotaxis" (similarity of order), in order to express an essentially similar idea.

But the moment the geologist has to deal with large areas, or with completely separated deposits, the mischief of confounding that "homotaxis" or "similarity of arrangement," which can be demonstrated, with "synchrony" or "identity of date," for which there is not a shadow of proof, under the one common term of "contemporaneity" becomes incalculable, and proves the constant source of gratuitous speculations.

3. Homotaxis is not to be held identical with synchronism without independent evidence.

The use of the word "homotaxis" instead of "synchronism" has not, so far as I know, found much favour in the eyes of geologists.

4 examples of  homotaxis  in sentences