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1658 examples of  hoof  in sentences

1658 examples of hoof in sentences

p. 116 beat the hoof.

Dic. Canting Crew (1690), 'Hoof it or beat it on the Hoofto walk on foot.'

Pad the hoof is a yet commoner expression.

Thou shalt not hear the horsemen With loud hoof rushing by.

I was awakened from the doze into which I had fallen by the sound of rapid hoof-beats down the road.

The stupefaction of the Cardinals on discovering that the Holy Father had lost his hoof surpasses all description, and they went to their graves without having obtained the least insight into the mystery.

He was driving as hard as the horses could lay hoof to ground, taken with a sudden misgiving and a great desire to reach Osterno before dark.

In some, however, the feet end in a single corneous substance called a hoof.

Soon the highways of Europe resounded with the hoof-beats and the tramp of marching hosts, with the rattle of arms and the rumble of artillery.

A city in which the hoof of horse or the rolling of wheels is never heard, necessarily possesses a character of its own; but the peculiar form of the government, and the long training of the people in habits of caution, weighed on the spirits of the gay.

The potatoes had not done so well; to own the truth, they were a little watery, though there were enough of them to winter every hoof he had, of themselves.

"Gambrel?Gambrel?"Let me beg You'll look at a horse's hinder leg, First great angle above the hoof, That's the gambrel; hence gambrel-roof.)

And the horse came in and gave her a blow of his hoof.

We had not proceeded more than three or four miles when Mr. Brockman's horse, Rocket, gave in, and could not move another step, the hoof being fairly worn through; leaving him close to a pool of water amongst plenty of feed, I hoped he might possibly recover by the time we returned from the bay.

Mr. Saltoun, slouching comfortably back against his cantle, looked doubtfully down at Racey where he stood humped over, the horse's hoof between his knees, tapping with a knife handle at the lodged stone.

Thus, the compound word, shoofly, has been traced by some to the Irish word shoe, meaning a hoof-covering, and the French word fly, meaning an insect, when it is apparent to even the casual observer that it comes from the Guinea word shoo, meaning get out, and the English word fly, meaning a tripe destroyer.

And Seejar bowed to the ground again and touched the horse's hoof, and it seemed cold to him.

But of course you know she made him hoof you out.

When all is still around, and only the distant shouts of the beaters fall faintly at intervals on the ear, his keen hearing detects the light patter of hoof or paw on the crisp, withered leaves.

Another has a "specific method" for shoeing, which is to cut away the toe right in the center of the foot, cut away the bars on the inside of the foot, cut and clean away all around on the inside of the hoof, then to let the animal stand on a board floor, so that his feet would be in the position a saucer would represent with one piece broken out at the front and two at the back.

It will still further aid in saving it by letting the nails run well up into the hoof, for that keeps the shoe steadier on the foot.

The hoof is just as thick to within an inch of the top, and is generally sounder, and of a better substance, than it is at the bottom.

The first or central surface of the hoof, made hard by the animal's own peculiar way of traveling, indicates the manner in which he should be shod.

It will be seen that the fibres of the hoof run from the top of the foot, or coronary border, towards the toe, in most feet, at an angle of about forty-five degrees.

Then, in punching the shoe, hold the top of the pritchell toward the heel of the shoe, so as to get the hole in the shoe on an angle with the grain of the hoof.

At last he heard a stamp which could come from nothing but the hoof of a horse.

An axe would have been of advantage to break the skull, but in the hurry of rushing to the attack the Indians had forgotten their axes; so they adopted the common fashion of using the buffalo's hoof as a hammer, the shank being the handle.

Any other man would have to use a horse, but I hoof it, and that's economy all around.

Roads existed, it is true, as in other parts of Europe, in the countries of the plain, if any portion of the great undulating surface of that region deserve the name; but once within the mountains, with the exception of very inartificial wheel-tracks in the straitened and glen-like valleys, the hoof alone was to be trusted or indeed used.

On that very spot therefore he caused a chapel to be erected, in the shape of a horse's hoof.

He seemed to be telling her to hoof it.

F.O.J. Smith shows cloven hoof.

He knew a neat, snug hoof, a delicate pastern, a well-covered stifle, a broad haunch, a deep chest, a close ribbed-up barrel, as well as any other man in the town.

The horses came stamping and sliding straight on to me, and, before I could wriggle out of the way, the hoof of one of them smashed in my hatthat was a new one that I came home inand half-stunned me.


He not only removed the superior portion of the inner heel, but tore about 3 inches of the hoof from the top nearly to the bottom.

I did it up in much the same way for another ten days, then put the sand-crack clamps into the hoof and fixed it to the sound part.

The hoof remained in position while the new horn grew from the top, and the horse hunted again the same season.

A false quarter, therefore, not only renders the horse liable to occasional lameness, but also renders weaker that side of the hoof in which it occurs.

Either a mixture, such as Percival's, of pitch 2 parts, tar 1 part, and resin 1 part, melted and mixed together, or one of the artificial hoof-horns may either be used with advantage.

It appears, further, to be always a result of the animal being newly shod, and the clinches firmly secured; so much so that it would be probable, with imperfectly secured clinches, that the animal would draw the hoof from the clinches and the shoe rather than the foot from its horny covering.

'A short time ago I was called to see a horse which had had his hoof torn off in a railway "point."

When the trucks reached it they pressed it down, and, the horse leaning forward, the hoof was drawn off like a glove.

The hoof was almost as clean inside as if taken off by macerationonly towards the toe was a small portion of the coffin-bone and some torn laminรฆ left inside the hoof.

The hoof was almost as clean inside as if taken off by macerationonly towards the toe was a small portion of the coffin-bone and some torn laminรฆ left inside the hoof.

It is an instance of complete removal of the hoof by mechanical force.

'The mare, finding herself fixed, endeavoured to disengage herself, and, in doing so, got in front of the waggon, which, coming at a great pace, forced her down into the pit, leaving behind the off fore-hoof, which was only removed from its situation between the two rails by a large hammer, it being so firmly wedged in.

The shoe and hoof were bent in a very peculiar manner, as the accompanying cuts will show, the inside heel being completely raised from above the level of the frog, not one of the nails being unclenched, or in the slightest degree having given way to so large an amount of force imposed upon them, although the toe of the shoe was raised from the sole by the rail being immediately under it (see Fig. 114).

'The photograph shows plainly the manner in which the holding of the "clinches" on the left side of the hoof has resulted in drawing it off from the foot.

In some little measure the suffering animal may afford himself relief by partly removing pressure from the fore-parts of the hoof.

With the hoof removed at this stage the sensitive laminรฆ are found to be swollen, dark red in colour, and affording a distinct feeling of increased thickness when pressed between the fingers, Incised, there escapes from the cut surface a large flow of dark venous-looking blood.

Seeing that the structures above the hoof are still normally adherent to the bones, it follows that they must, as the os pedis sinks, be carried with it.

The separation between the sensitive structures and the hoof is indicated by a dark line.

(c) Gangrene of the Structures within the Hoof.

121) in such a manner as to entirely isolate the two pieces of horn a and b from the remainder of the hoof.

With the changes in the form of the hoof as yet wanting, we have nothing to guide us, and other causes for the lameness suggest themselves, probably corns.

Later, the changes in the form of the hoof begin to appear.

In the badly laminitic hoof, however, this deformity is largely increased, until in some cases the shapeless mass can hardly be likened to a foot at all (see Fig. 122).

This cavity is bounded in front by the original wall of the hoof, and is here lined by a degenerated and hypertrophied growth of the horny laminรฆ.

This done, the whole foot is treated with a suitable hoof ointment, and a shoe applied that affords protection to the sole without imposing pressure upon it.

After-treatment consists in dressing the parts with a good hoof ointment, protecting them, if necessary, with a pad of tow and a stout bandage.

Instead of the tar stopping and the tow, there may be used with advantage the artificial hoof-horn of Defay (see p. 152).

Were the writer a kind owner of slaves, he might have replied to Uncle Tom's Cabin by facts of habitual kindness to them, sufficient to prove that the authoress had entered into the region of romance; but in his recrimination he unconsciously displays the cloven hoof, and leaves no doubt on the mind that he writes under the impulse of a bitterly-accusing monitor within.

He is not content to answer (though, being a muddle-headed horse, he does use this answer also) that having an undivided hoof is more than pearls or oceans or all ascension or song.

It is this, to them, risky and fanciful notion of the critical and creative Citizen, which in 1870 lay prostrate under United Germanyunder the undivided hoof.

she hears a prancing hoof, And sees a horseman come; Soon the proud charger reached her side, Cover'd with dust and foam.

ยฉ 13Mar39; A126505. Ruth Perry Graham (C); 14Feb67; R404712. PERRY, CLAIRE H. Love on the hoof.

Love on the hoof.

Hoof-beats on a bridge.

Hoof-beats on a bridge.

Every old hoof-mark in the sward, cut out sharp and clear as if with a steel die, is so firm that the heaviest roller would not produce the smallest effect upon it.

At the gateways where the passage of cattle has trodden away the turf, the mud, once almost impassable, is now hardened, and every cloven hoof that pressed it has left its mark as if cast in metal.

There is little doubt of this, O Bharata, the hoof-marks of that cow and her calf are seen there to this day.

By bathing in those hoof-prints, O foremost of monarchs, whatever sin a man may have incurred is, O Bharata, washed away.

His price for horse-shoeing varied according to the size of the hoof, just as our leather-shoemakers charge according to the foot.

He was told how, and went on to drain my friend dry concerning that railroad, out of sheer fraternal interest, as he explained, in 'any darn' thing that's being made anywheres,' 'So you see,' my friend went on, 'we shall be bringing Abyssinian cattle into Cairo.' 'On the hoof?'

In another moment the black horse crushed it heedlessly beneath his hoof, as Jack turned to the judges.

Then he lifted one foot after another, and cleaned out about the frog, tapping the hoof all over for soreness.

To cap the climax of misfortune, old Cesar had run a nail into his hoof and Madame Guix spent most of her time between injections of oxygen on the first floor, and iodine and flaxseed poultices in the stables.

Afterwards when I went into the court, I heard someone in the stable with George, and looking in, I saw my friend of a few moments before examining my horse's hoof and telling my boy what would make the sore heal quickly.

The mother of the poor little infant we had buried was peacefully slumbering on a cot in the hospital, and presently Leon came in to say that old Cesar had put his hoof on the ground for the first time in four days.

Let it be said, however, that as our journey advanced the hoof, at first so tender from much poulticing, became firmer and firmer, and instead of increasing, the lameness rather grew less.

Gabriel leaned his feathered head over the road, listening for hoof-falls and watching for the first puff of dust in the direction of Prairie du Pont.

A crack from a hoof on a stone rang like a hollow bell and echoed from wall to wall.

Then came the crack of a hoof on stone, then the clatter of a loosened rock.

But at length, as I was going over a sandy stretch, I heard hoof-beats behind me, and the sound grew, and I knew that some night rider was following fast.

I reach a wide public road running east and west, Hoof-prints cover the roadhoof-prints going west; our cavalry; I almost shout and weep for joy.

It is hard work in worsted socks, for you smite with the vehemence of Pan, and Pan had a hoof of horn.

Then the hoof beats paused.

Though he was black enough, in all conscience, he had neither horns, hoof, nor tail, and he was redolent rather of 'bacco than brimstone; a queer old hat, in the band of which was stuck an unlighted candle, covered a mass of matted red hair; his eyes were glaring and rimmed with red; and there was a gash in his face where his mouth should have been.

Theology is good in its place; but when it puts its hoof upon a living, palpitating, human heart, my heart cries out against it.

The erection of hotels in close proximity to railroad tracks, or upon the main thoroughfares of cities where stone or asphalt pavements resound to every hoof-fall, and where street cars go whirring and clanging by all night long, is something more than an anachronism; it is a fiendish disregard of human comfort.

Battered trenches, ruined farmhouses, splintered woods, the hoof marks of Russian horses that had forded the stream under German fire, showed that the struggle had been intense along the river.

Our horses were soon ready, and D'ri and I were off a bit after daylight, urging up hill and down at a swift gallop, and making the forest ring with hoof-beats.

When Captain Haralson and the two troopers reached the verge of the forest, they could trace for a short distance the hoof-prints of Harold's horse, and followed them eagerly among the labyrinthine paths which the fugitive had made through the tangled shrubbery and among the briery thickets.

Nothing could be seen but the long, straggling line of the forest losing itself in the gloom, and the black outlines, of the hills before him; but his quick ear detected the sound of coming hoof and the ringing of steel scabbards.

The mare retorted that the price was written on her hoof.

Prominent figures there were two brothers Stevenson, Willie and Jamie, known for twenty miles round as the "fox-hunters," known to us, after the southern sporting slang had been brought among us by our neighbour Captain Barclay, as "Pad-the-hoof" and "Flash-the-muzzle" The fox-hunting was on foot, but let no mounted hunter sneer.

"Pad-the-hoof" looked no ignoble sportsman as he cheered his great slow-hounds through the thicket, and his halloo rang from the wood of Trustach to the craigs of Ashintillie.

And he set down his cup of coffee to go rummaging in a kyack just to make sure that he had the hoof rasp and shoeing hammer safe.