Do we say honesty or one

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If we say "Honesty is the best policy," we speak abstractly.

Nobody can see or hear or touch the thing honesty or the thing policy; the apprehension of them must be purely intellectual.

I realise that some of our papers are a disgrace to the high calling of journalism; I believe that some sacrifice honour for gain and that some are subservient to special interests; but the roll of American journalists is honoured by the presence of many names which command respect at home and abroad because of a long-standing reputation for honesty, fearlessness, and distinguished service in the cause of humanity.

" "I have a gift of honesty, you mean.

They fret themselves, they weary themselves, they waste their brains and heartsand sometimes their honesty besidesand if they fail, as in the chances and changes of this mortal life they must too often fail, have nothing for all their schemings save vanity and vexation of spirit.

He had found out that after all, honesty is the best policy; as God grant all of us may find out if any of us have not found it out already.

Honesty is the best policy.

They must have practical common sense, which is itself a kind of honesty.

After the trick played upon him by the captain of the slave-ship, he had become exceedingly suspicious of the honesty and good faith of white men.

Much of this charm is explained by the tenacity of the people to the homely virtues of honesty and thrift, to their customs which testify to their home-loving character, and to their quaint costumes.

An unworthy merchant is a kind of pedlar, who (with the help of a broker) gets more by his wit than by his honesty.

He deals with no wholesale, but all his honesty is at one word; as for wares and weights, he knows how to hold the balance, and for his conscience he is not ignorant what to do with it.

The most of his wealth is in a pack of trifles, and for his honesty I dare not pass my word for him.

Virtue knows him not, honesty finds him not, wisdom loves him not, and honour regards him not.

He is the hate of honesty and the abuse of beauty, the spoil of youth and the misery of age.

Wherefore, referring you to Digby for business, this is only to give you assurance of my constant friendship to you: which, considering the general defection of common honesty, is in a sort requisite.

In all these arguments, there was never one word of question from any of us as to the honesty of our design.

"What, Señor!" adds Dawson, "are we to trust ourselves to the mercy and honesty of Barbary pirates on the open sea?"

"I would rather trust to their honesty," answers the Don, dropping his voice that he might not be heard by Moll, who was leading home the goats, "than to the mercy of an English judge, if we should be brought to trial with insufficient evidence to support our story.

But in the third kind, in which the question is what sort of thing something is, we must speak either of its honesty, or of its utility, or of its equity.

Of its honesty thus.

In stating that our information has been almost entirely derived from the researches of practical men, we wish it to be understood, and shall afterwards endeavour to demonstrate, that these researches have, nevertheless, been conducted upon those inductive principles which are so often characteristic of natural acuteness of perception, when combined with candour of mind and honesty of purpose.


It is difficult to believe that a man who has painted with so frightful an honesty the heartrending emptiness of the life of the poor can really grudge them every one of their pitiful pleasures, from courtship to tobacco.

Yet, as such conscientious people, we immoralists and atheists of this day still feel subject to the German honesty and piety of thousands of years' standing, though as their most doubtful and last descendants; nay, in a certain sense, as their heirs, as executors of their inmost will, a pessimist will, as aforesaid, which is not afraid of denying itself, because it delights in taking a negative position.

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Whatever may be one's opinion of the personality of the muse or muses of his verse, the love that Becquer celebrates is not the love of oriental song, "nor yet the brutal deification of woman represented in the songs of the Provençal Troubadours, nor even the love that inspired Herrera and Garcilaso.

He strikes but one chord at a time on his lyre, but he leaves you thrilled.

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer is the title of an excellent article on the Seville poet, by one who knew him well, in La Ilustración Artística, Barcelona, December 27, 1886, pp.

The union in one syllable of two vowels that are usually in separate syllables is called synaeresis, e.g. ca^os.

One woman was rocking to and fro, beating her breast and crying.

A stray puff of wind makes an inquisitive visit round the corner, and before one can half realise the catastrophe, the village is on fire.

A typical village in Behar is a heterogeneous collection of thatched huts, apparently set down at randomas indeed it is, for every one erects his hut wherever whim or caprice leads him, or wherever he can get a piece of vacant land.

A pucca road is one which is bridged and metalled.

He raises his voice, sways the body more briskly, keeps his one eye firmly fixed on his task, while with the other he throws a keen swift glance over you, which embraces every detail of your costume, and not improbably includes a shrewd estimate of your disposition and character.

One night therefore he got some of his servants, and with great caution and as much silence as possible, they let down a quantity of nets all round the lobarkhanna, and in the morning they captured about twenty quails.

It is a fine manly sport, and one which should be encouraged by all who wish well to our dusky fellow subjects in the far off plains and valleys of Hindostan.

From early morn till dewy eve this work goes on, and you judge your Pooneah to have been a good or bad one by the amount you are able to collect.

" "That's all right, boss," one replied.

One swore at the others in a breathless voice.

One of the men shot at a venture and two of his companions ran savagely along the road, until Kit called them back.

From the day you came, some forbidding influence seemed at work in my father's life and mine; and when you had gone another man, with your features and your smile, came to Little Rivers; one that I understand even less than you!" Jack recalled the references to the new rancher by Bob Worther on the day of his departure for the East and, later, in Jim Galway's letter.

"You don't mind if I tell you againif I speak my one continuous thought aloud again?"

He took a deal of pains with it in the very relief of something to do when sleep was impossible and he must count the moments in wretched impatience until his interview with the one person who could answer his questions.

"The best explanation I can find of your mother's change toward me is one that belongs in the domain of psychology and pathology.

The question was one in answer to a promise; a reminder from certain employees into whom he had fused his own spirit of enthusiasm about dry wastes yielding abundance.

But one disciple did not even want to wait on the message.

If the bold declaration of Fortlage, that in Kant the system of absolute truth appeared, is true of any one part of his philosophy, it is true of the practical part, in which Christian morality has found its scientific expression.

The idea of justice emerges gradually from the sentiment of justice: it has two elements, one brute or positive, with inequality as its ideal, one human or negative, the ideal of which is equality.

Thus the central conception of Green's philosophy becomes, "that the universe is a single eternal activity or energy, of which it is the essence to be self-conscious, that is, to be itself and not itself in one" (Nettleship).

"Aw, that old Tod McNeil thinks he can fight!" said one, and laughed in harsh derision.

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