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79 examples of  housetop  in sentences

79 examples of housetop in sentences

It is the pulpit of the reformer and the housetop of the fanatic, this soapbox.

Now as Beltane stood to watch this, grim-lipped, for it needed but few to man the barricade, so narrow was it, Roger caught his arm and pointed to the housetops above them; and what he saw, others saw also, and a cry went up of wonder and amaze.

Abe wanted to cry it out from the housetops.

Their confidence in the British troops had grown and could scarcely be stronger, but some of them were alarmed, and throughout the early morning and day they knelt on housetops earnestly praying that our soldiers would have strength to withstand the Turkish onslaughts.

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky, So, up to the housetop the coursers they flew, With the sleigh full of toys,and St. Nicholas too.

"One does not publish one's name from the housetops," replied the Russian, with a glimmer of pride in his eyes, "especially if it happen to be not quite obscure; but between friends, my dear baronbetween friends.

All the graves were decently covered; tall, white housetops stood around in grave array; worthy burghers were long ago in bed, benightcapped like their domiciles; there was no light in all the neighborhood but a little peep from a lamp that hung swinging in the church choir, and tossed the shadows to and fro in time to its oscillations.

Being heavy birds, they find it difficult, when well fed, to mount even to a low housetop.

What was once whispered in the secret chamber of council is now proclaimed upon the housetops; what was once done by indirection and guile is now carried with the high hand, in the face of day, at the mouth of the cannon and by the edge of the sabre of the nation.

In a few minutes flags of the allies were flying from housetops, and the church bells were ringing out the war.

"Aside from the study of astronomy, there is the same enjoyment in a night upon the housetop, with the stars, as in the midst of other grand scenery; there is the same subdued quiet and grateful seriousness; a calm to the troubled spirit, and a hope to the desponding.

She pondered the matter for a dozen steps, swinging her hat at her side and looking away across the housetops to the mountains.

The three stanzas together make us lovingly regret that Dr. Donne should have ridden his Pegasus over quarry and housetop, instead of teaching him his paces.

The shout of the Giustiniani was echoed from gondola to gondola of the waiting throng, from the gondoliers of all the nobles who followed in their wake, from the housetops, the balconies, the fondamenta, mingled with the words of the favorite folk-song: "Belo zรจ el mare, e belร  la marina!" Beautiful is the sea, and beautiful the marsh.

At a solemn feast of the Triumviri in Rome, it was seen and observed that the birds ceased to sing, and sat solitary on the housetops, by reason of the sight of a painted serpent set openly to view.

If three, one might as well shout it from the housetops.

I tell you what the whole world of responsible men and women might as well know, but which we naturally don't care about shouting from the housetops.

Vine, an unemotional man, felt with a curious strength the charm of this isolation on the housetop, this tranquillity, so much more suggestive of solitude than anything which could be realized within the walls of a room.

More than once when the press was thick about her, and those on the outskirts could not see, the queen was urged to mount upon the housetop that the eyes of all might be gladdened by the sight of the dear land-mother.

For a moment I forgot Harriet and the agent, I forgot myself, I even forgot the book on my kneeeverything but that hour in the pasta view of shimmering hot housetops, the heat and dust and noise of an August evening in the city, the dumb weariness of it all, the loneliness, the longing for green fields; and then these great lines of Wordsworth, read for the first time, flooding in upon me: "Great God!

Sleep, baby, sleep Solomon Grundy Swan, swan, over the sea Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief The cock's on the housetop blowing his horn

A COCK AND BULL STORY The cock's on the housetop blowing his horn; The bull's in the barn a-threshing of corn; The maids in the meadows are making of hay; The ducks in the river are swimming away.

As early as 1847, Watson had erected a line some two miles in length, extending over the housetops in London, and operated it by means of discharges from an ordinary frictional electric machine.

This de Gersay, who was famous for the temerity of his passion for the queen, Anne of Austria, a fact he announced from the housetops of Paris in his delirium, was as happy as a king over the boy that came to him so unexpectedly, and lavished upon him the most extravagant affection.

Barring only Huy, where there had been some sharp street fighting, as attested by shelled buildings and sandbag barricades yet resting on housetops and in window sills, we encountered in the first stage of our journey no considerable evidences of havoc until late in the afternoon, when we reached Dinant.

The palanquin, with its ringing bells, goes round once more; the voices of the jewellers sing again, in the market-place, the song of the emerald, the song of the sapphire; men talk on the housetops, beggars wail in the streets, the musicians bend to their work, all the sounds blend together into one murmur, the voice of Babbulkund speaking at evening.

Lamb describes himself as "a sick cat that loves to be alone on housetops or at cellar bottoms.

Marius and Sulpicius met them on the Esquiline and, pouring down tiles from the housetops, at first beat them back.

She could not live without her masculine circle, men who could bring her all the news, the gossip of the clubs; where everything seemed to become known as quickly as if each club had its own Asmodeus, unroofing all the housetops of the West End for inspection every night.

He could not, of course, be a month among the gossips of Aberalva, without hearing hints that the great folks at the court did not always keep their tempers; for, of family jars, as of everything else on earth, the great and just law stands true:"What you do in the closet, shall be proclaimed on the housetop.

"It now began to grow late, the people were beginning to be tired, wanting their dinners, and the crowd to thicken, when a universal commotion and murmur through the crowd and from the housetops indicated that the procession was at hand.

All day long the voice of London throbbed up beyond the bars, and George would regard the chimneys and the housetops and the section of lively street that fell within his range with his small, keen eyes, and wonder why the world did not forthwith crumble into silent, peaceful dust, instead of groaning and quivering in continual unrest.

Several minutes later the pursuers returned, very sheepish and very wet from the deluge presented them by the wily Brick, whose voice, high up in the air from some friendly housetop, could be heard defiantly jeering them.

They absorb the sun's rays like pigeons upon the housetops, or shiver naked in suburban chambers that they may recover the barbaric tang.

The wind blew violently down the open country, shaking the scattered trees as if it meant to wake them instantly out of their winter's slumber, and screeching in the murky distances like a tomcat of the housetops, or rather like a continent of tomcats.

But the occasion was a special one, for these feasts of the Hamadchas occur only twice a year, in spring and autumn, and as the ritual dances take place out of doors, instead of being performed inside the building of the confraternity, the feminine population seizes the opportunity to burst into flower on the housetops.

Many a gay-hearted girl has sat, as Bambi sat, looking off over the housetops in this "City of Beautiful Nonsense," dreaming her dreams of conquest and success.

She would no more have been persuaded to see Jerry again, by a consideration of the material advantages to be gained, than she could have been persuaded to throw herself down from the housetop.

'Twill be fun to see it float from the housetop!"

'Twas the Fourth of July, and if you'll believe it they made a banner, and Maggie planted it herself on the housetop.

Something was the matter with the harness, and while John was busy adjusting it Mr. Carrollton leaned from the window, and, looking back, started involuntarily as he caught sight of the figure so clearly defined upon the housetop.

In secret she had labored at the rent made by her foot in the flag of bygone days, and now, perspiring at every pore, she dragged it up the tower stairs, planting it herself upon the housetop, where side by side with the royal banner it waved in the summer breeze.

THE KID ON THE HOUSETOP A Kid climbed up on to the roof of an outhouse, attracted by the grass and other things that grew in the thatch; and as he stood there browsing away, he caught sight of a Wolf passing below, and jeered at him because he couldn't reach him.

Over against the west, a little to the north, the gray heavens were visiblea lightning seemed to run over thema ghastly red lightningsharply silhouetting the chimneyed housetops.

He was bursting with good news, he wanted to cry the intimations from the housetops, he wanted to proselytize, convert.

Now, possibly, the streets were going to be full of singing, and the housetops were going to rejoice with the mellower stars.

A lie is sure to be found out; as the Lord Jesus Himself says, 'There is nothing hid which shall not be made manifest;' and what we do in secret, is sure, unless we repent and amend it, to be proclaimed on the housetop: and many a poor soul, in her haste and greediness to get much, ends by getting nothing at all.

Mills might, if he chose, proclaim on any convenient housetop, that his partner had gambled with Morris's ยฃ40,000 that according to the ledgers was invested in certain railway debentures and other gilt-edged securities.

When their thin racket had turned out and died in the dust of the market, Habib ben Habib emerged from the shadow of a door arch and, putting a foot on the tiled ledge of Bou-Kedj's fry shop, swung up by cranny and gutter till he stood on the plain of the housetops.

Rolling down over the plain of the housetops!

In the serpent-spotted light under the vine on the housetop Habib muttered, too, and twitched a little.

He tried to see the housetops to know, but the glow was in his eyes.

It is thou, then, O runner on the housetops by night!"

These consisted in throwing great stones and blocks of wood, in contests with blunted claymores, in foot races, and in dances executed to the wild and strange music of the bagpipesmusic which Jacob declared was worse than the caterwauling upon the housetops in Cheapside.

E.g., "That preach ye upon the housetops.

No Boche would dare to poke the beak of his engine above the housetops.

If she had shrieked her passion on the housetops she could hardly have published it more violently; but nobody minded.

The Court is adjourned to the housetop.

The Church is not often denounced from the housetop, but it is certainly denounced under the roof.

"I have already told you that the boy's story is true," he said, "and now you ask me why I did not shout it from the housetops myself.

On the fourth-floor I take the air, And hear the trains roll by, And dream of all the visions fair That o'er the housetops lie; The meadows where the daisies stray, The bleating sheep, as white as they, The breakers and the sparkling spray, Beneath the smokeless sky.

Without alarming anyone, the friend hurried up to the housetop and rescued the child.

Yet in this brief space he had not merely won a reputation as a mathematician of the first order, but had made a real mark on his time, both by the substance of his speculations in science, religion, and ethics, and by the curious audacity with which he proclaimed at the pitch of his voice on the housetops religious opinions that had hitherto been kept among the family secrets of the domus Socratica.

And again she says: "It is true my nature shrinks from public work, but whenever the mandate goes forth to declare on the housetops that which I have heard in the ear, I shall not dare to hold back.

Men issued from the workshops with their tools for weapons, while women from the housetops urged them on.

She had spiritual vision, and by it she knew the soul of the club; no amount of dissension could shake her faith in its ultimate good, and in times of crisis she presided with a serenity only accountable in the fact that she viewed from the mountain summit what her associates saw only from the housetop.

An owl, lighting on the spire of Grace Church in his flight over the city, might have seen the white edge of the shroud, or the black edge of the pall, advancing in well-defined lines over the housetops, and the parks, and the two rivers, swiftly succeeding each other.

Mr. Boolpin pointed to a swamp which could be distinctly seen over a housetop toward the east.

" He chewed slowly, as he gazed out over the dingy housetops toward the mass of feathery clouds, which must have been floating over the rocky shoals off Nassau.

How easy it would have been for him to pass out upon the roof of 478 after the crime and then over the housetops of the block until he came to a scuttle which perhaps led into his very attic?"

In this desolation of nature, everything was gray, and only the housetops gleamed against the dead tones of the walls.

Could I climb the housetop?

From the poles the wires overflowed to the housetops, increasing the difficulty of the engineers.

A line wire was strung on the poles and housetops, using the ground for the return circuit.

He stood before his child like one whose hypocrisy had been proclaimed from the housetop.

It hurled broken staves and a big slop of water upon the housetops, and rolled a great iron hoop over roofs into the street below, where it rolled on, chasing a group of men, who ran for their lives before it.

Weโ€™re not advertising our business from the housetops.โ€

Dost see on the housetops the little angels Sitting aloft, all tipsy and singing?

An affirmative answer to this question is sometimes vaguely hinted at; by Nietzsche it is proclaimed from the housetops.