432 examples of hope to be in sentences

"I hope to be able to tell you this evening that Mr. Henshaw is a thing of the past.

Some families of words, however, are of inferior social standing to other families, and may seek but not hope to be sought in marriage.

They certainly could not hope to be recalled by their subjects, for the latter had expelled them; occupying their kingdoms with troops of their own was out of the question, because they had none; foreign aid, moreover, was not to be looked for, since Napoleon III had established the principle of non-intervention.

But meI've no hope to be anything particular; just one of the crowd.

In every war, my lords, it is to be expected that losses will be suffered by private persons on each side, nor even in a successful war can the publick always hope to be enriched; because the advantage may arise, not immediately from captures, but, consequently, from the treaties or conditions in which a prosperous war may be supposed to terminate.

Whoever faced a Roman gladiator under the critical gaze of a crowd that knew all the points of fighting and could instantly detect, and did instantly resent pretense, fraud, trickery, the poor condition of one combatant or the unwillingness of one man to have at another in deadly earnest, had to be not only in the pink of bodily condition but a fighter such as no drunken sensualist could ever hope to be.

To Grubster and others, bold satire advance; Bid Ayliffe talk little, and Ps talk sense; Bid Kn leave stealing as well as the rest; When this can be done, they may hope to be blest.

"In about a month I hope to be a bridegroom.

I owe all I am in this world, all I hope to be in the world to come, to that poor old organ.

I hope to be in London towards the end of next month, and reckon much upon the pleasure of seeing you.

I know indeed that I can never hope to be altogether a saint, but if I ever approach to one, it will be well.

The Government has actually a special Department of Labour which is preparing the future legislation on this question, following the general course of constructive reform work which I hope to be able to pursue with all the energy and vigour that the military situation will permit.

As you hope to be spared yourselves, pray for us!"

Rev. John Clark, of Northville, Montgomery Co., N.Y., of the Methodist Connection, writes: "Should it please Divine Providence, I hope to be at your place in May or June next, for the purpose of opening a permanent mission and school among the Chippewas at such place, and as early as may be advisable.

I shall fall in with you again, some day, however, when I hope to be less engaged.

They say that Hope is happiness; But genuine Love must prize the past, And mem'ry wakes the thoughts that bless: They rose the firstthey set the last; And all that mem'ry loves the most Was once our only hope to be, And all that Hope ador'd and lost Hath melted into memory.

We have, however, recently succeeded in obtaining a suitable place, and making arrangements for railway siding, water supply, etc.; and we hope to be in a position to start early in the present year.

If he that hires a bravo, partakes the guilt of murder, why should he who bribes a flatterer, hope to be exempted from the shame of falsehood?

"I am open to conviction, as I hope to be a judge.

An older man than I ever hope to be might find excuses for the Croydon summer.

We scarce hope to be believed when we state, that we have seen young ladies refuse to sit at the table where this dish was served, and served, too, out of compliment to their guests from the North.

'It is very natural for us to take Delight in Enquiries concerning any Foreign Country, where we are some Time or other to make our Abode; and as we all hope to be admitted into this Glorious Place, it is both a laudable and useful Curiosity, to get what Informations we can of it, whilst we make Use of Revelation for our Guide.

He was pleased, evidently, by this question, and said that he should certainly try to hold me if I wished to remain with him, and should hope to be able to do so, as transfers were frequently granted, and as an application from me would come with peculiar force when the circumstances should be made known at headquarters.

I hope to be able to identify two or three of these, but for the moment we may note that by 1500 Giorgione was a recognised master of portraiture.

In short, I recollect nothing specially remarkable along the way, nor in the immediate approach to Stratford; and yet the picture of that June morning has a glory in my memory, owing chiefly, I believe, to the charm of the English summer-weather, the really good days of which are the most delightful that mortal man can ever hope to be favored with.

432 examples of  hope to be  in sentences