137 examples of hoose in sentences

"It's the captain hoisting up the big baste of a hog, for provisioning the hoose, ag'in a saige," whispered Mike to the negroes, who grinned as they tugged; "and when the cr'atur squails, see to it, that ye do not squail yerselves.

Thor's flooer and coals te get, The hoose-torns thor not deun, So haud the bairn for fairs, Ye're often deun'd for fun!"

"Men seldom give a thowt Te what thor wives indure, Aw thowt she'd nowt te de But clean the hoose, aw's sure.

" She's a great yin aboot the hoose, is Mrs. Lauder.

I'll sit doon at the piano and strum it ower and ower again, till I maun mak' everyone else i' the hoose tired.

'Deed, and I've been asked, mair than once, tae gie the hoose a little peace.

We've saved the hoose our ancestors built.

There's muckle for us tae do before the' hoose we've saved is set in order.

It's like a hoose that's been afire.

But is it no a sair sicht, the hoose they leave behind them when they gae awa'?

Things are better than if the fire had just burnt itself oot, but you've no got the hoose you had before the fire!

And then there's the hoose itself!

Man, you'd no expect to sleep in your ain hoose the same nicht there'd been a fire to put out?

They couldna be carfu' wi' what was i' the hoosehad they been sae there'd be no a hoose left at a' the noo.

We had no thought that any wind could come blowing frae ootside ourselves that would cast down the hoose of our happiness.

If you folk who are out in front the noo, beyond the glare of the footlights, dinna care for me, dinna like the way I'm trying to please you, and amuse you, there'll be empty seats in the hoose to-morrow and the next day.

And if ever I hear a coster call out, "There goes Sir Harry Lauder," I'll ken it's time for me to be really doing what I'm really going tae do before sae longretire frae the stage and gae hame to my wee hoose amang the heather at Dunoon tae live!

I'll be maister in my ain book, even if I canna be such in my ain hoose!

And we've seen them, all about our hoose at Dunoon.

His wife wull do much of the work aboot the hoose herself, and enjoy doing it, as her grandmither did in the days when housework was real work.

Some seem tae think that Jennie wall never be willing to marry Andy the noon, and live wi' him in the wee hoose he can get for their hame.

He'll have been thinking, whiles he was out there at the front, and in hospitalaye, he'd do mair thinking than usual aboot it when he was in hospitalof the wee hoose he and Jennie wad be living in, when the war was over.

Ane day he went tae see an agent aboot a hoose that was just the yin to suit him.

And the workingman kens as weel as do I that after a fire the first thing a man does is tae mak' the hoose habitable again.

"There's na luck aboot the hoose," she is confident, with its mistress away.

137 examples of  hoose  in sentences
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