3270 examples of horribles in sentences

Then there was a parade of Antiques and Horribles, accompanied by the Beulah Band, which, though not as antique, was fully as horrible as anything in the procession.

A horrible idea that Mr. Chase had been robbed gave way to one more horrible still.

At the end of its long tail it has a horrible, jagged three-inch spike.

But her profound love for the Chevalier de Gersay overcame any scruples that might have arisen in her mind against again yielding to the maternal instinct, and another son came to her, one who was destined to meet a most horrible fate and cause her the most exquisite mental torture.

" "Stop," exclaimed Ninon, indignant at this unreasoning folly, "this horrible love shall not reach beyond the most sacred duties.

Le Sage in the romance of Gil Blas has painted this horrible catastrophe of Ninon de l'Enclos in the characters of the old woman Inisilla de Cantarilla, and the youth Don Valerio de Luna.

Then, further, in the past the aftermath of war was in many ways as horrible as war itself, whilst the period during war witnessed an enormous amount of privation and suffering among non-combatants almost as ghastly as that of the battlefield.

But who will call the Puff Adder of the Cape, or this very Fer-de-lance, anything but ugly and horrible: not only from the brutality signified, to us at least, by the flat triangular head and the heavy jaw, but by the look of malevolence and craft signified, to us at least, by the eye and the lip? 'To us at least,' I say.

And in mydde place of that vale, undir a roche, is an hed and the visage of a devyl bodyliche, fulle horrible and dreadfulle to see, and it schewethe

For he beholdethe even man so scharply, with dreadfulle eyen, that ben evere more mevynge and sparklynge, as fuyr, and chaungethe and sterethe so often in dyverse manere, with so horrible countenance, that no man dar not neighen towardes him.

, gives a special caution to great-bellied women, "that they do not admit such absurd conceits and cogitations, but by all means avoid those horrible objects, heard or seen, or filthy spectacles."

This horrible kind of melancholy" (for so he terms it) "had been often brought before him, and troubles and affrights commonly men and women, young and old of all sorts."

In Sacai, another city, the same earthquake was so terrible unto them, that many were bereft of their senses; and others by that horrible spectacle so much amazed, that they knew not what they did.

4. "for the voice of the wicked, &c., and their hate: his heart trembled within him, and the terrors of death came upon him; fear and horrible fear," &c., and Psal. lxix.

¡Qué imprecaciones tan horribles salían de su boca!

El agua cenagosa y sangrienta saltaba en derredor batida por sus manos, que de vez en cuando se levantaban en el aire crispadas y horribles, no si implorando piedad, ó amenazando aún en las últimas ansias....

Todo alrededor suyo se revestía de formas quiméricas y horribles; todo era tinieblas y luz dudosa, más imponente aún que la obscuridad.

extrêmement profond: il est actuellement comblé, et ma plume se refuse à tracer les scènes horribles qui ensanglantèrent ce lieu en 1793 et en 1795, tristes et épouvantables effets des guerres civiles!"

Mr. Brand has just come up to ask us why a sculptor dies a horrible death?

At these words in came a man who was taller than all the others, and looked more horrible; but he was very old and had a long white beard.

Abundant proof of this proposition may be found in the statements already made respecting the decrease of licentiousness, the increased attention paid to marriage, the abandonment by the mothers of the horrible practice of selling their daughters to vile white men, the reverence for the Sabbath, the attendance upon divine worship, the exemplary subordination to law, the avoidance of riotous conduct, insolence, and intemperance.

I have myself known numerous instances of large families of badly fed negroes swept off by a prevailing epidemic; and it is well known to many intelligent planters in the south, that the best method of preventing that horrible malady, Chachexia Africana, is to feed the negroes with nutritious food.

It seemed to me that he was desirous to edify me with a specimen of his authority; at any rate the cruelty was horrible.

La nouvelle de ce désastre, les massacres horribles qui avoieni accompagné la conquête, les suites incalculables qu'elle pouvon avoir sur le sort de la chrétienté, y répendirent la consternation.

Tous ensemble, sur l'être au hasard exécré, Ils fixaient leurs regards, et le désespéré Regardait s'incliner sur lui ces fronts horribles.

3270 examples of  horribles  in sentences
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