1658 examples of hoof in sentences

And Seejar bowed to the ground again and touched the horse's hoof, and it seemed cold to him.

But of course you know she made him hoof you out.

When all is still around, and only the distant shouts of the beaters fall faintly at intervals on the ear, his keen hearing detects the light patter of hoof or paw on the crisp, withered leaves.

Another has a "specific method" for shoeing, which is to cut away the toe right in the center of the foot, cut away the bars on the inside of the foot, cut and clean away all around on the inside of the hoof, then to let the animal stand on a board floor, so that his feet would be in the position a saucer would represent with one piece broken out at the front and two at the back.

It will still further aid in saving it by letting the nails run well up into the hoof, for that keeps the shoe steadier on the foot.

The hoof is just as thick to within an inch of the top, and is generally sounder, and of a better substance, than it is at the bottom.

The first or central surface of the hoof, made hard by the animal's own peculiar way of traveling, indicates the manner in which he should be shod.

It will be seen that the fibres of the hoof run from the top of the foot, or coronary border, towards the toe, in most feet, at an angle of about forty-five degrees.

Then, in punching the shoe, hold the top of the pritchell toward the heel of the shoe, so as to get the hole in the shoe on an angle with the grain of the hoof.

At last he heard a stamp which could come from nothing but the hoof of a horse.

Any other man would have to use a horse, but I hoof it, and that's economy all around.

F.O.J. Smith shows cloven hoof.

Were the writer a kind owner of slaves, he might have replied to Uncle Tom's Cabin by facts of habitual kindness to them, sufficient to prove that the authoress had entered into the region of romance; but in his recrimination he unconsciously displays the cloven hoof, and leaves no doubt on the mind that he writes under the impulse of a bitterly-accusing monitor within.

He is not content to answer (though, being a muddle-headed horse, he does use this answer also) that having an undivided hoof is more than pearls or oceans or all ascension or song.

It is this, to them, risky and fanciful notion of the critical and creative Citizen, which in 1870 lay prostrate under United Germanyunder the undivided hoof.

she hears a prancing hoof, And sees a horseman come; Soon the proud charger reached her side, Cover'd with dust and foam.

© 13Mar39; A126505. Ruth Perry Graham (C); 14Feb67; R404712. PERRY, CLAIRE H. Love on the hoof.

Love on the hoof.

Hoof-beats on a bridge.

Hoof-beats on a bridge.

Every old hoof-mark in the sward, cut out sharp and clear as if with a steel die, is so firm that the heaviest roller would not produce the smallest effect upon it.

At the gateways where the passage of cattle has trodden away the turf, the mud, once almost impassable, is now hardened, and every cloven hoof that pressed it has left its mark as if cast in metal.

There is little doubt of this, O Bharata, the hoof-marks of that cow and her calf are seen there to this day.

By bathing in those hoof-prints, O foremost of monarchs, whatever sin a man may have incurred is, O Bharata, washed away.

Then the hoof beats paused.

1658 examples of  hoof  in sentences