148 examples of housework in sentences

Sometimes, when she got weary, and thought a change of labor would do her good, she would engage with some lucky dame to help do housework for a month or two.

They can't go out to do housework, for they've got young ones too little to carry with 'em, and maybe a whole family of 'em.

My wife ran it four years, and earned between | | $700 and $800, besides doing her housework.

My wife ran it four years, and earned between | | $700 and $800, besides doing her housework.

How few, it is often said, will do their own housework, if they can possibly get a train of domestics around them; even though the care and oversight of the domestics themselves gear them out more rapidly than bodily labor would.

Up to now, the unpacking and distribution of the furniture, with the daily housework and cooking, had been all that Mrs. Carey and the girls could manage.

She does the chores Days when I can't git out-o'-doors 'Account o' this 'ere rheumatiz, And sees to everything there is To see to here about the place, And never makes a rueful face At housework, like some women do, But does it welland cheerful, too.

When Angel sang at her housework, it was from the secure sense that Henry was close by.

Their servants had left that morning, the three or four sisters in charge had had to do all the cooking and housework as well as look after their patients, and now they were keeping calm and smiling, to subdue as best they could the fears of the Belgian wounded, who were ready to jump out of bed, whatever their condition, rather than fall into the hands of the enemy.

" "You are a funny girl," said Ralph, "to be actually pleased at the prospect of cooking and doing housework a little longer."

I see by the gas-light ye're a leddy as iver was at all at all; and ye could niver come in the shoes of sich a thafe as Bridget Maloney, as is gone, and the Divil catch her!" "No, no, not in her shoes to steal anything, I hope; but I can do housework, sweep, make beds, sew, and make myself useful,as I will show, if I can have a trial.

I did the housework.

Come home and do housework, tend poultry and flowers, At noontide recline in our cool shady bowers; Could not such employment still yield you delight, Where birds are all singing from morning till night?

Shall your tender hands become hard as leather with washing, ironing, kneading, and who knows what housework beside?

When they can leave the housework, they have not learnt to ride, to drive, to row, alone.

The women were rushing excitedly through their housework in order to be at hand when the procession of Brigham and his suite should march in.

Her sister Betty grumbled a good deal these days because she was asked to do so much of the housework.

Terrible as war itself, but new, that hat of hers, which probably represented a good deal of looking into windows and pricing; and her gown of the cheapest material, drooping from her round shoulders, is the product of the poor dress-making skill of hands which show only too well who does all the housework at home.

But on my part I have stipulated that I must be permitted to do the housework of our nest, with the occasional help of a laundress.

I had insisted before my marriage that I must either do most of the housework, or keep up some of my old work to add to our income.

It is my humiliation that I seem to have none of it in my housework.

The Pooka, who appeared in the shape of a horse, and whom Shakespeare is by many believed to have adapted as "Puck," was a goblin who combined "horse-play" with viciousness, but also at times helped with the housework.

"And now," said Red, pushing back his chair, "it's time I got to work and left you to do the housework undisturbed.

The times in New England when all women did housework a part of every day, were the times when all women were healthy.

I helped do the housework and did what the mistress told me do.

148 examples of  housework  in sentences