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Do we say   honesty   or  one

Do we say honesty or one

honesty 1667 occurrences

This is what Christianity must do: it must implant joy and beauty, as well as honesty and fidelity, in the way, place, and thought of work!

Once or twice the emperor was angered by Howard's plainness of speech, but told the ambassador afterwards that he liked the prison reformer all the better for his honesty.

Who, if he had no more Honesty and Conscience than my Uncle, wou'd let us pine for want of Lovers: but thanks be prais'd, the Generosity of our Cavaliers has open'd their obdurate Hearts with a Golden Key, that lets 'em in at all Opportunities.

Scaramouch, I have, for thy singular Wit and Honesty, always had a Tenderness for thee above that of a Master to a Servant.

" Four things there were which he kept in view in his teachingscholarliness, conduct of life, honesty, faithfulness.

The Master's answer was, "Give a foremost place to honesty and faithfulness, and tread the path of righteousness, and you will raise the standard of virtue.

If we say "Honesty is the best policy," we speak abstractly.

Nobody can see or hear or touch the thing honesty or the thing policy; the apprehension of them must be purely intellectual.

I realise that some of our papers are a disgrace to the high calling of journalism; I believe that some sacrifice honour for gain and that some are subservient to special interests; but the roll of American journalists is honoured by the presence of many names which command respect at home and abroad because of a long-standing reputation for honesty, fearlessness, and distinguished service in the cause of humanity.

" "I have a gift of honesty, you mean.

In further token of my approbation of thy honesty, I will confer upon thee the hand of the only other respectable person about the Court, namely, of Helladia.

Just outside the gates of the Vatican, my guide pointed out to me the little shabby building occupied by the Giordano Bruno Society, symbolic of the brave defiance thrown out, all down the ages, by poverty and the spirit of freedom and intellectual honesty, in the face of wealth and power and oppression, intellectual bondage and the dead weight of tradition.

Afterwarde when in a small space of tyme all honesty and shame did begin, to vanish and weare away, then mens daughters and women were admitted and receaued to daunses: and yet withall it is true, that this was a part by themselues, and in priuie places.

Finally a short time after, men haue so far disordered themselues, and broken the bondes and limits of honesty, that men & women haue daunsed togeather, or as wee would say, in mingle mangle, and namely and specially in feastes and banquets, in so much that we see, that this wicked and ungodlye custome, hath stretched forth it selfe euen unto us, and hath yet, or already the sway at this daye, more then euer it had.

Secondlye, that it were more generall, that is to say, that it did wholly and altogeather forbidd daunses, as wicked and unlawful thinges: for if we be Christians indeede, we ought not to suffer, that some pore and blinde Pagans should surmount and ouercome us in honesty & modesty.

But to cut it short, that is to say, to be short, wee can not gather that any appearaunce or shew of euil, or any signe of watonnes or dissolutenes, was euer found in the daunses of holy men, but altogeather contrariwise, they therein behaued themselues with such honor, fear, and reuerence towardes God, the whole matter it selfe beyng accompanied, with so great honesty and sobernesse, as nothinge more.

They fret themselves, they weary themselves, they waste their brains and heartsand sometimes their honesty besidesand if they fail, as in the chances and changes of this mortal life they must too often fail, have nothing for all their schemings save vanity and vexation of spirit.

He had found out that after all, honesty is the best policy; as God grant all of us may find out if any of us have not found it out already.

Honesty is the best policy.

They must have practical common sense, which is itself a kind of honesty.

Garibaldi's good sense and honesty of purpose led him to give in to the King's judgment.

The single-minded patriotism of the latter, and the statesmanship of the former, combined with the remarkably sure judgment and unfailing honesty of the King, gradually overcame all the difficulties of the situation.

To the picture of Our Lady of Kazan they were ever ready to burn wax and oil; to truth and justice they constantly omitted the tribute of mere common honesty.

Iago, feigning indignation that his honesty should be taken for a vice, asked Othello, if he had not sometimes seen a handkerchief spotted with strawberries in his wife's hand.

"If it will not freeze monsieur," replied Catrina, with uncompromising honesty.

Paul walked slowly through the village of Osterno, and realized, in his uncompromising honesty, that of the nine hundred men who lived therein there were not three upon whom he could rely.

His honesty and courage made his term of service one long battle, in which he fought with equal zeal the unworthy measures championed by his own and the opposing political party.

Let me entreat ye, madam, not to fear, For, by the honesty of Little John, It's but a tragic scene we have in hand, Only to fit the humour of the queen, Who is the chiefest at your troth-plight feast.

H. I am not weather-wise; but it may be We shall have hard frost; for true charity, Good dealing, faithful friendship, honesty, Are chill-cold, dead with cold.

Others in courtesy, Whenever they meet ye, With new fashions greet ye: Changing each congee, Sometime beneath knee, With, "Good sir, pardon me," And much more foolery, Paltry and foppery, Dissembling knavery: Hands sometime kissing, But honesty missing.

And I did see Thy honesty, From gallow-tree When thou didst free Scathlock and Scarlet certainly[210].

After the trick played upon him by the captain of the slave-ship, he had become exceedingly suspicious of the honesty and good faith of white men.

He was constrained to speak his honest convictions, and prophesied evil, and was thrown into prison for his honesty and boldness.

I hardly know anything more strange than that you recognize honesty in play, and do not in work.

If she had listened dispassionately to such words, spoken to any other woman, her native honesty of soul would have repelled them as unfair.

He could not associate this slight, fair girl, with a child's honesty and appeal in her eyes, with the forceful words he had read from her pen.

And, as one of poor Mercy's many devices for keeping up with her conscience a semblance of honesty in the matter of Stephen was the entire omission of all reference to him in her conversation, nothing occurred to remind her friends of him.

Much of this charm is explained by the tenacity of the people to the homely virtues of honesty and thrift, to their customs which testify to their home-loving character, and to their quaint costumes.

They say that honesty and politics are two different things.

One cannot change a principle: straight honesty is the same always.

He tried to procure the dismissal of the Abbé de Vermond, who, having been, as we have seen, the tutor of Marie Antoinette at Vienna, still remained attached to her person as her reader; and whose complete knowledge of all the ways of the court, joined to a thorough honesty and devoted fidelity to her best interests, rendered his services most valuable to his mistress in her new sphere.

one of her customers, doubting the honesty of her intentions, had informed the policeman.

But there's another kind o' honesty, seems to me, goes with that more seein' kind of kindness.

Our honesty with the Indians was little to brag on. GRANDMOTHER: You fret more about the Indians than anybody else does.

SILAS: A seeing how 'tis for the other persona bein' that other person, kind of honesty.

While watching their flocks on Christmas Eve, the shepherds are joined by Mak, a neighbor whose reputation for honesty is not good.

An unworthy merchant is a kind of pedlar, who (with the help of a broker) gets more by his wit than by his honesty.

He deals with no wholesale, but all his honesty is at one word; as for wares and weights, he knows how to hold the balance, and for his conscience he is not ignorant what to do with it.

The most of his wealth is in a pack of trifles, and for his honesty I dare not pass my word for him.

Virtue knows him not, honesty finds him not, wisdom loves him not, and honour regards him not.

He is the hate of honesty and the abuse of beauty, the spoil of youth and the misery of age.

Wherefore, referring you to Digby for business, this is only to give you assurance of my constant friendship to you: which, considering the general defection of common honesty, is in a sort requisite.

In all these arguments, there was never one word of question from any of us as to the honesty of our design.

"What, Señor!" adds Dawson, "are we to trust ourselves to the mercy and honesty of Barbary pirates on the open sea?"

"I would rather trust to their honesty," answers the Don, dropping his voice that he might not be heard by Moll, who was leading home the goats, "than to the mercy of an English judge, if we should be brought to trial with insufficient evidence to support our story.

" Not content to wait for this pinch, I resolved I would go into the city and enquire there if the booksellers could give me any employment thinking I might very well write some good sermons on honesty, now I had learnt the folly of roguery.

With people of only moderate ability, modesty is mere honesty; but with those who possess great talent, it is hypocrisy.

This was soon effected, and they left us with profuse expressions of regard; although, from the haste displayed in removing their ill-gotten wealth, it was evident that they placed as little confidence in our honesty, as we did in theirs.

The relations of the nations would be placed on the same plane of relative honesty and frankness now prevailing among individuals: not absolute truthfew of us practice thatbut that general ability to trust each other, in word and conduct, that is the foundation of our business and social life.

What he finally decided on was the engaging of a secretary, but he must be one with knowledge of political operations, one who combined wisdom with honesty.

And I tell you, Senator Peabody, that the principles that gave birth to this country, the principles of truth, honesty, justice and independence, would rule in Washington" "If Washington cared anything about them, Langdon," interjected the Pennsylvanian.

"Why, do you realize that to-day he is one of the most popular men in public life throughout the country; that 'What does Langdon think?' has become the watchword of the big body of independents who want honesty and decent government without graft?

It would make it easier for me to love you if you could.' There was such honesty of purpose in the blue eyes raised to his, such wistful curves to the sensitive little lips, that Jonathan Green for the first time felt the thrall of the child's power.

François, our classic dragoman, whose great delight is to recite Homer by the sea-side, is retained for the whole tour, as we have found no reason to doubt his honesty or ability.

And yet, the whole effort and viewpoint of the work will be found, I think, to be based upon a deep belief that one love is better than two, and that earnestness and honesty and altruism are more blessed and blissful, even with poverty and suffering, than any wealth of money, or of fame, or of amorous experience.

Wherefore, when we have become acquainted with all its divisions, it will be proper to consider the whole force of simple honesty.

But in the third kind, in which the question is what sort of thing something is, we must speak either of its honesty, or of its utility, or of its equity.

Of its honesty thus.

When one thinks what a knowing race we came from, it is really wonderful where we Yankees picked up our honesty.

The pheasant-plumed hats went decorously down in prayer-time, but the tail-feathers ran up perker than ever, from the posture; Leslie saw this, because she had lifted her own head and unclosed her eyes in a self-indignant honesty, when she found on what her secret thoughts were running.

Her heart palpitated; for a second time she began to doubt the honesty of Grimes.

But when I do steal, I have the honesty to confess it.

Surely it cannot be dishonest to be honesteven if honesty is the best policy.

That is what I mean when I say that the Barbarian is trying to cut away that cord of honesty and clear record on which hangs all that men have made.

She felt that she was honest, and she saw no good reason why he should doubt her honesty.

" Delectable as honesty is in a bank clerk, or would be in a lawyer, one yearns for a little less accuracy in the moral makeup of the too-accurate man; for a little of the celestial leaven of exaggeration in the dusty dryness of his dead-level garrulousness.

The too-accurate man need not pride himself upon his honesty above his fellow-men.

He possesses another quality, which may be called honesty.

The experienced Colonel Kortsaréff, the dread of the Tchetchenétz, the man whose bravery they feared, and whose honesty and disinterestedness they respected, directed the movements of the troops, and success could not be doubtful.

" "Wall" He seemed inclined, in sheer honesty, to deprecate the extreme and passionate emotion she suggested.

It showed the latter not a beautiful face, but a pretty one with a touch of honesty and pride that made her charming.

If asceticism, the austerities of celibate life, sacrifices, study of the Vedas, charity, honesty,these all were fruitless, men would not have practised virtue generation after generation.

He thus acquires an extraordinary influence which he consolidates amongst outsiders by occasional lapses into a fury of critical honesty and abuse.

"Not with you here," she answered breathlessly, with the impulse toward absolute honesty with which such an experience sometimes shakes the spirit out of its conventionalities.

and by the frank honesty of the project.

It must not, however, be forgotten, that Swift's attachment to his Church, as it influenced him against the Whigs, would naturally influence him against the deistical writers also, and that he must be credited, to that extent, with honesty of purpose.

He spoke it with so much honesty and freedom that I could not but take it very kindly; but, however, I told him I would not take a farthing from him as his master, but I would have him play the good husband with it, now he had such good fortune to get it.

An impolitic honesty.

In stating that our information has been almost entirely derived from the researches of practical men, we wish it to be understood, and shall afterwards endeavour to demonstrate, that these researches have, nevertheless, been conducted upon those inductive principles which are so often characteristic of natural acuteness of perception, when combined with candour of mind and honesty of purpose.

He is the quietest and best disposed man in his parishhis moral character is without a flawhis honesty without a blemish, yet is his mind filled with designs which would astonish the strongest head that rebel ever wore.

Common honesty and candour must compel this acknowledgment, even from men so desperate in their antipathies to the political system of Russia, as Mr Urquhart or Mr Cargillantipathies, by the way, with which we shall not hesitate to express a certain measure of participation.

Dispraise my health, my honesty, and tell her I am jealous. Spa.

My truth? Pan. Why Captain, do you think I am afraid she'l steal? Bes. I cannot tell, servants are slippery, but I dare give my word for her, and for honesty, she came along with me, and many favours she did me by the way, but by this light none but what she might do with modesty, to a man of my rank.

That thou to Truth the perfect way may'st know, To thee all her specific forms I'll show: He that the way to honesty will learn, First what's to be avoided must discern.


He cannot so prove his honesty or his benevolence or his sobriety or his chastity, or anything else.

As to honesty, all that he can prove is that in any alleged instance he was not a thief.

I should say the same with absolute honesty if I had to clean the car myself.

It is difficult to believe that a man who has painted with so frightful an honesty the heartrending emptiness of the life of the poor can really grudge them every one of their pitiful pleasures, from courtship to tobacco.

Yet, as such conscientious people, we immoralists and atheists of this day still feel subject to the German honesty and piety of thousands of years' standing, though as their most doubtful and last descendants; nay, in a certain sense, as their heirs, as executors of their inmost will, a pessimist will, as aforesaid, which is not afraid of denying itself, because it delights in taking a negative position.

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His desire for love, like the arrow of the Prince in one of the tales of the Arabian Nights, shot high over all the actual high-life and pierced the golden door of the enchanted palaces and gardens of the Fairy Paribanú, who, enraptured by him, took him for her spouse."

Whatever may be one's opinion of the personality of the muse or muses of his verse, the love that Becquer celebrates is not the love of oriental song, "nor yet the brutal deification of woman represented in the songs of the Provençal Troubadours, nor even the love that inspired Herrera and Garcilaso.

He strikes but one chord at a time on his lyre, but he leaves you thrilled.

Becquer did not in fact read German; but in El Museo Universal, for which he was a collaborator, and in which he published his Rimas, there appeared one of the first versions of the Intermezzo, and it is not unlikely that in imitation of the Intermezzo he was led to string his Rimas like beads upon the connecting thread of a common autobiographical theme.


Gustavo Adolfo Becquer is the title of an excellent article on the Seville poet, by one who knew him well, in La Ilustración Artística, Barcelona, December 27, 1886, pp.

This is one of the best articles on Becquer that have been published.

The contiguous vowels may belong to a single word (see A); or they may be the final vowel or vowels of one word and the initial vowel or vowels of a following word or words (see B).

The separation of two vowels that are usually united in one syllable is called diaeresis, e.g. vi|oleta.

The union in one syllable of two vowels that are usually in separate syllables is called synaeresis, e.g. ca^os.

Any strong vowel dominates a weak one.

b. One of two contiguous vowels accented.

(a) There is no diphthong if one of two contiguous strong vowels receives the accent.

The accent would also shift in cre^a, fe^o. (2) When one of the contiguous vowels is weak and the other strong.

3. TRIPHTHONGS AND COMBINATIONS OP THREE OR MORE CONTIGUOUS VOWELS If three vowels belonging to the same word are contiguous, one of them must be accented.

In (ii) there will be a combination of two vowels with the accent an the second, and one of two vowels with the accent on the first.

In (iii) there will be a combination of two vowels before the accent, and one of two vowels with the second accented.

Heptasyllabic Verse: A verse of seven syllables must have an accent on the sixth, and at least one other necessary accent, which may be on any syllable except the fifth.

If it is difficult to classify a hendecasyllable because it has accents on the fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth syllables, one must decide on the prominence of the accents from pauses, or from emphasis.

One extra unaccented syllable is admissible when the verse is llano; and two when the verse is esdrújulo.

One born on that day might have particular aptitude for witchcraft.]

They form one branch of the elemental spirits (see p. 24, note 2, and p. 47, note 1).

He told me he had come on a leopard asleep in the forest one day, and crept up quite close to him.

Now majoor also means coolie, and a young fellow, S., was horrified one day hearing his attendant in the jungle telling him in the most excited way, 'Majoor, majoor, Sahib; why don't you fire?'

The one we were after now had his home in a matted jungle, growing out of a pool of water, which had collected in a long hollow, forming the receptacle of the surface drainage from the adjacent slopes.

Up in one of the forests in Oudh, a friend of mine was out one day after leopard, with a companion who belonged to the forest department.

Up in one of the forests in Oudh, a friend of mine was out one day after leopard, with a companion who belonged to the forest department.

One was shot in Bhaugulpore station by the genial and respected chaplain, on a Sunday morning two or three years ago.

He had shot one leopard dead through the heart.

Such a one as I have described would satisfy all the wishes of any young man who perhaps can only afford one gun.

Battle-axes, bows and arrows, hatchets, clubs and weapons of all sorts, are looked up, and the motley crowd hies to the forest, the one party beating up the game to the other.

One woman was rocking to and fro, beating her breast and crying.

A stray puff of wind makes an inquisitive visit round the corner, and before one can half realise the catastrophe, the village is on fire.

In Bhaugulpore, I have seen, from my verandah, three villages on fire at one and the same time.

A typical village in Behar is a heterogeneous collection of thatched huts, apparently set down at randomas indeed it is, for every one erects his hut wherever whim or caprice leads him, or wherever he can get a piece of vacant land.

A pucca road is one which is bridged and metalled.

They clean their teeth with the end of a stick, which they chew at one extremity, till they loosen the fibres, and with this improvised toothbrush and some wood ashes for paste, they make them look as white and clean as ivory.

At all events there is generally one such in every village.

He raises his voice, sways the body more briskly, keeps his one eye firmly fixed on his task, while with the other he throws a keen swift glance over you, which embraces every detail of your costume, and not improbably includes a shrewd estimate of your disposition and character.

On the one hand the landlord is constantly stirring him up for money, questioning his accounts, and putting him not unfrequently to actual bodily coercion.

Ask any common labourer or one of the low castes about immortality, about salvation, about the higher virtues, about the yearnings and wishes that every immortal soul at periods has, and he will simply tell you 'Khoda jane, hum greel admi,' i.e. 'God knows; I am only a poor man!'

If a theft is reported, the inspector of the nearest police-station, or thanna as it is called, sends one of his myrmidons, or, if the chance of bribes be good, he may attend himself.

It was a lesson to the police in those parts, and they did not dare to trouble me much afterwards; but it is only one instance out of hundreds I could give, and which every planter has witnessed of the barefaced audacity, the shameless extortion, the unblushing lawlessness of the rural police of India.

Two to one on the little 'un!The Brahmin plays the waiting game, turns the tables and the blacksmith.

One bolder than the others, possibly the most timid of the covey, irritated by the queer crackling sound, now enters the basket, the others follow like a flock of sheep; and once in, the puzzling shape of the entrance prevents their exit.

One night therefore he got some of his servants, and with great caution and as much silence as possible, they let down a quantity of nets all round the lobarkhanna, and in the morning they captured about twenty quails.

If you tell your head men that you would like to see one, say on a Saturday afternoon, they pass the word to the different villages, and at the appointed time, all the finest young fellows and most of the male population, led by their head man, with the old trainer in attendance, are at the appointed place.

They bound about, try all sorts of antics and contortions, display wonderful agility and activity; it is a pretty sight to see, and one can't help admiring their vigorous frames, and graceful proportions.

The little fellow, however, steadied himself on the ground with one hand, recovered his footing, and again had the Brahmin firmly locked in his tenacious hold.

It is a fine manly sport, and one which should be encouraged by all who wish well to our dusky fellow subjects in the far off plains and valleys of Hindostan.

The dirty seed, full of dust and other impurities, is heaped up in one corner.

Your correspondence alone is enough work for one man, and you have to tally bags, count coolies, see them paid their daily wage, attend to lawsuits that may be going on, and yet find time to superintend the operations of the farm, and keep an eye to your rents and revenues from the villages.

I came a 'stranger amongst them,' and in one sense, and not a flattering sense, they tried 'to take me in,' but only in one or two instances, which I shall not specify here.

From early morn till dewy eve this work goes on, and you judge your Pooneah to have been a good or bad one by the amount you are able to collect.

They are often employed by rich natives, to while away a long night with one of their, treasured rhythmical tales or songs.

They go through an extraordinary variety of evolutions, stamping with one foot and keeping perfect time.

The Pooneah seldom lasts more than the two days, but it is quite unique in its feudal character, and is one of the old-fashioned observances; a relic of the time when the planter was really looked upon as the father of his people, and when a little sentiment and mutual affection mingled with the purely business relations of landlord and tenant.

The track, for it could not be called a road, led us through one or two jungle villages completely hidden by the dense bamboo clumps and long jungle grass.

Mounds of their dung are sometimes seen in the jungle, and the tracks shew that the rhinoceros pays a daily visit to this one particular spot.

They came down to the mud, but when Kit shouted, asking if they could launch a canoe, one shrugged and they turned back.

When they had rowed a short distance they stopped and one got up.

Well, one has to pay for fooling with a climate like this, and I'm afraid the bill he'll get will break him.

" "That's all right, boss," one replied.

One swore at the others in a breathless voice.

One frankly stated that they wanted to get away from the coffin; Kit could stop and watch it if he liked, but it bothered them to have the thing about.

One of the men shot at a venture and two of his companions ran savagely along the road, until Kit called them back.

" "Looks as if it was you he wanted," one replied.

" "No," said Kit; "one takes precautions.

When one takes precautions it is prudent to see they are complete.

"You are his kinsman, señor; one cannot doubt that.

From the day you came, some forbidding influence seemed at work in my father's life and mine; and when you had gone another man, with your features and your smile, came to Little Rivers; one that I understand even less than you!" Jack recalled the references to the new rancher by Bob Worther on the day of his departure for the East and, later, in Jim Galway's letter.

"You don't mind if I tell you againif I speak my one continuous thought aloud again?"

You know for the first time that you were born into this world merely because one other person was born into it.

He took a deal of pains with it in the very relief of something to do when sleep was impossible and he must count the moments in wretched impatience until his interview with the one person who could answer his questions.

But for the mole patch the features were his own, as he knew them, though no one not given to more frequent personal councils with mirrors than Señor Don't Care of desert trails knows quite the lights and shadows of his own countenance, which give it its character even more than does its form.

Jack answered the smile with one of his own, a little wan, a little subdued, yet enlivening under the glow of his father's evident happiness at seeing him.

"I am glad you have told me this; that you have come to the one to whom you should come in trouble.

"The best explanation I can find of your mother's change toward me is one that belongs in the domain of psychology and pathology.

It had all been made clear, this thing that no one could help.

This one thought kept repeating itself to Jack's stunned brain as he leaned against the wall limp from a blow that admits of no aggressive return.

He recalled the one occasion when she had seemed harsh and merciless, as she said: "A lie fouls the mouth of the one who utters it, Jack.

He recalled the one occasion when she had seemed harsh and merciless, as she said: "A lie fouls the mouth of the one who utters it, Jack.

The question was one in answer to a promise; a reminder from certain employees into whom he had fused his own spirit of enthusiasm about dry wastes yielding abundance.

But one disciple did not even want to wait on the message.

I shall have a garden in one of them and you shall have a garden next to mine.

To believe in Christ means to resolve to realize in one's self the ideal of human nature which is well pleasing to God, or to make the divine disposition of the Son of God our own, not to believe that this ideal has appeared on earth as an actual man, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

(3) The Church is a society based upon the laws of virtue, an ethical community or a people of God, whose members confirm each other in the performance of duty by example and by the profession of a common moral conviction; we are all brothers, the children of one father.

In practical life no one regards miracles as possible; and their limitation to the past and to rare instances does not make them more credible.

If the bold declaration of Fortlage, that in Kant the system of absolute truth appeared, is true of any one part of his philosophy, it is true of the practical part, in which Christian morality has found its scientific expression.

The judgment concerning the agreeable is not capable of demonstration, but neither does it pretend to possess universal validity; we readily acknowledge that what is pleasant to one need not be so to every other man.

The idea of justice emerges gradually from the sentiment of justice: it has two elements, one brute or positive, with inequality as its ideal, one human or negative, the ideal of which is equality.

Thus the central conception of Green's philosophy becomes, "that the universe is a single eternal activity or energy, of which it is the essence to be self-conscious, that is, to be itself and not itself in one" (Nettleship).

The absolute or being is characterized as a concrete, systematically articulated, self-conscious unity, which dwells with its entire content in each of its moments, and whose members both bear the character of the whole and are immanent in one another, standing in relations of organic inter-determination.

The Idea of incarnation manifests itself in a multitude of examples which supplement one another, instead of pouring forth its whole fullness in a single one.

This mountain is said to be one hundred and eighty miles long and forty-five in width, composed of solid rock salt, without any trees or even shrubs on it."

One great fur trader, John Jacob Astor of New York, now founded the Pacific Fur Company and made preparations to establish a line of posts from the upper Missouri to the Columbia, and along it to the Pacific, and supply them from St. Louis by way of the Missouri, or from the mouth of the Columbia, where in 1811 a little trading post was begun and named Astoria.

This view made people very indifferent as to our claims to Oregon, so that when Thomas H. Benton, one of the senators from Missouri, and one of the far-sighted statesmen of the day, wanted Congress to seize and hold Oregon by force of arms, he was told that it was not worth the cost.

"Aw, that old Tod McNeil thinks he can fight!" said one, and laughed in harsh derision.

This boy, it was now seen, led a dog on a rope, a half-grown dog that would one day be large.

Once before we felt similarly when one of the boys died at camp.