86 examples of howdy in sentences

"Howdy, boys! Sit down an' be partic'lar quiet.

Wal, when you've dropped your blankets, come up to the house and say howdy.

Skinny gulped like an echo, another "Howdy-do!"

"Excuse me," Old Heck said, "I'm your uncle, I suppose, and this is Skinny Rawlins" "Howdy-do; I'm glad to meet you," Skinny muttered, reaching for the hand Carolyn June frankly extended.

"Howdy, Skinny!

He would bark, "Howdy-do?" to every dog that passed his gate.

"Howdy yourself?" growled Lefferts in answer to Bob's greeting.

"Howdy do, Leddy?" said Jack, as amiably as if there had never been anything but the pleasantest of relations between them.

She followed them into the dining-room to kiss and feed him, with an absent "Howdy, Abner; how's your mother?" Abner, big with the importance of their mutual intention, inclined his head stiffly and looked toward Ross for explanation.

"Howdy, boys; how are you?"

Put in an automobile meetin' one of these old-time prairie schoonersthe old West sayin' howdy to the noo.

Opened an' shet his little fist, once-t, like ez ef he craved to shake hands, howdy!

After a cheery "Howdy do" and a hand shake, he exclaimed, "I heard at Napa that you lived here, and my pony has made a hard run to give me this sight of you.

"Howdy, Miss Bambi?

Howdy, Massa Jarvis?

"Howdy, Miss Bambi?

Howdy, Mistah Jarvis?

"Howdy," Ezram began pleasantly.

"Howdy," the stranger replied.

Then turning again with eager interest to Bert, "But say, Bert, what in the hell aI mean what-ta you doin' here?" "Whyahahjus' stoppin' by to say howdy, see, an'" "Playin'in N'Yawk?" "No." "Jus'come in?"

"Howdy-do, Lagrangeglad to see you.

The rancher interrupted only to greet the artist with a "howdy, Mr. King," as the officer's words made known the identity of his companion.

Shirley Collins Williams (NK); 16Feb62; R291371. COLLINS, ASHTON B. Howdy, friends; Introducing Ready [sic] Kilowatt your electrical servant.



86 examples of  howdy  in sentences