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58 example sentences with « hopin »

58 example sentences with « hopin »

  • Hopin' you are sound on the goose and able to enjoy your Swi lager und Sweitzer, I am thine, old hoss, HIRAM GREEN, Esq., Lait Gustise of the Peece.
  • " "I always kept hopin', Hanna, I could get you to take more to the home.
  • Hopin' that in the futer, as you grow older, you may lern wisdom by cultivatin' my acquaintanceand with kind regards to UGEEN and bub BONYPART, in your native tung I will say: Barn-sure, noblesse Pea-cracker.
  • asked the astounded Mr. P. "Nigh on to three days, yer honor, and I drove as fast as I could, hopin' to get back by the Sunday in time for the Centhral Park, but I had to stop sometimes for feed and wather, and it's no use me whippin' up afther all, for sorra the good them horses will be for the Centhral Park on the Sunday.
  • Hopin' that in the days of your prosperity, you wont forgit your poor relations, sich as mothers-in-law and the like, and when they come to visit you, you wont say: "Nix cum arous," I will dry up.
  • Cheer up, then, aw say, an' keep hopin' for th' best, An' things 'll soon awter, yo'll see; There'll be oceans
  • Hopin these few lines will find you in apple-pie order, and able to indulge in numerous frugal meals of hash etc., Ile now say Adux, Ewers, Litterarily, HIRAM GREEN, ESQ., Lait Gustise of the Peece.
  • But if I get what I'm hopin' for it'll be all right, and I reckons thar'll come some years before we let more foxes get away from this same farm.
  • "My wife happened to be down at Chicken Hill the day you spoke, and she said you sure did speak well, for a girl, and she was hopin' you'd speak at our school some nightand we could get a phonograph to liven things up a bitI guess we're broad-minded enough to listen to a woman."
  • Andy looked Frank straight in the face, and the latter explained: "It's mighty funny, but you see I remembered about this here trap the boys had set, hopin' some of your crowd would take a tumble.
  • er his money, an' me the farm, hopin' to keep me there.
  • Look the other way an' try Not to let him catch my eye, Knowin' all the time that he Doesn't mean so bad to be; Knowin', too, that now an' then I am not the best o' men; Hopin', too, the times I fall That the Father of us all, Lovin', watchin' over me, Will pretend He doesn't see.
  • Hopin that when you shovel off your mortil coil, that your mantle may not pass out of the family, and as time flies on with greased wings, you may make the family name sound by bein able to Mark Twain in your family record, I drop the goose feather.
  • I lay kickin' and tumblin' all night, and before mornin' I'd resolved to quit Simsbury, and go seek my fortin' beyond seas, hopin' to come back to Hetty, arter all, with riches to take care on her right there in the old place.
  • But I kep' mum and dressed the fish myself and fried 'em in butter, only hopin' I wouldn't lose 'em in the fryin' pan, but Josiah didn't seem to relish 'em no better than he would side pork, and agin I felt baffled, and rememberin' the fruit can, a element of guilt also mingled with the baffle.
  • But I meant to break it up; I knowed it wuzn't his duty to nasty up his mind, hopin' to do good by it, when I could never git it cleaned up agin as clean as it wuz before.
  • But, 'tennyrate, no matter how Satan wuz laughin' and sneerin' and angels bendin' down from the gold bars of Heaven lookin' through their pityin' tears hopin' it must be a mistake, not believin' it possible that them prayers and hims could come from a man-killin' saloon.
  • Having Done and Doing...................... William Shakespeare Heinelet................................... Gamaliel Bradford Helpin' Out................................ William Judson Kibby Here's Hopin'..............................
  • This is allus what he'd say, In his uncomplainin' way "Well, I'm hopin'.
  • " When the winter days waz nigh, An' the clouds froze in the sky, Never sot him down to sigh, But, still singin' on his way, He'd stop long enough to say "Well, I'm hopin'.
  • In the ol', sweet, cheerful way "Well, I'm hopin'."
  • HERE'S HOPIN' An optimist has been described as a man who orders oysters at a restaurant and expects to find a pearl to pay the bill with.
  • Year ain't been the very best; Purty hard by trouble pressed; But the rough way leads to rest, Here's hopin'!
  • Maybe craps way short; the rills Couldn't turn the silent mills; But the light's behind the hills, Here's hopin'!
  • Where we planted roses sweet Thorns come up an' pricked the feet; But this old world's hard to beat, Here's hopin'!
  • But, thank God we've got the land, Here's hopin'!
  • But the heart's still beatin' brave, Here's hopin'!
  • That the very darkest night Can't hide heaven from our sight, Here's hopin'!
  • A Hopeful Brother, 67; A Little Thankful Song, 181; A Poor Unfortunate, 137; A Pretty Good World, 189; A Song of To-Morrow, 187; Here's Hopin', 164; Hoe Your Row, 203; Just Whistle, 38; Keep A-Goin'! 229; This World, 133.
  • "I'm thankin' you for the loan," said Dan, "an here's hopin' you always have luck with the gun."
  • I was hopin' maybe we'd meet agin.
  • I said this hopin' she'd have sense enough to say he was her father so's to get rid of me.
  • I sat down over in the corner and waited for somethin' to happensort of hopin' maybe I had been wrong all the time and there wasn't going to be no elopement.
  • So of co'se I laid low, hopin' some day he 'd ketch itan' he did.
  • It's the "Well done" we're all a-hopin' to hear at the last day; an' the po' laborer thet digs a good ditch'll have thess ez good a chance to hear it ez the man that owns the farm.
  • I was hopin' that maybe you took a fall out of him, that's all.
  • I've come all the way o' purpose to ask your forgiveness, hopin' you'll be satisfied with what's been done, an' leave off bearin' malice agin us.'
  • 'All I'm hopin' is that the poor child won't come to any harm between them; but isn't she a fearful terrible woman, and may the curse of the Son of God be on her for stealin' away a poor child
  • But I wuz hopin' dat you mought make some 'lowance fuh a' ign'ant young nigger, suh, en gib 'im one mo' chance."
  • I was all de time hopin' I could slip off an' work my way back home, but de Yankees didn' turn me loose 'til 1866.
  • Dear friends and brothers, I wonder have you ever seen a man reachin', reachin' for a playin'-card layin' prostrate on the table before him, when his last chip is in the pile, his last cent in the chip, all manners and kinds of bills comin' due tomorrow, the house to close in fifteen minutes, and hopin' that card is just one more little two-spot?
  • Was you hopin' to be best man?" "Well, I reckoned I'd take a hand in the responses," he answered; and seemed about to say more, but turned on his heel and went back to his room, shutting the door behind him.
  • It means that them that done the shootin' and the firin' of the barn stood right here behind this hill-top and watched the barn burnand was hopin' that Satan and you wouldn't ever come out alive.
  • "'Ah was hopin' he wouldn't do it.
  • "'Ah was hopin' he wouldn't do it.
  • Dat's de bes plan, chile, wat I kin project for your resistance; but I'se afeard dar is no hopin' you, any way we can fix it."
  • He's lit another one kinda hopin' we'll be fool enough to fall for it.
  • Other successful songs followed: "Wishin' and Hopin'" (1964), "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" (1964), "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (1966), and "Son of a Preacher Man" (1968).
  • I did wonder about how the exhibition would work, but watching this demo from Hopin, the platform we are using, explains it all.
  • The virtual summit will be hosted on Hopin, an online events platform that allows attendees to engage in interactive virtual networking sessions and expo booths, on Thursday, 20 August 2020 from 9h00 to 16h00 CAT.
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